5 Best Rusk Hair Dryers To Achieve A Flawless Blowout – 2023

Achieve a salon-like hairdo at home easily with the power of Rusk hairdryers.

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If you are someone who can’t wait to dry their hair the instant they are out of the shower, then you must get your hands on the best Rusk dryer available online. It is one of the best hair dryers that not only dries your hair with its powerful blast of air instantly, but also helps you style your hair perfectly. On days when you want a salon-like makeover but don’t have the time or patience to visit one, this Rusk hairdryer can do the job for you!

In today’s hectic times, it is not easy to plan frequent salon visits to maintain your hair. It then becomes necessary to have a few hair styling tools with you at home. Choosing the right one as per your hair type and needs is the key here. A lightweight hairdryer, with multiple heat settings, variable airflow, and a convenient handle makes for a good handy investment. While you may find several hairdryer options in the market, the Rusk hair dryer is one of the most efficient ones. To help you select the one best suited for you, we have enlisted the 5 best Rusk hair dryers for you to choose from

Top Picks
Best Quick Drying:RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer
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Best Lightweight:RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional Hair Dryer
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Best Frizz Control:RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional Hair Dryer
Price on Amazon
Best Heat/Speed Settings:RUSK Engineering CTC Lite Technology Professional Hair Dryer
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Best Travel-Friendly:RUSK Deepshine Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer
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Top 5 Best Rusk Hair Dryers Reviews With Buying Guide

1. Best Quick Drying:RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer


As the name suggests, this RUSK W8less hair dryer is a weightless companion for all your hair-do sessions! With its 2000 W operating speed, it facilitates quick drying and prevents hair damage due to prolonged heat. The far-infrared waves from this dryer offer deep penetration into the cuticles to remove the excess moisture from your hair. Sounds good, right? Thus, this RUSK W8less blow dryer turns out to be one of the best in the market! Watch this video for more information about the product.


  • Easy to hold
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Cold shot button
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Effective on all hair types, textures, and lengths
  • Ceramic and tourmaline eradicate damage and soften the cuticles


  • Few may find it a little loud.
Price at the time of publication: $79.95

2. Best Lightweight:RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional Hair Dryer

Here is a RUSK speed freak ceramic hair dryer that is ideal for all hairstyling lovers who want to achieve a perfect blowout but are also worried about their hair’s health. This blow dryer is equipped with ceramic, tourmaline, and natural ions to lend your hair a smooth, detangled, and salon-like finish. This RUSK lightweight blow dryer also ensures that your hair does not undergo any damage and breakage. The cold shot button and heat settings are the added benefits of this product! This video helps you know more about the product.


  • Sturdy grip
  • Lightweight
  • Operating speed of 2000 W
  • Far-infrared rays helps dry hair faster
  • Features lint trap for easy cleaning
  • Works on all hair types and textures


  • Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $135.95

3. Best Frizz Control:RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional Hair Dryer

Style your hair like a pro with this spellbound RUSK professional hair dryer! Its high-capacity 2000 W Italian motor ensures efficient airflow and pressure to achieve soft and shiny hair strands. The ceramic and tourmaline technology, along with the temperature control feature, facilitates even, quick, and gentle drying. Besides, this RUSK dual voltage hair dryer is suitable for all hair types and textures, especially coarse and curly hair.


  • Easy to hold
  • Adds volume
  • Frizz-free finish
  • Includes cold shot feature
  • Eliminates static electricity
  • Negative ions boost hair vitality


  • Slightly expensive
Price at the time of publication: $152.92

4. Best Heat/Speed Settings:RUSK Engineering CTC Lite Technology Professional Hair Dryer

Try out this RUSK pro hair dryer if you want to have smooth and silky tresses! Harnessed with ceramic and titanium and with the power of 1900 W, it ensures quick and efficient drying. Plus, this uniquely designed dryer comes with 7 heat/speed settings to control temperature, prevent heat damage, and reduce hair fall. What we love the most is that it emits negative ions to eliminate grime and impurities and retains the essential moisture in your hair. Check out this video to know more about this product.


  • Lightweight
  • Tames frizz
  • Serves as a diffuser
  • Includes a concentrator nozzle
  • Offers maximum heat transfer


  • May not be sturdy enough
Price at the time of publication: $99.95

5. Best Travel-Friendly:RUSK Deepshine Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer

Looking for a hair dryer for your coarse and frizzy hair? This RUSK Deepshine hair dryer is the one for you! Designed for professional purposes, this blow dryer functions at a speed of 1875 W, resulting in a swift dry! All while the ceramic filling emits far-infrared heat waves to seal the cuticles, making your hair detangled, smoother, and silkier. Now you do not have to pay frequent visits to a salon for a flawless blowout, even if you have coarse and frizzy hair.


  • Easy styling
  • Travel-friendly
  • Offers convenient grip
  • Negative ions lock in moisture
  • Enhances manageability of hair


  • Might be slightly heavy

When it comes to choosing which hair dryer is best for your hair, there are a few important points to consider.

How Do I Choose A Hair Dryer?

1. Design

One of the most important factors to be considered while purchasing a hair dryer is its design. While some may be compact and portable, others may be heavy. Choosing a handy blow dryer with a sturdy grip can be helpful for easy styling.

2. Operating speed

A hair dryer that operates at less than 1000 W will not emit adequate heat and, thus, is less efficient. Such dryers take a longer time to dry, increasing the possibilities of hair damage due to prolonged heat. RUSK blow dryers usually range between 1875 to 2000 W, making them powerful and convenient.

3. Heating components

Mostly, ceramic and tourmaline are the commonly used heating components in blow dryers. The reason behind this is that they generate minimum energy but facilitate adequate airflow and pressure. They emit far-infrared rays to deliver an even and gentle styling. At times, titanium is also used for its lightweightedness and quick drying capacity.

4. Damage prevention

RUSK hair dryers protect your hair and scalp from damage with their feature of adjustable temperature settings, quick-drying, and cold shot button. Plus, it is designed in a way to emit negative ions to seal moisture in the cuticles.

5. Safety and comfort

In addition to the above points, convenient factors like rubber hand grips, low noise emission, diffuser, and controller nozzle can also be extremely helpful for a beneficial and peaceful styling.

Choosing a good hair dryer is essential for your hairstyling routine to achieve a soft, shiny, frizz-free, and salon-like blowout. It also enhances the volume and manageability of your hair to a greater extent. While doing so, choose the one which offers a quick dry at an adequate temperature with minimum power consumption to eliminate hair damage and breakage. RUSK is undoubtedly one of the most trusted hair care brands. They offer hair dryers with all the essential specifications in terms of temperature, safety, and comfort. So then, what are you waiting for? Go, find the best RUSK hair dryer to achieve a flawless hairstyle!

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author, Kirtana Divakar, is a hair care aficionado. She loves to review different hair care products based on her expertise and knowledge. For this article, she has extensively studied different hair dryers from Rusk and examined the feedback given by users to zero in on the best products listed above. These easy-to-hold lightweight dryers come with multiple heat settings and variable airflow and work on all hair types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hair dryers bad for your hair?

When done quickly with the right amount of heat, hair dryers pose no harm to your hair at all. Hair dryers with ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium heat components are good for your hair as they result in softer, shinier, and well-hydrated tresses. Make sure that you avoid excessive drying as it may turn your hair weak and brittle.

Does a hair dryer kill lice?

Yes, it does! Blow drying with hot air is scientifically proven to kill 96% of head lice and infestation.

Do hair dryers cause brain damage?

Since we use hair dryers just for a few minutes, it doesn’t cause any brain damage. Moreover, hair dryers equipped with heat adjustment settings and a cold shot button offer extra safety and protection

Are all Rusk hair dryers dual voltage?

Yes. Most Rusk hair dryers are dual voltage for ease of use.

Does a good hair dryer really make a difference?

Yes, the heat and speed settings of good-quality hair dryers ensure good hair health.

Can you use a Rusk hair dryer on wet hair?

Yes, you may use a Rusk hair dryer on wet to damp hair for the best results.

How long can we use hair dryer continuously?

You may continuously use a hair dryer for 20-30 mins at low heat settings.

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