11 Best Jewelry Cleaners That Leave Your Pieces Sparkling – 2022

Written by Chaitra Krishnan
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Who doesn’t adore a wonderful collection of jewelry? It’s a different kind of deep satisfaction to look at your jewelry collections in the vanity and admire the beauty of it. However, maintaining them may be a bit demanding, which is why you the best jewelry cleaner to help you to keep your jewelry clean and shiny. If you are wary that in the process of keeping your jewelry clean, you might lose the shine or damage the gemstones, worry not! A premium quality jewelry cleaner makes your jewelry polished and neat. In addition, they don’t harm your ornaments as they do not use any harmful agents to clean. Yet the results are marvelous, just like a professional cleanup.

In this article, we have mentioned a sifted list of the 11 top picks that make your jewelry glitter. Keep scrolling to check them out!

Best Spacious:MAGNASONIC Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
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Best Non-Toxic Solution:Brilliant Jewelry Cleaner
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Best Scratch-Resistant:Weiman Jewelry Cleaner
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Best Biodegradable:Simple Shine Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution
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Best Travel-Friendly:Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik
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Best Safe Cleanser:Maui Jewelry Cleaner
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Best For Large Silverware:Mayflower Products Jewelry Cleaner
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Best Anti-Static Properties:Caribbean Gem Jewelry Cleaner
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Best Long-Lasting Protection:Goddard's Jewelry Cleaner
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Best Non-Abrasive Cleaner:Hagerty Jewel Clean
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11 Best Jewelry Cleaners To Make Your Jewels Shine In 2021

1. Best Spacious:MAGNASONIC Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This is a jewelry cleaner that works on the principle of ultrasonic energy waves that cleans all types of jewelry, watches, utensils, etc. literally in minutes. It comes with a digital display that shows the 5 preset cleaning cycles. When it comes to the cleaning of delicate items, this jewelry cleaner is mild yet powerful enough to clean without any damage. MAGNASONIC Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner generates ultrasound waves of 42000 Hz which create microscopic cleansing bubbles that lift the grime away gently off your jewelry. With features like auto shut off, generous capacity of 20 oz and large interior dimensions of 5.4″ L x 3.6″ W x 2.1″ H, this jewelry cleaner is suitable for cleaning jewelry of all types.


  •  Gentle clean
  •  Easy-to-operate
  •  Generous capacity
  •  Comes with a convenient basket


  •  Might not work well for all accessories

2. Best Non-Toxic Solution:Brilliant Jewelry Cleaner

From cleaning your wedding ring to outshining the precious necklaces, Brilliant Jewelry Cleaner is loved as a great quality jewelry cleaner. It has a gentle solution that has a powerful formula to make all your jewelry pieces made of platinum, sterling silver and gems, shine out beautifully. The product comes with a cleaning basket that helps you save any jewelry pieces from getting lost in the solution. The small bristle brush assists you in making your precious belongings spotless. Being an affordable jewelry cleaner, it is a great option for cleaning your jewelry occasionally.


  •  Easy-to-use
  •  Safe cleaning
  •  Non-toxic solution
  •  Comes with a small brush


  •  Ideal for all jewelry cleaning except pearls

3. Best Scratch-Resistant:Weiman Jewelry Cleaner

If you are a clean freak who loves to wear shiny, clean jewelry, this has to be your top option. Made with a blend of ammonia, surfactants, and chelating agent, this jewelry cleaner performs amazingly well. The formula is mild yet powerful at removing dirt and grim without harming your jewelry. Weiman Jewelry Cleaner is ideal for removing tarnish, gunk, soap residue etc. from jewelry surfaces easily. The product has an inbuilt tray and liquid to soak your valuables. All you need is a soft cloth that makes every jewelry piece easier to clean. From gold to platinum, this jewelry cleaner is safe for all gems. The mixture is floral scented which makes the cleaning process even more pleasing.


  •  Gentle formula
  •  Effective cleaning
  •  Scratch resistant
  •  Revives dull surfaces instantly


  •  Slightly poor quality container

4. Best Biodegradable:Simple Shine Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution

It is finally easy to make your timeless jewelry shine bright and beautiful. With the Simple Shine solution, it is actually simple to clean your jewelry without stripping off the fine finish and the metallic shine of your jewelry. The solution is tough on stains and helps in removing tarnish without damaging the jewelry pieces. This cleaner comes with a handy brush that has soft bristles for reaching out the tough spots of your jewelry without creating any scratches. Considering the side effects of ammonia, this jewelry cleaner does not contain ammonia or any other irritating chemicals. Thus, it is good for skin. Simply place your jewelry in this solution and take it out after 3 minutes. Remove the gunk with the brush and your jewelry is as clean as new.


  •  Safe to use
  •  Biodegradable
  •  Non-toxic
  •  Premium ingredients


  •  Not ideal for removing years of build up

5. Best Travel-Friendly:Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik

Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik is a special pen design cleaning solution. As the name suggests, it is engineered for cleaning and dazzling your precious jewelry. From diamonds to precious stones, this jewelry cleaner can add shine to all the jewelry surfaces. With its high performance formula of polymers, polishing agents and micro-fine cleansers, the solution does wonders at removing dirt from diamonds and enhancing the shine way more than before. Loaded with the qualities of a soothing emollient, this solution is gentle on skin. With a simple process of twist, brush and dazzle, you can clean your diamonds like never before. If you are an absolute beginner, this video review might be useful.


  •  Travel-friendly
  •  Quick to use
  •  Has a soft bristle brush
  •  Convenient packaging


  •  Slightly less quantity

6. Best Safe Cleanser:Maui Jewelry Cleaner

Maui Jewelry Liquid Cleaner Solution is a liquid jewelry solution that cleans your jewelry and adds newness to it. Perfect for all types of precious jewelry, silver, gold and diamond, this jewelry cleaner is safe to use. Available in a size of 4.8 oz, this cleaner is large enough to clean a lot of your jewelry. The cleaning process is quite simple. You just need to let your jewelry sit in the basket for around 5-10 minutes and then remove it. If needed, you can use the brush for cleaning it better.


  •  Adds shine
  •  Simple to use
  •  Comes with a basket and brush
  •  Brush works for small crevices


  •  Has a strong smell

7. Best For Large Silverware:Mayflower Products Jewelry Cleaner

Made of pure cotton, this is a unique jewelry cleaner that is very simple to use. It is available in a set of 2 pieces and is helpful in cleaning your gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Also known as polishing cloth, this jewelry cleaner has double sides for taking good care of your jewelry. The white cloth side contains cleaning ingredients that remove tarnish and polish the jewelry. The gray flannel assists in attaining that beautiful final shine. The size is quite large which is also suitable for cleaning large silverware, antiques and other valuables.


  •  Fast cleaning
  •  Safe for health
  •  Ultra-soft material
  •  Environment-friendly ingredients


  •  Slightly difficult to clean crevices

8. Best Anti-Static Properties:Caribbean Gem Jewelry Cleaner

Caribbean Gem Cleaner is a powerful jewelry cleaner that takes care of your jewelry while getting rid of all the dirt and grim. Made with a unique blend of all natural ingredients like banana and coconut oils, it is safe to use. The formula works at full strength and gives your jewelry a new metallic shine. When you wish to clean items with precious stones, simply soak the jewelry and remove it after 10 minutes. Unlike other jewelry cleaners, this one is non-abrasive and doesn’t cause any damage. The formula can be used on a regular basis on glasses, plastic lenses, watches and DVDs. Induced with anti-fog and anti-static properties, this gem cleaner can be trusted for its quality.


  •  Multiple use
  •  Restores shine
  •  No sticky residue
  •  No harsh chemical smell


  •  Slightly pricey

9. Best Long-Lasting Protection:Goddard’s Jewelry Cleaner

Goddard’s Jewelry Cleaner is a quick shine formula that makes your diamonds, gold and silver shine out brightly. The formula is easy-to-use and lets you keep your jewelry free from dirt, dust and grim. Loaded with the goodness of a versatile cleaner, you can also use this solution for cleaning gemstones like opal, turquoise, pearls, etc. Whether it is a gemstone studded necklace or a diamond ring, this jewelry cleaner takes good care of all your valuables. Without any harsh rubbing, the formula takes off the tarnish and manages to keep your jewelry in the best form.


  •  Non-abrasive
  •  Ammonia-free
  •  Instant cleaning
  •  Long-lasting protection


  •  Slightly flimsy container lid

10. Best Non-Abrasive Cleaner:Hagerty Jewel Clean

Hagerty Jewelry Cleaner is one of the most effective cleaners for silver, gold and diamond jewelry. Platinum and precious stones too can be properly cleaned and renewed with this jewelry cleaner. With the presence of no chemicals, this product stands out as a safe option. The product comes with a dip basket and a brush. The quality of your jewelry is safeguarded with the use of this non-abrasive cleaner. Simply dipping your jewelry into the solution can clean your jewelry effectively.


  •  No butyl
  •  No ammonia
  •  Fast and easy
  •  No phosphates


  •  Slightly time-consuming

11. Best Chemical-Free:Steamfast SF-1000 JULE Steam Jewelry Cleaner

Steamfast SF-1000 JULE Steam Jewelry Cleaner is a chemical-free jewelry cleaner that assists you in making your jewelry sparkling new. It uses the concept of steam cleaning and provides 4 bar pressure steam that is powerful enough to push away makeup, dirt, grim, etc. from the jewelry pieces. When you need additional help, you can use tweezers and hold the jewelry just below the steam nozzle for better cleaning. The best part is that it cleans very quickly. The device generates steam in around 4 minutes and keeps up for around 15 minutes. This cleaner is equipped with a basket, tweezers, measuring cup, polishing cloth for a better cleaning experience.


  •  Chemical-free
  •  Revives shine
  •  Easy inspection
  •  Anti-mess jewelry basket


  •  Huge size

Having known about the top jewelry cleaners, you must be wishing to get one for yourself. If yes, then please take a look at these points before investing in a jewelry cleaner for better clarity.

What To Look For In A Jewelry Cleaner?

  •  Quality Ingredients

A jewelry cleaner must not contain abrasive chemicals or ingredients that lead to damage.

  •  Gentle Formula

It is essential that the jewelry cleaner is mild yet powerful enough to gently lift the deposits off the jewelry.

  •  No Mess

Nobody likes a messy process and so the jewelry cleaning solution must be mess-free.

  •  Convenient Use

When it comes to convenience, a jewelry cleaner must be simple to use. Involving oneself in a complex cleaning process is the last thing anyone needs.

  •  Less Time

An ideal jewelry cleaner is one that takes less time and provides great results.

  •  Fragrance

Jewelry cleaners with strong fragrance can be hard to deal with. So, always choose a cleaner that has a pleasing fragrance or no fragrance at all.

Tips For Using Jewelry Cleaners Effectively

  •  Choose a jewelry cleaner which does not contain harsh chemicals.
  •  Do not use any pointed items to clean delicate jewelry.
  •  Always rely on the cleaner brush that comes with the cleaner for additional cleaning of the jewelry.
  •  Always read and take note of the time for soaking your jewelry in the cleaner.
  •  Never exceed the soaking time mentioned on the product label.
  •  Wipe your jewelry gently with a soft cloth when you take it out of the solution.

If you love flaunting your jewelry, you must offer them proper care. Otherwise, they might lose their shine and glamor with time. These prized possessions allow you to accentuate your fashion statement and serve as important assets. But their maintenance is tricky. That is why you need the best jewelry cleansers at your disposal. The products mentioned in our list are easy to operate and ensure safe cleaning. They are also scratch-resistant and have biodegradable formulas. Some of these jewelry cleaners come in travel-friendly packaging, allowing you easy portability. They restore the shine to lackluster metal carvings and keep them glossy and beautiful. These products do not leave any sticky residue. However, avoid cleaners that do not allow you to clean the crevices easily.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author, Chaitra Krishnan, is a makeup enthusiast who loves experimenting with the latest makeup products. Knowing how essential jewelry is to one’s look, she has meticulously gone through reviews by many users to bring you the best jewelry cleaners available in the market. Her carefully curated list of jewelry cleaners can make your jewelry shine like they’re new!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ultrasonic jewelry cleaners safe?

Yes, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are safe.

Is jewelry cleaner better to remove rust?

Some jewelry cleaners might help to remove rust. You can even clean the rust off your jewelry pieces by mixing toothpaste and baking soda into a paste and allowing it to stay on the rusty spots.

Does jewelry cleaner remove tarnish?

Yes, jewelry cleaner removes tarnish.

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