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Best Medicinal And Health Benefits Of Taxus

Best Medicinal And Health Benefits Of Taxus October 31, 2017

Taxus is a genre of Yews, small coniferous trees or shrubs in the family of Yew Taxacae. The Yew or taxus tree is enormously large that grows only in the forests of Yew. There are different kinds of yews included in the different cultures and are called by distinct names depending upon various cultures. In Japan, it is known as Yew Taxuscupidata and in Europe it is known as Taxus Baccata.

Taxus is a medicinal and nutritious fruit but was earlier used for its poisonous characteristics. There are many assumptions:

  • To account for the ancient practice of planting churchyards and cemeteries with Taxus yew trees.
  • It was used on arrow heads and  long bows to kill the enemy with poison.
  • The Yew longbow was the critical weapon used by the English to defeat the French cavalry at the Battle of Agin court, 1415.

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Taxus Health Benefits:

Due to its past usage, it is termed as obnoxious fruit. Later it was revealed that it has several nutritional properties which can cure several health problems. Earlier it was used as a cough medicine and later in landscaping and horticulture. It is also used in

  • Aiding abortion
  • Cold rheumatic fever
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual stimulation

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Used in Medical treatment of:

  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Lung caner
  • Snake bites
  • Blood clots
  • Rabies
  • Wound related diseases

With its specific health benefits, it is highly advisable for women with hormone imbalance to consume the fruit, which relieves and allow them to lead normal healthy life.

Medicinal Properties of Taxusbaccata:

Taxusbaccata is derived from more than four hundred yew cultivators. Pacilitaxel is removed from the bark of Taxus and is now an FDA approved component for medicinal treatments. Many cancer training and treatment institutes such as U.S National Cancer Institute have recommended it as the most advanced and effective in cancer therapy. With visible success in treating breast and ovarian cancer, its properties have been widely accepted and are being used in medicines.

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Nutritional Benefits of Taxus:

Apart from the nutritional value of this fruit, it is also important to note the dosage of this one, which was potentially considered poisonous at a time. Until then it was not tested but is completely tested and approved for personal use now. These days’ pharmaceutical companies are endorsing its inclusion in their formulas. You need to decide on the dosage according to your requirement with a health specialist before consuming it randomly.

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One of the most important ingredients in Taxus is Taxol. It is used as an anti-cancer drug in various cancer treatments. The drug is obtained from a type of photochemical comprised in Taxus. It is a very nutritious element which assists in ailments related to the ovaries, pancreas, bladder and prostate. The taxane photo-chemicals are very helpful belonging to the Terpene family.

  • Taxus is preferred more for its nutrition values along with other components in the medicinal field.
  • Its dosage is strictly prescribed and is not a normal fruit that can be made available for consumption.
  • Detailed research and prescriptions must follow before its use in your diet.
  • Its wide range of disease curing capabilities is making it more prominent in modern medicines.
  • The mere use of it defines a serious purpose on health grounds which call for expert advice.

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