Top 28 Best-Looking Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreadlocks just got way cooler with these fun and trendy styles that you must try!

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The word ‘dreadlocks’ seems to imply that this is one hairstyle to stay far away from. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, dreadlocks are probably one of the coolest hair looks to sport in the world of fashion. And guess what? You don’t need to say goodbye to your girly hairdos once you get dreadlocks!

Nicola Thompson, a blogger, shared her experience of getting dreads. She loves her hairstyle and says, “The dread life means having the formed dreads, dancing with them, getting to know each of them (and you truly do get to know each of them), knowing which one will hold a bead the best, using your dreads as a prop for costumes (i).”

Read on to find out some dreadlock hairstyles for the ladies to get the best of both worlds.

Here are the top 28 Dreadlock hairstyles for women to check out:

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • You need lots of patience when getting dreadlocks done. Depending on your hair texture, it may take anywhere between 3 months to 2 years of dedicated maintenance for your dreadlocks to lock and mature.
  • Ask your stylist for lightweight products to nourish your dreadlocks as they grow. Using products specifically meant for dreadlocks will lead to better results.
  • You will have to wash your dreads every 2-3 weeks to help them lock in and also to clear your scalp.
  • Your dreads will need re-twisting once a month. In the meantime, try to keep them protected in hair wraps to avoid dirt buildup.
  • If you wish to remove the dreadlocks, you can do so without chopping them off. Go to an expert or look up how you can pick them apart.

1. Dreadlock Half Up Top Knot

Dreadlock Half Up Top Knot
Image: Photo By Davidowaga On Pexels

Are you thinking about going for a stylish and trendy appearance this holiday season? Look no further than the modern topknot and ever-popular half-up, half-down hairstyle. Perfect for any special occasion, sport this dreadlock hairstyle if you want all eyes on you. Depending on the occasion, you can go formal or casual.

2. Side-Swept Red Dreadlocks

Side-Swept Red Dreadlocks
Image: Photo By Vinicius Altava On Pexels

If you want to make a statement with your hair, you can’t go wrong with side-swept dreadlocks. This bold and feminine dreadlock style is perfect for anyone who wants to express their daring and playful side. With their cool reddish-pink shade, these dreadlocks will help you stand out in a crowd. The romantic yet lazy swoop on one side will turn heads and make you feel gorgeous.

3. Twisted Dreadlocks

Twisted dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Getty

The great thing about dreadlocks is that you can experiment with a ton of textures to create unique hair looks. Case in point – this twisted dread hairstyle. These locks have been given a twisted rope look and gathered over one shoulder to create an edgy yet elegant hair look

protip_icon Trivia
Dreadlocks are among the earliest depictions of human hair that can be found in the Minoan Civilization in Greece, one of Europe’s earliest civilizations. Several Aegean island frescoes show people with long braided or dreadlocked tresses.

4. Super Neat Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Super neat dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Getty

This style is more complex as the dreadlocks have been groomed to look twisted. The twists have been done so neatly that there’s not a single strand out of place. But of course, can you expect anything less than perfection from Zendaya? Homegirl has then slayed this style even more by putting the dreadlocks in a half updo.

5. Half Up Dreadlock Do

Half up dreadlock do hairstyle
Image: Getty

Shakira’s hips don’t lie. And neither does her hair! Here you can see her sport a cute and simple dreadlocks hairstyle. Her hair has been parted from the middle and an equal number of dreadlocks have been taken from each side and bound together to create this look.

6. Dreadlock Ponytail

Dreadlock ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

A good way to keep your dreadlocks off your face is to do what any other person would do—tie them up in a ponytail. Use some twine or ribbon to gather all your locks and tie them up together in a cute ponytail. This style is especially perfect for working out or hot summer days.

7. Crimped Dreadlocks

Crimped dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Getty

Another great texture to try out on your dreadlocks is the crimped look. Yes, I’m talking about that crimped hair look that was so popular in the 90s! You can actually get this effect on your dreadlocks as well to go for a bold and youthful look. Part your hair on one side to finish off this look.

8. Curly Dreadlocks

Curly dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Getty

Ever thought of combining dreadlocks and curls? No?! Girl. You need to right away! The dreadlocks have been parted in the middle and shaped like curls to make them look even more beautiful. Doesn’t it make for a totally sexy Medusa look?

9. Dreadlock High Bun

Dreadlock high bun hairstyle
Image: Getty

Anyone who says that you can’t sport dreads on a formal occasion don’t know what they’re talking about. All you need to do is style them appropriately to sport them over a stunning gown. Wrapping your dreads in a super high bun at the top of your head is exactly what you need to do in this situation.

10. Dreadlock Mohawk

Dreadlock mohawk hairstyle
Image: Getty

Dreadlocks are bold and edgy all by themselves. But you know what’s a great way to really up the badass factor of your dreads? Tying them up in a mohawk at the top of your head. Sport this look and rest assured that no one will doubt your kickass style.

11. Uneven Dreadlocks

Uneven dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Instagram

An insanely simple and effective way to shake up your dreadlocks style is to play around with their length. Go for a good mixture of short, medium, and long dreads to create a shaggy and bold look. Accessorize them with some gold beads and threads to add a boho vibe to your look.

12. Dreadlocks Half Ponytail

Dreadlocks half ponytail hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

It’s amazing how far a length of twine can get you when styling your dreadlocks. Take this look, for instance. The beauty of these light brown layered dreadlocks is only elevated by the half ponytail that they have been tied up in.

13. Dreadlocks Fishtail

Dreadlocks fishtail hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Just because your hair is in dreadlocks now doesn’t mean that you have to give up braiding altogether. You can do all the braids with your dreadlocks that you did with your normal hair. In fact, it’s much easier to do intricate braids with dreadlocks because all your hair is neatly divided and bound in thick sections. This fishtail braid, for instance, will take less than half the time it would take to be done on normal hair.

14. Ombre Dreadlocks With Yellow And Blue Shades

Ombre dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: IStock

Ombre hair color style has taken the whole world by storm. So, of course, it had to be done on dreadlocks as well. You could go for a dark ginger shade at the bottom half of your dreadlocks to add a pop of color to your look. Accent your dreads with some sparkle by wrapping some of them up with gold thread and beads.

15. Two Dreadlocks Ponytails

Two dreadlocks ponytails hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Embrace your inner child and let her out from time to time by sporting these adorable dreadlocks. Simply tie your dreads in ponytails on either side of your head to create this super cute dreadlock hairstyle.

16. Dreadlock Nest

Dreadlock nest hairstyle
Image: IStock

And I use the word ‘nest’ in the best way possible. If you’re looking to go a bit avant-garde with your hair game, this is exactly the kind of style that you should try out. Pile up half your dreadlocks high on top of your head and pin them up in a disheveled manner to create this right-off-the-runway and eye-catching look.

17. Dreadlocks Ballerina Bun

Dreadlocks ballerina bun hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Imagine a hippie ballerina, and this is the image that is bound to conjure up in your head. Gather all your dreadlocks at the crown of your head, wrap them up in a huge bun, and secure them to your head with some big bobby pins. Don’t worry if some of your dreads hang loose, it’ll only add softness to the whole look.

18. Two Colored Dreads

Two colored dreads hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

If you fear that your hair is not voluminous enough to make many dreadlocks out of, I’ve got some great news for you! You could always go in for dreadlock extensions. For instance, you could go for blonde dread extensions under your natural hair dreads to create a beautiful contrasting style.

19. Wavy Dreadlocks

Wavy dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Let out your inner beach bum and sport your dreads in all their beachy waves glory! Try out these texturized wavy dreadlocks to transform yourself into a total babe. Want to take this look up a notch? Then just cut some of your dreads in the front to give yourself bangs.

20. Pin Up Dreadlocks

Pin up dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

All you ladies with shoulder length dreadlocks out there, listen up! I have a style for you that will turn you into a gorgeous pin-up girl. And all you need is a bandana to do it! Just gather all your dreads at the crown of your head and tie them up with your purplish-violet bandana.

21. Denim Shaded Dreadlocks

Denim shaded dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Here’s an impressive thing about dreadlocks—if you don’t want to damage your hair by coloring it in bright colors, you can just go for some colorful fashionable dreadlocks extensions to fulfill your hair color dreams. One of the lovely and attractive styles you can go for are these denim blue and gray extensions that are sure to add a cool vibe to your look.

22. Dreadlocks Short Bob

Dreadlocks short bob hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Go chic and pretty with your dreadlocks style by styling them in one of the hottest new trends taking the world by storm right now. Yes, I’m talking about the short bob. Style your short tresses in dreads to be trendy in more ways than one.

23. Sea Green Dreadlocks

Sea green dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Instagram @hippies_dreads_world

Girl, if you wanna rock your mermaid style, you gotta do it right. And you best believe you’ll be doing it right with this green dreadlocks style. Color your dreadlocks a vivid teal shade at the roots and a gorgeous sea green hue the rest of the way down to create this beautiful mermaid look.

24. Dreadlocks Half Bun

Dreadlocks half bun hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Let out your inner bohemian freak in all her glory by going for this super chill half-up style. Wrap half your dreadlocks in a bun and secure them at the back of your head.

25. Headband Dreadlocks

Headband dreadlocks hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

No rule that says you need to dreadlock all your hair. There are a ton of charming ways that you can show off your natural hair while still sporting dreads. You could, for instance, cut your hair in the front short and dreadlock all your long hair at the back. Accessorize with a colorful headband to complete this cutesy look.

26. Dreadlocks Side Bangs And Ponytail

Dreadlocks side bangs and ponytail hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

A good way to make your dreadlock style unique and all your own is to experiment with their thickness. If you have short hair, you could go for thinner ones to get the most number of dreads out of your hair. Tie these dreads up in a super high ponytail and go for some side bangs in the front to finish this innovative look.

27. Dreadlocks Donut Bun

Dreadlocks donut bun hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Accessorize with a bright headband tied around your head to add a beachy tropical vibe to the whole look.

28. Cropped Short Dreadlock

Cropped Short Dreadlock
Image: Shutterstock

Cropped short dreadlocks protect textured hair while keeping it out of your way. These thin dreads will make you stand out in the crowd. These micro locs are challenging and require precision, time and a high level of maintenance, but the compliments you will garner make up for the effort put in. Its freeform nature allows the short hair strands to grow and assume a unique shape and form on its own. You need to twist thin strands into dreads and let them develop and sculpt organically into a new style. If you do not like the form your dreads have assumed, you can change the style after your hair has gained some inches. And these locs literally suit any type of attire, from traditional wear to leather pants and a crop top!

Infographic: 6 Coolest Dreadlock Hairstyles That Are Easy To Try

Dreadlocks do not have to be boring; this protective hairstyle can keep your hair safe against damage and let you express your sense of style in some really cool ways. Check out the infographic for a more curated selection of the easiest and most amazing dreadlock hairstyles you can try.

6 coolest dreadlock hairstyles (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

protip_icon Did You Know?
Since 2009, Asha Mandela’s hair has held the title of “the longest locks” and it was measured to be 5.96 m long.

Before you read this article, you probably thought that dreadlocks were just that one hairstyle flaunted by Bob Marley, right? Luckily, these hairstyles can inspire you to try your own dreadlocks hairstyles. Weave your hair in dreads and get creative! From updos and half-top knots to colors and beads, dreads are incredible to play around with. You can use your dreadlocks to make a style statement or let your personality shine through. They can be versatile and stylish with proper maintenance and daily grooming. If you feel inspired, start forming your dreadlocks and give your hair the character it deserves!

best looking dreadlock hairstyles

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dreadlocks unprofessional?

Dreadlocks may be considered unprofessional in some workplaces. It depends on the policies of a particular organization. Also, there are jobs where the dreadlocks can pose a safety hazard.

Do dreads grow your hair?

No, dreadlocks do not help grow the hair, but they may protect from hair damage.

Are locs and dreads the same?

No, dreads and locs are similar but not the same. Dreads form naturally and are considered a lifestyle. However, locs are considered a hairstyle, and one needs to start the locking or twisting process to create locs.

Do dreadlocks damage hair?

No, it is a protective hairstyle that may help reduce hair damage and prevent split ends.

Do dreadlocks cause balding?

Yes, it may cause traction alopecia. Hair loss is caused due to hair being pulled back tightly for a long time.

Key Takeaways

  • Dreadlocks offer a wide range of styling options for women, from half-up top knots to crimped and curly styles.
  • It takes from 3 months to 2 years of maintenance for dreadlocks to lock and mature.
  • Regular washing, re-twisting, and use of lightweight products are essential for upkeep.

Check out the latest trend in dreadlock hairstyles for black women. Get inspired by these amazing, trendy looks. Play now!

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