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Best Matrix Conditioners Available In India

Best Matrix Conditioners Available In India April 24, 2018

Matrix is one of the world’s leading brands in hair care. Their products such as shampoos, conditioners, serum, hair spa etc are famous for providing long lasting and effective results. The Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner range contains botanical extract as the active ingredient and is completely sulphate free. Matrix hair conditioners are considered the best in the market and here we have for you the best matrix hair conditioners till date.

Check out the top 7 matrix conditioners

1. Opticare Smoothing Conditioner:

This conditioner is part of the matrix’s professional hair care range. It is specially meant for chemically-treated hair, for smoothing and better hair control. It contains Shea butter as an important constituent, which help in the smoothing and moisturization of the dry and treated hair. With the regular use, the conditioner gives you healthy and shiny hair. It reduces the split-ends and protects the hair against external damage. It has a thick creamy consistency with a light orange fragrance.

2. Biolage Ultra Hydrating Conditioner:

Dry and fizzy hair has always been the major hair concern for most of the women. The situation worsens during the winter and monsoon season when the hair is either limp or extremely dry. The Biolage ultra hydrating shampoo is suitable for dry and fizzy hair which is difficult to tame. The conditioner works by restoring the moisture balance in the hair and renews the smoothness and elasticity of the dry and fizzy hair. It contains many botanical ingredients like sage, lemon grass and wheat germ which help to tame the fizz.

3. Total Results Sleek Conditioner:

This is another conditioner which is highly suitable for women with fizzy and unruly hair. It is a nourishing conditioner which effectively smoothes and hydrates the dry hair. It works from within the hair strand to repair and strengthen it. The fizz is reduced and it provides all day humidity protection. With regular use, you will find your hair to be sleek, silky and manageable.

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4. Biolage Deep Smoothing Conditioner:

Extremely curly, thick and fly-always hair is most difficult to manage. The Biolage deep smoothing conditioner has an advanced smooth-therapy, which transforms thick, curly, unruly and dry hair to silky smooth hair. It moisturizes the hair from within and controls fizzy and fly-always hair in hot and humid season.  The conditioner is parabens free and contains botanical extracts like camellia flower seed, which improves the manageability of the hair for a longer time.

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5. Matrix Colour Care Conditioner:

Sleek and shiny hair is what every woman desires always. However, our hectic schedule always refrain us from indulging in hair care routine. This conditioner is meant for colored hair. The matrix total results sleek conditioner transforms your colored dry, limp and fizzy hair to soft, smooth and sleek hair. With regular use, it straightens your hair, thus saving you from blow-drying and straightener. The conditioner moisturizes and hydrates your hair strand form root to tip and also provides body to the hair.

6. Biolage Hydratherapie Hydrating Conditioner:

This is a sulphate and parabens free conditioner which only contains the botanical extracts like rosemary. The deep conditioner work internally to replenish dry and over-stressed hair. It moisturizes and restructures the damaged hair strands and helps in strengthening them. With regular use, your hair will recover its natural shine, silkiness and softness.

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7. Matrix Bodifying Conditioner:

Fine and limp hair can ruin every hairstyle, so look for products which can add volume to your hair. This conditioner has feather-weight conditioning agents, which conditions and softens the hair. Moreover, it adds bounce and shine without weighing the hair down. The botanical extracts like eucalyptus and ginger infuse hair with renewed vitality. It is enriched with bodifying polymer, ceramide and protein which help to provide long-lasting bounce to the hair. The hair looks bouncier, smoother and softer.

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