Top 50+ Name Tattoo Designs To Honor Your Loved Ones

Choose from beautiful floral or minimalistic designs to full-blown intricate works of art,

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Looking for some tattoo inspiration? How about name tattoo ideas? Getting someone’s name inked on your body is the best way to pay tribute to them or acknowledge their importance in your life, whether it is that of your children, parents, grandparents, pets, or partners.

Initially, names and name tags were given to the military or prisoners as identification marks. In some cultures, women who were recently married used to ink the name of their husbands as a symbol of forever love and commitment. Some get name tattoos done as a token of memorial for someone close to them, while others get their spouse’s or children’s names inked to hold them close until eternity.

Here, we have compiled 50+ best name tattoo designs that would totally tempt you to get one yourself. Take a look!

Top 50+ Name Tattoo Designs

1. Child Name Tattoo For Moms

A popular trend for moms is getting tattoos of their children’s names. This tattoo on the upper arm is that of a boy and a girl, each with their names and birth years. The hearts that surround them complete the tattoo. It shows how much the mom loves her kids.

2. Children’s Name Wrist Tattoo For Moms

This name tattoo adorns the wrist of a mom. The child’s name along with his birth date is surrounded by cute elements like glittering stars and moons. These elements add color to the simple tattoo. Placed on the wrist, it adds elegance to the design. Whether it is for one child or more, this tattoo idea is perfect for moms.

3. Female Name Tattoo

Check out this simple and creative handwriting tattoo of a female name. It is cute, elegant, and inked on the skin with care. What makes it stand out is the flower incorporated into the name which adds an interesting touch. The black and red petals, with careful shading and detailing, complete the look beautifully.

4. Last Name Tattoo

Your last name is your identity, the root you belong to. It is a great idea to mark it permanently on your skin. This last name tattoo, placed on the legs, symbolizes what supports you and helps you move forward, family or not. The incorporation of a heart and heartbeat, along with the name, shows how close and valuable the identity is to the wearer. The fine line technique and the neat font used for the name also deserve extra marks.

5. Last Name Back Tattoo

The last name here is inked on the back of the wearer, precisely on the spine. The name runs vertically along the spine, depicting how the wearer’s identity is the backbone of their existence. This tattoo symbolizes the strength and support received from family.

6. Daughter Name Tattoo

How about this adorable tattoo? It is a simple fine-line design with a minimalist style, depicting a cute and cheerful girl having fun on a swing. The swing is attached to a heart with her name written on it. Using just black lines and a hint of red for her dress, cheeks, and heart, the tattoo stands out.

7. Husband Name Tattoo For Wife


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Expressing your love for your husband can take many forms, and one sweet gesture is getting a tattoo of him. A simple design with his name with cute elements like a heart can be a lovely way to express your love without needing many words. Such a design sits well on your arms, neck, and shoulders.

8. Son Name Tattoo

This forearm tattoo features a fun and cute design, with a simple font used for the name. The font of the name runs to a heart-shaped blue balloon, showing the son’s playfulness and lovely vibe. The bright and chirpy blue is the highlight of the tattoo, conveying how much the boy means to his mother.

9. Small Name Tattoo Ideas

One great thing about a small name tattoo is that you can get it anywhere, whether on your finger, neck, or ears. The tattoo here, on the front shoulder next to the chest, with just three letters, becomes complete with the addition of a rose and its leaves. Adding such elements enhances the beauty and depth of small-name tattoos.

10. Wife Name Tattoo Ideas

All your wife needs is a lovable and sweet gesture from you. Getting a name tattoo for your beloved is an incredible expression of love that requires nothing more. The name tattoo here also includes a date, marking when the wearer met her or the day they got married. To give a twist to this tattoo, just add a personal element to your relationship and make it special.

11. Boyfriend Name Tattoo Ideas


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This dark and bold boyfriend name tattoo screams the intensity of her love for her boyfriend. The elegant font with a small heart near the name makes for a beautiful tattoo. Placing it from the wrist to the forearm is a good option, as it can accommodate the length of the name, no matter how long it is.

12. Flower Name Tattoo

A flower with a name is a timeless trend that shows something special and personal. This is a delicate flower tattoo inked with a watercolor effect with a stem that merges into a name. The tattoo is a delicate piece of beauty, with the pink blossom and the name intertwined with the stem. This is a nice way to add beauty to the simple design.

13. Dog Name Tattoo

When we think of a dog tattoo, the first image that comes to mind is often a paw tattoo. However, adding a name to the tattoo will add a more personal touch to the paw tattoo. The tattoo here features a paw print with the name of the dog inked beneath it. This tattoo serves as a token of love towards their furry friend.

14. Name Cover-Up Tattoo

Sometimes, you might want to remove a particular name tattoo, but what do you do? You can’t just erase it unless you undergo costly laser treatments. That is where a cover-up comes in. A skillful tattoo artist can easily cover a name tattoo, and make a beautiful tattoo out of a name.

15. Angel Name Tattoo

This outline tattoo of a cute little angel can signify the wearer’s child or someone dear to them. There is also a name written with the angel, showing how the child is considered an angel. This tattoo is a single-line tattoo that is both clean and precise. A single-line tattoo is minimalistic yet impactful, conveying depth with simplicity.

16. Parents’ Name Tattoo

It is a meaningful tattoo to show love for your parents and their role in your life. The tattoo here is a nice depiction of two flowers intertwined with each other, with the stems including the parents’ names. The colorful blossoms can symbolize the flowers associated with their birth months as well. This tattoo is a minimal yet elegant piece of body art that sits well on your arm, allowing you to flaunt it effortlessly.

17. Sunflower Name Tattoo


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This realistic sunflower tattoo, paired with a casual handwriting name tattoo, has its unique beauty. The sunflower and the name starting from the stem represent a timeless trend. Here, the sunflower can symbolize happiness and positivity, conveying the person’s personality associated with the name.

18. Cursive Name Tattoo

A name tattoo can often appear plain and simple, as the beauty largely depends on the font and style used in inking the name. This tattoo can be easily incorporated with other elements, as seen here. The name effortlessly blends with the branch, making the hummingbird and branch tattoo seem complete.

19. Maiden Name Tattoo

A maiden name is a person’s surname or last name at birth before they get married and might change their name to their spouse’s surname. Many women choose to get this tattooed to express their love for their family. Here is a maiden name tattoo featuring a beautiful chrysanthemum flower and her year of birth. The flower can also symbolize the birth month of November.

20. Couple Name Tattoo


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A couple tattoo is a popular trend that speaks for itself. The tattoo here features a heart and heartbeat, connecting the names of the partners. Inking each other’s names in this beautiful and elegant design highlights the beauty of their relationship.

21. Lover’s Name Tattoo

This one is a name tattoo on the hand written in a beautiful font with a stunning red heart. Along with the name and the heart, there is a lifeline to finish the lettering. You can get your spouse’s or kid’s name inked in this design. These name tattoo designs look best when done along the wrist, arm, or shoulder. You can also get it done on the back if you want an elaborate tattoo.

protip_icon Trivia
Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams are the two popular names who have tattooed each other’s names on the upper back and neck, respectively, to show their love and dedication for each other.

22. Short Name Tattoo

Name Tattoo Design With Rose On Wrist
Image: Instagram

When it comes to name tattoos, small names are easier to inscribe and merge into a fancy symbol that you want. For example, here, the name Kyle is easily fused with a stunning rose stem. This design is simple yet majestic. The subtle dot-tattoo shading of the rose adds to the realistic feel of the tattoo.

23. Simple Name Tattoo

Simple Name Tattoo On Above Elbow
Image: Instagram

While some like adding elements to their tattoos, some like keeping it simple. If you want to keep the tattoo simple and let the name be the only highlight, this is how you should get it done. This minimalistic tattoo looks quite striking due to its stylish font.

24. Name With A Crown On It

Name Tattoo With Princess Crown On Sleeve
Image: Instagram

A name tattoo design on the hand with a magnificent crown above it looks gorgeous if placed right. The crown represents royalty, sentimentality, and utmost importance, so when you add that element to the name tattoo design, make sure the person holds utmost importance in your life. The best place to get this tattoo done would be your arm.

25. Name Tattoo With A Fluttery Butterfly

Name Tattoo With Butterfly On Shoulder
Image: Instagram @seokwang_ttt

Butterflies are fun, feminine, and beautiful! They are even more pleasant and captivating to see when you combine them with the name of the person who fills your life with fun and never-ending happiness. This is a stunning name tattoo with a couple of butterflies placed beautifully across the shoulder bone.

26. Realistic Rose Name Tattoo

Realistic Rose Name Tattoo 
Image: nextwavetattoo / Instagram

The 3D colorful rose looks realistic. The illustration and rendering of the tattoo ensure that it looks as close to real as possible. Keep the font stylish and use an italic style to make it look stunning.

In his blog, Cory Stumpf recounts the experience of getting matching rose tattoos with his wife. He says, “Now here we are today, both branded with designs in honour of each other and half a lifetime of memories together. Hers, a modern purple rose design with my initials carved into the stem. Mine, a classic style akin to the cover of the album that contains the tune that was its inspiration, with “BRITTANY” emblazoned across it in a banner (i).” He fondly reminisces about how these tattoos symbolize the song “Rose Tattoo” by the Dropkick Murphys, a melody that was their wedding song and resonates deeply for them.

27. All Heart For Your Beloved

Name Tattoo With Heart Design On Sleeve
Image: Instagram @jeaacherry

If you are inking your beloved’s name, you sure would love to add a heart along with it, wouldn’t you? This tattoo design is minimalistic and checks all boxes of being stylish and elegant. If you want a prominent heart design, you could go for a colored heart as that would add a pop of color to your rather simple name tattoo and also enhance aesthetics.

28. Remembrance Name Tattoo

Memorial Name Tattoo Design On Forearm
Image: Instagram @_robd0nahey_

Most people get this tattoo done as a remembrance of their near or dear ones after they have passed away. Some do it out of faith and belief in God. The tattoo combines the symbolism of religious beliefs while holding on to a name that is dear to the heart. Some go for a simple cross with a stylish name tattoo font, while others make the cross more elaborate and keep the name tattoo font simple.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Instead of the wing, some also use angel wings along with the name as a symbol of remembrance.

29. Stylish Arrows With Name Tattoos

Stylish Arrows With Name Tattoos On Sleeve
Image: Instagram @rob_tattooer

Here, we see a mother flaunting two tattoos across her forearms with the names of her children. The tattoos have stunning arrow designs with names inscribed in the middle of them. The arrows can be done facing opposite directions as well. It totally depends on your personal preference and choices. Arrow tattoos usually signify protection from any harm, and what’s better than to add it along with the names of your beloved people?

30. Birthdate Name Tattoos

Name And Date Of Birth Tattoo On Ankle
Image: Instagram @dearcat4

This gorgeous tattoo consists of a cute little name, date of birth, as well as the time of birth. How cool is that! And to top it all, it also has an arrow that signifies protection from harm. Truly something any mother wouldn’t mind getting inked with!

31. Freedom Feather And Name Tattoos

Freedom Feather Name Tattoo On Shoulder
Image: Instagram

A feather tattoo signifies that the person has the ability to take flight or is free-spirited. It also symbolizes individuality, aspiration, and expression of oneself. However, many people don’t go too much into the details and significance of the tattoo and get it done due to its stunning appearance. Here, the name tattoo displays the name ‘Ashmaan,’ which blends into a stunning feather and also has a pair of birds flying away.

32. All About Love And Peace

Love And Peace Tattoo On Side Of Sleeve
Image: Instagram @vegastattoohyderabad

Doves are all about peace and harmony. They signify that the person calms you down with happiness and soothes your heart with peace. Also, traditionally, doves are supposed to be an essential part of the wedding ceremony. Incorporating doves and hearts along with the name adds to the beauty and is a wonderful idea. If you are a free-spirited person, this is a fine pick to match your personality.

33. Apples Of Your Eyes

Apples Of Your Eyes
Image: Instagram

Every mother’s heart resides in her children, quite literally! There’s nothing as stunning as getting name tattoos of all your children. It is a great way of showcasing your love for your kiddos and letting them know that you are proud of their achievements, professional success, the status they hold in life, and the fame they have earned. If you aren’t parents yet, you can get your pet’s name tattooed. There are so many ways and designs to get it done. Here, the name tattoos are inked with arrows of different styles, and all look stunning, don’t they?

34. Honoring The Family Name

Honoring The Family Name Tattoo On Sleeve
Image: Instagram

Getting a person’s name is the usual way to go. But some people like to take it up a notch by getting their last name tattooed. Those who love their family, their family traditions, or want to honor their family name or their last name opt for this style. Some believe it is important to show respect and honor your ancestors before yourself. It also signifies the closeness and the bond that you have with your family.

35. Baby’s Name Tattoo

Baby Name Tattoo On Wrist
Image: Instagram @anneanette

Getting your baby’s name inked on yourself is a beautiful experience. You can get it tattooed anywhere on your body. This one is inked on the wrist, also with a heart and the birthdate of the baby. Isn’t it simply attractive?

36. Minnie Mouse Name Tattoo

Minnie Mouse Name Tattoo
Image: Instagram @timon_blacksmith

Now, isn’t this tattoo just too cute? It is written in the good old Disney font with a cute Minnie Mouse bow, along with the name tattoo. It is placed on the forearm, which makes it quite prominent.

37. Infinity On The Wrist Name Tattoo

Wrist name tattoos look the best and instantly demand attention. Instead of writing the name in the usual plain, simple way, you could get it done in this infinity symbol style. You can also add a shadow effect in black to give to create an illusion of texture. Get this quirky design done and see how your loved one’s face lights up.

38. Engraved Lifeline Name Tattoo

Lifeline Name Tattoo With Heart
Image: Instagram

Name tattoos on the shoulders look extremely sexy and alluring. This pattern is the perfect example of a simple yet appealing shoulder name tattoo. It is inked right on the shoulder blade, with a red heart and lifelines leading to the name.

39. Side Wrist Name Tattoo

Name Tattoo On Side Wrist
Image: Instagram

This side wrist name tattoo looks just too beautiful. The statement heart outline motif takes this simple tattoo design up by several notches. Choose a quirky font, and you’ll keep flaunting it for the rest of your life.

40. Charming Chest Tattoo

Name Tattoo On Chest
Image: Instagram @eazy_tatz

This simple chest tattoo is a name tattoo that is inked slightly on the lower side of the shoulder with an amazing calligraphy font. The name tattoo doesn’t have any other added elements like crown, hearts, or doves. Yet the striking placement of the tattoo on the chest in an appealing font makes it totally eye-catching.

41. All About Love Name Tattoo

Love Name Tattoo On Elbow
Image: Instagram

Arm tattoos don’t always have to be extremely elaborate ones that fill the entire arm. These mini tattoos can look equally gorgeous. If you are a ‘less is more’ kind of person, this tattoo is for you.

42. Thigh Name Tattoos

Thigh Name Tattoos
Image: Instagram

Like how men prefer getting tattoos on their backs or chest, some women prefer getting tattoos on their thighs, lower back, or hips. There is nothing sexier than a stylish thigh name tattoo. Thigh tattoos become a great accessory when you wear elegant dresses or a pair of shorts. Also, thigh tattoos are less painful as compared to tattoos on the other spots.

43. Rib Cage Name Tattoos

Rib Cage Name Tattoos
Image: Instagram @artemis_tattoostudio

Rib cage tattoos are private tattoos that you may flaunt or may not. They are something close to you – and only you. This beautiful name tattoo is placed right on the rib cage with a remembrance quote, along with the person’s name. It is, quite literally, holding someone close who has passed away.

44. Name Tattoo With A Jewel On It

Name Tattoo With A Jewel On It
Image: Instagram @delcarmentattoo

Getting a name tattoo on the neck or nape is a brilliant idea. This one is a 3D colorful tattoo with a gorgeous diamond and a crown as other elements with the name. The crown is carefully placed on the diamond, making it look appealing and unique. The name tattoo is kept subtle by sticking to one deep shade of green that blends into the black ink.

45. Foot Name Tattoos

Name Tattoo On Foot
Image: Instagram @travstattoos

Foot tattoos are gaining popularity as they look subtly gorgeous when done perfectly. Many celebrities rock their foot tattoos, and we are sure you are tempted too. Get two different names inked on each of your feet or both on one – depending on your preference. Pick the cutest font and get it done!

46. Fancy Permanent Anklet Name Tattoo

Anklet Name Tattoo
Image: Instagram @studioztattootonsberg

One of the best things about an ankle tattoo is that you can wear shoes and cover it up if you are conscious about it at your workplace. But apart from that, ankle tattoos are worth flaunting. When it’s the season of flip-flops, beach days, or chilling by the pool, what better than showing off your feet in the coolest style? Pick a name tattoo that you want to inscribe and add some stunning elements around it. This tattoo has a beautiful anklet chain with a colorful feather that looks uber-stylish.

47. Minimalistic Finger Name Tattoo

Name Tattoo On Finger
Image: Instagram

Finger name tattoos are trending. These tattoos are also considered the new way to announce an engagement, a wedding, or love towards each other. While some get the name inked on the length of the finger, others get it inked as a form of a wedding band around the finger.

48. Realistic 3D Name Tattoo

3D Butterfly Tattoo With Names On Wrist
Image: Instagram @ohanna_tattoo

Very few and extremely talented artists can create stunning 3D tattoos. These tattoos look very realistic and give an illusion of being above the skin or within the body. The tattoo in the image has butterflies that look extremely realistic with shadows below them. A tattoo like this is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments.

49. Vibrant And Colorful Name Tattoos

Vibrant And Colorful Name Tattoos
Image: Instagram @3rdlayertattoo

When it comes to colorful tattoos, this one tops our list of favorites. A 3D rose tattoo that merges into the name as its stem is worth getting done. The beautiful red rose is done with the dot-tattoo method with a 3D effect, and the stem color trails and forms a name tattoo.

50. Baby’s Foot And Hand Print Name Tattoos

Baby’s Foot And Hand Print Name Tattoos
Image: tattoozby_jayb / Instagram

Getting your child’s name inked is a popular trend these days. Apart from just getting the birthdate or time inked, people are also adding elements like footprints or handprints to the tattoo. These ultra-realistic-looking footprints and handprints with your baby’s name and birth date are simply amazing and visually very pleasing.

You can also create a temporary tattoo on your own at home using a black gel pen. Showcase your creativity by making meaningful name tattoos or inking words that reflect your identity, hobby, career, fashion, or your favorite celebrity, just anything you truly admire in life that means the world to you!

51. Sibling Name Tattoos

Sibling name tattoos
Image: IStock

Who says you can only get your spouse’s, kid’s, or parents’ name tattooed on your wrist? You can also do the same for your sibling. Sibling tattoos are a meaningful way to celebrate the bond and connection between brothers and sisters. They not only showcase the importance of family but also serve as a constant reminder of the unwavering support and unconditional love that siblings provide. One of the most common sibling name tattoo ideas is getting each other’s names tattooed in a matching font. You can also give it a little twist and add your siblings’ birth flower or a heartbeat pulse line in the design too.

If you want to get a name tattoo done and are confused as to where you should place them, here is a quick list of places you could get it done.

Name Tattoos Placement

  • Shoulder
Image: Instagram
  • Arm
Image: tat2niko / Instagram
  • Forearm
Image: Instagram @mariaisabelmadrid
  • Wrist
Image: Instagram @kfreshtatts
  • Finger
Image: Instagram @scottbohrer75
  • Back
Image: Instagram @tatuajeskabuto
  • Thighs Or Legs
Thighs Or Legs
Image: Instagram @tattoobysefa
  • Feet Or Ankles
Feet Or Ankles
Image: Instagram

Infographic: The Must-Know Tattoo Facts

Tattoos are cool and play an integral part in bringing out your personality. They have an interesting history and amazing stories that every tattoo enthusiast should know. Even if you are not much of a tattoo fan, learning about these facts is fun. Check out the infographic below to learn some fun facts about this unique art form.

unknown tattoo facts (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Getting your name or someone else’s name inked on your body is a great way to show your love, passion, and honor for them. Initially, name tattoos were given as an identification mark for military personnel and prisoners. Today, name tattoos are done as a symbol of love and remembrance of a person’s loved ones. You can go for simple name tattoos, feather name tattoos, or heart name tattoos. If you are thinking about what are some of the best places for these name tattoo designs, you can do it on your shoulder, wrist, or ankles. Ensure that you take precautions before and after getting inked!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the right size for my name tattoo?

You must consider a few key factors before choosing the right size for your name tattoo. They include the placement (body parts like fingers or arms), the length of your name, and the font size. Some styles may occupy more space and some body parts (like fingers) may have space restrictions.

Can name tattoos be done in different languages?

Yes. Many people opt to get their name tattoos in foreign languages other than their mother tongue. However, ensure that you get it done by a professional and the script is correct (to avoid translation errors).

Are name tattoos a good idea for couples or friends?

Yes. Anyone can get their loved ones’ names as tattoos to show their love towards them. But before getting inked, think about the longevity of your relationships because tattoos are permanent.

Are name tattoos a good choice for a first tattoo?

Yes. You can choose a name tattoo as your first tattoo. But consider the placement of the tattoo and try to get it done by a professional artist to ensure its quality.

What are the qualities that a good tattoo artist must possess?

It is essential for a tattoo artist to have talent, and possess artistic ability, creativity, a steady hand, and a wide range of skills and techniques so as to create an alluring tattoo.

What are the things that one should keep in mind before getting a tattoo?

To determine if getting a tattoo will trigger allergies or whether it will be suitable for your skin, a dermatologist consultation is necessary. After that, you can schedule an appointment with the parlor, since they usually have a long waiting list. Also, do discuss the cost and how often retouching will be required.

What are the tattoo aftercare tips that one must follow?

The tattoo healing process can be slow and cause pain and discomfort. However, make sure to wash the area with a mild cleanser and keep it moisturized. Stay away from swimming or taking a hot bath, as they may cause infection.

Key Takeaways

  • You can get a name tattooed on your body to pay tribute to the people you care about the most; the name may be of your parents, children, partner, or pets.
  • Tattooed names and name tags were once used for the identification of soldiers and prisoners but have since evolved to symbolize commitment and love.
  • Your tattoo design may include hearts, roses, wings, feathers, butterflies, and the eternity symbol.
  • Popular placement choices include arms, shoulders, wrists, fingers, back, thighs, or ankles.

Check out the latest collection of name tattoo designs in the video below. Time to get inspired from new but unique ideas and find the perfect tattoo design for yourself!

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