11 Best Paddle Boards For Yoga To Pose Away During The Sunset – 2023

Improve your blood circulation by practicing yoga with the best equipment for balance.

Reviewed by Lumalia Emmy ArmstrongLumalia Emmy Armstrong, Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor
By Shreya VishwanathanShreya Vishwanathan  • 
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While yoga is loved by many around the world, even those that prefer high-intensity workouts turn to it once in a while. This low-impact activity is a great way to tune into your body, get your blood running, and soothe tired muscles gently. For those just getting into this practice, there are a couple of tools like straps, blocks, and wheels that can up the performance level. If you’re a seasoned yoga enthusiast looking to diversify your skill set and try new things, we recommend taking a look at our list of the best paddle boards for yoga.

Looking similar to a surfboard, this gear is placed on calm water to help you practice balancing techniques. Trying out various poses on an unpredictable water body is sure to refine your posture so you can come off being able to do better on land. Paddle boards help stretch out tired and unused muscles as you try to find your balance. And with the serene nature around, paddle board yoga is also a great way to keep your stress levels in check!

Top Picks

11 Best Paddle Boards For Yoga That Are Stable And Supportive

Taking around 10 minutes for inflation and 5 minutes to deflate, DAMA’s board also features steel rings and a grip handle for easy transportation. These rings are super versatile as they can be used to install a kayaking seat or connect the board with another so you can enjoy it with your friends. With a 3-piece adjustable paddle, this board also comes with a camera bracket mount, an ankle leash, and a removable fin. A hand pump with an air pressure gauge, waterproof bags, and a large backpack are also present. This video helps you know more about the product.


  •  Double handles on top and in middle
  •  Carrying shoulder straps
  •  8 D-rings for attachments
  •  Accommodates up to 330 pounds
  •  5-liter waterproof bag included
  •  UV-proof and anti-corroding surface


  •  Might not provide adequate stability

protip_icon StyleCraze Trivia
Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga originated in Hawaii in the 1950s and 1960s. It only made its way to the mainland in the early 2010s.

FBSPORT’s yoga stand up paddle board is lightweight yet has the capacity to accommodate 280 pounds of weight. Its surface is soft and non-slip so you can perform all your favorite poses with security. To improve speed, 3 bottom panel fins of which one is removable, come into action. Deflating quickly to a tiny packable size, this board can follow you easily to any water body for recreational purposes.


  •  Available in 11 colors
  •  Soft non-slip surface
  •  Easy to install
  •  Coiled ankle leash for safety
  •  Paddle, pump, and backpack included
  •  Carries up to 280 pounds


  •  Some might find the print peel off with time.

protip_icon Pro Tip
If you are a beginner, wear a life jacket to your SUP yoga session. It will keep you safe if you fall off the paddleboard.

Best Lightweight:Uboway Inflatable Paddle Boards

Uboway Inflatable Paddle Boards Image: Uboway

These inflatable yoga paddle boards by Uboway are all you need to take your practice to the next level. Constructed with PVC to be ultra-light and durable, this gear is helpful for people of all skill levels. An adjustable aluminum paddle is present which helps you steer in the preferred direction while the detachable rear fin helps with speed. For safety, the grip handle and ankle leash do their job and the anti-slip EVA pad keeps your poses solid.

  •  Anti-slip pad
  •  Adjustable aluminum paddle
  •  Available in 4 colors
  •  4-point bungee design for storage
  •  Lightweight
  •  Ankle leash


  •  Might undergo slow leakage

The GILI yoga stand-up paddle board is so versatile, you can place it on any water body and enjoy some stable stretches and poses. Cross-stitched and reinforced PVC is used in its construction which offers protection against any damage or dents. The extra-large diamond traction pad allows you to also bring a pet, and the center grabbing handle helps with easy maneuverability.


  •  Offered in 4 colors
  •  6-point bungee for storage
  •  Adjustable paddle
  •  Extra-large traction pad
  •  6 D-rings for kayak seat
  •  Accessories included


  •  Some might find the back fin to be flimsy.

Price at the time of publication: $400

Bringing to you the best inflatable paddle board for yoga, Mousa uses military-grade materials and a double-drop stitch core for maximum sturdiness. The dual PVC rail layers used keep the board competent and resistant to collisions and salt water. With a wide body, people of all frames and builds can have fun on the colorful and patterned surface. The EVA deck pad is anti-slip to secure your footing and the Sport Boost works to keep skidding, shock, and pressure at bay. Check out this video to know more about this product.


  •  Available in 3 colors
  •  Anti-collision
  •  Anti-slip deck pad
  •  Resistant to shock and pressure
  •  20% UV protection
  •  Pet-friendly


  •  The paddles might be too short for some.

Price at the time of publication: $299.99

Designed with a 6-point front bungee, Holoana’s best inflatable paddle boards for yoga allows you access to a large amount of storage. For a solid and secure grip in the case of surfing, the neoprene-padded handle adapts to your hand conveniently. Whenever you want to rest, you can use the side rail straps to keep the paddle decked away. Diamond-shaped, the anti-slip deck pad extends comfort so you can deepen your stretches better.


  •  2 color options available
  •  6-point front bungee for storage
  •  Padded handle for grip
  •  Side paddle holder
  •  Anti-slip deck pad
  •  Carrying capacity of 300 pounds


  •  Some might find the seams to leak.

With PEXMOR’s stand up paddleboard, yoga is about to become all the more fun and enjoyable! 2 layers of military-grade PVC combined with a drop stitch inner structure to lend durability for long time use. Holding up to 551 pounds effortlessly, the board has a soft non-slip deck that cushions your falls or skids. While the bungee helps secure on-board cargo, the D-ring is beneficial to attach an ankle leash for safety.


  •  Available in 4 colors
  •  Carrying capacity of 551 pounds
  •  Non-slip pad
  •  UV-resistant
  •  Tie-down bungee cords
  •  3 bottom fins


  •  Might not be resistant to damage by salt water

Price at the time of publication: $149.98

This inflatable stand-up yoga paddle board by Zupapa features 2 strong top layers which can hold up to 350 pounds of weight. As the surface is covered with EVA, you can also bring your pets in on the fun as there is no worry of them slipping. The removable kayak seat, footrest, and 2-way paddle that comes with the paddle board offer comfort when you want to switch the activity. Whether you’re afloat in shallow water or like venturing into the deep end, the 3-fin system will surely come in handy.


  •  350-pound carrying capacity
  •  Pet-friendly
  •  Anti-slip EVA deck pad
  •  Removable kayak seat and footrest
  •  3 removable fins
  •  Comfortable shoulder strap


  •  The paddles might be difficult to work with.

Price at the time of publication: $299.99

Abahub makes yoga on paddle boards more successful owing to the laminated high-density drop stitch PVC core. The traction pad is made of soft brushed EVA and keeps you secure with no slippage or skidding. With a 3-layer sidewall, the chances of air leaking out are minimized to serve you well. If you’re suddenly in the mood for a kayaking trip, the seat and paddle help transform the board. 14 D-rings allow for plenty of front and rear storage for longer trips out in the ocean.


  •  Available in 4 colors
  •  Soft anti-slip pad
  •  Kayaking accessories included
  •  14 D-rings for storage
  •  Carrying capacity of 370 pounds
  •  Storage with head and tail bungee


  •  The fins might be prone to bending.

Price at the time of publication: $459.99

For paddle boarding yoga, FUNPENY’s product helps even beginners maintain balance with no extra effort. The PVC construction keeps the board from breaking or damaging easily even in the presence of high temperature. With the camera mount available, you can record your adventures for a memorable keepsake. The removable fin allows you to steer the board in whatever direction you like and ensure a smooth ride.


  •  310-pound carrying capacity
  •  Resistant to high temperature
  •  Camera mount
  •  Removable fin
  •  Anti-friction station board
  •  Lightweight


  •  The top coating might peel off.

This stand-up paddle board for yoga offered by Blue Water Toys features slip-resistant and UV-resistant EVA padding to keep you comfortable. The bungee double-cord system keeps all your essentials secure while you’re out on the water. The wide body gives you enough room for even the most challenging of poses and also accommodates your pets so they don’t miss out on a good time.


  •  2 color options available
  •  UV-resistant padding
  •  Anti-slip surface
  •  Easy to install
  •  Pump, gauge, backpack, and emergency kit included
  •  Holds up to 375 pounds of weight


  •  Might not be resistant to leakage

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best paddle boards for yoga available on the market, let’s learn how you can choose the right one for yourself.

Things To Consider When Choosing Paddle Board For Yoga

  •  Type of hull

Planing hulls are made to provide you with stability for yoga and are a good choice for beginners. Displacement hulls give you better speed at the cost of stability so if you’re at an advanced level, this will be helpful.

  •  Weight capacity

Whichever paddle board you choose, it must be able to accommodate your weight along with the accessories that need to be attached. The weight limit must be at least 20% more than your bodyweight and the tools combined. As performing yoga on a paddle board can cause it to shift on water, the extra weight capacity will allow you to move around with ease.

  •  Board length

The longer the board, the more space you will get to stretch and bend in ease. Paddle boards that are 10 to 11 feet long offer enough space for lying down and moving on your feet. Even once you’re out of the water, this kind of length helps you maneuver easily.

Lumalia Emmy Armstrong, certified yoga and meditation teacher, says, “Paddle board width can also contribute to more stability. Having a little bit of a wider board than traditional paddle boards can really create more sturdiness as you switch asanas within your floating practice.”

  •  Material

Paddle boards that are made with heavy-duty PVC ensure stability, sturdiness, and durability. This keeps the board rigid, and the top must be non-abrasive and soft for non-slip traction, made of EVA. Drop-stitch construction is what you should look out for when choosing a paddle board. You can avail a rigid structure which is also lightweight, giving you ease of handling.

  •  Dimensions

A thickness of around 5 inches extends both buoyancy and stability. 30 to 34 inches of width gives you good room to stretch and move around with no restrictions.

  •  Features

A 6 or more bungee storage system is ideal to help you store your belongings safely when you’re out on the water. Also look for D-rings so you can attach another paddle board, kayak seats, footrests, and other accessories for anchoring.

  •  Packages

Some paddle boards come with all the accessories you need, and this is good for when you want a multipurpose usage. Paddles, safety ankle leashes, fins that help with tracking and stability, an inflating pump, and a spacious waterproof backpack with a large capacity are great features to look for.

Paddle boards can help you perform yoga on calm water. You can easily relax, unwind, and work out in peace with the help of paddle boards that can help you stretch your muscles and keep your body fit. While performing yoga on paddle boards, you should be careful about the accommodation and only choose the paddle boards that can easily accommodate you. Along with UV-proof surfaces, many paddle boards also have a waterproof bag included that might be of help when you are practicing your yoga sessions in nature. Paddle boards also come with a non-slip surface to avoid injuries while performing your yoga poses. However, steer clear of paddle boards that can undergo leakage or have a flimsy back fin. Overall, choose paddle boards that have maximum sturdiness.

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The author, Shreya Vishwanathan, is a fitness enthusiast who loves to review different products for her readers. She went through numerous testimonials on trusted online forums and websites to curate this list of the best paddleboards for yoga that can help you stretch tired and unused muscles as you try to find your balance. The shortlisted paddleboards have features like a non-slip surface, traction pads, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do yoga on any paddle board?

Practicing yoga on paddle boards is a great way to enhance your technique and strengthen and develop new muscles. It improves your flexibility, posture, and is a good way to enjoy some nature.

Can we do yoga on any paddle board?

Yes, any paddle board can be used to perform yoga but a SUP board possesses the right width to allow freedom of movement.

Is paddle board yoga good for you?

Yes, paddle board yoga can strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, and help you develop new skills. It can correct your breathing and helps relieve stress due to the time spent outside.

Why do people do yoga on paddle boards?

Performing yoga on paddle boards can help with flexibility and balance, leading to an improvement in your yoga practice. People also use this to enjoy some time out in nature.

How wide should a paddleboard be for yoga?

A paddleboard for yoga should be 32 to 36 inches.

Is paddleboard yoga hard?

No, paddle board yoga is easier than it appears.

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