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10 Best Moisturizers For Sensitive Skin for 2019

10 Best Moisturizers For Sensitive Skin for 2019 January 31, 2019

The most important step for picking the right moisturizer for sensitive skin is, first to be sure that you have sensitive skin!

What is sensitive skin?

This skin type is prone to react to certain products or environmental conditions. It gets all red, itchy; sometimes it even stings and burns. If you have these issues, then you have sensitive skin for sure. The most annoying bit about this kind of skin type is that limits the number of products that you can use to large extent. This in turn makes picking a product a very difficult job.

This occurs due to insufficient sebum production by the sebaceous glands which results in the skin’s inability to protect itself from harmful chemicals. It can happen to all skin types but if you have sensitive skin, you are more susceptible to it. This is what makes moisturization so very important!

Apart from environmental conditions, the skin can also react to your clothes when they touch your skin. Sensitive skin also finds itself very susceptible to abrasions and other reactions to the things that it comes in contact with. To know whether or not if you have sensitive skin, look out for the following symptoms:

  • Skin appears translucent
  • Skin feels stretchy after cleaning
  • Skin is prone to dryness, break outs during the change of the product
  • Gets sunburned easily
If you find these conditions dominate you existence, then you most definitely have sensitive skin.

Now that you know your skin type, you have to narrow down your search a little bit more in order to find out products that suit your sensitive skin. Let’s have a look:

1. Avoid lanolin, mineral oil, gasoline in your moisturizer. It will lead to rashes on your sensitive skin. Look for Shea butter, coconut oil, aloe which is less harsh.

2. Avoid perfume and fragrance in your moisturizer. Fragrance is sometimes added in the form of oil such as lavender oil, jasmine oil etc

3. Look for hypoallergenic products which have fewer allergic reactions to your skin.

4. Avoid moisturizers with preservatives. Imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, and quaternium-15, parabens are some of the most skin irritating preservatives. Look for gentle preservatives like vitamin c, e, citrus seed extract etc.

5. Avoid SLS, salycycic acid which can dry and irritate the skin.

6. Don’t put raw herbal ingredients on skin. All plants are now grown with pesticides.

7. Always go for moisturizer with SPF. Sun exposure can lead to redness and rashes of your skin.

8. Avoid propelyn glycol.

Besides moisturizing there are a few things that you should keep in mind. They are:

1. Use fewer cosmetics

2. Keep your face clean

3. Don’t touch your face often

4. Drink lots of water

5. Do not over do make up on break outs


Best Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin:

Some hugely accepted and well known of the different moisturizers for skin that is senstive are:

1. Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion

2. Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

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3. Neutrogena oil free moisturizer

4. Cetaphil moisturizer

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5. La roche posay moisturizing cream

Apart from skin care routines eat healthy food, drink plenty of water and have stress free life to get youthful and glowing skin.

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So here is the list on the best sensitive skin moisturizers in the market. Do leave us a comment if you found this article informative!

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