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Best Loreal Hair Spas Availlable In India – Our Top 5

Best Loreal Hair Spas Availlable In India – Our Top 5 October 31, 2017

Your crowning glory, hair, can be one of the most difficult things to maintain if not regularly cared for. Various heat styling methods, chemicals, fixers and sprays, pollution and the health/ hormonal factors can wreak havoc on your mane. Of course, these problems can be tackled with various home remedies too, but home remedies generally take long time to show results. For quick yet effective results, getting a regular hair spa done is a must. Read on about the top 5 hair spa therapies from L’Oreal Paris.

The Best Loreal Hair Spa Products In India

1. L’Oreal Vitalizing Creambath Hair Spa Mask:


The most easily available and rampantly used product in the hair spa category, LOreal Hair Spa products range has a whole set consisting of a shampoo, a scalp lotion, a mask and a concentrate to be used with the mask. Most hair spa sessions in India are done using this very range of products. Generally, the hair spa mask and the concentrate are the most used products. You ideally have to apply a mix of the mask and concentrate to washed hair and leave it for some time before washing it off. It leaves the hair soft and supple and more manageable.

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2. L’Oreal Expert Serie Absolut Repair Masque For Very Dry Hair:


An intensive fortifying treatment masque for dry and damaged hair, the masque adds volume and strength to thin, dry hair. This product claims to work in just 2-3 minutes from first application itself. It helps control frizz and smoothens the hair, while nourishing the hair from deep within.

3. L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Mask:


One of the most widely used L’Oreal hair masques in India, this one has been a hot favorite ever since it was launched some years back. It claims to work on 5 hair problems together- hair fall due to breakage, dryness, roughness, dullness and split ends. It is one of the best products in this range, since it targets almost all hair problems commonly encountered.

4. L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Mask:


Raved as one of the best anti-frizz treatments from L’Oreal Paris, this one’s a favorite amongst girls with thick, curly hair. Curly hair is generally prone to getting fizzy and looking dry and unmanageable in no time after shampooing, but this one works great in that department. This product works fabulously for those with wavy/ straight hair too. It deeply conditions and nourishes the hair and makes them look shiny and healthy. This mask makes the hair more manageable.

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5. L’Oreal Paris Serie Expert Liss Ultime:

This mask is aimed at unmanageable and frizzy hair. This awesome product contains Argan and olive oils, known to nourish hair in the best possible way. It claims to nourish and tame the hair, and to protect it from the effect of changing humidity levels in the environment. Also, it enhances the shine and strength of hair with regular usage. Very useful product for the monsoons, mainly because of the protection it offers against humidity.

Best way to use hair masks is to apply them on wet hair, right after shampooing, on towel dried hair. Leave the mask for some time, about 15-20 minutes. If needed, wrap a moist towel around the head for better results.

After the stipulated time is over, remove the towel and let your scalp’s temperature come to normal. Then wash your hair as usual. Do not apply conditioner. Hair spa should be done twice a month for best results.

Hope the article was informative. So whats you verdict on these loreal spa products. Please leave us a comment.


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