The 11 Best Expert-Recommended Menstrual Cups For Beginners (2024)

Protect your skin and the environment with eco-friendly alternatives to pads and tampons.

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Tampons and pads came as a great alternative for conventional cloth pads. But these alternatives lead to a great amount of land-fill waste. Using the best menstrual cups work as a great option instead as they cut the amount of land waste by a lot. Menstrual hygiene has been a matter of grave concern for women all over. Switching over to menstrual cups is not just safer, but it is also cost-effective. Although you may feel a little discomfort at first, but most women get used to these cups very quickly, that is, if you have the right size on.

Here in this article, we discuss menstrual cups, how they work, the best menstrual cups for beginners, and we also have a comprehensive buying guide to make your selection. Keep scrolling to read more about the menstrual cups!

First, let us find out what a menstrual cup is and how it works.

Top Picks
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Best Overall:SIRONA Pad-free Periods Menstrual Cup
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Best For Flow Check:Athena Menstrual Cup
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Best Comfortable:Saalt Soft Menstrual CupPrice on Amazon
Best For Teens:Lena Sensitive Menstrual Cup
Price on Amazon
Best For Heavy Flow:SckoonCup Beginner Choice Menstrual Cup
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Best Hypoallergenic:Intimina Lily Cup One
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Best Sleek Design:Venus Menstrual Cup
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Best Microwavable:Pixie Cup Menstrual Cup Kit
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Best Non-Toxic Composition:Cora Menstrual Period Cup
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Best Durable:Talisi Menstrual Cup
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What Is A Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is a small, bell-shaped, flexible cup that collects the blood flow instead of absorbing it like tampons and pads. It is made of silicone, rubber, and sometimes plastic as well. Usually, the menstrual cups are reusable. However, some brands offer menstrual cups that need to be disposed of after each menstrual cycle.

To know more about the cup, how it collects the menstrual waste without any leakage, read on further how it works.

How Do Menstrual Cups Work?

Upon insertion, the cup pops open and rests against vaginal walls creating a suction. And, the menstrual flow drips into the cup slowly, preventing the leakage. Thus, the menstrual cup acts like an airtight container that collects the flow.

Scroll down to know more about the best menstrual cup for beginners.

11 Best Menstrual Cups For Beginners (2024) + Buying Guide

1. Best Overall: SIRONA Pad-free Periods Menstrual Cup

SIRONA Pad-free Periods Menstrual Cup Image: Sirona

Enjoy odor-free and irritation-free periods with the SIRONA Pad-free Periods Menstrual Cup. It is crafted using medical-grade silicone material and is free from SVHC. The cup is flexible and easy to insert and remove. It comes with a spill-proof rim that ensures perfect fit by offering leak protection. In addition, the cup provides 8 to 10 hours of no changing hassle. According to reviews, the product is easy to use, not too comfortable and flexible.

Material: Silicone | Color: White | Item Weight: 1.06 ounces | Product Dimensions: 2.36 x 2.36 x 3.74 inches.


  •  100% medical-grade material
  • 3 size options
  •  Rim holes to release the vacuum


  •  User-friendly
  •  Anti-slip grip
  •  Flexible rim
  •  Curved shape
  •  Easy removal



My Personal Experience

"The cup is easy to use. It has a flexible design that can be folded easily. I like that it does not irritate my vaginal skin or cause dryness. It stays comfortably in place and reduces the chances of leakage."

protip_icon Pro Tip
Use a fragrance-free menstrual cup wash to maintain good hygiene while using the product.

2. Best For Flow Check:Athena Menstrual Cup

Athena Menstrual Cup Image: Athena Cup

Get through those five days easily without irritation or rashes with the Athena Menstrual Cup. It is designed with a unique form fit rim for easy insertion and removal. The cup has rim holes to release the vacuum when removing. In addition, the form-fit rim also ensures zero leaks. Moreover, the short ribbed stem assists in an easy placement to avoid discomfort. You can check this YouTube video documenting the tester’s experience for more information about the product.

Material: Silicone | Color: Solid Purple | Product Dimensions: 1.77 x 1.77 x 2.68 inches | Weight: 0.5 Ounces


  •  100% medical-grade silicone material
  •  Form fit rim
  •  Flow-check measurement lines


  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  BPA-free
  •  Irritant-free
  •  Chemical-free
  •  Latex-free
  •  Phthalate-free


  •  The tip may be a bit short

My Personal Experience

"It is velvety to the touch and pretty convenient to use. It reduces the chances of leakage and has a good holding capacity. I like that it is easy to fold and insert and I can take it out quickly as well."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has received 8,577 positive Amazon reviews from its users, stating its numerous benefits.

3. Best Comfortable:Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup


The Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup is made of reusable silicone to provide optimal support during periods. The ultra-soft texture is ideal for people with bladder sensitivity, cramping, or discomfort. The bulb shape with multiple seal points prevents leakage. This hypoallergenic and toxin-free cup can be worn for 11–12 hours. It is a great alternative to a tampon or a pad. The reinforced cuff, soft stem, and smooth upper rim add to the ease and offer a hassle-free experience.

Material: Silicone | Color: Desert Blush


  • 100% medical-grade silicone


  • Ultra-soft texture
  • Lasts up to 12 hours
  • Smooth upper rim
  • Reusable cup
  • Reinforced cuff
  • Soft flex stem


  • Slightly difficult to pull out

My Personal Experience

"It made my heavier periods manageable, letting me sleep or travel without fear of leaks. The flexible, medical-grade silicone makes it wearable and mostly unnoticeable. The best part is that it is super easy to clean."

SIRONA Pad-free Periods Menstrual Cup
Best Overall
Athena Menstrual Cup
Best For Flow Check
Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup
Best Comfortable
Material Silicone Silicone Silicone
Color White Solid Purple Desert Blush
Weight 1.06 ounces--
Dimensions 2.36 x 2.36 x 3.74 inches. 1.77 x 1.77 x 2.68 inches-
Weight- 0.5 Ounces-

4. Best For Teens:Lena Sensitive Menstrual Cup


Do the daily physical activities with ease without worrying about the mess with the Lena Sensitive Menstrual Cup. It is specially designed for teenagers and is suitable for use when running, swimming, dancing, or performing any physical activity. The cup is available in small, large, sensitive small, and sensitive large sizes. In addition, the cup comes with rim holes to release the vacuum ensuring mess-free removal. If you need further convincing, check this YouTuber’s review out.

Material: Silicone | Color: Clear | Product Dimensions: 4 x 2.7 x 1.8 inches | Weight: 0.48 Ounces


  •  100% Medical-grade silicone material
  •  Special designs for sensitive anatomy


  •  Leak-proof
  • No mess removal
  •  Latex-free
  •  Dioxins-free
  •  BPA-free
  •  Odor-free
  •  Recyclable packaging



My Personal Experience

"The Lena cup is comfortable and leak-free. It took a few tries to master the application, but once I got it, it stayed in place without causing pain. It held up well, even on my heavy flow days. Overall, I'm highly content with it."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

It has received 5,756 reviews on Amazon and is a popular choice among shoppers.

5. Best For Heavy Flow:SckoonCup Beginner Choice Menstrual Cup

SckoonCup Beginner Choice Menstrual Cup Image: Sckoon Cup

Keep your periods clean and hygienic with the SckoonCup Beginner Choice Menstrual Cup. It is FDA-registered. The cup comes with single-piece precision molding and medical-grade silicone material for maximum durability. It has a flexible stem design that bends with your body with no worries of breakage or leakage. The unique suction-release holes hold the cup perfectly against the walls of the vaginal canal. According to a reviewer’s experience, the cup delivers excellent real-life results as it prevents leakage, puts minimal pressure on the abdominal area, and is value for money.

Material: Cotton | Color: Sckooncup Aqua | Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 1 x 1.5 inches | Weight: 0.81 Ounces


  •  100% medical-grade silicone material
  •  Innovative flower grip rings
  •  Tapered flexible stem
  •  Angled suction holes


  •  Irritation-free
  •  Easy insertion and removal
  •  BPA-free
  •  Latex-free
  •  Storage bag


  •  May experience difference in sizing guidelines

My Personal Experience

"It is easy to clean and lasts for 12-24 hours before needing emptying, even on heavy days. I like how soft and seamless is the material. It causes no leakage and reduces the chances of foul odor."

protip_icon Caution
Avoid using the menstrual cup if you have recently undergone childbirth or an abortion.

6. Best Hypoallergenic:Intimina Lily Cup One

Intimina Lily Cup One Image: Intimina
Now 19% Off

The Intimina Lily Cup One is a perfect menstrual starter cup for whoever wants to make the switch. It has a collapsible design to store comfortably in the storage box and carry in your pocket. The leak-proof cup comes in a petite shape for easy insertion and the leak-proof double rim design offers a perfect seal. The easy removal rim gives a better removal grip. In addition, the cup provides 12 hours of period protection and lasts for 10 years. According to reviewers, the cup is leak-free and stays put.

Material: Silicone | Color: Fuchsia | Product Dimensions: 1.85 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches | Weight: 0.32 Ounces


  •  100% medical-grade silicone material
  •  Extra-firm, no-spill rim
  •  Ring for easy removal and insertion
  •  Rim holes to break the vacuum seal


  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  long-lasting
  •  BPA-free
  •  Phthalate-free
  •  Chemical-free
  •  Carry-on case



My Personal Experience

"It is a leak-free menstrual cup that does its job pretty well. I can grip and fold it and insert it safely. It is sturdy yet flexible and it stays in place throughout the wear time. I like that it has a vivid color that hides any stains."

7. Best Sleek Design:Venus Menstrual Cup


The Venus Menstrual Cup is made of a high-quality medical-grade silicone material. This cup is FDA-registered and prevents irritation and rashes. It is crafted with flexible material, allowing easy insertion and removal. In addition, it comes with a thin upper rim and an internal, invisible rim that assists in the perfect seal. The air holes ensure breakage of the vacuum seal to allow easy removal of the cup. This two-piece set is perfect for heavier or lighter flow days.

Material: Silicone | Color: Purple


  •  Patterned grip rings
  •  Bell-shaped base
  •  Internal marking to eliminate chafing


  •  Toxic-free
  •  BPA-free
  •  Phthalate-free
  •  Latex-free
  •  Storage bag
  •  Set of 2


  •  May not suit for low cervix

My Personal Experience

"This Venus cup has a unique shape that offers comfort, irrespective of the intensity of my blood flow. It is easy to insert and remove. It stays in place and reduces the chances of leakage. Overall, it's a commendable choice."

8. Best Microwavable:Pixie Cup Menstrual Cup Kit

Pixie Cup Menstrual Cup Kit Image: Pixie Cup

Maintain menstrual hygiene with ease with the Pixie Cup Menstrual Cup Kit. It includes a menstrual cup, a lubricant, wipes, a wash, and a sterilizing cup. The menstrual cup can be used up to 12 hours straight. The plant-based preservative-free wash assists in easy cleaning of the menstrual cup while the biodegradable wipes help in cleaning. The kit also has a lubricant that makes the process of insertion easy and smooth. The kit is a great addition for when you travel as the sterilization cup is microwavable. According to a user experience, the cup stayed in place without leaking and it did not cause any inconvenience.

Material: Silicone


  •  Small stem to eliminate discomfort
  •  Grip rings for the perfect fit
  •  Rim holes for breaking the vacuum


  •  Complete set of 5 products
  •  Hypoallergenic lube
  •  Biodegradable wipes
  •  BPA-free
  •  Latex-free
  •  Dioxin-free


  •  Expensive

My Personal Experience

"The kit overall is a great starting point. The lube worked well for me. The selection of cup sizes was beneficial as I was able to find my perfect fit. The breathable bag and cleaning products are very practical. Overall, this kit will take my hygiene game up a notch."

9. Best Non-Toxic Composition:Cora Menstrual Period Cup


The Cora Menstrual Period Cup is a sustainable alternative to tampons or pads. It is washable, reusable, and made of premium-grade silicone. This menstrual cup is free of harmful chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. It offers a leakproof and seamless wearing experience. Your periods will not feel messy anymore with this ultra-comfortable menstrual cup.

Material: Silicone | Color: Size 1


  • Safe silicone material


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Leak protection
  • Reusable


  • Small stem

10. Best Durable:Talisi Menstrual Cup

Talisi Menstrual Cup Image: Talisi When Your Dreams Come True

The Talisi Menstrual Cup works as a better alternative for tampons by providing up to 12 hours of protection. This kit includes a storage bag, menstrual cup, and sterilizing cup. It is ideal for teens and adults. In addition, the cup has rim holes that break the vacuum for smooth removal. These cups are available in two sizes, small and large. The small size is designed for women who have a light flow and have not given vaginal birth, while the large size is for women above the age of 30 who have given birth vaginally or have a heavy flow. You can reuse this cup for 15 years by maintaining proper hygiene.

Material: Silicone | Color: Trimmable Stem


  •  100% medical grade silicone
  •  Grip rings for the perfect stay
  •  Non-slip stem


  •  Storage bag
  •  Leak-proof
  •  Soft material
  •  BPA-free
  •  Latex-free
  •  Phthalates-free
  •  Dioxin-free


  •  Removal may be tricky

My Personal Experience

"I find this cup very easy to insert. It tackles my heavy flows and remains in place. It is leak-proof and holds its shape effectively throughout use due to its firmer structure."

11. Best Non-Toxic:NOC NORCHIS Mermaid Menstrual Cup

Chafing is a common problem for those who exercise and indulge in intense sports activities, especially with tampons. NOC NORCHIS Mermaid Menstrual cup comes as a great savior for women in sports. This FDA-registered cup offers 8 to 12 hours of protection depending on your period flow. It is ergonomically designed with a unique internal rib that helps to break the seal and remove the cup smoothly. In addition, the magic button provided on the cup guides you to hold and fold the cup precisely.

Material: Silicone | Color: Marrs Green


  •  100% medical-grade silicone
  • Offers insertion ease
  •  Four air pressure balance holes
  •  Flexible stem for easy insertion and removal


  •  Leak-proof rim
  •  Latex-free
  •  Non-toxic
  •  Eco-friendly
  •  BPA-free


  •  May look flimsy

My Personal Experience

"It is easy to wear and remove. The softer silicone material of the cup made my experience very comfortable. It prevents leakages and I love that it does not irritate my vaginal skin. Highly recommended!"

Menstrual cups can be used at any age and has multiple benefits. Find out about some in the next section.

Who Should Use A Menstrual Cup And What Are Its Benefits?

Any menstruating teenager can use a menstrual cup. Usually, a small size is recommended for those with no previous experience. There are some benefits of using a menstrual cup, and they are as follows:

  •  It can hold more blood than a sanitary napkin or a tampon.
  •  It provides greater protection from leakage.
  •  It is reusable and budget-friendly in the long run.
  •  It helps to prevent the chances of TSS (toxic shock syndrome).
  •  It is more hygienic than pads or tampons.
  • It is more compatible with heavy physical activity like athletics and swimming

Menstrual cups are a boon to feminine hygiene and here’s how you can get the best menstrual cup according to your needs.

How To Find The Best Menstrual Cup

Selecting the first menstrual cup is tricky, especially when so many different brands available on the market. Follow the below beginner’s tips to select the best menstrual cup.

1. Measure Your Cervix: Checking the cervix height close you your menstruation time or during your periods is the crucial point to be considered before buying the menstrual cup. If you discover you have a low cervix, choose a short cup, else you may be uncomfortable when the base touches your vagina. Similarly, pick a large cup if you have a longer cervix height.

2. Capacity Of The Cup: Generally, the cups are designed with certain capacity measurements. It is in a range between 25ml to 45ml, and in some brands, it is even more. While most cups can be worn at a stretch for 12 hours, it actually depends on your flow. So, pay attention to that while you use it for the first time.

3. Material: You do not want to insert plastic, latex, or any dubious material into your vagina. So, select the menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone material that is FDA registered and has a smooth surface.

4. Cup Firmness: A firm cup may put unwanted pressure on the sensitive bladder resulting in urgency to pee frequently and making you uncomfortable. Thus, pick a soft menstrual cup that does not put pressure on your bladder.

Keep reading to know if you can use the menstrual cup in these different scenarios.

  •  Can You Use the Menstrual Cup If You Have An IUD?

Experts say that you can use a menstrual cup if you have an IUD as IUD sits inside the uterus, and the cup sits inside the vagina. However, it is recommended that to use the menstrual cup, one must wait until six weeks after insertion of IUD. You can also check with a healthcare specialist before you decide to use a cup.

  •  Can You Use A Menstrual Cup If You Use The NuvaRing?

You use the menstrual cup to collect the period flow, and you take out the NuvaRing to get the periods. Both go into the vagina itself. Although people tend to use both at a time, experts say you should not use the contraceptive ring and menstrual cup together.

  •  Can You Use Menstrual Cups During High-Intensity Workouts?

Yes, you can use menstrual cups while doing high intensity workouts. However, beginners may find it difficult to use the cup and may experience leakage.

  •  Can You Use Menstrual Cups If You Have A Heavy Flow?

Yes, you can. Remember that you are not expecting to collect the period flow all at once. Any healthy person will lose 35 ml to 50 ml during their cycle. Usually, the cups can collect 25ml to 50ml, depending on the size. However, you will be emptying the cup as you dispose of the tampon or pad.

  •  Can You Use Menstrual Cups If You Have A Lot of Blood Clots During Your Flow?

It is not good to experience a lot of blood clots during your flow. But certain medical conditions are unavoidable. The menstrual cup is a much better option than tampons and pads if you are experiencing a lot of blood clots.

  •  Can You Use Menstrual Cups If You Have A Tilted Uterus?

Yes, you can! However, experts suggest that the cup’s size and insertion technique may differ from normal. Hence, knowing about your body is crucial before using the cup.

  •  Can You Use Menstrual Cups If You Have Never Had Penetrative Sex?

Yes, you can! If you are menstruating, you can use the cup. However, it would be best to prefer a soft and small cup.

Infographics: 10 Tips On Using Menstrual Cups For Beginners

Menstrual cups provide a convenient alternative to pads and tampons and do not harm the environment while ensuring appropriate menstrual hygiene. Though it can be a bit daunting for beginners, a few tips and tricks can help you get accustomed to and fully utilize menstrual cups. Check out the infographic below to know more!

10 Tips On Using Menstrual Cups For Beginners(infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

Download Infographic in PDF version

The Bottom Line

Menstrual hygiene is important for overall wellness and comfort. Menstrual cups are a great alternative to traditional tampons, pads, and sanitary napkins. They are cost-effective compared to all other products and hold the menstrual flow effectively. The SIRONA Pad-free Periods Menstrual Cup offers flexibility and ease of use, while Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup has an ultra-soft texture with extended wear. For leak-proof and odor-free convenience, consider Lena Sensitive Menstrual Cup. Unlike pads and tampons, you can wear these for a longer time without worrying about stains and leakages. In addition, these are extremely environment-friendly. However, before switching measure your size and consider BPA-free, latex-free cups as they are safe to use.

Why Trust StyleCraze

StyleCraze provides research-based articles to get the best to its readers. The author of this article browsed through multiple product reviews and user feedback on various platforms before curating this list of the best menstrual cups for beginners. The products on this list are chosen based on their material quality, effectiveness, ease of use, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to insert a menstrual cup for beginners?

To enjoy hassle-free insertion of the menstrual cup, follow the below steps.

  •  Wash your hands thoroughly with water.
  •  Apply water-based lubricant to the rim of the cup.
  •  Now, tightly fold the cup in half from the rim of the cup.
  •  Insert the cup slowly into your vagina, ensuring it sits a few inches below the cervix.
  •  After insertion, rotate the cup inside to create an airtight seal for preventing leakage.

How to know that the menstrual cup is a good fit?

The correct size menstrual cup does not leak or make you uncomfortable. After positioning the cup, you should not feel any pressure on the bladder or feel the stem of the cup. Hold the cup’s stem and try to pull it out gently, if you feel the suction inside your vagina. It indicates that the menstrual cup you are using is a good fit.

How much can a small menstrual cup hold?

A small menstrual cup can hold up to 1 ounce of menstrual fluid, or we could say roughly 2x times that a tampon can absorb.

How do you know when the cup is full?

There is no way these menstrual cups can alarm you. But you will be habituated with the cup after using it for 1 to 2 menstrual cycles. However, you need to empty the cup every six to 12 hours, depending upon the flow.

Can you use lube to insert the cup?

Yes, it is highly recommended, especially for beginners, to use a lubricant while inserting the cup. You can use water-based lubricants to insert the cup smoothly.

Are menstrual cups FDA approved?

The menstrual cup comes under class II medical devices, and they are only FDA registered but not FDA approved.

Which menstrual cup is most comfortable?

Any menstrual cup that fits perfectly into your vagina and does not cause any irritation or leakage is considered to be a comfortable menstrual cup.

Do you have to boil a menstrual cup before first use?

Yes, sanitization is much required before using the cup. You need to boil the cup for 5 to 10 minutes, allow it to cool down to room temperature, and then use it.

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