11 Best Mascaras For Older Women- Review And Buying Guide

Written by Chaitra Krishnan
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A good makeup look is considered complete when all final touches are taken care of. Since eyes are the windows to our soul, it is essential that they look perfect and alluring. The only way to do that is by using a mascara that works best for your age and personality.

Finding a mascara that takes care of all your needs is hard enough when you are younger, finding it when you are over 50 seems like a Herculean task. A mascara that adds volume, does not harm eyelashes that may have started to get brittle, and one that does not make your eyes look tired and blotchy is the best mascara for older eyes. Does that sound like something three different products will give you? Don’t panic, because we have brought together a comprehensive list of the 11 best mascaras that are the perfect eye makeup for women over 50.

Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Washable Mascara - Very Black
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Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer
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Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara – Brynn
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DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection – Black
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Lancome Monsieur Big Volume Mascara - No.01 Big Is The New Black
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Benefit They’re Real! Mascara - Beyond Black
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Grande Cosmetics GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara
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Bobbi Brown Smokey eye Mascara - No. 1 Black
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Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara - #090 Extreme Black
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Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara – Black
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Top 11 Best Mascaras For Older Women (Over 50) That Will Offer Great Looks!

1. Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Washable Mascara – Very Black

With age, your eyelashes need extra care during application of mascara as well as while removing it. The Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Washable Mascara does just that! When applied on your lashes, this drugstore mascara nourishes and softens them, and when removing the mascara with makeup remover, it makes sure your eyelashes are not pulled out in the process. In addition to this, the mascara lends fullness and can be used for a natural look for the day time to a glamorous look for a night out in town!


  • Nourished with vitamin E
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Suitable for women who wear contact lenses.


  • The mascara may become clumpy if the tube is not stored properly.

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2. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer

The fact that this water resistant professional mascara gives you two products in one is a blessing for women over 50. With age, the amount of responsibilities and free time you have are inversely proportional. The primer nourishes and prepares your lashes for the rich texture of the mascara, giving you full lashes that look better than falsies. This mascara is also dermatologists and ophthalmologist tested, making it safe for skin that becomes sensitive with age and is very easy to remove even after a long day.


  • Free from paraben and paraffin
  • Free from silicones and mineral oil
  • Free from synthetic fragrances


  • The mascara may not be suitable for those with extremely strong skin allergy issues.

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3. Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara – Brynn

Enhanced with orchid stem cell and Korean plant extracts, this mascara not only adds length to your lashes, but with its all natural ingredients, it also makes your lashes grow in the long term. This means you need to say goodbye to lash extensions forever. The mascara brush curls your lashes so you don’t need to use a lash curler separately before application and the lashes look long, healthy and attractive. Use this mascara to sport a faux-lash look without the harmful effects of raccoon eyes when removing with a makeup remover.


  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and fragrance-free
  • Buildable coverage
  • Flake-free


  • It may make your lashes clumpy if too much quantity is applied.

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4. DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection – Black

This extremely long lasting mascara comes with a defining brush that makes your lashes look lush from root to tip. Thinning of lashes is a common problem among women over 50, and this mascara takes care of that with élan. The DHC Mascara offers double features that make your lashes thick as well as lengthens them effortlessly. Suitable for oily skin, this mascara will not give you raccoon eyes after removing makeup.


  • Smudge and flake-free
  • Suitable for all-day wear
  • Water-resistant


  • It may be hard to take off with regular makeup remover.

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5. Lancome Monsieur Big Volume Mascara – No.01 Big Is The New Black

Eye makeup for women over 50 requires a different approach than that for younger women. The countless years of lack of sleep, overworking, and stress result in wrinkles around the eyes that make their eyes appear smaller. To fight this issue, the Lancome Monsieur Big Volume Mascara makes your eyes appear larger, wider, and fresher, and in the process you look like a gorgeous and younger version of yourself. The mascara texture is ultra creamy as a result of which, the brush holds a generous quantity in a single dip. This makes application smooth and quick and makes it a great mascara option for senior ladies.


  • Buildable texture
  • Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle
  • Lasts for up to 24 hours
  • Infused with polymers and wax to bring out volume


  • It may not be adequately waterproof.

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6. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara – Beyond Black

Benefit products are made using ingredients that are skin-friendly. This means everyone can use them, including women over 50. The tapered brush makes sure no lash is left behind, which in turn, results in undeniable volume. Final result? Every time someone asks if you are wearing fake lashes you get to tell them, “They’re Real!’ (see what we did there?). This mascara is definitely worth a try by mature women.


  • Clump-free
  • Comes off easily with eye makeup remover
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and eyes


  • The mascara may not be suitable for quick makeup as it may take a little extra time to dry.

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7. Grande Cosmetics GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara

Filled with the goodness of castor oil, this Grande Cosmetics mascara makes lashes dense and lush. Castor oil is a home remedy to make eyelashes thick, and this mascara takes care of makeup and skincare at the same time. This mascara also lengthens the lashes while lending shine and gloss to them at the same time. The special hourglass shaped brush helps separate each eyelash so that no clumping takes place.


  • Buildable coverage
  • Flake-free
  • Vegan and cruelty free


  • It may require multiple coats if you want a dramatic look.

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8. Bobbi Brown Smokey eye Mascara – No. 1 Black

This Bobbi Brown mascara makes your eyelashes long, silky, and smooth. The applicator ensures each lash is brushed with mascara individually so they don’t look clustered together. While the product doesn’t say it is water-resistant, it can definitely survive a few drops of light rain. A single coat of the mascara shows instant results and you can build it up to how dramatic you want it to be. The final result? Smooth lashes with even more spectacular coverage and volume.


  • Ideal for daily-wear and for contact lens wearers.
  • Flake-free and no clumping
  • Suitable for people with an eye allergy


  • It may not be suitable to be worn in the rain or at the pool.

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9. Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara – #090 Extreme Black

This mascara from the House of Dior gives you the ultimate curled lashes in one single stroke. The mascara has a very high impact with its extreme black color, and yet is easy to take off without suffering from raccoon eyes when in the shower or in the rain. The mascara and the brush together are extreme high wear intensity lash curlers. This long lasting mascara is ideal for daily wear and doesn’t need a top up coat after a few hours.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to remove with soap and water
  • Smudge-free
  • Lasts all day long without the need to re-apply.


  • This mascara may flake if too much product is applied.

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10. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara – Black

As the name suggests, this high-impact mascara from Clinique curls your lashes from the first coat onwards. This means you can skip the step of curling your lashes beforehand, which is a great blessing especially if you are on a time crunch. The application brush is shaped in such a way that no matter how your natural lashes are, the curl will definitely be visible.


Can be worn in pools and at the beach
Easy to remove with soap and water
Makes lashes look longer and bolder


It may not be ideal to wear all day, as it starts flaking after a few hours.

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11. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara Dramatic Volume For Women – Black Brown

With the ability to stay all day long, this Max Factor mascara is easy to apply and gives a bold look in a single coat. The mascara makes your lashes look thicker without making them look too dark or fake, which is a boon for women over 50 years. It is important to look elegant and graceful irrespective of your age, and this mascara gives you just that!


  • Smudge-proof
  • Clump-free
  • Adds thickness to lashes that have thinned with old age


  • The brown shade of the mascara may be a darker brown, as opposed to light brown.

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Here are a few things you need to know before you splurge on a mascara!

Choosing the Best Mascara for Older Women- A Buying Guide

Here are a few things to consider while purchasing the best mascara for older women:

  • Hypoallergenic:

As you grow older your skin becomes sensitive, especially around your eyes. The eyes too start getting sensitive and react to any new product that is applied near them. Women over 50 have to be very careful about buying makeup that is suitable for sensitive skin and eyes, especially mascara that brightens up their eyes and gets rid of any traces of tiredness.

  • Smudge free:

With sensitive eyes, come allergies that can get your eyes to react within seconds. When you apply a mascara on your lashes, and they do not suit you, your eyes can start watering which is a nightmare because the mascara, if not smudge free, can end up making you look like a raccoon. A good mascara for women over 50 is one that dries up quickly after application, and is smudge-proof.

  • Thickening mascara:

Old age doesn’t only thin the hair on your head, but also your lashes, which even without mature age are sensitive and easy to fall out. When purchasing a mascara after your 50s, it’s best to get a mascara for thinning eyelashes, especially those that can nourish the lashes with a primer.

Benefits Of Mascara For Mature Eyes

More than 50 revolutions around the sun give women knowledge and wisdom but this is accompanied by droopy eyelids and wrinkled skin around the eyes. Mascaras open up mature eyes by making them look bright and youthful. With loss of lashes that is bound to happen over the years, mascaras conceal this feature and make your eyelash look fuller and darker, hiding plenty of signs of ageing.

How Can One Remove Mascara Safely?

The most important item to help remove mascara safely is a soft substance. Coupled with an oil-based eye makeup remover, a soft makeup removing pad or cotton ball should be held on your eyes while they are shut for about half a minute. About 30 seconds is enough for the makeup remover to start working and absorb the mascara off your lashes. Rub the pad softly around your eyes and use Q-tips to remove any mascara left in corners. This method will ensure none or very few eyelashes come off of your eyes, and your skin will be protected as well.

The beauty industry no longer focuses on just young women, and it is a relief to know there are so many options of mascaras for women over 50. Thinning eyelashes, shortening eyelashes and circles around eyes are specific issues that arise with age. Using any of the mascaras above will motivate you to wear makeup more regularly. Let us know in the comments below which one changed the makeup game for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your eyes look younger?

The easiest way to make your eyes look younger is by applying two coats of mascaras in different shades. A coat of brown mascara topped with a coat of black mascara can add deep illusion to the eyes and make the lashes appear to be thicker than they are.

How do you apply mascara to older women?

Older women should avoid wearing mascara on their lower lashes. Instead they must pay attention to their upper lashes and apply volumising mascara to open up their eyes.

What mascara is easiest to apply for mature women with limited sight?

Lightly pigmented mascaras that offer buildable coverage are perfect for older women with limited sight. These mascaras ensure there is minimal smudging around the eyes.

Is it recommended for older women to apply mascara on the lower lash?

No, it is not recommended for older women to apply mascara on the lower lash. They must use a kohl pencil instead.

What kind of mascara is good for those having short and sparse lashes?

Lengthening mascaras that add to volume at the same time work best for older women with thinning lashes that are short in length.

Will applying mascara on a regular basis help in growing the lashes naturally?

Mascaras that have vitamin E enhance the natural growth of eye lashes and can contribute to their length in the long run.

What ingredients should be avoided in mascara?

Apart from harmful chemicals, ingredients that you are allergic to, or those that do not suit your skin and eyes should be avoided. Parabens, coal tar dye and glycerin are some of the most common ingredients that should be avoided by all.

What color eyeliner should an older woman wear?

An older woman should opt for grey or brown eyeliner so that her dark circles are not accentuated and the eyes don’t look darker than they already are.

What is the best mascara to make eyelashes long and thick?

The best mascara to make eyelashes long and thick are those enhanced with natural ingredients and minerals. Mascaras with brushes that have multiple bristles very close to each other can also make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker than they are.

Does mascara make your eyelashes shorter?

When mascara is used only occasionally, it may not affect the quality of your eyelashes. However, if you use mascara on a daily basis, the quality and quantity of your lashes will come down, making them shorter and thinner way before their time.

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