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10 Best Philips Hair Straighteners for 2018 in India

10 Best Philips Hair Straighteners for 2018 in India March 8, 2018

There are many hair straighteners available in the market these days. They can be very conveniently used at homes or in parlours to get straight, silky, smooth and soft hair.  It is very important that you choose the most suitable one for your hair type, hair condition, hair texture, etc. Among many brands in this category, Philips tops the list in hair straighteners.

Here Are The Top 10 Philips Hair Straighteners:


This has features like auto shut off, 30 sec heat-up time, 360° swivel cord, light indicator, dual voltage, ceramic plates, plate locks. Philips HP8315 hair straightener is specially designed to make your hair look lustrous and stylish. This will give you glossy and healthy hair. This even styles long and thick tresses .The Philips HP8315 Salon Straight hair styler has dual voltage for worldwide use. This is very easy and comfortable to carry while you are travelling. This has a 1.8 m cord that ensures that you don’t get any hand sores and can use it from a distance as well. This has a swivel cord to prevent wire entanglement. It has a flat iron lock with ceramic plates for convenient storage and boosts the texture of your dull hair. It will make your hair smooth, shining and soft. This comes with special XL plates for thick hair and voluminous hair


This Philips straightener comes with features like 30 sec heat-up time, 360° swivel cord, light indicator, instant heating, ceramic plates, tangle-free 1.8 m cord, dual voltage and PTC heater. The Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener is an ideal styling tool for straight and shiny hair. This Philips hair straightener gives its best performance, gifting you with polished and shiny straight hair without damaging it. This heats up in no time- just 30 seconds for instant styling. The HP8309 hair iron has a 360 degree swivel cord that rotates and prevents wire tangling. The cord is 1.8 m long for the convenience to move. This has dual-voltage and can be used worldwide. This is very easy to use, since this is compact and small. Operating this hair iron is also simple and intuitive. This is equipped with an indicator light that lights up when you plug in the hair straightener. This comes with heating plates coated with ceramic material for positive temperature co-efficient heating. This retains and distributes the heat evenly for quick and efficient results. This gives you sleek and straight hair without breaking or damaging them. It has a temperature of 210 degree Celsius that will give you salon-like straight hair.

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PHILIPS HP8310 HAIR STRAIGHTENER (BLACK) has features such as dual voltage, ceramic plates, light indicator, 360° swivel cord, auto shut off function, 30 sec heat-up time, ion conditioning. This is a high-end hair straightener that gives salon-like shining tresses. This hair straightener is unique due to its dual voltage for worldwide use. This can be carried easily anywhere across the globe. This hair straightener is very safe to use on pale, blonde, bleached or color-treated hair. This can also be used to create beautiful curls. This has active Ion that is suitable for long and thick hair types. The Philips HP8310 hair straightener has a 1.8 m swivel cord for maximum flexibility and untangled wires. This has an easy lock that makes it easy to store. This is very sleek, compatible and lightweight which makes it easy to carry and store. This is both handy as well as portable. The active Ion in this gives out infrared heat, which penetrates into the hair follicle and dries it inside out. This gives faster, gentler and efficient drying. The ceramic heat is useful to obtain a better hairdo with a glossy finish. This comes with a unique extra wide plate with a dimension of 26 x 90 mm. This can easily style thick and long hair. It also makes your hair management easier and is time-friendly.


This comes with a storage hook and tangle-free property. This gives lustrous locks like a hair stylist without harming your hair. This straightens the unruly waves with its smooth ceramic plates. This eases out the flyaway and straightens out every last strand in no time. The plates are designed to be used daily without causing any hair damage. The straightener has a 1.8 m long cord that has a 360 degree swivel, which makes it very easy to be carried around in the room without tangling. This has a light indicator on the device to check the amount of heat you are subjecting your hair to. It has a temperature range of 210 degree Celsius and heats up in thirty seconds. This requires a power of 110 to 240 V. This has two speed settings for suitability and convenience of styling the hair.


This has features like Dual Care Plates, Swivel Cord, Ceramic Coating, Automatic Shut-off and EHD Technology. This Philips HP8339 hair straightener comes with ceramic plates with the temperature range of 199° C. This heats up in just 30 seconds. The size of the plate is 25 (W) x 90 (L) mm and cord length is 1.8 m. It comes with a 2 years Philips India warranty and free transit insurance.

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The key features of this product are tangle-free 1.8 m Cord, Ceramic Plates, 30 sec Heat-up Time, Dual Voltage, 30 W Power, Plate Locks, Storage Hook. The Philips HP8300 hair straightener will give you salon-shine straight hair. This straightening iron works at 180 degree Celsius, which is a professional styling temperature. This treats fragile hair effectively and gives you straight shining tresses all day long. This styler from Philips is best suited for short and medium length hair. This has a 1.8 m power cord that makes it very convenient to move when using it. This also prevents hand sores. This HP8300 hair straightener is very easy to store and can even be mounted on the wall. This has an easy lock for convenient storage. The ceramic coating plates are useful to give you the best results by adding luster and shine to dull hair. This distributes heat very evenly onto your locks and doesn’t cause any kind of damage. The straightener glides on very smoothly to give a mirror-gloss hairdo.


This hair straightener philips comes with – ceramic coating with keratin infusion and ceramic plates. The temperature range of the product is 210° C. It has an On/Off indicator to maintain the heat and a swivel cord for easy movement in the area. This straightener’s heat up time is just 30 sec and the cord length is 1.5 m. This requires a power of 220 V. The packaging of this product includes hair straightener, carry pouch and a 2 years Philips India warranty card.


This Philips Hair Straightener will give your hair an instant boost with ionic conditioning. This also has charged negative ions that condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles. This can make you hair shiny and glossy. This also makes your hair very beautifully shiny, smooth and frizz-free. It requires a voltage of 220-240 AC V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz. The dimensions of the product are 284 x 85 x 235 mm and weight is 853 g.

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This come with features like Ceramic Coating,180 sec Heat-up Time, Straightener Attached Cool Tip, Light Indicator,60° Swivel Cord. This product consumes 25 W power. It manages your hair to give a trendy look throughout the day. This comes with 6 attachments that create fabulous hairdos like large curls, ringlets/waves, crimps as well as flicks and straight sleek hair. You can flaunt the latest trends with a dash of style. This can also give volume to your thin, long or medium hair.  Philips HP4696/22 has a cool tip that makes it easy to hold your styler without causing any heat burns. The tip is specially insulated with material to keep the device cool and for an easy grip. This is also very easy to store, since it is nice and compact. This also comes with a safety stand to put down your straightener and a swivel cord to prevent wire entanglement. The length of the cord is 1.8 m for an easy styling session from a distance. This has a power button that glows after switching on the device. The colour changes from red to dark red when the styler is ready to use. This has a sliding On/Off button that makes it an efficient styling tool.


Philips HP 8651 hair styler has features like a 1.8 m power cord, 650 W power, styling brush and curler, 8 mm thermo brush, narrow concentrator. It is light and easy to handle. The cord length is 1.8 m and consumes 650 W power. The sales package comes with a unit, user manual, and warranty card of 2 years from Philips India.

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These are my picks of the best philips hair straighteners. Do you wish to pick up any of these Philips hair straighteners or do you already have one? Share with us.

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