111 Best Romantic Places For Couples To Elope

These places are the best for a fuss-free, romantic, and intimate wedding.

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If wedding planning is stressing you out, we know the best places to elope. You can do away with the stress of seating plans, food, decoration, guests, and in-laws. Want to forgo a big fat wedding? Then, swap it with a more private, quiet, and intimate affair. Get your shoes ready and start your car’s engine. Read on to check out the most idyllic, exotic, and private destinations for a beautiful, fuss-free elopement. Scroll down!

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30 Most Romantic Places To Elope

Most romantic places to elope
Image: Shutterstock

1. Sierra Nevada, USA

Last-minute elopements to Las Vegas are legendary – and for a good reason. You don’t have to do anything more than ask nicely for a marriage license! That’s all it takes to get legally wedded in Nevada. But if you don’t want to show up in an Elvis costume for a drive-thru wedding at The Little White Wedding Chapel, no worries. Just head upstate. Emerald Bay, which is sheltered from the wind by the surrounding mountains, is a stunning locale for an intimate wedding.

2. Harbour Island, Bahamas

There are few things more romantic than a wedding on a pink sand beach. On Harbour Island, you can sink your feet into powdery pink sands and look over at the crystal clear, brilliant blue sea as you exchange rings. You will also find charming honeymoon cottages for the best newlywed experience.

3. Fiji

Fiji is known as the wedding capital of the South Pacific. Though the flights to reach Fiji are expensive, you will recover some of the investment in all-inclusive elopement package deals available at resorts across its 300-ish islands. Fiji has an abundance of venues – from lush jungles and simple seaside setups to exclusive private island resorts. Go ahead and take your pick.

4. Maui

Maui is one of the most breathtaking places on Earth – the striking cerulean waters, ultra-soft golden sands, swaying palm trees, and beautiful sunsets at Makena Cove Beach lend an ethereal aura to the place. This tiny, walled-in cove also offers a combination of surf, sand, and rocks that are amazing backdrops for fabulous wedding photos.

5. Seychelles

Seychelles has powder-white beaches and thick, jungled hills. This Indian Ocean paradise is very romantic. All you need to do to get married at Seychelles is check into a hotel a couple of days prior to tying the knot and carry your birth certificates with you. Simple as that!

6. Andes, Peru

The setting for a wedding can’t get more magical than Machu Picchu. For couples looking to make a spiritual commitment to each other rather than get into a union bound by law or religion, Peru is just the perfect place. Here, you can opt for the traditional Arac Masin or Andean wedding rituals, among the sacred Inca sites, such as the famous ruins of Machu Picchu.

7. Masai Mara, Kenya

The romanticism of getting hitched in Africa is undeniable, but how do you go about it? Just trust Richard Branson! This mogul’s luxurious South African safari camp – Ulusaba – is just perfect for large weddings, and his Mahali Mzuri is ideal for private nuptials.

8. Tulum, Mexico

Why not get married amid the beautiful beaches and ancient ruins of Tulum, Mexico? While many do choose to elope to Nicaragua or Costa Rica, they are still nowhere close to being as picturesque as the romantic shores of Mexico. With the famous Mayan ruins of Tulum, exquisite turquoise cenotes, and pristine beaches all within reach, you will be spoiled for photo opportunities.

9. Ærø, Denmark

To wed in Denmark, you only need proof of legally entering the country, proof of identification, and, if applicable, proof of a previous divorce. With gentle, rolling farmlands, beautiful sea views, and sleepy historical villages providing picture-perfect backdrops for weddings, Ærø is among the most beautiful destinations to elope.

10. Mendocino

With a seaside village situated over cliffs overlooking the Pacific, Mendocino is known for awe-inspiring ocean views and New England-style Victorian homes. There are many places that are perfect for exchanging your wedding vows, such as the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. It includes coastal bluffs, wetlands, a wide array of plant and floral collections, a pine forest, and canyons.

11. Gretna Green, UK

When marriage laws were made stricter by the Parliament in the middle of the 18th century, the Scottish village of Gretna Green became a harbor for numerous English lovers eloping to marry in secret. Scotland still allowed on-the-spot marriage until 1940. English couples would simply duck across the border and tie the knot before the angry father of the bride could arrive. Almost 300 years later, the romance of this pretty Scottish village still endures.

12. Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud’s tropical forests provide an exotic backdrop for wedding photographs. You can get wed in an orchid garden with a backdrop of emerald rice paddies at the Alila Ubud. If you want a lush green backdrop against your beautiful white wedding dress, you just cannot choose a better place than this.

13. St Lucia

Eloping to the Caribbean is guaranteed to be magical. However, when it comes to scenic beauty, it is hard to beat St Lucia’s majestic Pitons. There is no residency period, so you can simply turn up and get married as long as you have applied for the marriage license at least a couple of days earlier.

14. Greenough, Montana

If you are the type who enjoys being immersed in the wilderness of mountains, you might want to try Montana. You can try the Resort at Paws Up, which features luxurious vacation homes as well as an elopement package. The package includes a ceremony, a gourmet dinner with champagne, a private carriage ride, a spa treatment for the couple, and a wedding cake. What more could you ask for?

15. Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman boasts of Seven Mile Beach, a beautiful champagne-colored stretch of sandy land that is lined with Casuarina trees and palms. It offers a romantic ambiance along with the incredible scenery. Enjoy snorkeling with your beau and friendly stingrays at Stingray City, or try parasailing, windsurfing, and more.

16.Paris, France

Known as the “City of Love,” Paris exudes romance at every turn. Elope in front of the Eiffel Tower or inside the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, and then savor croissants and champagne in a charming café. Stroll hand in hand along the Seine River, where the city’s lights dance on the water, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your love story.

17.Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto’s serene temples and beautiful cherry blossoms provide a serene setting for a romantic elopement. Have a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, wear a kimono, and capture the beauty of your love amidst ancient architecture. As you exchange vows under the delicate sakura blossoms, you’ll create memories that blend the elegance of tradition with the freshness of your love story, making Kyoto an unforgettable backdrop for your special day.

18.Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Elope in luxury on the island of Bora Bora. You can stay in an overwater bungalow, exchange vows on a pristine beach, and embark on a romantic sunset cruise under the South Pacific’s dazzling skies. Bask in the warm embrace of turquoise waters and the gentle lull of the ocean, creating an intimate and unforgettable experience in this tropical paradise.

19.Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany’s rolling vineyards and historic villas provide an idyllic backdrop for a romantic elopement. Enjoy a private wine tasting and dine al fresco under the Tuscan sun. As you clink glasses filled with rich Chianti, you’ll savor not only the wine but also the timeless love that brought you to this enchanting corner of Italy.

20.The Maldives

Escape to an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, where you can exchange vows surrounded by crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs. Enjoy a private dinner on the beach as you celebrate your love in paradise. Under a canopy of stars, the gentle lapping of waves will serenade your intimate moment, creating a memory as unforgettable as the Maldives’ natural beauty.

21.Cappadocia, Turkey

Take your love to new heights in Cappadocia, where you can have a hot air balloon elopement at sunrise. Drift above the otherworldly landscapes and enjoy a champagne toast upon landing. As the first rays of sunlight bathe the surreal terrain in a warm, golden glow, you’ll find that your love has reached new heights, just like your hot air balloon adventure in this magical region.

22.Queenstown, New Zealand

Known as the “Adventure Capital of the World,” Queenstown offers stunning alpine scenery. Elope on the shores of Lake Wakatipu or amidst the Southern Alps for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re exchanging vows against the backdrop of the Remarkables mountain range or sharing a moment of quiet reflection by the tranquil lake, Queenstown’s natural beauty will infuse your elopement with a sense of awe and adventure that you’ll cherish forever.

23.Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa, nestled in the Hoàng Liên Son Mountains, offers a remote and enchanting location for a mountain elopement. Exchange vows surrounded by terraced rice fields and misty peaks. As you stand amidst the swirling mists and the lush greenery of this highland paradise, your love story unfolds against a backdrop of rugged beauty, creating an intimate and ethereal moment that captures the essence of your adventurous spirits.

24.Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik’s historic old town, surrounded by medieval walls, provides a romantic backdrop for a European elopement. Have a ceremony in a charming courtyard or on a cliffside terrace. With the Adriatic Sea shimmering in the background and the echoes of centuries-old tales in the air, your love story takes center stage in this picturesque setting, making your elopement in Dubrovnik a true fairytale come to life.

25.Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers diverse natural settings for elopements, from pristine beaches to lush rainforests. Say “I do” on a secluded beach or in a tropical garden surrounded by exotic wildlife. With the vibrant colors of the tropics as your backdrop, your love story unfolds in harmony with the rich biodiversity of this enchanting paradise, creating a unique and unforgettable elopement experience.

26.Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como’s serene waters and elegant villas offer a romantic setting for an elopement. Say “ti amo” in a lakeside garden, followed by a boat ride on the lake with scenic views. As you glide across the glistening waters, the grandeur of the Italian Alps and the timeless beauty of Lake Como create a romantic backdrop that perfectly complements your love story.

27.Barcelona, Spain

The vibrant and artistic city of Barcelona provides a unique urban setting for elopements. Exchange vows in Park Güell, with its colorful mosaics, where the whimsical architecture by Gaudí adds an enchanting touch, or on the historic steps of Montjuïc Castle, overlooking the city’s panoramic views. Barcelona’s creative spirit and architectural wonders offer a captivating backdrop for your love story, making your elopement an artistic and memorable experience.

28.Edinburgh, Scotland

The historic and atmospheric city of Edinburgh is ideal for a Scottish elopement. Exchange vows in front of the iconic Edinburgh Castle, followed by a traditional ceilidh dance. As the melodies of bagpipes fill the air and the castle’s majestic silhouette stands guard, your elopement in Edinburgh becomes a timeless and spirited celebration of love and tradition.

29.Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech’s exotic beauty, with its ornate palaces and vibrant souks, offers a unique elopement experience. Consider a ceremony in a riad courtyard, where the scent of fragrant roses mingles with the sounds of traditional music, or beneath the majestic backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech’s blend of culture and natural splendor creates an enchanting atmosphere for your elopement, making it a sensory journey you’ll cherish forever.

30.The Bahamas (Exuma Cays)

Experience the pristine beauty of the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas. Exchange vows on a secluded beach, where the powdery sand meets the shimmering turquoise waters, or in a private villa overlooking the endless ocean horizon, with crystal-clear waters and the curious swimming pigs as your adorable witnesses. Your elopement in this tropical paradise becomes an intimate and unforgettable adventure, surrounded by the natural wonder of the Bahamas.

15 Beautiful Places To Elope

Beautiful places to elope
Image: Shutterstock

1. Iceland

Iceland offers the ultimate fantasy wedding destination with out-of-this-world landscapes. It includes everything from jet black sand beaches, hot springs, gorgeous waterfalls with rainbows, and soaring mountains to the Northern Lights. It is hard to outdo the extraordinary beauty of this country.

2. Ice Cave In The PNW

The Big Four Ice Caves is just one of the many amazing wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Though they are absolutely incredible, be careful as this area is known for its unpredictable and often dangerous weather. However, it is perfect if you are looking for an adventurous elopement.

3. Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, is not comparable to any other place in the world. With beautiful turquoise waters framed by a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and lush evergreens, it is definitely one of the most gorgeous places to elope in North America!

4. Crater Lake In Oregon

If you love nature, this is it! Surrounded by lush greenery, with a breathtaking view of the Crater lake, this location is perfect for saying your vows. You will get some amazing pictures that will make your friends go as green as the forests.

5. Dunluce Castle In Ireland

Thousands of years ago, Lord McQuillan of Dunluce had imprisoned his young daughter in a tower of this beautiful castle as she had refused an arranged marriage to her cousin. On a stormy night, she and her beau eloped on a rowboat. In a heartbreaking turn of events, they were thrown and bashed against the cliffs. However, the lore of these young sweethearts lives on. It is believed that their souls are bound together forever. Isn’t this a romantic place to get married to honor true love?

6. Desert Of Joshua Tree

Are you obsessed with the desert? What about some California vibes? Joshua Tree is the perfect place for you. It offers alluring cactus plants, dreamy sunsets, and insanely starry nights. Very different backdrop than your usual beachy wedding pictures.

7. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is renowned for its whitewashed homes, ancient volcanic crater, blue-domed churches, jaw-dropping sunsets, and its sapphire sea. It is a much sought-after destination for many couples who want a memorable wedding.

8. Reno, Nevada

It is insanely easy to get wed in Nevada – there are no blood tests, no waiting period, and marriage licenses are cheap and easy to get. If you are looking for something earthy and blessed by Mother Nature, head to the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounding Reno. There are a number of ski resorts and public parks near the crystal-clear Lake Tahoe, which means scenic backdrops are a given with any marriage ceremony conducted in Reno.

9. Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is another fantastically picturesque spot. It offers some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries. The lush green mountains show off unique rock formations, such as the Old Man of Storr – one of the most iconic spots of the island. The seashell-strewn beaches, cerulean-hued fairy pools, and cascading waterfalls that go down to the turquoise sea below make for a sublime backdrop for a romantic wedding.

10. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

A masterpiece of 19th-century architecture, Neuschwanstein Castle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. It is set on a Bavarian hilltop that overlooks the mountains and enjoys glorious sunsets. It is hard to find a location more beautiful for a charming wedding ceremony. You can get married as the sun goes down – it will make for some spectacular wedding pictures.

11. Juneau

Juneau is only accessible by plane or boat. You can get married on the 13.6 miles long Mendenhall Glacier that extends from Juneau Icefield. You can enjoy whale watching, go on glacier cruises, and do lots of hiking, wildlife viewing, and more.

12. Park City, Utah

Utah offers quirky boutiques and beautiful, bustling cafés – the perfect setting if you are the outdoorsy type. It will not be the typical wedding destination, of course, but who knows, you may find it even more quaint and beautiful than the regular elopement destinations. One thing is for sure – no one can deny that the atmosphere is insanely romantic!

13. Calistoga, California

Head over to California’s wine country for a dreamy wedding. The path of elopement to Napa is a well-trodden upon romantic road, but you can shake things up by heading to the bohemian enclave of Calistoga, which is known for its healing mineral pools.

14. Florida Keys

You have got to love Florida. This Sunshine State is a laid-back lass – no blood tests or waiting periods for wedding licenses. For simple weddings, the choices are limitless – from islands in the Gulf of Mexico and deserted Panhandle beaches to urban beach spots like Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

However, if you are looking for a quirky setting to elope, you can’t do better than renting a car and going on a road trip to the Florida Keys. You can exchange vows in a beautiful saltwater lagoon with dolphins frolicking about.

15. Yosemite National Park

If you love adventurous hikes, the mountains, and pretty views, Yosemite National Park in California may be just the right choice for you! Nothing beats the incredible scenery and photograph opportunities of Taft Point. Get creative and go all out!

16.Banff National Park, Canada

Nestled in the Canadian Rockies, Banff offers stunning alpine landscapes, emerald lakes, and dramatic mountain peaks. It’s a nature lover’s dream for an elopement. Imagine saying your vows amidst the serene beauty of Moraine Lake, with the iconic Valley of the Ten Peaks as your witness, creating an unforgettable moment in the heart of the Rockies.

17.Cinque Terre, Italy

This collection of five colorful fishing villages along the Italian Riviera offers charming streets, scenic hiking trails, and stunning coastal views, making it a picturesque elopement location.

18.Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

Patagonia features vast glaciers, rugged mountains, and pristine wilderness, making it a breathtaking destination for adventurous couples. Whether you’re hiking through Torres del Paine or sharing a moment amidst the Perito Moreno Glacier’s shimmering ice, you’ll create memories that last a lifetime in this untamed paradise.

19.Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled’s emerald waters, medieval castle, and charming island with a church make it a fairytale-like location for a European elopement. Glide across the lake in a traditional pletna boat and ring the “Wishing Bell” at the island church for a truly magical experience.

20.Prague, Czech Republic

Explore the cobbled streets hand in hand, and let the centuries-old charm of Prague envelop you as you embark on your journey of love. Amidst the Baroque and Gothic architecture, your elopement here will be nothing short of a timeless fairy tale.

21.Petra, Jordan

Wander through the Siq, a narrow canyon leading to Petra’s main treasure, the Al-Khazneh Treasury. As you stand before this marvel, carved into the rose-red cliffs, the aura of mystery and history will make your elopement an unforgettable journey through time.

22.The Scottish Highlands

Amidst the heather-covered moors and shimmering lochs, you’ll feel the whispers of ancient legends and the mystique of Scotland’s rich heritage. With an elopement in the Scottish Highlands, you’ll create a story of love as enduring as the rugged landscape itself.

23.Niagara Falls, Canada

As the mighty falls thunder in the background, you’ll exchange vows in a place where nature’s grandeur amplifies the depth of your love. The misty embrace of Niagara Falls will forever symbolize the strength and passion of your union.

24.Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

When the salt flat of Salar de Uyuni transforms into a seemingly endless mirror, your love story reflects in perfect harmony with the heavens, making your elopement an ethereal journey into the boundless. The union of earth and sky here is a poetic backdrop for your special day.

25.Sossusvlei, Namibia

In this otherworldly landscape, where the burnt-orange dunes meet the cerulean sky, your elopement in Sossusvlei becomes a testament to the enduring and vibrant nature of love. The raw, untamed beauty of the Namib Desert serves as a profound backdrop to your union.

26.Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama, Japan

Surrounded by the gentle rustle of bamboo leaves and dappled sunlight, your elopement in Arashiyama becomes a harmonious ode to love and nature. The tranquility of this enchanting grove fosters a deep sense of peace, making your ceremony a truly spiritual experience.

27.Amsterdam, Netherlands

As you navigate the meandering canals of Amsterdam, the city’s centuries-old charm and vibrant atmosphere become the perfect setting for your love story. A vintage boat ride offers an intimate and timeless way to celebrate your union in this picturesque European gem.

28.Meteora, Greece

In the shadow of the heavens, your elopement in Meteora transcends the ordinary, as ancient monasteries seem to touch the sky. The spiritual energy of this UNESCO World Heritage Site imbues your ceremony with a sense of wonder and reverence, creating a truly transcendent union.

29.Luxor, Egypt

Exchange your vows against the backdrop of ancient temples and tombs along the Nile River. Luxor’s historical richness and majestic monuments create an awe-inspiring setting for your elopement, invoking the spirits of pharaohs and queens.

30.Halong Bay, Vietnam

Drift through the emerald waters of Halong Bay on a traditional junk boat, surrounded by thousands of limestone karsts and islets. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a mystical and tranquil environment for an unforgettable elopement ceremony.

11 Amazing Winter Wedding Destinations

Amazing winter wedding destination
Image: Shutterstock

1. Venice, Italy

Make a grand entrance on your wedding day by arriving by boat directly to one of the storied hotels of Venice. In the winters, the low sun radiates warmly off the city’s canals. Imagine the elegant pictures you will get to pose for! Can there be anything more splendid than this?

2. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona has spectacular red rocks that would make for amazing backdrops to your wedding pictures. The food is amazing. Dishes like the king oyster mushrooms with local pine needles and lamb tostadas are to die for. No wonder that lately, Sedona has become a favorite of couples planning to elope.

3. Guacalito de La Isla, Nicaragua

If an intimate ceremony is what you want, this is the place for you. Nicaragua’s first luxury resort, Mukul, is located on the country’s Emerald Coast. It has a private beach as well. You can explore their packages and decide if it works for you. The main thing is, you should choose something that suits the personalities of you and your lover.

4. Miami

Want to get married in the US but not be bothered by the cold weather? Head over to Miami, where you can book a resort like the Fontainebleau if you are looking for an oceanfront property. There is also the Shelborne, which was recently renovated, where the famous Chef Masaharu Morimoto will not only manage the catering for your wedding but may also make a grand appearance.

5. Australia

Book a luxurious resort on one of the islands just off Australia for a cozy yet indulgent wedding. Opulent resorts that overlook the Great Barrier Reef, like the Qualia on Hamilton Island and the One&Only resort on Hayman Island, give you breathtaking views of the grand ocean. The best part is, if you are planning to go to Bora Bora for your honeymoon, it’s just a short flight away.

6. Lapland, Finland

Watch as the sky dances with the mesmerizing Northern Lights as you exchange vows, then cozy up in a glass igloo, creating a magical winter wonderland wedding experience that will leave you breathless. This Arctic paradise is truly enchanting.

7. Salzburg, Austria

Feel the enchantment of Salzburg’s historic streets and stunning architecture, beautifully enhanced by a backdrop of snow-covered Alps, as you embark on your winter elopement journey into the heart of Mozart’s birthplace. This is a place where love and history converge in perfect harmony.

8. Tromsø, Norway

Embrace the celestial magic of the Northern Lights as you say your vows under the Arctic sky in Tromsø, all while being captivated by the charm of this snowy Nordic town. Your winter elopement here will be an ethereal experience you’ll cherish forever.

9. Niseko, Japan

Discover the perfect blend of adventure and romance by eloping in the Japanese Alps of Niseko. Here, you’ll not only relish world-class skiing but also bask in the enchanting beauty of snow-covered landscapes, creating an unforgettable winter wedding in the Land of the Rising Sun.

10. Gimmelwald, Switzerland

In Gimmelwald, Switzerland, let your love story unfold against a backdrop of towering peaks and charming wooden chalets. As you exchange vows in this cozy Swiss Alps village, the beauty of nature and the warmth of tradition will come together to make your winter elopement truly magical.

11. Bruges, Belgium

Immerse yourselves in the timeless charm of Bruges, where medieval architecture and winding canals provide a picturesque setting for your winter elopement. In this fairytale city, your love story will be written amidst cobblestone streets and enchanting bridges, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

20 Unique Elopement Places

Unique elopement places
Image: Shutterstock

1. Imperial Sand Dunes, Niland, California

All set to embark on the next stage of your romance, you both are planning to elope and get married. But are you still fun-loving kids at heart? Then, this is the place you need to go for! Head out to the sand dunes (carry some colored smoke bombs) with your bae. This will make for a truly memorable wedding experience.

2. Los Angeles

This is just magnificent. Get wed at a location that overlooks the downtown Los Angeles skyline – right above the Dodger Stadium… how dreamy is that!

3. Flower-Filled Gondola

Bored of the same old wedding styles? Want to do something a little different for yours? How about choosing a mobile venue? Rent a gondola and have it completely covered with flowers. This would look out-of-the-world magnificent if done at Long Beach, CA!

4. Salvation Mountain

If you both are the artistic, quirky kind, you can opt for Salvation Mountain in Niland. Yes, the cotton candy-colored one. It will be quite a sight.

5. Snowy Colorado

A rustic house. In the snow. In Colorado. Three phrases – and a dream wedding setting. Could you conjure up anything more whimsical than this?

6. Rattlesnake Ridge

Of course, this is super unique and well off the beaten path. We just had to share this one! This is, no doubt, one of the best places to elope.

7. Olympic Peninsula Beach

Olympic National Park in La Push, Washington, has extremely unpredictable weather. However, eloping is nothing if not braving a storm. You can get unique pictures that will portray the hurdles you had to cross to be one – ah, so romantic!

8. Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef is the unsung hero among Utah’s national parks. Not many people opt for this as the destination for their dream wedding. Escape to Capitol Reef for a quiet wedding, far away from the madding crowds.

9. Eureka Springs

Elopements are often carried out impromptu and culminate at scenic spots in nature. Escape to a little chapel in the woods at Eureka Springs that combines nature with the traditional elements of a chapel. A perfect place for lovers to get married, don’t you think?

10. White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

The blue skies and the beautiful white sugary dunes make for a perfectly dreamy setting for a barefoot wedding. This spot boasts of one of the most ethereal backdrops on the list and will make any wedding gown pop against the soft colors.

11.Desert Oasis, Morocco

As the fiery sun sets over the dunes, the desert comes alive with a tranquil and mystical energy, making your Sahara elopement an otherworldly experience you’ll cherish forever. It’s a celestial journey under the Moroccan stars.

12.Alpine Meadow, Switzerland

Breathe in the crisp mountain air as you declare your love in this alpine paradise, where wildflowers carpet the meadows and the Swiss peaks stand as timeless witnesses to your union. In this serene haven, your love story unfolds amid nature’s grandeur.

13.Mayan Ruins, Belize

Walk hand in hand through the ancient stone corridors, feeling the weight of centuries of history as you choose to start your own chapter at these sacred ruins. Amidst the whispers of the past, your love story finds its place in the annals of time.

14.Cliffside Chapel, Positano

As the chapel’s bells chime, you’ll be enveloped in the romantic atmosphere of Positano, with the azure Mediterranean sea below and the colorful, cascading buildings providing the perfect backdrop for your love-filled moment, creating a timeless memory etched in the heart of the Amalfi Coast.

15.Balinese Water Temple

In the heart of Bali’s lush greenery, Tirta Gangga offers a sanctuary of peace where your love can bloom like the lotus flowers adorning its sacred pools. Let the temple’s serenity and spirituality infuse your union with a sense of timeless connection and harmony.

16.Rainbow Mountains, Peru

Standing amidst the vivid hues of Vinicunca, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a living canvas, where the earth itself paints a stunning picture of your love story against a backdrop of surreal beauty. It’s a natural wonder that mirrors the vibrant colors of your union.

17.Waterfall Grotto, Brazil

Embrace the romantic allure of Brazil’s hidden waterfall grottos, where cascading waters create a natural sanctuary for your elopement. The sheer beauty and tranquility of this lush setting make it a magical backdrop for your vows.

18.Floating Village, Cambodia

Exchange vows on a traditional Cambodian boat in the enchanting floating village of Tonle Sap. As you drift along the calm waters, surrounded by stilted houses and vibrant culture, your love story unfolds in a unique and captivating setting.

19.Lavender Fields, Provence

In the fragrant lavender fields of Provence, France, pledge your love surrounded by rows of purple blooms. The sweet scent and vibrant hues create a sensory experience that’s both romantic and unforgettable.

20.Sunken Cathedral, Spain

Elope beneath the stunning arches of Spain’s sunken cathedral in the waters of Lanzarote. As the waves wash over the volcanic rock formations, it’s a surreal and mystical setting that symbolizes the enduring power of love.

Jessica Nicolette, a blogger, shared her experience of her elopement wedding and why she never regretted it. She admitted to being overwhelmed with the planning, financial factors, and decisions to make. She had a low-key engagement in the middle of the pandemic. The couple decided to elope to Puerto Rico. She added, “We walked over to a corner on the Ruins where the ocean waves crashed behind us, and the sun was dipping into the sea. Our golden hour ceremony. Only 10 minutes, tears, and laughter later, and we were officially married (i).”

10 Best Places To Elope In The US

Best places to elope in the US
Image: Shutterstock

1. Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort In Miami Beach, FL

When you took the first trip together, where did you both choose to go? Probably to a beach where you both could romance barefoot in breezy locales. For a similar whimsical experience, complete with blue waters and white sands, Miami Beach is one of the best places to get wed in the US. You can say ‘I do’ under the full moon on the terrace of the resort or exchange rings on the beach outside the resort.

2. Sanderling Resort In The Outer Banks, NC

There is something quaint and enigmatic about the beachy regions of North Carolina. Even during the coldest days in winter, the alluring warmth of the sea will charm your heart. The Sanderling Resort offers six elopement packages (wow!), with a ballroom, a terrace, or whatever suits your fancy. After you exchange the rings and kiss to seal the deal, you can take advantage of the spa and the oversized fire pits and dine at the famous AAA Four-Diamond Kimball’s Kitchen.

3. JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa In Palm Desert, CA

Situated right in the middle of the Coachella Valley, this is a beautiful place to elope and have your wedding. At any time other than when one of the famed festivals is underway in Palm Desert, this place makes for a peaceful, serene escape. You can enjoy views of the Santa Rosa mountains, enjoy gondola rides through waterways that are inspired by the Venetian cityscape, and explore lush lawns. Talk about a sunset wedding photo opportunity!

4. Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa In Gateway, CO

This is perfect for the couple pining for a rustic, woodsy location but wanting their wedding ceremony to be a bit more luxurious. Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa in Colorado provides the perfect blend of rural warmth and material comforts. Imagine a myriad of oranges, pinks, and reds in your sunset wedding photo – this is exactly what you will get when you choose this property. It features almost year-round sunshine. For some extra cash, you can even elope to the property in a helicopter! However, if you are looking for something tamer, the resort has many indoor and outdoor options as well.

5. Hilton Waikoloa Village In Hawaii

Combine your wedding ceremony and honeymoon into one! Opt for Hawaii for your ‘let’s get married next Sunday’ adventure. The gorgeous Hilton Waikoloa Village offers the ‘Me Ke Aloha’ package that comes with a private attendant, a professional ukulele player, ceremonial leis, and a guitar or violin soloist. As it is located on the beautiful volcanic coastline, you will get to choose the location from among a rustic onsite wedding chapel, cliffside gardens, or an ocean-view terrace, and a whole array of other scenic options. Hawaii offers the perfect combination of seclusion and natural beauty that inspires intimacy and makes for an unforgettable elopement ceremony.

6. Bourbon Orleans Hotel In New Orleans, LA

The Big Easy is a beautiful place you will easily fall in love with. It has a rich heritage and culinary palettes that will make your mouth water. If you wish to explore New Orleans place as part of your honeymoon, get married at this hotel and go on a road trip through Savannah, Charleston, and other popular towns. After you have said your ‘I dos’ at the beautiful on-site St. Ann Cottage, get the hotel to arrange a second-line as you both dance down the streets.

7. Sunset Terrace At Chelsea Piers In New York, NY

This city never sleeps – and neither will you! It is one of the best places to elope in the US. The city spirals around you, right on the Hudson River. You will feel a sense of peace and calm as you read your vows at Chelsea Piers. Three of the walls of the resort feature floor-to-ceiling windows, which allows the sun to shine through. After the nuptials, book a boat tour around the NYC harbor.

protip_icon Quick Tip

Determine the budget and note every legal detail before eloping. Also, you can throw a post-elopement party after tying the knots.

8. Casa de Solana in St Augustine, FL.

The breathtaking Casa de Solana in St Augustine, Florida, is the seventh oldest property in this historic town. It offers a number of different settings for your wedding ceremony, including a private beach, and a stunning courtyard. Newlyweds are gifted specially engraved keepsake champagne flutes. What more could you ask for?

9. Fairbanks House In Florida

Fairbanks House, Florida, dates back to 1885. It is located on Amelia Island, Florida. This villa is only for adults, so it is ideal for a romantic, intimate elopement. Couples can opt for the carriage ride, candle-lit dinner for two, and a private garden ceremony when booking one of the elopement packages. One of the highlights of this venue is that they have a gorgeous on-site butterfly garden.

10. Paniolo Ranch In Boerne, Texas

Texas was always popular as a wedding destination, but now, it is becoming increasingly popular for elopements as well. One of the favorite venues is the breathtaking Paniolo Ranch, located in Boerne, Texas. This is the perfect spot for couples who want an intimate and relaxed ceremony. This venue specializes in conducting ‘free-spirited ceremonies’ that are low-key, private, and chilled out. It is perfect for couples who hate the drama that comes with planning a wedding.

11.Amangiri In Canyon Point, UT

Nestled within the red-rock canyons of Utah, Amangiri offers a secluded desert oasis for couples to elope. Say your vows against the breathtaking backdrop of the sandstone formations, followed by stargazing in the resort’s outdoor lounge.

12.Treehouse Point In Issaquah, WA

Surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature and twinkling fairy lights, Treehouse Point offers an enchanting and intimate setting that will make your elopement truly unforgettable. Share your love story among the branches, creating memories that will be as timeless as the towering trees themselves.

13.Dunton Hot Springs In Dolores, CO

Dunton Hot Springs provides the perfect blend of rugged wilderness and refined comfort, offering a romantic haven where you can soak in hot springs under the starlit sky, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Colorado Rockies. Your elopement here will be a retreat into nature’s embrace, wrapped in the warmth of rustic luxury.

14.Devil’s Thumb Ranch In Tabernash, CO

Embrace the magic of a winter wonderland at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, where the snow-covered landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for a cozy and intimate elopement. With crackling fires, snowflakes falling gently outside, and warm lodges, your love story will be etched in the heart of the Colorado mountains forever.

15.Saugerties Lighthouse in Saugerties, NY

Saugerties Lighthouse, with its picturesque riverside setting and historic charm, offers an idyllic backdrop for a romantic elopement where the tranquil Hudson River becomes your witness, creating a timeless memory of love in an intimate and secluded sanctuary.

16.Château Élan Winery & Resort in Braselton, GA

Château Élan Winery & Resort invites you to savor every moment of your elopement amidst rolling vineyards and elegant château architecture. Raise a toast to your love story with award-winning wines, and let the romantic ambiance of the French-inspired estate create lasting memories of your special day.

17.Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, NY

At Whiteface Lodge, your elopement becomes a mountain fairy tale, with sweeping views of the Adirondacks serving as your backdrop. From private lodge accommodations to thrilling outdoor adventures, this retreat offers the perfect blend of romance and exploration for an unforgettable celebration of love amid the wilderness.

18.Cypress Tree Tunnel in Point Reyes, CA

Exchange vows beneath the enchanting canopy of cypress trees that form a picturesque tunnel in Point Reyes National Seashore, creating a dreamy, natural setting for your elopement.

19.Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, UT

Amidst the serene and surreal landscape of the Bonneville Salt Flats, your elopement becomes a blank canvas for your love story, with the limitless expanse symbolizing the boundless possibilities of your journey together.

20.The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol, ME

Have a charming coastal elopement at the historic Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, where rugged cliffs, crashing waves, and the iconic lighthouse offer a quintessential Maine backdrop for your special day.

Infographic: 5 Amazing Places To Elope To With Your Romantic Partner

Time to escape the hustle and bustle and plan a low-key, minimalist wedding! Spend time with your romantic partner and plan an intimate gathering to commemorate your true love. If an extravagant and big wedding isn’t your thing, we have just the right places for you to elope to with your beau. Go ahead and check out the infographic below to know more!

5 amazing places to elope to with your romantic partner (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Now that you have a good idea about beautiful, unconventional, and offbeat locations you can pick to celebrate your big day, you should have no other reason to hold yourself back from executing your plan. These places are really “elopement only.” They have everything you need to celebrate your love, make beautiful memories, and cherish the day for the rest of your life. With these places in mind, you will not be hesitant to drop the idea of having a grand celebration, as you have the best places to elope.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eloping becoming more popular?

Yes. Eloping has become more popular in recent times. Many people choose to elope to reduce wedding expenses and avoid traditional wedding complexities.

Where do people elope the most?

People elope the most to romantic places where the marriage laws are relaxed, like Las Vegas or Gretna Green.

Are there any legal requirements or considerations when eloping in a different country?

Yes, each country has its own set of legal requirements like proof of identification, birth certificates, or proof of a previous divorce, hence it is recommended to plan ahead.

Are there any considerations for eloping during specific seasons or weather conditions?

While you can elope in your preferred season or time, it is advised to go in pleasant weather conditions and seasons like spring or fall.

Key Takeaways

  • Elopement weddings are a great option for couples who are not comfortable with the stress of elaborate weddings and are looking to have a private destination wedding.
  • Islands are a good pick as it is easy to find resorts for a beachside wedding.
  • Choose a time of the year with pleasant weather, book the place in advance, and make sure to hire a photographer to capture the special moment.
  • Elopement destinations may have certain legal requirements. Check ahead so that you can carry all that is necessary.

best places to elope

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Discover the top 10 romantic places in Europe that every couple should explore. Explore old castles and stunning beaches in the video below.

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