The 11 Best Lace Nursing Bras To Use For Every Need – 2023

Cozy undergarments for happy new mothers and comfortable feeding experiences.

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Pregnancy and giving birth to a baby is a beautiful journey of motherhood. However, it can be exhausting as well. Your newborn will feel your life with love and happiness, but we cannot deny the hard work mothers put in every minute. Hence, we got the best lace nursing bras to make these new mommies be a little at ease. Lace nursing bras are the modern comfy undergarment for new mothers. These maternity lingerie are cozy while breastfeeding, and you enjoy baby-bonding time with comfort. However, if you think nursing bras are not so stylish and they look dull, you’ll be happy to know that isn’t correct. They can be stylish, comfy, and functional, which every new mother needs.

These nursing bras are essential during the initial few postpartum weeks because your baby needs extra care and attention. So, we are sure you don’t want to end up being stuck in the loophole of fidgeting with bras while you breastfeed. However, there are a plethora of lace bras in different variants available in the market, and to make it easier, we have picked the best ones for you. Here you’ll find the top 11 lace nursing bras that you can order right away at the comfort of your home. Be it wide straps or nursing bras with easy hook access; our list has it all. Now without any further ado, keep scrolling and make motherhood a little easy with these bras.

Top PicksCheck Price
Best Overall:MOMANDA Lace Nursing BraPrice on Amazon
Best Breathable:Loving Moments by Leading Lady Women's Lace Nursing BraPrice on Amazon
Best Comfortable:Curve Muse Plus Size Nursing BraPrice on Amazon
Best Adjustable Straps:Leading Lady Lace Padded Nursing BraPrice on Amazon
Best Convenient Design:WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing BraPrice on Amazon
Kindred Bravely Sublime Lace Back Nursing BraPrice on Amazon
Best Stretchable:ZUMIY Nursing Sleep BraPrice on Amazon
Best Elegant Design:Hofish Lace Nursing BraPrice on Amazon
Best For All Skin Types:Elomi Plus Size Molly Stretch Lace Nursing BraPrice on Amazon
Best Pullover Design:Vanity Fair Maternity Nursing Bras
Price on Amazon

11 Best Lace Nursing Bras That Are Pretty And Comfortable For New Moms

1. Best Overall:MOMANDA Lace Nursing Bra

MOMANDA Lace Nursing Bra Image: Momanda

This lace-style nursing bra is the perfect mix of style and comfort. It is a great choice for women who want to try non-racerback bralettes. The design features front-down nursing clips that provide easy access during breastfeeding times, along with a hook and eyes closure and an adjustable band that ensures the bra sits on your skin comfortably. The fabric is a blend of polyamide and spandex, making it soft and itch-free, so you can wear it the whole day without feeling any lace itching or underwire discomfort. The sexy style has a plunge neck design that is quite feminine and doesn’t look boring. The cups are molded and lightly lined, so you are assured of a smooth shape and protection from any leakage accidents. This lightweight, comfortable lace nursing bra makes breastfeeding accessible to your little one without having to compromise on style.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable fit
  • Front clip-down for easy access
  • Lightly lined molded cups
  • Lightweight
  • Plunge neckline
  • True to color


  • You may have to size up for the lower band to sit comfortably around your waist.
protip_icon Quick Tip
Store the bras inside each other and avoid squashing and denting the cups.
Why It’s Worth Buying: This product is so liked by shoppers that it has gained over 5,435 great reviews on Amazon.
Price at the time of publication: $23.99

2. Best Breathable:Loving Moments by Leading Lady Women’s Lace Nursing Bra

Loving Moments by Leading Lady Women’s Lace Nursing Bra Image: Leading Lady

This lace underwire nursing bra is not only super comfortable, but it’s pretty lightweight as well. Since it will fit your shape well, and the underwire won’t dig into your skin, you can wear it every day. The soft, comfortable fabric is made from nylon and spandex, making it stretchy and breathable. The design features fold-over cups that stay put for a long time, and they are paired with cotton slings that won’t hurt your shoulders. The 1-hand nursing clasps are easy-to-use, which makes them great for pumping at home and for breastfeeding. The elegant lace fabric is gorgeous and classy and gives the lingerie a beautiful touch that every new mom will love. You can wear this bra when you’re lounging around the house or when you have to step out for date nights; it’s pretty versatile. So, if you are looking for an affordable, stylish, and well-fitting nursing bra, we highly recommend that you give this piece a try.


  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Breathable
  • Stretchy
  • Adjustable straps
  • Fold over cups easy-to-use nursing clasps
  • Versatile


  • It must not be machine washed
protip_icon Quick Tip
Lace must not be washed often. Wash after 2-3 uses. Air dry after every use.
Price at the time of publication: $13.94

3. Best Comfortable:Curve Muse Plus Size Nursing Bra

Curve Muse Plus Size Nursing Bra Image: Curve Muse

This nursing bra is great for new moms who want a minimal yet feminine style. The fabric is a comfortable blend of cotton and spandex, making it gentle on the skin and breathable. The hook and eye closure provide a snug fit that is adjustable and doesn’t make you feel stuffy. The cups have an elegant lace trim that runs along the edges, which gives it that minimal feminine touch. You can nurse easily because the bra has a one-hand release clasp, and with the wire-free feature, you don’t have to worry about any underwire poking at you in the long run. Another reason why new moms love this cotton lace nursing bra is that it has a sling that many other nursing bras fail to have; it is made from lace and located near the bra strap (where it connects to the top part).


  • Easy to use nursing sling
  • Breathable
  • Minimal yet beautiful lace detailing
  • Wire-free
  • Soft molded pads
  • One-hand release clasp


  • It may not offer optimal protection from leakage
protip_icon Quick Tip
To wash your lace bras, add 2 caps of a delicate detergent in a sink of cool water. Soak the bra for 30 minutes and rinse with cool water thoroughly. Press the water out gently.
Why It’s Worth Buying: The extensive 1,170 rave reviews on Amazon prove why we are vouching for this product.
Price at the time of publication: $26.99

4. Best Adjustable Straps:Leading Lady Lace Padded Nursing Bra

Leading Lady Lace Padded Nursing Bra Image: Leading Lady Lace Padded Nursing Bra

Say goodbye to unsupportive and boring nursing bras, and say hello to this stylish piece. This overall lace bra is a fantastic addition to your postpartum wardrobe. It is made from a soft blend of nylon and spandex and covered in a sexy lace design. The easy and discreet nursing feature includes fold-down cups, one hand clasps, 4 hook back closures, and of course, we can’t complete the description of a good bra without the infamous adjustable straps! All these features put together result in a nursing bra that is functional and looks very trendy. Even though the bra has an underwire, you don’t have to worry about any discomfort because it will sit against your skin and offer you just the right support. The supportive lace bra is amazing for night-outs; the cups provide enough padding for postpartum comfort and give you a smooth silhouette without making it look over the top.


  • One-hand nursing clasps
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightly padded cups
  • 4 hook back closures
  • Flattering shape
  • Stretchable
  • Light support underwire


  • The seams may start to fray after a couple of washes
Price at the time of publication: $18

5. Best Convenient Design: WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra

WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra Image: Wondermoms

The WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra features a front and top opening to allow easy access. This also makes it easy to unclip the bra without the need for reaching out at the back. This elegant nursing bra is lightweight, underwire-free, and features four rows of hooks at the back to support large bust sizes. It comes along with an extra band extender to support growing body size during the postpartum period.


  • Extra support
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for large bust size.



Price at the time of publication: $29.99

6. Kindred Bravely Sublime Lace Back Nursing Bra

This nursing essential is perfect for women looking for functional and supportive bras with a hint of style. The fabric is made from 93% nylon and 7% spandex, making it gentle on you and your baby’s skin. The easy pull-on style has no hooks or snaps, making it convenient to use during the postpartum period. The design has no wires or seams, making it super comfortable during nursing and providing amazing shape under any outfit. The stretchy fabric ensures that you don’t feel stuffy when you wear the bra and are supported. Last but not least, we cannot forget the beautiful lace back detail; this little feature brings the whole design together, giving a traditional nursing bra a feminine touch.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Stylish lace racerback
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Versatile
  • Stretchable


  • May not have adjustable straps
Price at the time of publication: $45.99

7. Best Stretchable:ZUMIY Nursing Sleep Bra

This V-neck splendor makes for a unique and functional postpartum nursing bra. It is made from cotton and spandex, making it super soft on your skin without any annoying itching sensations. It works great if you want to wear the bra under tanks or t-shirts, and the simple lace lining gives it an elegant style. The unique selling point is the deep V-neck feature, which includes drop-down cups that make nursing so much easier and convenient. Another great feature of this bra is its built-in bag that you can use to insert breast pads to prevent any leakage stains. The bust has an elastic-free band that won’t pinch your skin or makes you feel constricted, making it perfect for sleep.


  • V-neck plunging neckline
  • Soft cups
  • Removable bra pads
  • Elastic-free supportive band
  • Suitable for sleeping
  • Drop-down cups
  • Breathable


  • It may not be sweat absorbent
Price at the time of publication: $17.99

8. Best Elegant Design: Hofish Lace Nursing Bra


The Hofish Lace Nursing Bra reduces pressure on your shoulders and feeds your little one comfortably. The skin-friendly inner fabric and the all-round lacing make the bra extremely soft and comfortable to wear all day. The removable, cotton pads last long without getting deformed and can be washed separately. This nursing bra provides sufficient nipple coverage, lift, and an overall demure look. It comes with extra matching extenders and a hook-and-eye closure, which allows you to adjust the bra according to your growing bust size. This fashionable yet functional lace bra is a great choice for nursing mothers during postpartum.


  • Breathable
  • High-elasticity
  • Wire-free
  • Wide, adjustable straps


  • Not suitable for larger bust size.
Price at the time of publication: $12.99

9. Best For All Skin Types:Elomi Plus Size Molly Stretch Lace Nursing Bra

This bra is simple, sexy, and made to fit all plus-size body types. It is made from a blend of nylon, elastane, cotton, and polyester, so you have assured premium quality fabric that is breathable and soft on the skin. The hook and eye closure ensure that the bra stays in place the whole day and doesn’t ride up from the back; it keeps the underwire from shifting. The best part of this structured nursing bra is that it is versatile; it can be worn under any outfit; whether you want to wear a casual t-shirt or a tightfitting dress, this bra will pair perfectly with either. The top half of the cups are made from stretchable lace, and the bottom half is firm; this helps emphasize a high and rounded shape. Also, the cups are lined fully with an internal foam sling that gives optimal support during breastfeeding times.


  • Hook and eye closure
  • Suitable for any outfit
  • Stretchable
  • Provides smooth and high-rounded shape
  • Full firm internal foam nursing sling


  • The lace may start to fray after the initial washes
Price at the time of publication: $60.28

10. Best Pullover Design: Vanity Fair Maternity Nursing Bras

Vanity Fair Maternity Nursing Bras Image: Vanity Fair

The no-fuss pullover design of the Vanity Fair Maternity Nursing Bras makes life easier for breastfeeding mommies. The cross-front design offers easy access whenever your child needs feeding. This wireless bra also features removable pads for customizable shapes and wide shoulder straps for reduced pressure and comfort. It sits in place all day without the need for constant adjustments or pulling and tugging throughout the day. The seamless design makes the bras a perfect fit for most clothing types.


  • Removable padding
  • Breathable
  • Stretchable
  • Wireless design
  • Good size range



Price at the time of publication: $38

11. Best Value For Money:Momcozy Lace Nursing Bra

Momcozy Lace Nursing Bra Image: Momcozy Lace

This pretty piece has lace all over it! It is made from nylon and spandex, so you don’t have to worry about the lace being itchy or uncomfortable. The soft nursing bralette has a feminine and floral edge that comes with a V neck, making the whole design attractive and practical. The nursing features come with one-handed clasps, which makes the entire breastfeeding process convenient and easy. Also, since the fabric has spandex, it is pretty stretchable and provides optimal support throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Not only is the lace bra soft on the skin, but it is also moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to worry about any leakage issues or sweat stains; the fabric will keep you cool throughout the day. The adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable lower hem ensure that the bra stays and doesn’t move around. Lastly, the bra offers a great fit that doesn’t result in chunky armpits or back.


  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Stretchable
  • Suitable for pregnancy and postpartum
  • One-handed frontal nursing clasps
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Some may find the cups too thick
Price at the time of publication: $19.99

Now that you are aware of the best lace nursing bras that are available online, it’s time to understand the important factors that make a good nursing bra. Keep reading our buying guide to know more!

How To Choose The Best Lace Nursing Bra

  • Comfort

This should be at the top of your list when looking for the perfect nursing bra. There is no point in looking for a pretty nursing bra; it doesn’t feel good. Instead, look for bras made from soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric; they will accommodate your changing breast size. Also, ensure that the bras are moisture-wicking. This will keep any leakage accidents or sweat stains under control.

  • Cups

The way the cups are styled and created can change the whole nursing game. Look for bras that have cups with a stretchy top half while giving you a snug fit. Don’t mistake purchasing cups that provide extra room because it won’t give you the support you need. Ensure that they are lined with breathable material to avoid any nipple irritation or soreness.

  • Support

You must choose a full-coverage lace nursing bra with a wide bottom band and multiple hooks and eyes for optimal support. This allows easy adjustment without feeling snug or constricting. Numerous hooks will allow you to adjust the bra band throughout the pregnancy journey as well.

  • Fit

As your breasts grow and change in size, during and after pregnancy, it is recommended that you start trying on nursing bras during the eighth-month of pregnancy. This will allow you to gauge the amount of support and comfort you need when your breasts are full and heavy. It will also ensure that you don’t choose a bra with a too tight band or that the straps don’t cut into your shoulders.

The Bottom Line

There might be a lot of discomfort during pregnancy and postpartum due to hormonal changes in the body. At this time, the new mothers require clothes that keep them cozy. That is where the best lace nursing bras come in. They help you to feed your baby smoothly without having to take the bra off. In addition, some of the bras listed in our article are made with lightweight material while others feature wire-free design with an easy access clasp. The MOMANDA Lace Nursing Bra has a front-down clip for easy access and adjustable straps for added comfort, while the Leading Lady Lace Padded Nursing Bra offers style with fold-down cups and solid support. For those seeking lightweight, underwire-free breathable bras, try the WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra. These nursing bras come with adjustable straps for additional comfort. And it would be of great help to invest in nursing bras that are gentle on the skin and are versatile.

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