8 Best Neutral Running Shoes For Women For A Safe, Smooth Run

Written by Shreya Vishwanathan
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Running is perhaps the fastest and surest way to a fit life and to do it right, you need the right running shoes. While keeping in mind the looks of your shoes is crucial, you must also make sure that you have the right fit and type as far as choosing your running shoes are concerned. But if you are someone who is looking for a pair of neutral running shoes for women that have the right balance of style, look, and comfort, we are here to help.

Neutral running shoes are typically lighter than the ones that are designed for other specific requirements such as added stability or support for the ankle or extra cushioning for the soles of the feet. They have cushioning that is more equally distributed, which means the shoes feel light on your feet and look great. Most brands offer a number of options in running shoes for women and you can simply pick one that suits you. Here is a list of our top 8 to make your shopping easy and smooth.

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What Are Neutral Running Shoes?

Neutral running shoes are specifically designed for runners with neutral feet, which means that their feet pronate or roll back equally with the soles of both their feet, completely touching the ground while walking, jogging, or running. These shoes do not need any extra cushioning or stabilisers as they are meant for those who already have stable feet. These shoes are typically lighter and have cushioning that is equally distributed all along the soles of the shoes. They might also have stabilisers or other features but they are a part of the additional features and are not designed to address any issues with the runner’s feet.

8 Best Neutral Running Shoes For Women To Enjoy Your Run

1. STQ Women’s Running Shoes – All Purple

You can go running in style in these bright purple shoes that look and feel good. Designed with a light rubber sole that has air cushioning, the shoes keep your feet comfortable. This pair of neutral running shoes for women also have removable sock liners that can be removed if the runner wants to fit in any sort of orthotic fittings. Mesh and synthetic upper material used in the shoes allow the wearer to fit snugly into them. Made of knit fabric on the outside, the shoes are breathable and flexible. The versatility of this pair of neutral running shoes for women ensures that you can go running or walking in them but can also pair them with your favorite athleisure outfit as you step out to catch up with friends, looking cool and comfy.


  •  Light rubber sole
  •  Air cushioning
  •  Removable sock liners
  •  Mesh and synthetic upper material
  •  Knit fabric on the outside
  •  Breathable
  •  Flexible
  •  Versatile


  •  Some may find the footbed a bit hard

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2. Lamincoa Women’s Air Running Shoes – Blue Rose

This pair of neutral running shoes for women are ideal for those looking to switch up their neutral running shoes between the jogging track, their after-work gym session, and their weekend tennis sessions. Soles with air cushioning ensure a comfortable sole that is light on the feet and is flexible for those tricky terrains that you might run across. Made of soft, skin-friendly, breathable fabric, these shoes are designed to make your feet feel comfy and less irritable, even when you are in these shoes for hours. The cushioning in these shoes are adequate to give your feet the right kind of elevation and lift to your arches for your daily activities. The upgraded insoles can be taken out as per your preference. The soles also come with the ability of shock absorption and have an anti-collision toe design. The fabric used can absorb sweat. The sole of these motion-control shoes has a non-slip design that gives you good grip while you go out for your morning run.


  •  Air-cushioned soles
  •  Light soles
  •  Flexible
  •  Non-slip design
  •  Sweat absorbent fabric
  •  Anti collision toe design
  •  Removable insoles


  •  Might not be suitable for marathon running

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3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 22 Running Shoes – Breeze/Black

If you like fusing style with comfort as you go for your morning runs, try this good-looking pair of neutral running shoes that come in a mix of baby pink and black. The sole is made of rubber and is light, shock absorbent, and flexible. The upper body is 3D printed that makes it look trendy. Asic’s FlyteFoam Propel Technology ensures that the foam in the sole has a unique propellant called an elastomer compound that gives the wearer great bounce. These shoes also help you in tackling issues such as Plantar Fasciitis with its advanced design. The brand also uses a gel technology in the rear and forefront of the soles that not only absorbs shock of impact but lets you run on multiple terrains without any worry. The placement of Asic’s AHAR outsole at strategic points of the shoes ensures durability for your favorite pair of running shoes.


  •  Lightweight
  •  Flexible sole
  •  3D printed trendy upper
  •  Gives elevation and bounce
  •  Gel technology absorbs shock
  •  AHAR outsole ensures durability


  •  May not offer high sweat absorption

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4. Mizuno Women’s Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Running Shoes – Citadel-Vapor Blue

Do you dislike bulky running shoes that make your feet feel heavy and make you look clumsy? Worry no more as these low-top neutral running shoes for women are here to make your workouts look easy. Made of xpop PU foam that is fused with Mizuno foam wave, these running shoes are not just soft for your feet but also give you great bounce and elevation that deserve extra brownie points. The upper part of these neutral runner shoes are made of wave knit fabric that makes this pair of neutral running shoes extremely breathable and flexible, apart from providing a snug fit, which are a must for any pair of running shoes. This means you will never have to worry about your feet sweating too much again. This shoe also delivers a soft underfoot feeling to prevent impact when you run on rough terrain.


  •  Wave knit upper for flexibility and breathability
  •  Xpop PU foam to make the soles soft
  •  Mizuno Foam Wave tech to give great bounce
  •  Soft underfoot


  •  The soles might not be durable enough for heavy-duty runs or workouts.

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5. Brooks Glycerin 19 Women’s Neutral Running Shoes – Grey/Ombre/White

There is nothing better than great comfort when you are losing calories on your run. Enjoy your run with this pair of neutral running shoes for women that offers great cushioning so that your beautiful feet do not have to bear too much impact. This brand’s certifications include PDAC A5500 that makes it a great fit for diabetic runners. The pair is designed to have an internal stretch bootie, meaning it stretches with the movements of your feet to give you a great fit all the time and to also manage Plantar Fasciitis that may be tackled by wearing the right kind of shoes. Its smooth transition zones mean that the movements of your feet will be smooth and unhindered. With all of these features, it is surely difficult to not buy these right away!


  •  Great cushioning
  •  Soft inside
  •  APMA seal of acceptance
  •  Allows smooth movements
  •  Smooth transition zones
  •  PDAC A5500 for diabetics


  •  May not offer much arch support

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6. Saucony Women’s Kinvara 10 Running Shoe – Blue

Who says that neutral running shoes for women have to be boring? Get this pair of shoes in its trendy blue avatar that makes your runs as stylish as you are. Its synthetic soles give you durability even as you wear them across difficult surfaces. The top sole features Everun design that gives prolonged cushioning and energy to your feet. The Eva+ midsole makes the shoes flexible so that you don’t have to worry about your feet feeling stiff after your heavy-duty workouts. The mesh uppers have been engineered to add breathability to your running shoes and to also give you great support and stability. Choosing this pair of neutral running shoes will mean that you will not have to worry about not getting enough protective ride support and flexibility for your legs as you put them through a good, calorie-burning run.


  •  Stretchable
  •  Flexible
  •  Cushioned
  •  Gives a snug fit
  •  Provides stability
  •  Breathable mesh upper fabric
  •  Synthetic soles for more durability


  •  Might be a little bulky for some

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7. ALTRA Women’s Neutral Running Shoes – Black Blue

This pair of neutral running shoes in a cool combination of black and blue is perfect for those morning runs you squeeze in before starting your day. The mesh and synthetic body ensures durability and flexibility for when you go sprinting, jogging, walking, or even for your gym sessions. It is just the right balance of flashy and stylish to make sure you have your style game on point even as you get your cardio in. The brand has designed this pair of shoes with an a-strap support for your arches to make you feel comfortable. The snug fit and the interiors of the shoes also give you a sock-like feel. It has moderate cushioning with a total height of 28mm. Take these for a swing for your next gym session and watch heads turning!


  •  Durable and flexible
  •  Mesh synthetic body
  •  A-strap support for your arches
  •  Offer sock-like feel


  •  May not be suitable for those looking for high amount of cushioning

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8. Under Armour Women’s Charged Bandit Trail Sneaker – Mod Gray (101)/Stellar Pink

Loved by star athletes, this brand is popular for both its designs and functionality of its products. These neutral running shoes for women are created with a mix of fabric and synthetic detailing, so they offer both flexibility as well as comfort. The pair is lightweight on your feet and the upper body of these shoes are engineered with 2-toned mesh to give the wearer great ventilation and breathability. A TPU film is also used to give your feet support where it is needed. The collar of the shoes is molded into a comfortable design to lock in your ankles and give you great support and fit. The EVA sock liners give bounce and comfort to make sure you have an easy run. Packed with so many features, this pair of neutral running shoes are bound to be a top choice for you.


  •  Offers flexibility
  •  Lightweight on the feet
  •  Keeps feet ventilated
  •  TPU film for added support
  •  Molded collar for ankle support and snug fit
  •  EVA sock liners for good bounce


  •  Some might find the brand’s sizing chart confusing

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Now that we have looked at our favorite 8 neutral running shoes for women, here is an added guide to help you choose the best pair for yourself.

How To Pick The Best Neutral Running Shoes For Women

  •  Pronation of your feet

Knowing about the pronation of your own feet and how the heels roll back after they strike the ground is very important when it comes to choosing the correct shoes. If you are looking for neutral running shoes, it means that you already know you have normal pronation with a medium-arched foot. You can easily go for shoes that give you a set of balanced features such as flexibility, cushioning, and stability, without having to worry about any extra features.

  •  Cushioning

Though most neutral running shoes come with balanced cushioning, there are some that are designed with more comfort in terms of the cushioning offered to your feet. If you like your feet to be cushioned well, go for shoes designed with more stackable height and more foam in the soles. And if you like moderate cushioning, simply pick a pair that gives you balanced cushioning all across the soles.

  •  Flexibility

While the best neutral shoes for women always offer good flexibility, you can pick a pair depending on the amount of flexibility you like. Fabrics such as mesh in the upper body of the shoes and a synthetic or rubber sole are designed to give you extra flexibility to allow your feet to feel comfortable on long runs across uneven running tracks.

  •  Support

If you like extra support in your neutral running shoes, there are loads of options to consider. While some come with extra padding around the collar of the shoes to support and stabilise your ankles, some have arch support or easy transition points to support your arches and the feet better.

If you are wondering about whether you need a pair of neutral running shoes for women, you can look at the following.

Who Needs Neutral Running Shoes?

If you have normal pronation of feet where they roll back equally after the heel strikes the ground, and if you also have a medium arch, you have neutral feet. You do not need extra support or cushioning for your feet and so you can pick out the best neutral running shoes for yourself, which come with moderate cushioning and stability features.

While running or going for a gym session is great for your body, it can be painful for your feet and legs in the long run if you don’t invest in the right kind of running shoes. If you have neutral feet, it is important to pick out the best neutral running shoes for women so that your feet can be comfortable when you head out to burn some calories. Due to the rising concerns about health, demand for the best neutral running shoes have also gone up drastically. So, be rest assured that you will find your favorite pair from our list of the best neutral running shoes for women with cool designs and great features. Grab your favorite pair and sweat it out in style for your next run!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do neutral running shoes protect feet?

Neutral running shoes offer moderate protection to the feet and are only designed for those with neutral feet, who require only that amount of protection. This is why it is important to know your own feet before you buy a pair.

Are neutral running shoes good for high arches?

Neutral running shoes are best suited for people with moderate arches and not for those with high arches.

What is the difference between neutral and stability running shoes?

Neutral running shoes offer a mix of moderate cushioning and stability for the entire feet while stability running shoes are especially designed to provide extra stability to the feet with special features such as extra cushioning and added arch support.

Are neutral running shoes good for supination?

Neutral running shoes are designed for those with a neutral gait and not for those with supination. It is best to invest in shoes specifically designed for supination with extra support for the ankles.

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