10 Stylish Laptop Bags That Women Will Actually Want To Carry

Trendy, long-lasting laptop bags that can effortlessly add some style to your workdays.

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Gone are the days when laptop bags were just bulky backpacks or boring shoulder bags. As women, most of us are always on the lookout for a bag that is not just great for business but also stylish, defines your personality, and is comfortable to carry. Whether you are a frequent business traveller or an everyday laptop user, a good laptop bag is non-negotiable. Let’s look at some of the most stylish laptop bags. While some of them are big names, others are more functional. Let’s take a look.

1. Coach Designer Laptop Bag

Coach laptop bag for women

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High-end brands like Coach are known for making bags that are not just stylish but also a great investment and give you good mileage. Here’s a bag that is for the dreamer in you. Appropriately named ‘The Rogue,’ this is a bag that is truly desk to date and everywhere in between. This 15-inch bag can fit your laptop, notebook, iPad, Kindle, and any other electronic gadgets. The modish bag offers a sleek design and also comes with an attached leather sleeve that can fit your cosmetics and other knick-knacks we women cannot live without. All of this, without compromising on style.

2. Tory McGraw Leather Tote Bag

Stylish designer laptop bag for women

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We all have a Tory Burch in our handbag closet or dream of buying one at the next Thanksgiving sale. Which category do you fall under? Either way, here’s a bag you should consider buying – an incredibly stylish tote bag that is multifunctional. It comes in chic and understated colors, is made with pebbled leather, and has a contrast interior to add a little zing. A removable tassel leather sleeve is another attractive addition to this bag. Whether it is a laptop or other things you carry, this McGraw Tote has enough room.

3. Kenneth Cole Rolling Laptop Bag

Kenneth Cole Rolling laptop bag for women

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A frequent business traveler? Then, we understand that you are exhausted looking for a bag that isn’t a generic and chunky unisexual business bag. Here’s one of the most stylish bags from Kenneth Cole, who is the master of the bag game and knows how to deal with bags for any purpose. This nylon exterior laptop bag looks like a tote bag when not extended. It comes with three compartments to organize your laptop and everything else you need while you are on the move.

4. Ted Baker Laptop Bag

Ted Baker laptop bag for women

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The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Ted Baker is the signature pink, mint green, and other pastel-colored totes that are more about style than function. But, if you are a fan of the brand, know that it has bags that are more than just accessories. This slim-looking, modern, leather document bag is 15 inches wide and big enough for your Macbook, tablet, notebooks, and documents.

5. Kate Spade Women’s Messenger Laptop Bag

Kate Spade Women’s Messenger Laptop Bag - Stylish Laptop Bags

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Some of us still love the old-school idea of a messenger bag for a laptop. But, of course, it needs to be stylish. Here is a suave looking messenger laptop bag (that looks like a tote) in Kate Spade’s signature print. It comes with a compartment for your smartphone and other tech essentials. This versatile designer bag can be carried like a tote or like a crossbody messenger bag.

6. Michael Kors Backpack

Michael Kors laptop bag for women

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Looking for stylish laptop bags that are more than just a tote but less of a bulky backpack? Michael Kors has an answer for you. This luxurious, chic, and laid-back backpack in the brand’s signature print fits all your accessories, iPad, Kindle reader, or any other things you might have to carry. A feminine looking and stylish bag, that’s what we are talking about.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Michael Kors launched “The Michael,” a women’s handbag collection in 2004. It has a wide range of stylish bags, including laptop bags.

7. Leather Tote Travel Bag

Leather tote travel bag for women

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Are your travels all about morning-in and evening-out? Or do you move around a lot within your city to meet clients? That sounds like you need a stylish, straightforward bag with ease of access. Consider a big tote that is sturdy enough to hold your laptop but also stylish enough to accessorize your outfit.

8. Furla Linda Tote Bag

Furla Linda laptop bag for women

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On days you want to spend time reading at a coffee shop and have a date right after, choose a bag like this Furla Linda Tote bag that is compact but doubles up to carry your tech essentials like your iPad and Kindle.

9. LODIS Audrey Jana RFID Shoulder Laptop Bag

LODIS Audrey Jana RFID laptop bag for women

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What do you think an RFID bag is? When you are traveling on business, you need to carry a lot of confidential documents, both hard and soft copies. So, cyber privacy is very crucial.  Thanks to the RFID technology built into this bag, all your personal information is kept safe from electronic scanners. Of course, having all of this does not mean your bag looks unruly! So here’s a bag that takes care of all of it.

10. Mulberry Bayswater

Mulberry Bayswater laptop bag for women

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The Bayswater is Mulberry’s iconic addition to its signature bag collection. It is an updated version of their classic bags, made with better leather quality leather and inking process. The bag sports an elegant and sophisticated design and comes with a postman’s lock closure made with 14-carat gold, which gives it a glossy finish. It also features a hanging fob, a hidden padlock, and two extra slip pockets that make room for other peripherals. If you want to go all out and own a masterpiece bag for business, your search ends here.

protip_icon Fun Fact
The Creative Director of Mulberry, Johnny Coca, said he takes design inspiration from the handbags people carry on the streets and how they carry them.

If you are bored with your routine work wear and want to add some fun to your outfit, have a look at the variety of stylish laptop bags listed above. Available in various materials, sizes, and designs, these laptop bags are not only fashionable but pretty functional as well. With good support and sturdy design, these also come in with multiple add ons like zips, pockets, and hidden compartments, to make space for your work documents and other accessories as well. Choose one as per your choice of color, fabric, and ease of accessibility, to add some style to your work days effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a laptop bag?

If you are shopping for a laptop bag, you should consider the following factors: compatibility with your laptop, number of compartments, padding, waterproofness, and ease of use.

Should I get a bigger laptop sleeve?

No. While a bigger laptop sleeve may seem ideal due to its extra space, it does more harm than good. Protect your laptop with a laptop sleeve that fits snugly as it prevents bumps and scratches.

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