The 5 Best Shampoos And Conditioners For Fine Hair – 2023

Boost your hair's health and volume instantly with these fine formulas for fine hair.

By Shiboli ChakrabortiShiboli Chakraborti, Certified Skin Care Coach  • 
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Fine hair troubles have a league of their own, and hence, they should be treated right with the best shampoo and conditioner for fine hair. If you choose to use anything otherwise, they will only weigh down your hair, making them feel greasy and limp. Shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for fine hair will add volume to the hair, making it look fuller. They will also hydrate and nourish your tresses for a beautiful lift. In this article, we have listed the 5 best shampoo and conditioners for fine hair. Make your pick to get healthy, lively hair.

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Best Vegan: Love beauty & planet Volume And Bounty Shampoo And ConditionerPrice on Amazon
Best For Nourishing The Scalp: L'Oréal Paris Ever Strong Thickening Shampoo And ConditionerPrice on Amazon
Best Color-Safe Formula: PANTENE PRO-V Sheer Volume Shampoo And ConditionerPrice on Amazon
Best Long-Lasting Resultsr: BIOLAGE Volumebloom Shampoo & Conditioner
Price on Amazon
Best Environment-Friendly: Luseta Rose Oil Shampoo And ConditionerPrice on Amazon

5 Best Shampoos And Conditioners For Fine Hair

Best Vegan:Love beauty & planet Volume And Bounty Shampoo And Conditioner

Love beauty & planet Volume And Bounty Shampoo And Conditioner Image: Love Beauty And Planet

The Love beauty &planet Volume And Bounty Shampoo And Conditioner are lightweight that cleanse and detangle the hair. This duo is formulated with organic coconut water that moisturizes, strengthens, and volumizes thin, fine hair. They contain Moroccan mimosa flowers that revitalize the hair without weighing it down. This duo makes the hair bouncy, soft, and glossy. It is vegan, color-safe, and cruelty-free. These products do not contain sulfates, parabens, dyes, and silicones. Check out this YouTuber’s review of this product.

Key Ingredients: Coconut water and Mimosa flower

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Dye-free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Color-safe
  • Lightweight


  • Contains SLS

protip_icon Quick Tip
Gently wipe your fine hair with a broad-bristled brush after shampooing and conditioning, as a fine-bristled brush or towel strokes might result in hair fall.

Why It’s Worth Buying: With over 8,200 Amazon acclaimed reviews, this product is sure to find a place in everyone’s shopping bag.
Price at the time of publication: $13.88

Best For Nourishing The Scalp:L'Oréal Paris Ever Strong Thickening Shampoo And Conditioner

L’Oréal Paris Ever Strong Thickening Shampoo And Conditioner Image: L’oréal Paris

The L’Oréal Paris Ever Strong Thickening Shampoo And Conditioner are infused with rosemary leaf and juniper, which fortify thin, weak hair. They strengthen and thicken the hair. This duo contains an amino acid complex that nourishes and purifies the scalp. The creamy formula treats damaged, dry, frizzy, and thin hair. These products are vegan,color-safe, and free of sulfates, parabens, harsh salts, gluten, and dyes. You can also check this video out for a brief review of the product.

Key Ingredients: Rosemary, Juniper, and Amino acid complex

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Dye-free
  • No harsh salts
  • Vegan
  • Gentle formula
  • Color-safe


  • Greasy

protip_icon Quick Tip
Follow up with the lightweight and nourishing L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Serum to help your hair retain moisture.

Why It’s Worth Buying: It has gained over 5,132 positive reviews on Amazon, making it an all-time best-seller.
Price at the time of publication: $15.99

The PANTENE PRO-V Sheer Volume Shampoo And Conditioner volumize the hair. The shampoo helps detangle and moisturize the hair and adds shine. The conditioner provides lift to the hair and softens it. The antioxidant formula prevents protein loss and repairs damaged hair. This duo is powered with pro-vitamins that make the hair manageable without weighing it down. The shampoo and conditioner are lightweight, color-safe, and free of sulfates and silicones. If you need more convincing, feel free to take a look at this YouTuber’s video on the merits and demerits of the product.

Key Ingredients: Pro-Vitamin


  • Silicone-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Color-safe
  • Sulfate-free
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for color-treated hair


  • Contains SLS
Price at the time of publication: $17.99

The BIOLAGE Volumebloom Shampoo & Conditioner set is specially formulated for fine hair and color-treated hair. This shampoo gently cleanses your hair and scalp without stripping the natural oils. It claims to add 70% volume to your hair in the first few washes. The conditioner keeps your hair hydrated and plumps fine hair making it bouncy and manageable. This duo provides root lift to make your hair soft, shiny, thick, and manageable.

Key Ingredients: Cotton extract


  •  Paraben-free
  •  Vegan
  •  Healthy hair
  •  Lightweight
  •  Long-lasting results
  •  Color-safe



protip_icon Did You Know?
Shampoos were invented in India and date back to 1500 AD. They were 100% organic and had a paste-like consistency.

Price at the time of publication: $21

. Best Environment-Friendly: Luseta Rose Oil Shampoo And Conditioner


The Luseta Rose Oil Shampoo And Conditioner is suitable for dry, fine, and thin hair. Rose oil moisturizes the hair and promotes healthy hair growth. The extract of rose rugosa flower nourishes and volumizes the hair. These products soften the hair and add luster. They are color-safe, environment-friendly, and cruelty-free. This shampoo-conditioner set does not contain sulfates, parabens, and gluten.

Key Ingredients: Rose extract and Soy protein


  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Color-safe
  • Cruelty-free
  • Environment-friendly


  • Expensive
Price at the time of publication: $29.99

Fine hair can be difficult to manage. Without proper care, it tends to become weak, brittle, and dry. This is why you must make an informed choice become committing to a product for fine hair. In the section below we have put together a few important points to consider before buying the best shampoos and conditioners for fine hair so that you not only cleanse your hair but also impart strength and shine to hair strands.

Things To Consider Before Buying Shampoos And Conditioners For Fine Hair

Chemical Content: Shampoos and conditioners are often loaded with undesired chemicals that can be damaging to hair scalps or strands. Go for shampoos that do not contain additives such as paraben, silicone, SLS, sulfate, and other harsh salts. The formula must be gentle to the scalp skin and hair follicles. Many people prefer to use shampoos and conditioners that are vegan and cruelty-free because they are usually gentler.
Lightweight: Lightweight shampoos do not deposit on your hair strands weighing them down or making them oily. Non-greasy shampoos and conditioners preserve the natural shine and lively look of your tresses.
Natural Ingredients: Shampoos and conditioners that contain a rich blend of nutrient-filled organic ingredients keep your fine hair healthy. Additives such as rosemary, amino acids, and juniper fortify weak hair and make it appear thick. They help to get rid of dryness and dirt on the scalp. Conditioners that contain vitamins and proteins repair damaged hair and make it soft in texture. The shampoos loaded with essential oils and coconut water treat scalp dryness and revitalize hair strands.
Long-Lasting: Go for the shampoos and conditioners that offer quick and long-lasting results. The positive results must be visible after the first few washes. Go for shampoos that keep the hair detangled, frizz-free, and shiny for 3-4 days.
Other Features: Buy shampoos and conditions that are easy to wash, and do not leave any residue behind. The best shampoos and conditions for fine hair protect it from heat, pollution, and other environmental stressors. They help to revive the damaged hair and increase its luster.

Fine hair can look fragile and needs a lot of care and attention to prevent it from looking limp and lifeless. However, you can transform such hair and add volume to it with carefully chosen products. Several brands now offer shampoos and conditioners that remove the accumulated impurities from the scalp and condition your hair without weighing it down. The products listed in our article are carefully crafted with no harsh chemicals to minimize the frizz and make the hair bouncy. Also, some of these products can strengthen hair strands and turn them soft. However, avoid products that make the hair greasy or leave behind residues.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Shiboli Chakraborti, the author, is a hair care enthusiast. She has curated this list of the best shampoos and conditioners for fine hair after carefully analyzing the user reviews on trusted online forums and researching the ingredients. The shortlisted products are specifically formulated to provide much-needed volume to fine hair without making the hair limp, greasy, or weighed down.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should fine hair be washed?

Fine hair should be washed three to four times a week.

Can fine hair become thick again?

No. Although you cannot restore hair thickness permanently, volumizing shampoos and conditioners can make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

How can I protect my fine hair?

•  Use styling products sparingly.
•  Wash your hair with a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo weekly.
•  Use a conditioner made for fine hair to boost its health.
•  Use a smoothing and detangling hair serum before brushing your hair to prevent tugging.
•  Avoid heat styling as far as possible.
•  Avoid dyeing and bleaching your hair.
•  Protect your hair and scalp from the sunlight using hats, scarves, or sunscreen hairspray.
•  Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

How do you volumize fine hair?

Follow these practices to add volume to your fine hair.
•  Use a volumizing shampoo to wash your hair twice or thrice weekly.
•  Wash and brush your hair upside down.
•  Towel- or air-dry your hair till they are 80% dry, and do the rest with a blow dryer.
•  Use a root-lifter on damp hair for special occasions.
•  Switch your hair parting often to prevent balding at one spot.

What is the difference between thin and fine hair?

If you have comparatively fewer hair strands, then you have thin hair. On the other hand, if your hair strands are thinner in diameter, you have fine hair.

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