10 Best Lace Front Wigs For A Natural-Looking Mane

Written by Sneha Manandhar
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For those losing hair due to medical treatments or other reasons, those that can’t see their stylist on the regular, and those that are itching for a change — lace front wigs are a great option. Their popularity is such owing to the seamlessly natural look they offer and (usually) no one can tell that you’re wearing a wig! If you find that cutting, bleaching, dyeing, or styling your hair is too much of a commitment, you will definitely enjoy throwing on a lace front wig.

If you have fine or thin hair, you can pick out a voluminous mane or if you’re a brunette longing for golden locks, you can try that too! Any hair type, color, and style you fancy is all within an arm’s reach. Our list of the 10 best lace front wigs introduces you to some of the choicest picks out there, along with a buyer’s and user’s guide to help you out.

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10 Best Lace Front Wigs For A Seamless Hairline

1. Joedir Lace Front Wigs

One of the best synthetic lace wigs, this one by Joedir is undetectable and blends in with your scalp. It is made with high-quality heat resistant synthetic fiber, which means you can style it according to your preference. 30 inches long, the wig has a cap that can be adjusted with straps and 3 steel combs for a firmer and comfortable fit. The cap has a 4-inch deep parting in the center and is made of breathable material. If you feel like the gloss dulls, you can wash the synthetic wig with some lukewarm water and shampoo for maintenance.


  •  Made of heat-resistant fiber
  •  Easy to clean
  •  4-inch middle parting
  •  Adjustable cap
  •  Breathable material
  •  Available in 11 colors


  •  Might tangle easily

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2. Jessica Hair Lace Front Short Bob Wigs

If you’ve been looking for short lace front wigs, this one is made of 100% human hair and has baby hair already cut out. Soft, tangle-free, and with minimal shedding, you can also wash and style this wig however you like. With 150% density, it gives you a voluminous boost and with the premium Swiss lace, you can achieve an effortless hairline. For a tight fit, the lightweight wig cap features combs and adjustable straps, so you have one less thing to worry about!


  •  100% human hair
  •  Soft and minimal shedding
  •  Tangle-free
  •  Adjustable cap with combs
  •  Adds volume
  •  Can be washed and styled


  •  The curl pattern might loosen up with time

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3. ANDRIA Lace Front Wigs

For those on the hunt for lace front straight wigs, this one by ANDRIA uses heat-resistant synthetic fibers for silky strands. The flexible and adjustable cap features 3 small combs and breathable fabric. With the Swiss lace frontal cap, you can expect unmatched comfort and a hairline that blends in with your own for a natural look. The hairline is pre-plucked for convenience and a free parting ensures that you can part the wig however you like.


  •  Pre-plucked hairline
  •  Flexible and adjustable cap
  •  Breathable material
  • Heat-resistant synthetic fibers
  •  Natural-looking hairline
  •  Free parting


  •  Might shed a bit initially

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4. eNilecor Ash Pink Lace Front Wig

Made with 100% heat-resistant synthetic fibers, eNilecor’s lace front wigs are ideal for sprucing up your look. Not only is the ash pink mane soft to the touch, it is half hand-tied with a natural-looking hairline that looks just like yours! The breathable net cap can be fixed firmly with the help of 3 combs and won’t aggravate the scalp or cause hair loss. Style this pre-plucked lace front wig for parties or fun occasions to match with your outfit.


  •  Soft
  •  100% heat resistant synthetic fiber
  •  Breathable net cap
  •  3 combs for tight fit
  •  Easy to clean and install


  •  Might tangle easily

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5. Elesty Curly Lace Front Wig

At 24 inches, Elesty’s curly blonde natural-looking lace front is what dreams are made of. It is also heat-resistant for up to 160°, so you can use heat styling tools with no worries whatsoever. A Swiss lace cap with 3 combs can be fitted securely and works even if your head is bigger than the average head side. The synthetic fibers are smooth and silky, giving you a mane that will definitely turn heads.


  •  Heat-resistant
  •  Adjustable cap
  •  Silky and smooth
  •  Available in 9 colors and styles
  •  Secure fit


  •  Some might find it to be too thick and heavy

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6. TaBeWay Synthetic Lace Front Wig

TaBeWay’s real-looking lace front wigs can be fastened with 2 adjustable straps and 3 combs. The soft hair wig is odor-free and gives you a natural hairline along with realistic-looking baby hair. With a sheer lace material mesh cap, your scalp gets enough blood flow and the installation is painless. Made with synthetic material that is resistant to heat, you can pick from 17 colors and types of wigs for cosplaying and themed-parties!


  •  Heat-resistant
  •  Breathable mesh cap
  •  Available in 17 colors
  •  Soft and odor-free
  •  Adjustable cap


  •  Some may find that it tangles quickly

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7. U-Nice Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wig

One of the best human hair lace front wigs, this one from U-Nice comes pre-plucked with a flexible parting design. The added baby hair lends it a natural look and the wig can be permed, bleached, and styled however you prefer. With straps on the back, the mesh cap is adjustable and fits most head sizes. No split ends with minimal shedding and tangles makes this piece one of the best quality lace front wigs out there.


  •  Flexible parting design
  •  100% unprocessed hair
  •  Adjustable mesh cap
  •  No split ends
  •  Tangle-free
  •  Minimal shedding


  •  Some might find it to be too fine

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8. NAYASA Long Straight Highlights Wig

NAYASA’s got some of the best affordable lace front wigs and this ombre one has a soft texture and a glossy finish. The wig allows for freedom of movement while still holding its shape. With a T-part lace, the open construction enables breathability while the bands and clips can be used to adjust your size. To make the wig look realistic, a simulation scalp is attached to the crown. Manageable, easy to wear, remove, and style, this wig with highlights will take your hair game from 1 to 100 real quick.


  •  Soft texture
  •  Holds shape
  •  Breathable simulation scalp
  •  Adjustable cap
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Glossy finish


  •  Some might find the lace to be thick to work with

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9. HELLOSH Blonde Lace Front Wigs

These blonde human hair lace front wigs by HELLOSH are soft with minimal tangling and shedding. Pre-plucked with a 150% density, the wig is super voluminous with a T-parting. A medium cap with 4 combs and adjustable straps allows for a firm fit, so that the wig doesn’t come undone and allows you to move freely. If you fancy something a little different, you can dye, bleach, or style the wig for a change as well.


  •  Adjustable cap with 4 combs
  •  Can be bleached and dyed
  •  Voluminous
  •  Soft texture
  •  Minimal tangling and shedding
  •  Made with 100% human hair


  •  Might not be static-free

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10. Aceolave Water Wave Lace Closure Wigs

Aceolave’s lace front wigs for African-American women use soft and natural human hair. With no odor or tangling, these wigs are bouncy and can be styled or dyed if you prefer. The natural pre-plucked hairline with a free parting and baby hairs gives a realistic look. Fitting comfortably, the Swiss lace elastic net is breathable and has straps for adjustment. With no split ends, Aceolave’s wig gives you a head full of hair that is sure to earn you lots of compliments.


  •  Natural human hair
  •  Thick and soft
  •  Breathable cap
  •  Odor-free
  •  No tangling
  •  Pre-plucked hairline and free parting


  •   Might not be resistant to shedding

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Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best lace front wigs on the market, let’s learn how you can choose the best one for yourself.

How To Choose The Best Lace Front Wig

  •  Face shape

In order for the wig to flatter you, it needs to frame your face. Different shapes suit different types of wigs. Taking into consideration your face shape, you can move forward with the style, length, and color of your wig.

If your face shape is oval, a long wavy hairstyle, a shoulder-length flip, or an A-line bob will complement it. With this face shape, there’s nothing you should avoid as most hairstyles can suit you.

Round face shapes will look great with long layers, lobs with side parting, or side wavy ponytails. However, you would do well to avoid a flat-looking pixie cut, mid-length voluminous curls, or bobs with blunt bangs.

A square-shaped face looks good with long waves, an A-line chin-length bob, or long layers with side bangs. You might want to steer clear of a sleek ponytail, a jaw-length blunt bob, or a pixie cut with blunt bangs.

Long face shapes would look good with long voluminous curls and medium bouncy curls. Long straight hair with side bangs might look less flattering.

Finally, heart face shapes can choose between curly side ponytails with or without side bangs and a medium layered hairstyle. They should avoid a voluminous bob that’s extra short or blunt bangs.

  •  Color

If it’s your first time trying out a lace front wig, it is recommended that you stick to your natural hair color and texture as much as possible. However, if you want to dye the wig with a color of choice later on, pick one that is made free of any artificial dyes. Ensure that the wig can also be bleached with no issues.

If you want a wig that is already colored, figure out your skin tone and work accordingly. Fair skin with cool undertones will look good with a warm red, a golden blonde, or a neutral brunette shade. Warmer undertones can opt for reddish or ashy tones like golden copper, strawberry or honey blonde, rich brown, or beige brown. Deeper skin tones can pick between shades of mahogany or copper if you have warm undertones. Cooler hues will suit a rich black, an icy dark brown, or a cool red brown well.

  •  Cap construction

This is an incredibly important factor as it determines the fit and comfort of your wig. You can choose a wig size from small, average, and medium. A medium-sized wig fits almost all head sizes and is quite popular. A full lace wig cap that allows a bit of a stretch between the ears gives you a good fit at the back of your ears. Look for an elastic band that has adjustable straps behind the cap. 3 to 4 combs on the sides and back are also ideal so that the wig stays in place without moving. You should pick a cap made of a mesh or a net material to allow your skin to breathe.

  •  Hair type

Lace front wigs can be made of human hair or synthetic fibers. For the ultimate natural look, real human hair serves the purpose. Not only is this type of hair durable, it can also be styled easily and creatively. However, these types of wigs are generally more expensive and need some extra maintenance as they are quite similar to your natural hair.

Synthetic hair, if made of high-quality materials, can look and feel like human hair. But if it’s cheaply made, you can easily tell the difference. This type doesn’t offer as many options when you want to style it. They are more affordable when compared to human hair wigs but also slightly less durable. Lasting anywhere between 4 to 8 months, synthetic wigs don’t need as much maintenance as the other kind. If you’re opting for heat-friendly synthetic hair, however, you can use your heat styling tools to create a variety of hairstyles. They might be more prone to tangling and are the least durable, lasting anywhere between 2 to 3 months.

  •  Lace

Check for a transparent lace front which suits all skin tones. Brown lace can be used on deeper skin tones. A pre-plucked wig which comes with baby hairs in the front looks realistic and blends well into your natural hairline.

After you’ve bought a wig of your choice, let’s learn how you can install it to turn heads!

How To Install A Lace Front Wig

  •  Step 1: Before being able to wear your wig, you must first prep it. If you’re using a human or synthetic wig that is unstyled, you can shampoo it before use. Using baby shampoo or dishwashing liquid, clean the wig to remove grease. Alternatively, you could also use a shampoo and conditioner made especially for wigs. The key is to use a formula that isn’t loaded with chemicals.
  •  Step 2: If the lace of your wig doesn’t match your skin tone, try a lace tint spray in your shade. You could also use makeup like a foundation or concealer, but this might give a caked-on look. A lace spray can be used on the inside, after which you can blow-dry the area to lock in the color. This will give you a seamless hairline.
  •  Step 3: Some wigs come pre-plucked, and this saves you time, effort, and trouble. However, if your wig isn’t already prepared, you can use tweezers to get the job done. Just keep in mind to not let a harsh line show by plucking out 1 or 2 strands in different areas. Don’t pluck out too many hairs from any one section only.
  •  Step 4: Before installing your wig, get your own hair out of the way by braiding or twisting it. You could also tie it into a bun or a ponytail. Wear the wig cap in such a way that all of your hair is fully covered. Use the straps at the back and the small combs to adjust the size of the cap according to your head.
  •  Step 5: If you’re going to be using wig glue, use some alcohol pads to clean the skin beneath your hairline as makeup or oils can prevent the wig from sitting properly.
  •  Step 6: Place your wig where you want it and where you think it looks most flattering. If you find this difficult, you could draw some marks with an eyeliner in places where your natural hairline is.
  •  Step 7: Use the pointy end of a comb and part the hair right above your ear. Cut off the excess lace that is around your hairline and your ear. This step must be done neatly as we don’t want to cover our ears or make the wig apparent.
  •  Step 8: Add some glue along the edges of your wig cap at the hairline without getting any on the hair itself. Blow-dry this glue on a low heat or cool setting such that it dries without looking tacky.
  •  Step 9: Pull the lace forward and ensure that it is where you want it to be before pressing it down. Dab some rubbing alcohol around your hairline edge to eliminate excess glue without wiping it on the lace.
  •  Step 10: Now your wig is ready to be styled or left as is!

For a full coverage hairstyle that looks quite like your own, lace front wigs are a worthy candidate. They’re also a great way to change up your hair without having to commit to cutting, bleaching, or dyeing it. And with some wigs, you can dye them too if you like! The best thing about lace front wigs is how realistic they look. With multiple kinds out there, you can have your pick from those that need some maintenance to those that barely need any. These wigs can also be styled whenever you want to try something different and they can also be left as is for something natural. So the next time you’re looking to give your real hair a reset, try a lace front wig!

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Do lace front wigs damage hair?

If worn and maintained correctly, lace front wigs will not damage your natural hair.

Are lace front wigs reusable?

Yes, lace front wigs can be used repeatedly and can last you for up to a year with proper care.

Can lace front wigs be taken off everyday?

Yes, it is best to remove your lace front wig before bed or a shower as this extends their lifespan. They might get damaged easily during sleep or when in contact with water.

How long do lace front wigs last?

With proper care and maintenance, lace front wigs can last you anywhere from 9 to 12 months depending on the quality and brand.

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