9 Best Kickboxing Shoes For Women – 2024, According To A Fitness Coach

Provide the right grip and cushioning to your feet while engaging in kickboxing.

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If you’re interested in combat sports and want to make a name for yourself in the ring, studying the skill and practicing it with zeal is essential. But first, you’ll need the proper gear, including the best kickboxing shoes. High-quality equipment is essential for keeping balance and staying light on your feet, even if you are just getting started. The main issue is finding shoe options that are tailor-made according to the unique requirements that arise while switching to High-Intensity Interval Training.

Fortunately, many high-quality companies are integrating features such as sleek designs with exceptional durability to create robust, sturdy shoes, many of which are gender-neutral and others created explicitly for women. These heavier shoes, made of superior fabrics and materials, are designed for sparring and are designed to keep you comfortable with appropriate cushioning and a more fantastic grip while protecting your ankles, heels, and, knees. We’ve prepared a list of the most durable and versatile kickboxing footwear ranges that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are looking for extra stability. So, take a look at the list of these bestselling products below to choose one for yourself!

Top Picks
Best Arch Support:PUMA Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoes
Price on Amazon
Price on Walmart
Best For Ankle Injuries:Ryka Women's Devotion XT Sneakers
Price on Amazon
Price on Walmart
Best Toe Protection:Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes
Price on Amazon
Price on Walmart
Best Budget-Friendly:Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes
Price on Amazon
Price on Walmart
Best Low-Cut Design:Strong By Zumba Store iD Fly Fit Workout Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight:Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Anti-Slip:Mooto Wings Korea Taekwondo Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Breathable Material:Adidas Unisex Low-Top Adi-Kicks
Price on Amazon
Best Durable:Keenso Taekwondo Shoes
Price on Amazon

9 Best Kickboxing Shoes For Women That Are Comfy And Durable

1. Best Arch Support:PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoes

PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoes Image: Puma

PUMA is at the top of its game when it comes to achieving excellence in quality shoes. One such range specially designed for strong, weary feet is this one. With a streamlined silhouette, these shoes stand out from the usual crowd because they offer extra stability. Their sleek design and supportive structure make them an ideal fit for women who love any method of intense training, including lateral movements. Infused with a synthetic leather upper, the shoes not only look good on the outside but also feel lightweight while practicing. The midfoot saddle ensures a snug fit that keeps your feet cozy and reduces the risk of ankle sprains, while the EVA in the heels ensures impact protection with proper body control.

Product Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 7 inches | Weight: 10 Ounces.


  • Suitable for all sports
  • Great arch support
  • Reliable rubber sole
  • Available in various colors


  • None

2. Best For Ankle Injuries:Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Sneakers

Ryka’s Devotion XT series is a fantastic range of kickboxing shoes for women that are ideal for strength training. It comes with mesh panels attached to a lace-up front to keep your feet comfortable, well-ventilated, and stable throughout sessions. The athletic shoes are known for their Re-Zorb Lite exposed midsole, which is meant to provide adequate cushioning on the heels and the balls of the foot. There’s also a pivot point that facilitates swift movements and prevents ankle injuries. To make the footwear more protective, there’s a Re-Zorb cushioning that absorbs shock and a rubber outsole that shields you against skidding.

Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 5 x 9.5 inches | Weight: 10 Ounces.


  • Supports free movements
  • Stylish and sporty look
  • Lightweight midsole
  • Specially designed for women


  • Sole might feel slightly soft

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

With 2,080 positive reviews on Amazon, this product has become a bestseller.

3. Best Toe Protection:Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

The Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are one-of-a-kind when it comes to style and mobility. With a patented leather vinyl finish, the shoes don’t just look incredible but are also super-comfy to put on. Designed for power-packed performances, the shoes come with a low-top ankle that provides ease of dynamic movements along with superior support. For people who like lightweight, breathable shoes, the nylon mesh is a true blessing. The rubber soles prevent skidding, provide toe protection during high-impact exercises, and keep your feet firm and stable even when they are fully engaged.

Outer Material: ‎Rubber, Faux Leather, Nylon, Mesh | Material: ‎Leather, Mesh | Color: ‎Black | Item Weight: ‎1.1 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎14.01 x 12.01 x 5.01 inches


  • Stunning design
  • Amazing fit
  • Lasts long
  • Has reliable traction


  • Slightly shifty insole

4. Best Budget-Friendly:Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes

Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes Image: Centurymartialarts

Century Lightfoot shoes are ideal for high-grade aesthetics and functionality. Designed with synthetic leather, the shoes last long and can be trusted to support your eagerness to win. With a breathable, pliable, and ergonomic design, you can feel totally at ease during high-intensity kickboxing sessions. According to reviewers on online forums, the rubber outsoles are customized to grip the floor and keep you sturdy, while the soles are made for dynamic footwork with strategic pivot points that help in varied exercise routines.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable for wider feet
  • Has large velcro strap
  • Easy to slip in and out of


  • Padding on the upper might be slightly less

5. Best Low-Cut Design:Strong By Zumba Store iD Fly Fit Workout Shoes


The ideal workout shoes to keep your training sessions fiery, the shoes are made from mesh panels and offer great breathability. The insoles are loaded with a compression-molded EVA cushion, which is considered great for quick, intense movements. Several reviewers noticed the PU insoles are detachable and can be easily replaced when needed. To keep your feet stable and fully grounded, these lightweight shoes also have rubber outsoles providing traction on many surfaces. Since these outsoles are super-light, this pair is ideal for fast-paced movements but also does well as a regular training shoe.


  • Low-cut design
  • Great ankle mobility
  • High-abrasion rubber sole
  • Sole pivots with movements


  • Might be slightly wide for some

protip_icon Pro Tip
If you want to preserve the shape of your shoes, insert a shoe tree inside the shoes.

6. Best Lightweight:Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes Image: Hayabusafight

Hayabusa brings you its ultimate range of boxing shoes, which are meant to provide a stable, anchored grip to make your kickboxing session better and stronger. The shoes are designed with microfiber leather that is extremely lightweight and offers a comfy feel. Their soles are flexible and have angled grooves to create traction and prevent skidding. From providing a perfect fit to supporting your ankles, the shoes are capable of enhancing overall comfort. The insoles are cushioned enough to let you kick with flexibility and make swift movements easier. With mesh ventilation panels, the shoes offer extra ventilation and help in sweat absorption without hampering your natural movements.


  • Durable quality
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Comfortable mid-height build


  • Might not be ideal for those with narrow feet

7. Best Anti-Slip:Mooto Wings Korea Taekwondo Shoes


As one of the best kickboxing shoes for dynamism and comfort, this pair from Mooto Wings has plenty of stability and is highly recommended by athletes. Made from synthetic leather, the shoes can be relied upon for durability. Many reviews indicate that these are super-light and feature a minimalistic color-blocking design that keeps things interesting without feeling too flashy. You can trust the high-density spandex textile to give you a snug fit that stays in place. Its 30º sole design increases your balance and stability, while the 3-layered outsole minimizes heel shock.


  • Anti-slip outsole
  • Provides stable balance
  • Reduces feet weariness
  • Outsole enhances dynamic movement


  • Some may not like the fit without laces.

8. Best Breathable Material:Adidas Unisex Low-Top Adi-Kicks

Adidas Unisex Low-Top Adi-Kicks Image: Adidascombatsports

The Adi-Kick shoes by the trusted brand Adidas are specially designed for martial arts. Made from a tough PU material that’s a breeze to clean, these shoes are extremely lightweight and perfect for advanced footwork. The sole is made of rubber and features internal pivot points that boost fast-paced movements and have a strong grip. If you’re looking for enhanced protection on all sides, this is the ideal pair for you. It boasts an incredibly durable frame and cool design that helps your foot muscles feel comfortable and gives you a performance boost. Extra points for the short laces, which create a snug fit.

Outer Material: ‎Rubber, Faux Leather, Polyurethane (PU) | Material: ‎Polyurethane, Rubber | Color: ‎White


  • Feels soft
  • Breathable material
  • Durable quality
  • Eases movement


  • Has a narrow fit design

protip_icon Pro Tip
To keep away the foul smell, put a few drops of tea tree oil in the shoes and let them air dry.

9. Best Durable:Keenso Taekwondo Shoes


These time-tested taekwondo shoes are crafted from premium quality PU leather. Being lightweight, they are highly suitable for kickboxing and other combat sports. The material is durable enough to last long and resist wear and tear, while the classic design makes it ideal for both men and women who like maximum ankle mobility. Constructed under the finest manufacturing process, these cross-training shoes offer advanced elasticity along with non-slip soles that increase traction. The pair will serve you well during high-intensity workouts as well as for boxing, kung fu, tai chi, kickboxing, and so on.


  • Lightweight
  • Anatomical design
  • Breathable material
  • Multi-functional design
  • High-quality Oxford soles


  • Might not be true to size
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

It can be tricky buying shoes that will offer all-around comfort and keep your movements flexible without hurting your stance. So, before you make a choice, take stock of these points that will help you narrow it down to the most suitable candidate.

Things To Consider When Buying Kickboxing Shoes

  • Weight

Keeping your body stable and in sync with your movements is essential in kickboxing training. The shoes must therefore be as light as possible without losing out on substance so that you don’t have to put extra strength in lifting your legs

● Durability

Constantly stressing your shoes during kickboxing training will naturally lead to early wear and tear. But if you find shoes that are durable, they will endure high-intensity sessions and not get worn off so easily. Look for high-end materials like EVA and polyurethane soles that are tough and hold up well over a long time.

● Support

Kickboxing is no joke. It takes great strength, puts tremendous pressure on the legs, and pushes your body to the limit. Instead of complementing your movements, if your shoes only add to the pressure with no enhanced traction, it can make the sport even more difficult to succeed in. Keeping that in mind, you should buy shoes that provide the highest degree of support. Good insoles, great arch support, and superior shock absorption are features that we would advise you to never compromise on.

  • Materials

Shoes made of sustainable materials that are breathable, water-resistant, quick-drying, well-ventilated, and have reinforced stitching always offer exceptional traction. Also, look for features like anti-odor technology, lightweight, seamless construction, and sole durability. Opt for shoes with featherlight synthetics, a front mesh panel, and synthetic leather for enhanced mobility, and quick-footwork support.

  • Overall protection

Shoes that are able to deliver protection to your feet in every way are generally the ideal choice. Look for insole cushioning, as it can reduce pressure on the feet and offer better impact resistance. Also, opt for shoes that have a wide toe box and allow multi-directional movement. For protection against ankle sprains, look for good kickboxing shoes with higher shafts and a fastening system, which in turn prevent twists and unexpected sprains. To get lateral support and better injury prevention, choose footwear that has a supportive midsole, sock-like fit and has enough space for wide feet.

Infographic: 5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Kickboxing Shoes

Your shoes support you in all your activities, but they need to be cared for as well. The better you care for them, the more they last and keep you comfortable. Maintenance of your shoes is easy, but if you do not know how to go about the process, check out the infographic below!

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Kickboxing Shoes (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The Bottom Line

Kickboxing is an incredible form of workout, and many practitioners love this sport. However, to fully get more grip and agility and enjoy your kickboxing session, you need to invest in the best kickboxing shoes with a proper fit. The best kickboxing shoes are high-quality equipment that will support versatility in movement and stay light on your feet and improve your responsiveness. Many companies are coming up with good-quality shoes with unique and integrated features that are durable, robust, and sturdy. These heavier shoes are designed with superior materials and have appropriate cushioning to keep you comfortable. In addition, they protect your ankles, heels, and knees. If you prioritize ankle protection and support to prevent sprains, opt for the PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoes. For a stylish and sporty look with a lightweight midsole, consider the Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Sneakers. If durability and dynamic movements are your concern, the Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes are an excellent and long-lasting choice. Most of these shoes are lightweight, provide stable balance, reduce weariness, adhere to shoe trends, and can be used for different sports activities. Consider the weight, durability, support, materials, and ensure that the shoes offer overall protection before choosing the bestselling kickboxing shoes. You can consult a shoe fit specialist for better adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear boxing shoes for kickboxing?

Yes, you can wear boxing shoes for kickboxing as they are made for similar kinds of movements and have a lot of the same features.

What do you wear on your feet for kickboxing?

You can wear specially designed kickboxing shoes that are lightweight to keep you agile and balanced in the ring. They feature the right amount of padding that protects your feet and joints while helping you make comfortable movements at faster speeds.

What type of shoes are recommended for cardio kickboxing activities?

Cross-training shoes like the PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM are apt for cardio kickboxing. They are lightweight and provide enough arch support that prevents foot injuries.

Do you wear shoes during kickboxing?

When it comes to kickboxing, real kickboxing and cardio kickboxing are different. You practice contact training that hits bags, hard pads, or huge mats in real kickboxing. Therefore, you are less likely to wear shoes with a surface grip. On the other hand, aerobics or cardio kickboxing requires well-supported shoes to run and jump.

Are you supposed to wear socks with kickboxing shoes?

Yes, wearing socks with kickboxing shoes provides additional grip, absorbs the sweat, and prevents slipping.

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