10 Best Nail Polish Strips For An Attention-Grabbing Mani – 2024

Give your nails a neat, polished look at home with these appealing strip colors.

Reviewed by Simone de Vlaming, Beauty Expert
Written by Srijita De, MA (English & Literature), Certified Style & Image Consultant
Edited by Srijani Roy Chowdhury, MA (Journalism & Mass Communication), Certified Style & Image Consultant
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Do you want attractive nails but have no time for the salon? The market is full of nail polish strips that amp up your manicure and pedicure at the comfort of your home. These expertly crafted, ready-to-use nail polish strips, stickers, and wraps are very easy to use. All you need to do is peel them, stick them to the nails, wait for a little while, apply a topcoat, and your nails are ready! Read on to choose from our collection of the best nail polish strips for your next DIY sessions.

Top Picks
Best Overall: Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips
Price on Amazon
Best Easy-To-Apply: Blue French Manicure Nail Art Stickers
Price on Amazon
Best With Glitter: Color Street Tokyo Light Nail Polish Strips
Price on Amazon
Best Variety: Nail Angel 12pcs Nail Art
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight: Maitys Gradient Marble Full Nail Stickers
Price on Amazon
Best Multipurpose: Coejokno Nail Stickers
Price on Amazon
Best For Professionals: WOKOTO Self-Adhesive Nail Polish Stickers
Price on Amazon
Best Durable: TailaiMei Glitter Nail Wraps
Price on Amazon
Best With Cuticle Stick: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
Price on Amazon
Best For Beginners: Torokom Nail Polish Stickers
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What Are Nail Polish Strips, Stickers, And Wraps?

Nail polish strips are stickers made of a thin layer of nail polish. Nail polish strips or stickers are slightly different from nail wraps, which are thin pre-designed products made from paper, silk, linen, fiberglass, mesh, or other fabrics and applied to the nail for extra reinforcement. They can be embedded within acrylics and gels or used as a natural nail coating or extension and sealed with the help of resin. They are suitable for short nails and can be a great option for special occasions for enhanced features. Be it the glazed donut nails or the classic French manicured nails, these nail polish strips let you create every celebrity-inspired look in the book!

These products make DIY manicures a fast, easy, and hassle-free experience and are available in a variety of finishes like metallic and matte. Scroll further to check out the nail polish stickers and wraps you can buy online.

10 Best Nail Polish Strips, Stickers, And Wraps

1. Best Overall:Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips

Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips Image: Tough Girls

Get salon-style nails with the Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips. The pack has 20 thick nail polish strips with square and round ends. Each strip includes a layer of topcoat, color coat, base coat, and a non-toxic adhesive layer. This makes it thicker, brighter, and rigid. Reviews on online forums attest that you can remove these customizable strips with a nail polish remover.

Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 3 x 0.03 inches | Weight: 1.3 Ounces.


  •  Long-lasting
  •  Easy to apply
  •  Easy to remove
  •  Non-toxic
  •  PVC-free


  •  Not water-resistant

protip_icon Pro Tip
Clean your nails with a nail polish remover to remove excess oil and dirt before using these strips.

2. Best Easy-To-Apply:Blue French Manicure Nail Art Stickers

If you are a fan of the bolder and expressive French manicure, you need this stick-on nail polish in your makeup collection. Each pack comes with 12 sheets, each sheet has 54 pieces of crescent moon-shaped stickers, and the total pack contains 648 stickers. The premium-grade quality vinyl stickers offer incredible self-adhesive power and are long-lasting.

Product Dimensions:2.56 x 4.13 x 4.13 inches | Weight: 0.528 Ounces.


  •  Non-toxic
  •  Does not stain
  •  Easy to apply
  •  Easy to remove


  •  Some strips are too curved

protip_icon Pro Tip
To remove excess polish strips, use a nail file at a 45-degree angle and smooth the ends of the nails.

3. Best With Glitter:Color Street Tokyo Light Nail Polish Strips

Color Street Tokyo Light Nail Polish Strips Image: Color Street

Bring holographic sparkles to life on your beautiful nails with this one-of-a-kind nail strip. One look at these shimmer nails will have people convinced that you have high-quality nail polish painted on. These nail strips come in sparkling shades of rose gold and silver and make your nails look exquisite. They are easy to apply and remove, and each set includes 16 double-ended premium-grade real nail polish strips. For a more detailed review of a tester’s experience with this product, here’s a video.

Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 x 0.04 inches | Weight: 0.71 Ounces.


  •  Glitter-finish
  •  16 double-ended strips
  •  Made with real nail polish
  •  Easy peel and apply


  •  Expensive

protip_icon Pro Tip
If the adhesive power of the nail polish strip is low due to the cold weather, use a hair dryer on hot setting to slightly warm up the sheets and improve the stickiness.

4. Best Variety:Nail Angel 12pcs Nail Art

Nail Angel 12pcs Nail Art Image: Nail Angel

These nail art polish stickers by Nail Angel are safe and non-toxic, and they come in a pack of 12 vibrant designs. Each one-piece design comes with six mini files and twelve different Christmas-themed designs to give you the holiday vibe. While applying, make sure you remove the oil and dirt from your nails, choose the one that fits your nail plates, and you are good to go. It may smell of paint oil, but that is temporary. Many reviewers claim that these stickers last really long without pulling away from the nails.

Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 x 0.04 inches | Weight: 0.49 Ounces.


  •  Easy to use
  •  Non-toxic
  •  12 different designs


  •  Might not adhere well

5. Best Lightweight:Maitys Gradient Marble Full Nail Stickers

The Maitys Gradient Marble Full Nail Stickers come with a removable resin adhesive that sticks directly to the surface of your nails. The stickers come in a gradient marble design in various bright colors to make your nails look attractive. They are lightweight, non-toxic, odorless, and available in different sizes to ensure proper fit. You get 12 sheets of total 168 nail stickers in the pack.

Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.39 x 0.63 inches | Weight: 1.76 Ounces.


  •  Lightweight
  •  Non-toxic
  •  Odorless
  •  Good for beginners


  •  Might leave a residue

6. Best Multipurpose:Coejokno Nail Stickers


The Coejokno Nail Stickers are multipurpose and can be used as regular stickers to decorate mobile phone cases, cards, gift packages, and facial cosmetics. They are environmentally friendly, made of non-toxic materials, and safe for pregnant women and children. You can cut out the patterns according to your nail shape, stick them with water, and seal them with a topcoat. The package includes 24 sheets. However, the quantity may vary according to the design you choose. Several reviews on online forums attest that these stickers easily stretch to fit the nails perfectly.

Product Dimensions: 4.53 x 3.46 x 0.47 inches | Weight: 0.67 Ounces.


  •  Non-toxic
  •  Environmentally friendly
  •  Safe for pregnant women and children
  •  Easy to use



7. Best For Professionals:WOKOTO Self-Adhesive Nail Polish Stickers

The WOKOTO Self-Adhesive Nail Polish Stickers come in a pack of five nail polish strips + 1 piece moon-shaped nail art file. Each sheet strip includes 16 tips of eight sizes to fit different nail sizes. The strips are easy to stick and peel and available in different colors and designs like unicorns, scale, star, rainbow, geometric prints, etc. They are suitable for professional as well as at-home use.

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.69 x 0.51 inches | Weight: 1.51 Ounces.


  •  Eco-friendly
  •  Sticky
  •  Easy to use
  •  Long-lasting



8. Best Durable:TailaiMei Glitter Nail Wraps


Channel your inner diva every day with these shimmery neon nail polish stickers and say hello to your next favorite nail wrap. This set of adhesive nail wraps consists of 16 sheets in different colors and sizes to fit all your nails and moods. They are made of 100% real, non-toxic, and environment-friendly polish. These UV-cured nail polish wraps are self-adhesive, and you can directly stick them onto your nails. Apply a topcoat of clear nail polish, and they will stay put for at least two weeks.

Product Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.3 x 0.1inches | Weight: 0.634 Ounces.


  •  Non-toxic
  •  Safe for the toes
  •  Can be used under a UV lamp
  •  Suitable for fake nails


  •  Not water-resistant

9. Best With Cuticle Stick:Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Image: Sally Hansen

You can never go wrong with animal prints. The Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips add a touch of glamor and a pop color to your nails. These trendy animal-print nail polish strips last up to 10 days and are incredibly easy to apply. All you need to do is peel the strips and stick them on. What makes these peel-and-stick strips better is that they fit all nails perfectly. Each pack includes 16 strips, a cuticle stick, a mini file, and a buffet.

Product Dimensions:1.31 x 1.31 x 3.25 inches | Weight: 0.64 Ounces.


  •  Long-lasting
  •  Includes cuticle stick, file, and buffet
  •  Includes instructions
  •  Easy to remove


  •  May chip easily

10. Best For Beginners:Torokom Nail Polish Stickers


If you are hooked to the mesmerizing marble nail art but find it a messy process, the Torokom Nail Polish Stickers are your safest bet. These instant nail color options are beginner-friendly and each pack comes with stickers designed in different marble-style patterns and colors. You will get 12 sheets with 14 stickers on each sheet in different styles, sizes, and patterns. You can also apply them on acrylic and fake nails.

Product Dimensions: 6.65 x 3.11 x 0.59 inches | Weight: 1.44 Ounces.


  •  Easy to use
  •  Safe material
  •  Includes a nail file


  •  May not last long

With these nail stickers and wraps, you need not worry about multiple failed attempts of messy nail art and clean-ups. They save your time, are affordable, and offer salon-quality nail polish looks. However, consider a few things before picking a product.

Things To Consider While Buying Stick On Nail Polish Strips

  • Always choose non-toxic nail strips, as harmful ingredients can make your nails brittle, stain them, and cause yellowing.
  • Opt for nail strips that are soft and easy to apply. Go for real nail polish strips as they are easy to apply and do not feel heavy on the nails.
  • Choose self-adhesive strips to ensure that you don’t have to buy separate nail strip glues and adhesives.
  • A good way to gauge the quality of a nail strip is to test it out on real and false nails. If it holds well on both, it means that you have landed yourself a good deal.
  • Check all the reviews before purchasing any nail strip and look especially for lasting power. A good nail polish strip offers up to two weeks of long-lasting wear.

Nail strip packages usually come with instructions. To make it easy for you, here is a step-by-step guide.

How To Apply Nail Polish Strips?

Step 1: Ensure that your nails are neat and clean. Remove any existing nail polish or debris that may be stuck under the nail plate.
Step 2: Buff and file your nails.
Step 3: Choose the ideal size of the nail strip. Trim if required.
Step 4: Gently peel the strip and place it just above the cuticle on the nail.
Step 5: Smooth the strip until the air bubbles and wrinkles disappear.
Step 6: File the strip down towards the end of the nail.
Step 7: Apply a top coat of transparent nail polish.
Step 8: Avoid exposing the nails to water for 2 hours.

Infographic: Tips To Make Nail Polish Strips Last Longer

Nail polish strips are creating a storm among nail art enthusiasts across the world. Whether you want to do nail art in a salon or at home, you must know how to make it last longer on your nails. Check out the infographic below for some tips.

Tips To Make Nail Polish Strips Last Longer (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

The Bottom Line

We spend much of our time and money in the salon for manicures and pedicures. But when you are in a hurry and would like to have those gorgeous, filled nails, you can use these statement-making, ready-to-use nail polish strips and stickers. These offer exceptional results and are easy to use, matching with any DIY nail art. The products on our list are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and easy to wear and remove. The Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips are ideal for easy application and durability, while the Color Street Tokyo Light Nail Polish Strips give a glittery finish that you can peel off easily. If you want a wide range of designs and toxin-free material, then the Nail Angel 12pcs Nail Art is the best choice. However, a few products are not waterproof. Avoid drenching the nails to have long-lasting nails. Check out the buying guide to choose nail polish strips, sticks, and wraps that suit your outfit. However, test the product before use to check for skin sensitivity.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Srijita De, is certified in makeup artistry and loves doing her mani-pedi at home. She finds the nail strips and wraps extremely handy and the easiest way to get peppy nails. She went through multiple products and online reviews to pick the best and most preferred products for the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are nail polish strips good?

Yes, they are easy to stick on and remove and not harmful to the nails.

Can a top coat on nail polish strips make them last longer?

Yes, applying a top coat on nail polish strips can make them last for over 10 days.

Do Color Street nail strips ruin your nails?

No. They are made with 100% real nail polish, are easy to remove with a regular nail polish remover, and do not damage nails as acrylics do.

Are nail stickers better than polish?

They are similar as nail stickers are made from nail polish.

How do you remove nail strips?

You can remove nail strips with the nail polish remover.

How long do nail polish strips last?

Nail polish strips can last anywhere from 4-7 days without a top coat and 10-12 days with a topcoat.

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