10 Best Pillows For Back Sleepers In 2021 For A Comfy Sleep

Written by Shreya Vishwanathan
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Sleep is crucial for you to re-energize yourself for the next day. Good sleep keeps your mind and body healthy. If you get your deepest sleep while lying on your back, you will need the best pillow for back sleepers that comes in an ideal height. The pillow’s height must be lower than a pillow for a side sleeper and higher than a pillow for a stomach sleeper. In addition, the length of the pillow should support the back and neck to obtain perfect spine alignment.

We pay so much attention when grabbing the perfect mattress, blanket, and bed, but the pillow is often bought casually. A generic pillow does not give you sound sleep or make you feel fresh each morning. Its high time to invest time and thought while buying a back pillow for yourself.

To save you the trouble of browsing through hundreds of pillows in the market, we have carefully curated a list of the 10 best back pillows that are perfect for resting heads and maintaining spine curvature. Scroll down and pick up the one you like the best and sleep through the night like a baby in mother’s lap.

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Get A Peaceful Sleep That You Deserve With These 10 Best Pillows For Back Sleepers

1. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Wake up feeling fully recharged after catching up on your sleep with this pillow for a neutral position that assures you a restful night. Designed to be ergonomic, it provides therapeutic relief to back sleepers, especially for those with neck pain. This pillow also comes encased in premium fabric that keeps you comfy and cool through the night. Plus the fabric is hypoallergenic and feels silky soft on the skin. The contour design of the pillow provides ample support to the head, neck, and shoulders. Made of breathable memory foam, it is designed to enable better air circulation too that helps in keeping the sleeper feeling cool at night. Brownie points for all components of this pillow being free of chemicals. So, go enjoy your night of restful sleep without any hassle with this best pillow for back sleepers.


  •  Ergonomic pillow for back sleepers
  •  Provides neck pain relief
  •  Hypoallergenic pillow case
  •  Contour design for good support for head, back, and neck
  •  Breathable memory foam for better air circulation
  •  Free of chemicals


  •  Might take up to 2 weeks for the user’s body to get used to the pillow

2. UTTU Sandwich Pillow

Never complain of neck pain after waking up by choosing this pillow for back sleepers that comes with an adjustable height and firmness levels, which you can easily tweak to fit your needs. From 4.7 inches with a high loft height, you can reduce it to up to 2.8 inches as per your convenience by simply adjusting the middle layer of the firm pillow. Made by using the brand’s premium patented foam material, it is designed to adjust to your body so that it can serve your needs well. Plus, this foam remains soft all year round unlike many other pillows that might harden during the winter months. The cover of the pillow is made using bamboo that is not only easy to wash and maintain but is also very cooling for the user. Go ahead and grab this if you are a back sleeper who likes to adjust the height of their pillow.


  •  Adjustable height
  •  Made using brand’s patented foam
  •  Adjusts to the body of the sleeper
  •  Easy to wash and is cooling on the skin
  •  Foam remains soft all year round.


  •  May not be suitable for those looking for high support to the neck

3. Copper Fit Angel Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

Specially designed for back and side sleepers, this supportive pillow is made of a high-grade memory foam that adjusts to the shape of the body of the user to be able to provide the best kind of support while you catch up on your beauty sleep. The foam easily contours to the neck and spine of the user, giving a good mix of support and comfort as you sleep. This basically ensures the best kind of alignment for your spine, meaning you will not have to wake up with a bad back or neck pain again. This pillow also has a unique design that has cut out spaces for your arms to relax as you sleep. The pillow case is designed to be soft and is made using copper-infused material that is easy to wash so it is a win-win for you.


  •  Uses memory foam that adjusts to body of user
  •  Easily contours to the spine and neck of user
  •  Provides proper alignment for the spine
  •  Cut-out design for arms to relax
  •  Easy to wash


  •  The size might not be suitable for those looking for bigger pillows.

4. Kunpeng Pillow

Designed to be resilient and soft at the same time, this luxury pillow is meant to provide a good mix of both to back sleepers. High resilience means that the height remains uncompromised, which in turn means that it provides good support to your neck and back as you sleep. Suitable for those who often complain about migraines and neck pains, this pillow gives you a good night’s sleep that you deserve. It is soft, comfortable, and resistant to fading and stains. Clock in your precious 8 hours of sleep on this soft, best pillow for back sleepers with ease.


  • Suitable for those with migraines
  • Provides adequate support to the neck
  • Resilient height
  • 5 seconds rebound


  • Some may find them too bouncy.

5. Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Stop fretting about not getting good sleep and lull into a restful 8 hours of deep slumber with this pillow that has a full pillow shape, designed to give you adequate support as you sleep. Made with less than 3 inches of height, this pillow is suitable for back and stomach sleepers who do not need as much of loft height for support for a peaceful sleep. Made of 60% polyester and 40% rayon from bamboo, the pillow also has gel-infused particles that absorb heat, allow cooling, and facilitate great air circulation throughout the night. Say bye to neck pain and other forms of spinal discomfort as this pillow offers optimum support for the correct alignment of your spine. What more? This pillow may also alleviate snoring by taking care of your posture as you sleep. This is a CertiPUR-US certified memory foam pillow for back sleepers that also ensures you do not have to endure odors of harmful chemicals.


  •  3 inches height for stomach and back sleepers
  •  Optimum support for back and neck
  •  Might alleviate snoring by correcting spinal alignment
  •  Polyester and rayon filling to absorb moisture
  •  Gel-infused particles for air circulation
  •  No harmful odors


  •  Might take up to 24 hours to be fluffy enough for use

6. YourFacePillow Memory Foam Pillow

Get a good night’s sleep and wake up looking good with one of the best pillows for back sleepers that you will fall in love with. Alleviate pain and pressure from your neck and shoulders as you sleep with this pillow designed as an anti snore pillow for back sleepers to provide you with support to also get rid of snoring. The memory foam used in this pillow, along with its patented design, has contours in all the right places to help you sleep while relieving you of pain from your pressure points. Plus the memory foam is made of material that is not only hypoallergenic but is also cooling on the skin as it absorbs moisture and allows great circulation of air. This pillow actually lets your sleep transform into one that makes you look better due to its anti-aging and anti-acne benefits. By alleviating pressure from your face and neck, you do not have to worry about the skin creasing or reacting to bacteria that can lead to acne. This one is indeed one of the best pillows for back sleepers!


  •  Provides good spinal alignment
  •  Redistributes body weight
  •  Hypoallergenic material
  •  Cooling
  •  Available in 2 sizes
  •  CertiPUR-US certified memory foam
  •  Helps avoid wrinkles
  •  Helps avoid acne


  •  Might take up to 24 hours to fluff the pillow before it is ready for use

7. Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow

Say bye to waking up with a sore neck with this pillow designed for back sleepers. Made using memory foam of 60 density, this pillow is firm enough to provide support that helps alleviate neck pain and facilitates good spinal alignment. Designed with head support, it helps to cradle your head as you sleep and can also be used for side sleepers of a small stature. The pillow’s memory foam can sense temperature to adapt to your body and provide optimum contouring and support, and it has 2 kinds of heights that you can choose from. The pillow case is made of a breathable and soft fabric to allow air circulation and help you sleep in peace at night. This cervical pillow is perfect for those with vertebral issues and even elderlies who might need neck support.


  •  Made of 60 density memory foam
  •  Has medium hardness for adequate support
  •  Designed with a hole to cradle the head
  •  Soft, breathable fabric
  •  Ideal for those with vertebral issues
  •  Suitable for side sleepers of small stature
  •  2 kinds of height to choose from


  •  Might not be suitable for back sleepers of small stature

8. Kiss Dream 100% Talalay Latex Pillow

Never wake up irritated again due to lack of proper sleep with this latex pillow made for back sleepers. Designed to give adequate support to your head, neck, and shoulders, this pillow for back sleepers uses natural latex with a cover made of 100% cotton. It features a fast rebound, which means that the weight of your head will not dent the pillow too much. The pillow is comfortable and breathable so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. It is suitable for those with neck pain as it gives support and helps in achieving a good alignment for the neck. It has a flat design but it contours to the shape of the body of the sleeper and has a thickness of 6.3 inches to give you a firm support.


  •  Made of natural latex
  •  100% cotton cover
  •  Breathable
  •  Comfortable
  •  Fast rebound
  •  Helps alleviate neck pain
  •  Flat ergonomic design
  •  Contours to the shape of the body of the sleeper
  •  6.3 inches in thickness


  •  It may have a faint smell of rubber initially.

9. Cosney Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep without feeling any pain with this pillow for back sleepers that helps in getting rid of multiple kinds of aches, starting with neck pain to back pain and soreness in your shoulders too. Relieve pressure from your body as you use this pillow specially designed to redistribute the weight of your head and back. It offers optimum spinal alignment that helps improve posture and sleep. The fabric used in making the case is of good quality, ensuring better circulation of air as you sleep in peace. This pillow contains no chemicals, which means that it is healthy for use. The pillow comes with a removable cover that is hypoallergenic.


  •  Comforts soreness of shoulder
  •  Helps alleviate neck and back pain
  •  Helps keeping head in place
  •  Relieves body pressure
  •  Good for spinal alignment
  •  Contains no chemicals
  •  Made of high quality fabric
  •  Comes with a removable pillowcase


  •  May not be suitable for those who are petite

10. BodyMed Cervical Support Pillow

Say bye to fitful sleep with this pillow designed to contour with the curves of your body to give you optimum spinal alignment. A cavity in the centre supports and cradles your head while you sleep on your back while the extension in the form of a wedge supports the thoracic. The armrests make space for your hands and shoulders to relax while you sleep. Designed to be an orthopedic pillow, it uses memory foam that is super skin-friendly and breathable. It has a slow rebound that makes sure the shape of the contour pillow stays intact to support your head while you sleep. The removable case made from cotton an polyester is easy to wash and is breathable too.


  • Contours with the curves of your body
  • Helps in optimum spinal alignment
  • Breathable fabric
  • Easy to wash


  • Not suitable for those looking for a very hard pillow

Now that we have looked at our 10 best pillows for back sleepers, let us look at the factors to consider when you buy one for yourself.

How To Buy The Best Pillow For Back Sleepers

  •  Type of foam

While most of the best pillows for back sleepers use memory foam that easily adapts to the contours of the body of the user, some use normal foam too. It is always best to get something as per your needs. Choose foam if you are looking for an average amount of firmness and support and don’t need much beyond that for sound sleep. Get yourself a pillow made of memory foam if you want an adaptable amount of firmness and support that is specially suitable for the needs of your body.

  •  Degree of support

While there are normal pillows for back sleepers that give you a degree of firmness that can support your neck and shoulder as you sleep on your back, there are others that have features to provide extra support for your head, neck, and shoulders. A cavity to cradle the head, a wedge extension to support the spine, and cut outs for your shoulders to relax are a few examples.

  •  Height of loft

While back sleepers need a pillow with a height that is lower than those needed by side sleepers and higher than those needed by stomach sleepers, there are also many pillows that come with the option of choosing more than one kind of height. While some have the option of adjusting the height by tweaking a middle layer of stuffing, some have contours with varying heights to choose from and it solely depends on your preference.

Now that we have looked at how to pick the best pillow for back sleepers, let us look at the kinds of pillows available for back sleepers.

Types Of Pillows For Back Sleepers

  •  Memory foam pillows

These pillows are of medium loft height and adapt to the contours of your body to provide optimum support for your neck, head, and shoulders so that you do not wake up with soreness or body pain.

  •  Latex pillows

Pick a latex pillow with medium height to get support for your head, neck, and body and to also stay cool at night with breathable latex that absorbs moisture and allows good circulation of air so that you can sleep peacefully through the night.

  •  Cervical ergonomic pillows

These pillows are specifically designed to provide support and firmness for your head, neck, and shoulders and have promising features such as cavities to cradle your head, contours to help with optimum spinal alignment, and adaptable heights too.

After looking at the kind of pillows available for back sleepers, here’s taking a look at the importance of a back sleeping pillow.

Importance Of Using A Back Sleeping Pillow

  •  Support

Back sleeping pillows are specifically designed to give your body the support you need while you sleep so that you not only sleep peacefully but so that you do not wake up with any aches and pains.

  •  Spinal alignment

Having a good spinal alignment is very important for your body and posture and to avoid problems such as slip discs and even snoring, and a back sleeping pillow helps with that.

  •  Sleep cool

A back sleeping pillow with the right kind of memory foam or latex components inside also ensures that you do not feel hot and stuffy while you sleep. These help in absorbing moisture and facilitating the easy circulation of air so that you get to sleep coolly.

Here are a few tips for back sleepers to clock in their beauty sleep peacefully.

Tips For Back Sleepers

  •  The right mattress

Start by choosing the right mattress that gives your body great support by mixing the right amount of firmness and softness.

  •  Pillow with best support

Pick the best pillow for back sleepers from our list of our favorite 10 to get the perfect balance of support and comfort for a good night’s sleep.

  •  Balance

To get the right kind of balance, you can also add some support under your waist and knees to get the right alignment for your spine. If you don’t find anything else, try using an ordinary pillow for this.

  •  Persistence

Getting used to a new pillow or sleeping technique does not get you instant results and sometimes, it can also take up to 2 weeks to get used to a new pillow. So stay at it and you will see the results of a healthy sleeping habit soon.

How you sleep determines the kind of day you will have and with our hectic lifestyles, the last thing we need is bad sleep to make us feel tired and drowsy the next day. Waking up with headaches, neck pains, or sore shoulders is just not an option for us and in order to really let our sleep be the beauty sleep that we all deserve them to be, we need to get the right pillows for ourselves. If you are a back sleeper, then our list of the 10 best pillows for back sleepers simply cannot be missed, especially with all the benefits that we have listed above. So what are you waiting for? Grab your best pick and get yourself a good night’s sleep that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is back sleeping?

How you sleep mostly depends on one’s preference but having said that, most people are known to be back sleepers as that is the easiest and the most natural way to sleep.

How high should a pillow be for a back sleeper?

The height of the pillow is subjective. However, it is less than the height needed in the pillows for side sleepers and more than what is needed in pillows for stomach sleepers.

What is the worst pillow type for back sleepers?

A very low, flat and soft pillow is the worst kind of pillow for back sleepers as that will not provide any support to the head, neck, and shoulders.

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