5 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices For Dark Skin

Get rid of unwanted hair growth without having to pay frequent salon visits.

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Let’s talk about laser hair removal for dark skin at home! How does it work? What are your options? Let’s see what we can find out!

At-home laser hair removal equipment is not only less unpleasant than waxing or epilating, but they significantly diminish body and face hair growth over time. They target your hair follicles with IPL technology, reducing their capacity to generate hair. Such devices may cost a little more, but the benefits they provide are well worth the investment. But, laser hair removal equipment that works for darker skin tones is difficult to come by. Don’t worry – after considerable research, we have uncovered the 5 best laser hair removal devices that work on darker complexions without causing damage. Keep reading to know more about them.

But first, let’s look at how laser hair removal functions before we get into the products.

Top Picks
Best Ergonomic Design: Silk’n Infinity Laser Hair Removal System
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Price on Walmart
Best Convenient: Braun Silk Expert Pro 5
Price on Amazon
Price on Walmart
Best For Quick Results: Braun IPL Hair Removal System
Price on Amazon
Best Long-Lasting Results: BoSidin At-Home Hair Removal Device
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Best Compact Design: SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL Hair Removal DevicePrice on Amazon

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

During laser hair removal, the laser emits a monochromatic light that gets absorbed by the melanin present in the hair. This light energy then converts to heat and damages the hair follicle. This further inhibits or delays future hair growth. In the following section, we have discussed the 5 best laser hair removal devices also meant for dark skin.

5 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices For Dark Skin

1. Best Ergonomic Design: Silk’n Infinity Laser Hair Removal System

The Silk’n Infinity Laser Hair Removal System utilizes a technology that uses pulses of light to remove undesired hair growth permanently. The device avoids stubble and ingrown hairs and reduces redness and other forms of irritation. The device removes hair easily and painlessly. It is ideal for any skin type and can be used on the face, legs, arms, upper lip, and bikini lines. It leaves you with smooth skin. The device has a high-speed repetition of light pulses. The quartz bulb included in the device allows for quick reloading and faster pulses and is a perfect affordable laser solution. This device works fast and is safer when compared to other traditional at-home hair removal technologies. Check out this tester’s experience of using this product in this video.


  • Painless hair removal
  • Easy to use
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Ergonomic size
  • Easy to hold


  • Expensive

protip_icon Quick Tip
Always use a laser hair removal device on clean and clear skin for the best hair extraction.

2. Best Convenient: Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

Look no further than the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 for the most efficient and durable IPL device on the market! This powerful and convenient device is the best hair removal option for the money. It is gentle on the skin and is dermatologist-certified as skin-safe (Skin Health Alliance). Its powerful sensor technology automatically adjusts the light’s depth and intensity according to your skin’s needs. It is best for removing facial hair on darker skin types. Use on clean and dry skin.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about hair growth at undesired places again. In addition, it has a lightweight design, is easy to transport, and has long-lasting effective results, making it perfect for busy lifestyles. And if that wasn’t enough, the product comes in a convenient travel case so you can take it wherever you go.


  • Easy to use
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Long-lasting hair removal
  • Certified skin safe
  • Lightweight design
  • Clinically tested


  • None

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

A whopping 4,198 reviews on Amazon make it obvious that users genuinely love this product.

3. Best For Quick Results: Braun IPL Hair Removal System


The Braun IPL Hair Removal System is a gentle and effective solution for promoting hair reduction and achieving smooth, hair-free skin. Its clinically-proven technology helps deliver long-lasting results, making it a great alternative to traditional hair removal methods. This home-use laser device is easy to use, and is also suitable for all body areas as well as the face, making it perfect for both men and women. It works well for Asian skin types too. It also ensures maximum skin safety. The device is dermatologist-approved and has been cleared by the FDA for safe use at home. With a large treatment window and a high-energy output, this system can cover a large area in a short amount of time, making it perfect for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair quickly and efficiently. The device features a built-in sensor that adapts to your skin tone, ensuring that the treatment is safe and effective. According to the frequency of use, it can show visible results in 3 weeks.

Say goodbye to the hassle of shaving and waxing and hello to smooth, hair-free skin with the additional caps in the system that offer precise hair removal. The wide headed caps are ideal for upper legs, chest, and back hair while the precision heads are ideal for treating your face and intimate areas. The system flashes 125 times per minute to ensure effortless hair removal and full skin coverage. A customer review suggests that the device is a good investment because it is ofexcellent quality.


  • Easy to use
  • FDA-approved
  • Full skin coverage
  • Multiple energy levels
  • Dermatologist-approved


  • May cause skin irritation or redness on sensitive skin

protip_icon Caution
Avoid under-eye areas, tattoos, or moles when using a laser hair removal device.

Silk’n Infinity Laser Hair Removal System
Best Ergonomic Design
Braun Silk Expert Pro 5
Best Convenient
Braun IPL Hair Removal System
Best For Quick Results
Dimensions 5.2 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches 10.87 x 3.84 x 7.65 inches-
Weight 9.15 Ounces 1.89 Pounds.-
Color- Gold/White-
Package Dimensions ‏-- ‎ 14.06 x 9.45 x 5.47 inches; Weight

4. Best Long-Lasting Results: BoSidin At-Home Hair Removal Device

BoSidin at-Home Hair Removal Device Pro for Women & Men Image: Bosidin

The BoSidin At-Home Hair Removal Device offers fast and painless hair removal, providing you with smooth and silky skin right at home. This powerful device uses advanced laser technology to effectively remove unwanted hair, leaving you with long-lasting results. The device is designed for use on facial hair and body hair, making it perfect for women of all skin types and hair colors.

It features a large treatment window that allows for quick and efficient hair removal. The device also has a built-in skin sensor that adjusts the laser intensity as per your skin tone, ensuring safe, effective, and professional-grade treatment. With five different energy levels to choose from, you can easily customize your treatment to suit your needs.

The professional laser hair removal device is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly manual that guides you through the protocol. It also includes a rechargeable battery, so you can take it with you wherever you go.


  • Long-lasting results
  • User-friendly
  • Adjustable intensity levels
  • Multiple attachments
  • Adjustable energy levels
  • Rechargeable battery


  • None

5. Best Compact Design: SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL Hair Removal Device

SmoothSkin Pure FIT Permanent Hair Removal Image: Smoothskin

The SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL Hair Removal Device is the ultimate solution for smooth, hair-free skin. This advanced device uses intense pulsed light technology (IPL) to target and destroy hair follicles to disable future hair growth, resulting in permanent and fastest hair reduction. This laser hair removal treatment device allows quick treatment sessions, making this device the perfect solution for larger areas such as legs and arms. With just a few treatments, you shall witness a noticeable reduction in hair growth and smooth, silky skin. Regular frequency of use can show visible results in 2 weeks.

The clinically tested device is equipped with a unique skin tone sensor that ensures the right intensity of light is used for your skin type, making it not only safe for black skin and lighter hair, but it is also effective for all skin tones and skin colors. Its compact design makes it easy to use and store. The device is cordless, so you can use it anywhere, at any time.


  • Ultrafast IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology
  • Unique intelligent sensor
  • Precision targeting
  • Customized treatment
  • Suitable for every skin tone
  • Visible results in 2 weeks


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for use on darker skin tones or black hair.

protip_icon Remember
Do not sunbathe before using an IPL hair removal device, as increased skin pigmentation can affect the process.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Laser treatments are the best option for achieving a smooth, hair-free body in the long run but they are thought to be expensive. Nowadays, clinical laser hair removal procedures don’t require you to burn a hole in your pocket or spend hundreds of dollars. Thanks to the compact devices available, hair removal can be used right at the comfort of your home. To help you pick the right product, we have listed the key features to keep in mind when you decide to buy a laser hair removal device.

How To Choose The Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device For Dark Skin

  • Area Of Hair Removal

Most laser hair removal systems provide numerous attachments for removing hair as long as 4 cm from your back, legs, arms, and stomach. If you wish to remove hair from smaller areas of your body, such as your upper lip, chin, bikini line, or armpit, use a hair removal device with a 2 cm surface. Most devices for hair removal include extra filters and rounded attachments designed specifically for each body location.

  • Longevity Of The Device

For a long-lasting device, consider the number of flashes the laser hair removal device offers. Most devices offer more than 500,000 flashes which is good to go for 20 years. Few models give you over 1,000,000 flashes that last more than 20 years.

  • Type Of Power

A rechargeable laser hair removal device is totally wireless. This is ideal for traveling, and it also provides complete flexibility of movement when in use. You may even use it if the battery dies while it is plugged in. If you choose a device that operates on the electrical grid, you need to be near a power supply to use it. The advantage is that you won’t have to worry about your device’s battery dying!

These are the 5 best laser hair removal devices for dark brown skin. But are these devices safe for dark skin? We will explore the same in the following section.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Dark Skin?

According to dermatologists, using the right laser removal device will not pose any risk to dark skin tones. However, consult your dermatologist before using these devices. Their extensive use may cause skin damage, including hyperpigmentation, which may not always be reversible.

Dr. Enrizza Factor, a Diplomate of the Philippine Dermatological Society and Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Dermatologic Surgery Foundation Inc., says, “Most models work more effectively on light skin and dark hair. The reason why is the fact that there needs to be a contrast between the pigment of the hair and the pigment of the skin. Today, there are fewer devices that efficiently remove dark hair from dark skin. These models emit longer wavelengths that don’t harm the skin. The laser hair removal machines for dark skin today are safe to use. There are professional-grade lasers at beauty clinics and at-home lasers. Before buying a certain model, make sure it is suitable for your skin tone. Check it out within the hair color and skin tone chart.”

Infographic: The Dos & Don’ts Of At-Home Laser Hair Removal For Black Skin

Laser hair removal is only effective when done safely and the right way. Although an expert traditionally does laser hair removal, the safe build of these at-home devices allows you to get similar benefits from the comfort of your home. Check out the below infographic to ensure you are doing it right.

DOs & DON’Ts Of At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The Bottom Line

Try out the best at-home laser hair removal devices if you are tired of waxing, epilating, or shaving and are looking for a permanent and effective hair removal solution. If you are looking for a painless and convenient hair removal experience, try the Silk’n Infinity Laser Hair Removal System. The skin-safe certified Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 is perfect for those looking for quick results, while the BoSidin At-Home Hair Removal Device is user-friendly and ideal for all skin types. With these devices, you will get long-lasting results and not have to worry about frequently visiting the salon. These devices are equipped with IPL technology that reduces the capacity to generate hair. The products mentioned above are easy to use and painless. However, we recommend you consult your dermatologist before using these devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do home laser devices remove hair permanently?

Yes. With regular use of a hair removal device, you can permanently remove unwanted hair from your body and face.

How long can you spend on the process?

You can spend upto 60 minutes removing hair from your skin. The duration also depends on the area you are targeting.

Can you use at-home laser hair removal machines on dark skin?

Yes. Certain at-home laser hair removers have low-energy IPL settings, adjustable configurations of the IPL flashes, and wavelength filters that make them perfectly safe to be used on dark skin.

What happens if you use IPL on dark skin?

Certain IPL devices are devoid of any low-energy settings so they can adversely affect dark skin. They transfer heat onto the melanin-rich skin cells resulting in discoloration of your skin.

Who should not take IPL treatments?

Pregnant women who are on blood thinners, people who are taking acne-relieving drugs, and those with active acne and severe scarring should avoid IPL. Plus, those who have experienced sunburn recently should not use IPL treatment.

Can you use IPL on tanned skin?

Yes, you can use IPL on tanned skin without harming your skin.

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