11 Best Menstrual Cups For Heavy Flow + Buying Guide – 2022

Written by Shreya Vishwanathan
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When you’re great friends with something like a menstrual cup, particularly one that can handle your heavy flow, life becomes much easier. The zero-waste menstrual cups are the best menstrual cups for heavy flow because they are reusable while also being cost-effective and environment-friendly. That’s how they have revolutionized female hygiene. This little, versatile menstrual hygiene product holds menstrual blood rather than absorbing it, as a tampon or sanitary pad does. And that allows you to have longer gaps between needing to change cups.

Who knew heavy flow days could be so easy to handle with reusable menstrual cups that can last over ten years? Check out our list of high-quality menstrual cups for heavy flow, along with the buying guide, and pick the one you like. You just have to try inserting it just like a tampon, and then you can go about your business. When it’s time to change, simply empty the menstrual blood from the cup, carefully clean the device, and effortlessly reinsert.

Lena Menstrual Cup – Large
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Sirona Menstrual Cup – Medium
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Lunette Menstrual Cup - Model 2
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SckoonCup Beginner’s Choice – Large
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FemmyCycle Limitless Period Cup – Regular
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Super Jennie Menstrual Cup – Large
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Talisi Menstrual Cups
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Rosa Rugosa: Menstrual Cups + Steamer Sterilizer Bundle
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Venus Menstrual Cup – Large
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OrganiCup – Mini
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11 Best Menstrual Cups For A Heavy Flow That Will Replace Pads And Tampons

1. Lena Menstrual Cup – Large

Perfect for super-heavy flow, it is made with 100% premium medical-grade silicone, which is comfortable to wear for long hours. The soft biocompatible material fits perfectly into the vaginal canal, allowing you to be active with ease on days with the heaviest flows. The bell-shaped design gives you complete leak-proof coverage for up to 12 hours, and the Lena cup in large has a higher collection capacity than the smaller variant. It is suitable for teenagers and adults who have a history of menstruation cycles with heavy flow. If you need further convincing, check this YouTuber’s review out.


  • Snug fit
  • Designed based on flow
  • 12-hour protection
  • Ideal for medium to high cervix height


  • It might take some time to get used to

2. Sirona Menstrual Cup – Medium

The Sirona Cup is a real heavy lifter and has the potential to be your new best friend! It’s ideal for medium to heavy flow and collects up to 22 ml of menstrual fluid before requiring a change. The soft cup with a flexible rim is made of medical-grade silicone, which is toxin and allergy-free, helping you maintain the natural vaginal pH without drying out. Keeping you comfortable on your heavy flow days, this medium-sized cup is suitable for the average body-built type for ages 18 and above with 8 to 10 hours of leak-proof protection.


  • Anti-slip grooved stem
  • Toxin and allergy-free material
  • Maintains natural vaginal ph
  • Rash and dryness-free usage


  • Some people might require to change slightly more often depending on the flow

3. Lunette Menstrual Cup – Model 2

Lunette’s Menstrual Cups are made with love in Finland, keeping your comfort and the environment in mind using the highest-quality, BPA, and chemical-free silicone. Its superior shape and design with a ridged stem and large air-holes make the insertion and removal feel like a breeze. The model 2 cup is ideal for normal to heavy flow and can hold up to 30 ml of menstrual fluid. The cup also has to mark lines to measure your flow and keep track of your menstrual health. While the cup is made of flexible silicone, model 2 is slightly more firm, making it suitable for women with weak vaginal muscles. Check out the review of this product on YouTube to know why it is one of the best out there.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for normal to heavy flow
  • Firmness adds support
  • Ideal for keeping track of your flow


  • Might need to change 2 to 4 times a day depending on the flow

4. SckoonCup Beginner’s Choice – Large

This is the perfect cup for beginners when you’re making your first bold switch and taking charge of your period. The large cup can keep you protected for up to 12 hours so that you can sleep all night comfortably with no fear of leakage or staining. The ergonomic design has its suctions holes molded into the cup to ensure a smooth outer surface to avoid irritation or discomfort. Its “no-poking stem” is designed to be soft and flexible, so it adapts to your movement, ensuring that you can carry on being active throughout your day without feeling the slightest discomfort. The SckoonCup comes with a fun and quirky organic pouch for easy storage and portability.


  • FDA-registered and approved
  • Easy for beginners
  • No-poking stem
  • Environment-friendly


  • Some people might experience mild cramping at the beginning

5. FemmyCycle Limitless Period Cup – Regular

This menstrual cup looks different, and that’s because it is different. The FemmyCycle Limitless Period Cup is doctor invented and flaunts a “wine glass” patented design that is spill and leakage proof. Its “no-spill” rim is designed to give you a mess-free removal. The regular size is built to hold up to 30 ml of fluid, making it a perfect choice for heavy flow. The custom-flex fit doesn’t open up fully when inserted but molds itself to the shape of your canal to give it a customized fit. You’ll be relieved to know that it creates a gentle suction to reduce cramping. Better yet, it has a ring instead of a stem which makes it easy to insert and release, and you won’t feel a thing. Talk about sensation-free menstrual health products!


  • Patented “wine glass” design
  • Custom-flex fit
  • Protection up to 12 hours
  • Reduces cramping
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Could take some time to adjust to the ring for women who have been using cups with stems

6. Super Jennie Menstrual Cup – Large

Count on Super Jennie to understand how you feel when Aunt Flow visits because they’ve made it their mission to provide top-quality menstrual solutions at reasonable costs. The menstrual cup is specifically designed to have a super soft body with a thicker rim to ensure the cup stays in place even when you hit the gym. The leak-proof cup can also hold up to 41 ml of menstrual fluid, making it your best friend for the super-heavy flow days. It also comes with an ergonomic storage pouch.


  • Capacity up to 41 ml
  • Safety and quality guarantee
  • Thick rim ensures zero leakage
  • Value for money


  • Some women might need time to adjust to the thicker rim if they have been using cups with a softer rim

7. Talisi Menstrual Cups

Talisi Menstrual Cups are an absolute blessing, and we’ll tell you why! The most remarkable thing about these cups is that it comes as a set of 2, a small cup and a large cup, making it the perfect buy for beginners experimenting with menstrual care and women who struggle with an erratic flow. The large cup takes care of the heavy flow days, while the smaller cup is perfect for when your flow reduces as your cycle progresses. The Talisi Menstrual Cups set also comes with a collapsible sterilizer cup with a lid and a thoughtfully designed carry bag, ensuring that maintaining hygiene and sterilization on the go is hassle-free. A detailed user manual is included to help women safely explore their curiosity. In this YouTube video, you will find a detailed review of this product.


  • Reliable performance up to 15 years
  • User-friendly
  • Well equipped set for beginners
  • Hypoallergenic and toxin-free
  • The collapsible sterilizer cup is a helpful accessory


  • Beginners may find it slightly uncomfortable initially

8. Rosa Rugosa: Menstrual Cups + Steamer Sterilizer Bundle

This thoughtful bundle of menstrual supplies is simply the sweetest deal in the market as they aim to make your menstrual routine transition comfortable. The bundle contains a small and large cup, along with a steamer sterilizer which means taking care of your menstruation needs while protecting your privacy is finally hassle-free. Understanding how intimate and personal your menstrual supplies are, Rosa Rogosa solves your sterilizing woes with a 4-in-1 steam sterilizer so you can safely sterilize your menstrual cups with ease and privacy. The cup sizes cater to your menstruation needs according to how your body grows and changes with time keeping in mind age, pregnancies, and other factors that affect your flow.


  • Flexible stem perfect for positioning to suit your comfort
  • Perfect for heavy usage
  • Sterilizer eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Two different sized cups for your personalized needs


  • Some women may find the length of the stem a little uncomfortable

9. Venus Menstrual Cup – Large

Venus Menstrual Cup is a game-changer in terms of innovative menstrual solutions. This menstrual cup has been thoughtfully crafted for comfort, and it is customizable! The large Venus Menstrual Cup is ideal for heavy flow as it is designed to hold 30% more menstrual fluid than an average menstrual cup while maintaining a sleek shape promising superior comfort. Its rim is designed to reduce bladder pressure while ensuring a leak-proof seal. Its unique design flaunts omnidirectional grip rings for a non-chafing stable grip and it is made from 100% medical-grade reusable silicone. The stem can be smoothly trimmed and customized to your comfort and preference without damaging the base of the cup or leaving sharp or uneven edges.


  • 30% more capacity to hold menstrual fluid
  • Stable grip with omnidirectional grip rings
  • Lesser bladder pressure
  • Customizable stem


  • It could feel a little bulky due to its high holding capacity

10. OrganiCup – Mini


The menstruation cups with a mission. Made in Austria, this award-winning menstrual cup is perfect for light to heavy flow for teenagers. The mini size can hold up to 3 tampons worth of menstrual fluid and can be worn up to 12 hours at a stretch. OrganiCup is Allergy Certified and registered with The Vegan Society and is developed without toxins and hazardous chemicals, including artificial coloring making it suitable for sensitive skin. OrganiCup is committed to making a positive environmental, social, and cultural impact by destigmatizing menstruation by making environmentally-friendly menstruation care products accessible.


  • Customizable stem
  • Vegan and environment-friendly
  • No artificial dyes
  • Allergy certified


  • It may require frequent changes depending on your flow

11. Saalt Menstrual Cup – Regular Size

Saalt cups are designed to be one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use menstrual cups. Its smooth upper rim and reinforced cuff give you double the protection from an overflow or leakage and the gentle bulb-shaped body allows for easy insertion and removal with multiple seal points to ensure your cup stays in position. The indented ultra-flexible stem naturally bends with your body’s movement making it an ideal pick for first-timers to give them an easy and comfortable transition from tampons and sanitary pads to menstrual cups. The regular size cup is perfect for heavy flow and women with a higher cervix.


  • Multiple seal points and reinforced cuffs for extra protection
  • Easy to use with a soft bulb-shaped body
  • Comfortable stem
  • Certified zero-plastic product


  • Removal may require a little practice

Now that we have some of the best menstrual cups for heavy flow in the market, making your pick would be a breeze. If you still can’t make your mind up, check out our buying guide to make sure you find the perfect cup.

How To Pick The Right Menstrual Cup For Heavy Flow

  • Fit

    How your menstrual cup fits in the vaginal canal defines how comfortable your experience is with the menstrual cup. The cup’s fitting depends on age, vaginal birth history, and cervix height. It is helpful to check the height of your cervix before you make your purchase. Short and rounded cups are recommended for women with a heavy flow and a lower cervix, while cups with a longer body are perfect for women with a high cervix.
  • Cup firmness

    A soft menstrual cup makes it easy to insert and remove, but the firmness of the rim ensures a secure lock to make your cup leak-proof. Some women prefer a slightly more firm rim, while some adore their soft rim cup. It is essential to consider the pliability of the cup and rim to suit your own unique needs with comfort.
  • Designed to suit every need

    Menstrual cups are also made keeping in mind how experienced you are with using them. Beginner level cups are softer for easy insertion and removal but maybe slightly smaller in size and hold a lesser capacity. In contrast, some cups are designed to upgrade beginner-level cups for women who regularly use menstrual cups with ease.
  • Learning curve

    The most interesting part about learning to use the menstrual cup is that you are also getting acquainted with your own unique anatomy and understanding your menstrual cycle better. For most women, at any age, this could be a very revealing yet overwhelming experience. Remember to give yourself some time to learn and adjust to the significant change you are making. It is worth it.

We’ve got your back as you prepare to make this bold switch for yourself and the environment with a list of the best menstrual cups for heavy flow. Taking charge of your intimate needs feels like a whole new life. The freedom to move around and be active fearlessly on your period days, including when your super heavy period flow brings you down, is such a confidence boost. Menstrual cups for heavy flow are gaining popularity globally for being easy to use while also having zero wastage. Talk about personal feminine care, and menstrual cups are essential like a best friend who keeps your secrets safe and secure. Love yourself more as you ride along the learning curve and enjoy your new freedom from stressful heavy flow days.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Shreya Vishwanathan, is a health and wellness enthusiast. She believes that the menstrual cup can be eco-friendly replacements for sanitary napkins. She browsed multiple online forums and brand websites to review reliable user feedback and researched numerous menstrual cups to curate this list of the best menstrual cups for a heavy flow. These are safe and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a menstrual cup with a heavy flow?

Yes. Menstrual cups are designed to collect your period flow instead of absorbing it in a secure cup that you insert like a tampon. The cup creates a seal that ensures that the menstrual fluid collected does not overflow or leak making it the best menstrual support for heavy flow days.

How long can you wear a menstrual cup heavy flow?

Menstrual cups can be worn comfortably upto 12 hours even with heavy flow. However, every period experience differs from woman to woman and it would be recommended to change at least every 8 hours depending on how heavy your flow is.

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