10 Best MAC Matte Lipstick Shades – Our Top Picks

by Afsha Rangila
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MAC, a world class brand of quality cosmetics, is a symbol of luxury. If you are passionate about makeup, you certainly know the addiction of MAC products. With over hundreds of shades in each makeup product, MAC is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world.

Matte lipsticks from the house of MAC are truly adorable, bringing together textures and quality worth admiring. I always prefer using matte finish lipsticks as they make my lips look more appealing. In this article, I am going to share the top ten must-have MAC matte lipstick shades you must have in your makeup kit.

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Our Top 10 MAC Lipsticks In Matte Finish

1. Ruby Woo MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

‘Ruby Woo’ is a beautiful and classy retro matte finish lipstick. One swipe of this vibrant red shade goes a long way! It has a blue-red undertone to it. It is one of the must-have shades for all matte lipstick lovers. It lasts for up to six to seven hours. You can wear it to work or for a night out with friends.

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2. Candy Yum Yum MAC Matte Lipstick

A bubbly and appealing candy-like matte lipstick, Candy Yum Yum provides a neon pink color, brightens up your face, and highlights your lips beautifully. The perfect shade for evenings and outings with friends.

Sport this shade as a tint during the day by dabbing a bit of it on the lips and blending it with fingers. Go bold and beautiful with this bright shade for the night by swiping two to three coats of it.

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3. Kinda Sexy MAC Matte Lipstick

A color so subtle, yet sexy at the same time, this lipstick can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Kinda Sexy is a smooth matte finish lipstick in the nude pink shade. It is highly pigmented and goes perfectly with smokey eye makeup.

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4. Smoked Purple MAC Matte Lipstick

This sultry smoked purple matte finish shade is just perfect for the autumn season. A color so deep and dark, it is sure to make heads turn. It glides on the lips smoothly, imparting a rich, opaque color. Complement this color by keeping the skin clean and fresh and wearing tons of mascara on the eyes.

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5. Russian Red MAC Matte Lipstick

‘Red’ never goes out of trend. The Russian Red matte finish lipstick gives an intense, deep red color and is a standard retro shade. It is also really long lasting and stays on up to four to five hours. For a smoother look, pair it with a lip conditioner or lip balm.

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6. Diva MAC Matte Lipstick

This beautiful deep burgundy shade is perfect for evening parties, especially for brides-to-be. Its deep color and texture allow it to glide smoothly on your lips. It stays on for nearly four to five hours.

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7. Lady Danger MAC Matte Lipstick

Talking about the best range of matte lipsticks by MAC, the ‘Lady Danger’ is not one to be missed. It is a very chic, vibrant, and classy coral orange shade. You won’t know a dull day with this shade in your makeup kit since it’s surely going to make you look gorgeous and vivacious.

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8. Heroine MAC Matte Lipstick

Yet another beautiful magenta-violet shade in the matte finish range, ‘Heroine’ is a recent addition to the family of purples by MAC. Its non-drying formula provides a creamy finish, leaving the lips soft and supple. It provides medium to full coverage and lasts up to five hours.

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9. Please Me MAC Matte Lipstick

This one is a cool toned pink lipstick that gives a gorgeous smooth pink color to your lips. It lasts for up to four to five hours and provides a fresh and flirty look. People with medium to dark skin tones can pair this up with a dark pink lip pencil in order to avoid making the lips look pale.

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10. All Fired Up Retro Matte Lipstick

Fuschia’s been the rage since it hit the markets. This vibrant pink shade recently got added to the family of matte lipsticks by MAC. It’s a shade that suits every skin tone and is apt for any outing or occasions. Since it has a matte texture, it is advisable to wear a lip balm/lip conditioner before applying the lipstick. Like the other lipsticks from MAC, this one also lasts up to six to seven hours.

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Hope you loved our list of top ten MAC matte lipsticks. Do let us know which shades you loved the most and wish to include in your lipstick collection. The comments section below is all yours!

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