10 Fascinating Mermaid Tattoo Designs

10 Fascinating Mermaid Tattoo Designs Hyderabd040-395603080 April 5, 2018

Tattoos are a unique way of appreciating art. They express the love of art through the body. Tattoos might bear a very personal meaning to the individual it is inked on. It is, however, not compulsory for tattoos to hold any specific meaning. An individual can get a tattoo simply because he or she likes a particular design. The same stands for the mermaid inspired tattoo designs for women. Here are ten such mermaid tattoo design ideas.

Mermaid Tattoo Designs For Women

1. A cartoon mermaid tattoo:

If you want to add an animated twist to a mermaid, a cartoon mermaid tattoo would be a cute option. This one of the mermaid tattoo designs can be inked in black and white or even with a touch of colours to give it an artistic touch.

2. Mermaid on the rocks tattoo:

Mermaids were originally compared to ‘sirens’, a term used to describe ravishingly beautiful creatures with melodious voices that used to lure sailors to their doom. They were feared and considered dangerous and ruthless. A mermaid sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean holding a skeleton would be a very apt representation of sirens and the legends they encompassed.

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3. A mermaid skeleton tattoo:

The skeleton of a mermaid tattooed on the back or on the side of one’s body would look both unique and fantastic.

4. A tribal mermaid tattoo:

A tribal tattoo inked in black would look wonderful especially when it is a mermaid. The tattoo could be inked on the thighs, lower back or arm.

5. A mermaid among a shoal of fish tattoo:

A mermaid is a creature of the sea. It lives amongst marine flora and fauna. That is why a shoal of fish surrounding a mermaid would make an appropriate mermaid tattoo. The fish may be of any colour; red fishes would symbolize fierceness while blue or green would symbolize liveliness and energy.

6. Ariel tattoo:

Ariel is the mermaid from the 1989 film ‘The Little Mermaid’. The movie was based on a fairy tale of the same name by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Due to the film’s success this lively animated mermaid with red hair and a sea green tail is now a well recognized Disney figure.

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7. A black and white mermaid tattoo:

A tattoo inked in black and white would be artistic yet simple. The tattoo could be of any size and would not be very ostentatious.

8. A watercolour mermaid tattoo:

A watercolour mermaid tattoo is a tattoo which is designed to look like a watercolour painting. For art lovers, this is a wonderful tattoo. This style of tattooing is unique and looks absolutely charming. It allows your body to become a canvas for magnificent art.

9. A mermaid with her back turned tattoo:

A mermaid is a symbol of feminine beauty. Inking this extraordinarily beautiful creature with her back turned would capture the grace and elegance of the creature. You could set her amidst a turbulent sea with her hair flying to one side.

10. An abstract mermaid tattoo:

Abstract art is not confined within a boundary. It represents artistic freedom and creativity. Inking an abstract mermaid in colour would capture the beauty of this art form perfectly.

Find more fascinating tattoos ideas for women and pick the best idea for you.

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