54 Best Rihanna Hairstyles

Get some inspiration from these trendy hairstyles that make you look unique.

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Pop singer Rihanna is known for her quirky and out-of-the-box style. Her style is unique, and she looks like a true diva on the red carpet, and most importantly, her bold hairdos have gained a lot of popularity worldwide as the ‘Rihanna style.’ We all love how playful Rihanna is with her style, she seems to love to experiment. Hair is our ultimate accessory and she seems to have fun with it! Scroll down to check out some of Rihanna’s hairstyles.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Rihanna is blessed with an oval face shape, which complements almost all hairstyles.
  • Her styling team often uses wigs and extensions. Her long hairstyles are mostly complemented with side-swept bangs that frame her face.
  • She often sports sleek, straight hair. The simplicity of the hairstyles and the straight lines do not draw attention away from her eyes, one of her best features.

We list out 54 best Rihanna Hairstyles here for you:

1. Textured Wavy Bob

Textured Wavy Bob
Image: Shutterstock

This textured bob with curly ends and wispy bangs has a cool, laid-back feel to it. It draws attention to the jawline and the neck. .

2. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids
Image: Shutterstock

Braids are a great way to inject fun and a sense of edginess into your look. Fulani braids with their crisscross patterns in sections look nothing short of stunning.

3. Sleek Side Swept

Rihanna sporting a sleek side swept hairstyle
Image: Getty

The sleekness here boasts of unique edginess. The hairdo is glossy and pulled back tightly into a thin ponytail offering smooth finesse.

4. Top Big Bun

Rihanna sporting a top big bun
Image: Getty

The top big bun is tied up neatly and offers a powerful and glamorous style. The big bun has a classy and elite appeal.

5. Long Bangs Bun

Rihanna sporting long bangs and bun
Image: Getty

The bun features long bangs which offer a very quirky and stylish feel. The hairdo looks wild and formal at the same time.

6. Frizzy Curls

Rihanna sporting her frizzy curls
Image: Getty

The curls are frizzy and have a very wet feel to it. The top is smooth with curls emerging at the lower part of the hairdo. The style is edgy and chic.

7. Messy Updo

Rihanna sporting a messy updo
Image: Getty

The messy updo blends with her style so well. The style can be called Rihanna personified with the messy edginess it offers. Not everyone would be able to wear this hairdo.

8. Messy Ponytail

Rihanna sporting a messy ponytail
Image: Getty

The messy ponytail is a blend of opposites. It looks tidy at the top with ruffled curls embodying the ponytail.

9. Black Messy Updo

Rihanna sporting a black messy updo
Image: Getty

The hairdo is secured by a headband which binds it at the crown. The style is essentially pretty and perky.

10. Knotty Knots

Rihanna sporting knotty knots
Image: Getty

The multiple small knots resemble an alien’s head! The style is definitely unique and perky.

Richelle, a blogger, shares her first experience with Bantu knots. She claims to be a Rihanna fan and decided to try this hairstyle that was donned by this superstar trendsetter. She added, “It involves coiling or wrapping your hair into little knots all over your head and has become a trend in the beauty world since superstar and trendsetter Rihanna was spotted rocking them a couple times (i).”

11. Long Bed Curls

Rihanna sporting long bed curls
Image: Getty

The bed curls offer a very sexy and attractive ‘do’. The style enhances her personality beautifully.

12. Big Curly Bun

Rihanna sporting big curly bun
Image: Getty

The hairdo consists of curly hair gathered into a big bun. The bun is pretty and stylish and resonates with elegance.

13. Beachy Black Waves

Rihanna sporting beachy black waves hairstyle
Image: Getty

The beachy long waves are simply enchanting. The long waves make her personality simply enthralling. She looks strikingly beautiful with coiffure.

14. Headband Hairdo

Rihanna sporting a headband hairdo
Image: Getty

The hairdo resembles a big plain black headband which is secured by medium length hair pins. The pins give an exciting detail to this hairdo.

15. The Mohawk Tail

Rihanna sporting the mohawk tail hairstyle
Image: Getty

The Mohawk and the spikes mix is just an up to the minute update of the Mohawk hairdo. The hairdo features the thick layered tail which gives a different touch to the hairdo.

16. Tangy Curly

Rihanna sporting her tangy curls
Image: Getty

The tangy curls do resemble the noodle. The style is peculiar with textured curls extending beyond the forehead. They contour the eyes like edgy frills.

17. Side Swept Burgundy Waves

Rihanna sporting her side swept burgundy waves hairstyle
Image: Getty

The waves are oddly curled and side swept with an edgy side part. The blackish brown hairdo represents a style with all the beauty in peculiarity.

18. Side Shaved

Rihanna sporting her side shaved hairstyle
Image: Getty

Have you ever thought of trying out Rihanna shaved hairstyles? This hairdo consists of one side shaved with all the edgy essence. The hairdo is perky and stylish.

19. Ombre Hairdo

Rihanna sporting a ombre hairdo
Image: Getty

The wavy ombre hair is stylish and smart. The hairdo is elegance personified with the strong ombre wavy hair and orange lips.

20. Side Shaved Medium

Rihanna sporting a side shaved medium hairdo
Image: Getty

The side shave is this time coupled with shoulder length thick curls. The hairdo is fine and perky.

21. Head Gear

Rihanna wearing a head gear to look edgy
Image: Getty

This hairdo is enhanced by the headgear she wears. The hairdo consists of edgy side curls which are further complemented by the head gear.

22. Textured Aura

Rihanna sporting a hairdo with vintage curls
Image: Getty

The hairdo with one side shave offers another variation to her peculiar styles. The wavy bang styled in the front is heavily textured and pretty. The hairdo sits pretty with vintage curls.

23. Sleek Side Shaved

Rihanna sporting a sleek side shaved hairdo
Image: Getty

Another version of the side shaved the sleek hairdo which gives a very smooth effect.

24. Edgy Vintage

Rihanna displaying her vintage curls
Image: Getty

The vintage curls worn by her display the chic class and stylish aura she possesses. The style is definitely refined and gorgeous.

25. The Wavy Black Bob

Rihanna sporting her wavy black bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

The wavy bob is neatly set. The style is done with a back comb which is extremely trendy and crisp.

26. Pixie

Rihanna sporting her pixie haircut
Image: Getty

The pixie features trimmed cuts which blends with her feminine appeal. The style is simple yet very perky.

protip_icon Trivia
Back in the early 2000s, the singer’s go-to haircut was the pixie cut. Soon after releasing her first successful single, Pon de Replay, in 2006, she began donning the look in 2008 and 2009.

27. Side Shaved Waves

Rihanna sporting a side shaved waves hairstyle
Image: Getty

The style offers is yet another variation of her side shaved style. The hairdo features a bald section while the rest of the hair is styled with beachy waves. The beachy waves are styled in an edgy back combed style.

28. Tucked In Bun

Rihanna sporting her tucked in bun
Image: Getty

The bun is styled the French wavy and is tucked in with pins. A different French bun, can definitely e called the Rihanna style.

29. Long Bald

Rihanna sporting her chic and partly bald hairstyle
Image: Getty

The bald section and the uneven hair on both sides are pretty and chic. The hairdo is classy and stylish.

30. Side Shaved Bob

Rihanna sporting her side shaved bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

The side shaved hairdo is styled with a wavy textured bob. The sides have definitely symbolizes Rihanna in many ways.

31. Edgy Bang & Side Shaved

Rihanna sporting her edgy bang and side shaved hairstyle
Image: Getty

The edgy bang and the side shaved side is pretty synchronised. The style offers a very rock star appeal.

32. Wavy Flare Side Shave

Rihanna sporting her wavy flare and side shaved hairstyle
Image: Getty

The side shaved is features with a gently wavy side which offers a mix of the tamed and the insane.

protip_icon Trivia
Rihanna sported this hairstyle during the shooting of her music video for “Diamonds” (her new single) in Los Angeles.

33. Fringed Blonde Bob

Rihanna sporting her fringed blonde bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

The fringed blonde bob is extremely smart and pretty complete with the Rihanna factor.

34. Voluminous Blonde Curls

Rihanna sporting her voluminous blonde curls
Image: Getty

The voluminous blonde curl offers a fiery elegance. The hairdo is simply amazing.

35. Shaded Ombre Bob

Rihanna sporting her shaded ombre bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

This shaded hairdo appears to be pretty tamed and gives a completely punk look which Rihanna enhances with her attitude.

36. The Red Horny Curls

Rihanna sporting her red horny curls hairdo
Image: Getty

The hairdo gives a very ‘horny’ look. The curled horns are and the red hue mix to give the edgy Rihanna appeal.

37. Red Bob

Rihanna sporting her red bob hairdo
Image: Getty

Want to try out Rihanna red hairstyles? Then red bob is the perfect one to start with. The red bob has the full hair essence to it. The style can be worn for a formal affair if you can wear the red tinge. The hair is super wavy and pretty.

38. Red Braided Curls

Rihanna sporting her red braided curls
Image: Getty

The red braided curls are extremely stylish and offer a glamorous diva appeal.

39. Red Fish Tail

Rihanna sporting a red fish tail hairstyle
Image: Getty

The fish tail braid is pretty and chic. The style is extremely edgy and you can try wearing it if you have long tresses.

40. The Red Simple Braid

Rihanna sporting a simple red braid
Image: Getty

Here comes one of the most common Rihanna long hairstyles to check out. The simple braid is attractive and elegant. The French braid is done with a French side braid further merged with the long side braid.

41. Red Edgy Bouffant

Rihanna sporting a red edgy bouffant
Image: Getty

The edgy bouffant is terrific and stylish. The hairdo features the very edgy bouffant which gives a very refined style.

42. The High Rouge French Bun

Rihanna sporting a high rouge french bun
Image: Getty

The French bun offers a very sleek and pretty style. The hairdo is extremely elegant and consists of a free bang at the front.

43. The Rouge Ponytail

Rihanna sporting a rouge ponytail
Image: Getty

The hairdo is marked by wavy blow dried hair and a thick red ponytail. The thick bangs at the front blend in with the big ponytail.

44. Messy Rouge Blunt Bob

Rihanna sporting a messy rouge blunt bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

The messy blunt bob in red exudes a very cheerful and carefree vibe.

45. Sleek Blunt Bob

Rihanna sporting a sleeky blunt bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

The blunt bob is a very fine and sleeker version of the earlier style. The hairdo is orderly and neat.

46. Red Afro Mane

Rihanna sporting a red afro mane hairstyle
Image: Getty

The red afro mane is huge and big. The style probably imbibes the wild tone and reflects it with a casual tone.

47. Maroon Curly Bob

Rihanna sporting a maroon curly bob hairstyle
Image: Getty

The bob is edgy and pretty, the maroon curls look embracing and joyful.

48. Messy thick Rouge Bangs

Rihanna sporting her thick yet messy rouge bangs
Image: Getty

The messy rouge bangs are having a neat and wild tinge to it. The thick side swept bangs give a peculiar uniqueness to the hairdo.

49. Ombre Black Bob

Rihanna sporting her ombre black bob hairdo
Image: Getty

This Rihanna hair style imbibes the side shaved spirit and the thick bangs which drape over the eyes oozing out elegance and punk at the same time.

50. Fork Banged

Rihanna sporting her fork banged hairdo
Image: Getty

The bangs resemble a fork! The bangs in the straight mode contour the forehead.

51. Bowed Out Bangs

Rihanna sporting bowed out bangs
Image: Getty

The bangs are bowed out and have a cute and youthful feel to it. The bangs have the touch of a tomboy personality. The rounded bangs are edgy.

52. The Sharp Mohawk

Rihanna sporting the sharp Mohawk hairstyle
Image: Getty

This is one of the most popular Rihanna mohawk hairstyles that is perky and stylish. The blunt edges give a very sharp effect to the Mohawk and the blonde hue makes it distinctive.

53. Mermaid Waves

Rihanna sporting a mermaid waves hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

Mermaid waves showcase the effortless glamor of Rihanna’s personality. Her hair cascades in voluminous, loose waves that embody a beachy, textured look. It is the sort of hairstyle that can have a playful yet sophisticated vibe. It complements her chic style and all in all, she slays in it!

54. Ombre Curls

Rihanna in ombre curls
Image: Shutterstock

How Rihanna dazzles in ombre curls! The gradient of the ombre curls gives her hair depth. It also adds volume to her hair by creating a striking blend of dark to light shades which enhance the curls. Overall, the look adds a sense of drama and elegance to her iconic repertoire of style.

Infographic: 6 Easy Hairstyles Inspired By Rihanna

Rihanna is known for her ever-evolving and daring hairstyles that make a statement. If you are looking to experiment and explore your own sense of style, you can draw inspiration from this fashion icon. We have curated six easy and fabulous hairstyles inspired by Rihanna in the infographic below. Scroll down and try them out!

6 Easy Hairstyles Inspired By Rihanna (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Rihanna is a beauty icon. She has sported several unique and funky hairstyles that give all of us serious hair goals. Rihanna’s hairstyles are a beautiful combination of style, finesse, and power. Be it her memorable black bob to the fiery red mane, Rihanna symbolizes elegance and fierceness. If you want a more edgy and sharp look, try her side-shaved bob, bowed out bangs, or the sharp mohawk. Can’t get enough? Try out your pick from our list of the 54 best Rihanna hairstyles for a badass look. Just weave your hair in some fun look and flaunt that glam appearance!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rihanna maintain healthy hair despite frequent color changes and styles?

Rihanna has a staff of hair stylists and experts, who assist keep her hair healthy despite her regular color and style changes. However, information about the precise procedures and methods they employ to maintain her hair’s health are not available to the general public.

How has Rihanna’s hairstyle evolved over the years?

Over the years, Rihanna’s hair has drastically changed and transformed. She has experimented with a range of hairstyles, including short bobs, pixie cuts, vivid-colored wigs, and lengthy braids. She is recognized for her daring and bold hair choices.

Can you recreate some of Rihanna’s most popular hairstyles at home?

Yes, with the correct equipment and ingredients, anyone can replicate some of Rihanna’s most well-known hairstyles at home. For instance, you can use a straightforward haircut and styling products like gel or mousse to obtain her short bob hairstyle. You can also follow her braided hairstyles with some patience, braiding hair, or extensions.

How has Rihanna’s hairstyle influenced fashion and beauty trends?

Rihanna is famous for making audacious hairstyle decisions that frequently start trends in the business. Her short bob hairdo inspired many others to adopt shorter hairstyles, and her brightly colored wigs helped to start a trend of experimenting with daring hair colors. Additionally, a lot of people have copied her braided hairstyles.

Key Takeaways

  • Rihanna is known for her unique yet simple hairstyles that always enhance her best facial features like the eyes.
  • Rihanna’s hairstyles showcase a stunning range of versatility from edgy pixie cuts and mohawk tails to long glamorous waves and romantic updos.
  • Her hairstyles often include wigs, hair extensions, intricate braids, and experimentation with bold colors that complement her outfits.

rihanna hairstyles

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Do you find Rihanna’s short hairstyles to be right up your alley? Then, check out this video for Rihanna’s hottest short hairstyles and learn how to recreate her iconic looks.

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