11 Best Latin Dance Shoes For Women (2024) + Buying Guide & Review

Salsa across the dancefloor with these stylish, stretchable, and comfortable shoes.

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If you have ransacked the internet to get authentic Latin dance shoes, we have just what you need. Salsa is one of the most sensuous and attractive dance forms ever, and knowing the moves can immediately put the limelight on you. Once you sign up for the classes, you will need to find the right shoe to train your feet in. GGetting the perfect pair of shoes can make you feel like gliding on butter, and if you have been trying to find your Cinderella shoes, we are here with the pair you need. Go through these 11 highest-rated Latin shoes to make Salsa a happy part of your life.

Top Picks
Best Breathable :iCKER GetMine Women's Latin Dance Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Grip:TTdancewear Women’s Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight:YYTing Ballroom Dance Shoes For Professional Dancers
Price on Amazon
Best Comfortable Foot Bed :RoseMoli Women's Comfortable Latin Dance Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Quick-Release Buckle :CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Stylish Look:Dress First Black Latin Dance Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Cushioned Insole:Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Traction :WUAILIM Women's Ballroom Rhinestone Dance Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best For Beginners :DSOL Women's Latin Dance Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Flexible:HXYOO Glitter Ballroom Closed Toe Shoes
Price on Amazon

11 Best Latin Dance Shoes To Shine In The Ballroom Spotlight

1.Best Breathable:iCKER GetMine Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

iCKER’s Latin dancing shoes combine faux leather and 3D ceramic sequinsfor a highly elegant look. To provide you with good balance and prevent skidding, the outsole is made of an anti-slip design. The flexible soles of this pair of dance dress shoes are resistant to compression, twists, and deformation, which means you can dance the nightaway in them. With a titanium alloy buckle closure, you can adjust the fit of the shoe with no worries about fading or oxidation. With 11 various styles and colors, you can pick one for every dress you own! The reviews given by customers online suggest that the shoes are comfortable and fit well.


  •  Anti-slip wool rubber outsole
  •  Anti-rust and anti-oxidation buckle closure
  •  Available in 11 colors
  •  Resistant to wear and tear
  •  Secure sequins
  •  Breathable


  •  Some may find the strap to come undone easily

protip_icon StyleCraze Says
Latin dance shoes with a solid front offer more security and protection against injury and are good for practicing.

2. Best Grip:TTdancewear Women’s Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

TTdancewear Women’s Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes Image: Ttdancewear

TTdancewear’s ladies’ professional dancing shoes have a satin upper, which looks luxurious with rhinestones fitted along the back of the heel. Flexible and lightweight, this Latin dancewear is made of suede outsoles that give you a superior grip on the ballroom floor surface. Slightly strappy with quick-release buckles, these bestselling beautiful shoes are easy to wear and remove. With 2.5-inch and 3-inch heel options available, you can choose a shoe that suits your fancy.


  •  Luxurious satin upper
  •  Rhinestone detailing
  •  Flexible
  •  Lightweight
  •  Suede outsole
  •  Quick-release buckles
  •  Ideal heel height


  •  The straps might be too long for some

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

There are more than 1,613 Amazon reviews attesting to the quality of the product and endorsing its value.

3. Best Lightweight:YYTing Ballroom Dance Shoes For Professional Dancers


YYTing’s practice sessions ballroom dance shoes feature an exterior made of satin that absorbs sweat coupled with a soft inner lining to keep your feet dry. These statement footwear have a latex midsole cushion for stretchability while the suede outsole prevents any accidents owing to slippage. As these gorgeous shoes are lightweight and flexible, they offer ease for your feet and will draw attention to your dance skills.


  •  Available in 4 colors
  •  Satin upper
  •  Breathable inner lining
  •  Grippy suede outsole
  •  Latex midsole
  •  Lightweight and flexible


  •  Might not have enough arch support

protip_icon StyleCraze Says
Latin dance shoes with a strappy front look elegant and sassy and are great for on-stage performances.

4. Best Comfortable Foot Bed :RoseMoli Women’s Comfortable Latin Dance Shoes

RoseMoli’s women’s ballroom dance shoes have adjustable crisscross ankle straps for a customizable fit. The quick-release buckle is decorated with rhinestones and adds a sparkly element while the satin upper is soft to the touch. With a cushioned latex insole that is combined with a breathable inner lining, you can remain in utmost comfort as you dance. The anti-slip suede sole allows you to maintain your footing and execute your moves perfectly. Multiple reviewers on Amazon have also expressed their appreciation and satisfaction with the product’s high-quality material!


  •  Available in 2 colors
  •  Quick-release buckle with rhinestone detailing
  •  Soft satin upper
  •  Anti-slip suede outsole
  •  Cushioned latex insole
  •  Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable footbed


  •  Might be too flexible for some

5. Best Quick-Release Buckle :CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes


CLEECLI’s Latin ballroom shoes have 2 rhinestone buckles, so you can adjust the forefoot sizing. The elastic latex midsole is soft to the touch and the suede insole absorbs sweat to keep you dry. With the inner breathable lining, you won’t need to fret about your feet overheating and can focus solely on your performance. A classic quick-release buckle closure helps keep the shoe put without any hassles. The reviews given by numerous customers online indicate that these shoes are comfortable and fit well, making it a must-buy!


  •  Available in 3 colors
  •  Adjustable forefoot
  •  Rhinestone detailing
  •  Breathable inner lining
  •  Latex midsole
  •  Suede insole


  •  Might not be suitable for wider feet

6. Best Stylish Look:Dress First Black Latin Dance Shoes

Dress First offers Salsa dancing heels with a suede outsole that is guaranteed to fetch you compliments. The black strappy footwear with a leather upper and insole made of satin keep your feet well-cushioned as you perform. You can choose from 2 heel dress shoe options for maximum ease and the buckle strap makes adjustment convenient. Offering a stylish look, these classic black pumps can be paired with almost any dress.


  •  Suede leather soles
  •  Satin insole
  •  Leather upper
  •  2 heel options
  •  Breathable inner lining


  •  Some may not find the shoe to be sturdy

7. Best Cushioned Insole:Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

Akanu’s comfortable Salsa shoes are available in 6 gorgeous colors with an adjustable buckle closure at the ankle. To give your toes room to breathe, the forefoot straps have chiffon, which adds an element of support. The satin upper feels soft and adds a classy look to the entire shoe. With the well-cushioned insole, body movement feels natural and you won’t have to put too much pressure on the feet.


  •  Available in 6 colors
  •  Adjustable buckle closure
  •  Stain upper
  •  Cushioned insole
  •  Chiffon-lined forefoot straps


  •  The straps might be too long for some

8. Best Traction :WUAILIM Women’s Ballroom Rhinestone Dance Shoes

With WUAILIM’s Latin ballroom dance shoes, you can dance the night away with superior flexibility. The silk exterior looks super classy and features rhinestones for a sparkly look. With the suede sole, the shoes give good traction on hardwood ballroom floors. Available in red, black, and beige, you can choose WUAILIM’s dance shoes to go with almost any of your costumes. The back zipper closure gives you a good fit without any annoying straps to deal with. So what’s stopping you from adding this statement footwear to your cart? Try it out now and thank us later!


  •  Rhinestone detailing
  •  Back zipper closure
  •  Suede sole
  •  Available in 3 colors
  •  Silk upper


  •  Might not offer enough ankle support

9. Best For Beginners :DSOL Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

With DSOL’s professional Latin dance shoes both beginner and competitive dancers can remain comfortable on the dance floor. The OX suede sole is thick and features a metal shank stretching from the heel to the forefoot for an enhanced grip. Both flexible and lightweight, DSOL’s shoes keep your feet looking elegant through all your waltz performances. Definitely the best regular dance shoes for beginners as well as pros, especially if you have a narrow foot.


  •  Lightweight
  •  Flexible
  •  Grippy outsole
  •  Available in 2 colors


  •  Some may find the toe box narrow

10. Best Flexible:HXYOO Glitter Ballroom Closed Toe Shoes


HXYOO’s women’s Latin dance shoes have a closed toe with a low heel, which makes social dancing in them super easy. The insole absorbs sweat to keep you dry with a soft and breathable inner lining. With the latex midsole offering cushioning and the suede outsole contributing to traction, your range of motion is increased. The buckle closure is convenient for adjustment, wearing, and removal.


  •  Lightweight
  •  Flexible
  •  Available in 3 colors
  •  Soft inner lining
  •  Breathable materials
  •  Latex cushioning


  •  Might not accommodate wide feet

11. Best Soft Material:Misu Peep Toe Ballroom Comfortable Dance Shoes

With Misu’s ballroom dance shoes, women can feel maximum comfort for longer periods of time. The soft suede bottom gives you the ability to make smoother steps and is sturdy enough to resist wear and tear. Mesh panels on the side of the shoe allow for skin to breathe freely while the laces help you customize fit. The low and chunky dance heels of these high-quality shoes are ideal for dancers and trainers who are just starting out as well as professionals.

Product Dimensions: 11.22 x 6.77 x 3.94 inches | Weight: 1.01 Pounds


  •  Mesh panels for breathability
  •  Low heel
  •  Lace closure
  •  Soft suede bottom
  •  Available in 2 colors


  •  Some might find their toes to get squished
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Now that we’ve had a look at some of the prettiest Latin dance shoes available on the market, let’s learn how you can pick your very own pair!

How To Choose Ladies’ Latin Dance Shoes

Before embarking on a shopping trip to pick out dance shoes, assess the following features.

  •  Fit

As with any kind of footwear, sizing is important. You want a shoe that fits you snugly with comfort around the ankle without being too tight or loose. Remember that the shoes will stretch a tiny bit after you start wearing them so select a fit that is just right.

  •  Material

PU leather which is also vegan is quite low-maintenance and doesn’t require much time to break into. It is thin and adapts to your foot shape which can lead to reduced blisters and bruising. Shoes with satin or silk uppers are usually glossy and make for a great material for dressy dance shoes owing to its elegance. It is also decorated with rhinestones or other sparkles to give you a shiny look under the spotlight, However, it might not be as durable as leather and might also require more maintenance.

  •  Cushioning

Look for shoes that have a nice and springy cushion all through the footbed. This not only feels soft for your feet but also relieves any built-up pressure while also reducing both shock and impact as you land. Check for proper arch and heel support so that the shoes conform to your feet and don’t have any awkward gaps as this can cause foot pain.

  •  Heel

An ideal shoe height has a heel anywhere between 1 and 2.5 inches. If you’re a professional and are comfortable with going higher, you can definitely opt for high-heeled dancing shoes. A good heel helps transfer your body weight to the ball of your feet so that you don’t have any tension in your arches after a performance. Latin dances are ideally performed in flared heels.

  •  Outsole

Suede is both soft and smooth, allowing you to move freely on the dance floor. However, it is also a little weak which means it can tear easily unless properly taken care of. Microfiber soles made of flock leather are a great alternative to suede and also cruelty-free. While giving you great adhesion, they are also easy to maintain.

  •  Insole

The insole of your shoe must be breathable and should also wick moisture away. Microfiber is a great option for this. An inner lining can help achieve this while also feeling soft against your feet without causing any abrasion.

  •  Toe box

An open-toed shoe is better as it allows you to point your shoes in the right direction to get your moves right. This also helps with breathability because closed toes can cause sweating and make your feet slippery in the shoe. Additionally, they can also cause your forefoot to be squished if your feet are on the wider side.

  •  Other features

Shoes with buckle closures usually have straps, so you can decide between strappy shoes or those with minimal ones according to your preference. Some shoes also have mesh panels on the sides for ventilation but you must consider if this material is skin-friendly as it can otherwise lead to scratching. Also ensure that you pick shoes from trusted brands before purchasing them.

Infographic: Tips To Break In Your Latin Dance Shoes

Finding the best pair of Latin dance shoes is merely the first step towards your dance journey. Since these shoes are meant to fit you like a glove and display a high level of endurance, they can take a while for your feet to get used to. Shoe bites, sprains, and pain in different parts of the feet are quite common among advanced dancers, and often, the culprit is most often their shoes. Check out the infographic below for a few tips to break in your Latin dance shoes.

Tips To Break In Your Latin Dance Shoes (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

To ensure that the compliments keep coming, dancers can opt for their favorite Latin dance shoes! These shoes can help you become exceptionally good in your dance style and raise the heat on the dance floor with your sultry moves. In addition, you don’t even need to compromise on your personal taste while wearing these heels. The iCKER GetMine Women’s Latin Dance Shoes come with an anti-slip outsole with flexible soles for ease of movement, whereas the TTdancewear Women’s Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes stand out due to their suede outsoles for maximum grip, elegant design and added rhinestones, perfect for performances and special occasions. Comfort is of utmost importance for dancers, and the RoseMoli Comfortable Latin Dance Shoes come with a cushioned latex insole and breathable lining. They come in different colors, designs, and styles for you to opt for the best one as per your aesthetic preference. These shoes are resistant to compression, deformation, or twists, which simply means that you can dance with your partner without having to think of unnecessary accidents. However, make sure that the shoes you have opted for do not have long straps that tend to come off during heavy footwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Latin dance shoes comfortable?

Latin dance shoes that offer breathability, are both lightweight and flexible, with an adjustable clasp are comfortable to wear.

How long do Latin dance shoes last?

Depending on how well the shoe is used and maintained, Latin dance shoes can last you anywhere between 6 months to 1 year.

Can we wear Latin dance shoes outside?

If you happen to dance frequently, it is better to keep Latin dance shoes separate and not use them casually. This is because they can fall apart easily and won’t be able to support your feet through dancing.

What is the difference between ballroom and Latin dance shoes?

Latin dance shoes have a slightly higher heel when compared to ballroom shoes which have a low heel.

How are Latin dance shoes supposed to fit?

The Latin dance shoes are supposed to fit tightly, but they should not be painful or uncomfortable. Make sure your toes touch the edge of the shoes with no gap or space.

How do you wash Latin dance shoes?

The best way to wash your Latin dance shoes is by spot-cleaning them. All you need is a clean, slightly damp towel and a gentle cleaner. Scrub the dirt and stain away gently with it.

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