10 Best Shampoos For Every Asian Hair Type To Try In 2023

Cleanse your hair with gentle shampoos that effectively nourish the tresses.

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The diversity of Asian hair is immense, and everyone has a unique texture. Thus, finding the right shampoo can be challenging. We have brought you the best shampoos for Asian hair. Although straight, Asian hair has different textures ranging from fine to coarse. You could have brittle, fine, or even thick hair, and being aware of your scalp issue, hair type, and texture is so important to pick the right shampoo.

We have got you a list of the 10 best shampoos for Asian hair. Take a look!

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Best Nourishing Formula: Meibo Chinese Herbs Shampoo
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Best For Split Ends: Orofluido Asia Zen Control Shampoo
Price on Amazon
Best Antioxidant-Rich Shampoo: Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Premium Shampoo
Price on Amazon
Best Scalp-Refining Formula: Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo
Price on Amazon
Best Quick-Absorbing Formula: Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo
Price on Amazon
Best For Preventing Hair Loss: Deity of Hair Plant Shampoo
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Best For Color-Treated Hair: PhytoWorx Hair Recovery Shampoo
Price on Amazon
Best Cuticle-Soothing Shampoo: Kracie Ichikami Shampoo
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Best For Reducing Dandruff: RYO Shampoo
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Best For Preventing Dryness: Shiseido Super Mild ShampooPrice on Amazon

The 10 Best Shampoo For Every Asian Hair Type

1. Best Nourishing Formula: Meibo Chinese Herbs Shampoo


The Meibo Chinese Herbs Shampoo is formulated with natural herbs that nourish your hair. It helps prevent grey, yellow and greasy hair. The Chinese herb, Cha Zi, relieves headaches, treats dandruff, and prevents hair fall. This shampoo softens the hair and makes it more manageable. It also imparts a natural shine to the hair.


  • Nourishes the hair
  • Adds shine
  • Makes the hair manageable
  • Prevents graying
  • Treats dandruff
  • Relieves headache
  • Prevents hair fall



Price at the time of publication: $22.99

2. Best For Split Ends: Orofluido Asia Zen Control Shampoo

The Orofluido Asia Zen Control Shampoo is formulated with tsunami oil, bamboo, and rice oil. These ingredients help enhance hair strength and flexibility. Pantheon locks in hair moisture, and corn starch conditions the hair. This gentle formula prevents breakage, eliminates split ends, and reduces frizz. It is unisex and suitable for all hair types.


  • Gentle formula
  • Enhances hair strength
  • Reduces frizz
  • Prevents breakage
  • Eliminates split ends
  • Unisex



Price at the time of publication: $17.86

3. Best Antioxidant-Rich Shampoo: Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Premium Shampoo

The Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Premium Shampoo is formulated with green tea and changpo. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants that help in toxin and heavy metal removal. Panthenol softens the hair and helps retain hair moisture. This shampoo has a medicinal, herbal aroma and is suitable for all hair types.


  • Mild formula
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Unisex
  • Softens the hair



Price at the time of publication: $32.0

4. Best Scalp-Refining Formula: Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo


The Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo helps repair damaged hair and maintain hair elasticity. It is formulated with aloe vera and avocado plant-based ingredients that remove impurities and contaminants. This shampoo prevents pore-blocking elements and refines the scalp.


  • Refines the scalp
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Unisex


  • Might form tangles
Price at the time of publication: $23.94

5. Best Quick-Absorbing Formula: Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo

The Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo from Japan is formulated with high-quality oils and Tsubaki flowers. These ingredients, rich in oleic and linoleic acids, are absorbed into the hair easily. This shampoo softens and smoothens the hair and is safe on color-treated hair.


  • Moisturizes the hair
  • Softens the hair
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Color-safe


  • Not for sensitive scalp
Price at the time of publication: $37.94

6. Best For Preventing Hair Loss: Deity of Hair Plant Shampoo

Deity of Hair Plant Shampoo Image: Deity Of Hair

The Deity Of Hair Plant Shampoo is formulated with plant extracts. This shampoo penetrates the scalp quickly and nourishes the hair. It promotes blood circulation of the scalp and helps prevent hair loss and alopecia. This shampoo also strengthens the hair and roots.


  • Nourishes the hair
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Strengthens the hair


  • Strong fragrance
Price at the time of publication: $16.35

7. Best For Color-Treated Hair: PhytoWorx Hair Recovery Shampoo

The PhytoWorx Hair Recovery Shampoo is formulated with plant stem cells that help in hair regrowth and prevent hair loss. It also contains ginger root extract and aloe vera juice that protect the scalp. The licorice extracts help reduce infections and hair allergies. This shampoo is safe for color-treated hair and free of SLS and parabens.


  • Prevents hair loss
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • SLS-free
  • Paraben-free


  • May feel greasy
Price at the time of publication: $44.99

8. Best Cuticle-Soothing Shampoo: Kracie Ichikami Shampoo

The Kracie Ichikami Shampoo is formulated with Japanese botanicals that help repair damaged hair. The cuticle-soothing formula prevents cuticle peeling. This shampoo strengthens the hair and has a fresh aroma of wild cherry blossoms. It is free of silicone and sulfates.


  • Prevents cuticle peeling
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Silicone-free
  • Sulfate-free



9. Best For Reducing Dandruff: RYO Shampoo

The Ryo Shampoo prevents hair loss. It contains saponins that reduce inflammation, itchiness, and dandruff. This shampoo promotes natural hair growth and delays scalp aging. It helps retain hair moisture and reduces the itchiness of the scalp. This shampoo also contains ginseng, pine needle, and camellia that keep the hair moist and supple. The ginger and green tea reduce stress on the scalp. This product has the aroma of herbs and spices and is free of mineral oil and synthetic pigments.


  • Reduces hair loss
  • Soothes itching on the scalp
  • Mineral oil-free
  • No synthetic pigments



Price at the time of publication: $20.58

10. Best For Preventing Dryness: Shiseido Super Mild Shampoo

The Shiseido Super Mild Shampoo is formulated with vitamin E. It protects the hair from drying and friction. This shampoo smoothens the hair and makes it silky. It is unisex, suitable for all hair types, and has a mild fragrance.


  • Gentle formula
  • Smoothens the hair
  • Mild fragrance
  • Unisex
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • May leave residue
Price at the time of publication: $15.74

Asian hair is a very unique type. It comes with its own hair challenges that need special formulas to treat and repair. If you find it puzzling to get the right shampoo for your Asian hair, check out the guide below. We have jotted down some important features that you must consider before committing to a shampoo for Asian hair.

What To Consider When Buying Shampoos For Different Asian Hair Type

Cleansers: Asian hair doesn’t absorb moisture easily because of its low porosity. This is why this hair type always looks oily. To tackle this, use deep cleansing ingredients like rice oil, bamboo oil, or vitamin E content shampoo. This will reduce the oiliness of your scalp. However, use these shampoos only once or twice a week to prevent over-drying the hair strands.

Anti-frizz Property: Asian hair, as mentioned before, doesn’t absorb moisture which is why the stands remain dry from the inside even if they look oily on the outside. This causes frizz. Ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil, tsunami oil, rice oil, shea butter, and other natural contents are more helpful to keep hair moisturized from the inside and thus, minimize frizz.

Organic Ingredients: Look for shampoos that are made from natural ingredients. The natural ingredients promote hair growth and strength. Go for formulas made with nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter and jojoba oil. They are undoubtedly better than chemical-filled shampoos in terms of quality and safety.

Anti-hairfall Property: Hair fall is one of the most common problems for Asian hair. So, invest in a shampoo that contains essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and tea tree which reduce hair loss and enhance hair growth.

Color-safe formula: Opt for color-safe, color-toning, or color-depositing shampoos that work well with your hair type. If you’ve brown or red hair, regular shampoos will work great. On the other hand, purple shampoos do well when applied to blonde hair and prevent it from turning yellow.

Infographic: Shampoo For Asian Hair: What To Look For

Asian hair is quite distinct and has its pros and cons. While you get to enjoy straight black hair, you also have to take care of the extra oiliness and limpness. Fortunately, manufacturers have recognized the unique requirements of Asian hair, and now, we have many shampoos that cater to the needs of this hair type.

The infographic below gives an account of what makes Asian hair unique and what kind of ingredients make the best shampoo for this hair type. Take a look!

Shampoo For Asian Hair: What To Look For [infographic]

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Asian hair has a thicker cuticle layer and unique hair texture. Such hair strands need specially focused shampoos to clean the hair and scalp. The best shampoos for Asain hair types listed above prevent hair fall, treat dandruff, condition the frizz, and eliminate split ends. Some shampoos can also refine the scalp besides removing the impurities. However, consider investing in the shampoos that address your hair concerns. And restrain from the shampoos that may feel greasy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I shampoo Asian hair every day?

No. Wash Asian hair with shampoo two or three times a week. However, if you live in a very humid climate, you can shampoo more frequently, but make sure to use a hydrating shampoo.

How can I improve my Asian hair?

Brush your hair twice a day to improve the growth and texture of Asian hair. Use a hair mask once a week to help with oil control and boost volume.

How do you keep Asian hair from getting greasy?

Follow these steps to keep your Asian hair from getting greasy:
• Wash your hair 3-4 times a week to prevent oil buildup.
• Apply dry shampoo in between washes to combat oil accumulation.
• Use a soft, natural bristle brush to comb your hair regularly.
• Use a sulfate-free shampoo to retain the natural oils and prevent the overproduction of oil.
• Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar to eliminate the scalp buildup.

Will washing my hair every day make hair grow faster?

No. Washing hair daily weakens the strands and causes increased hair fall.

How do Asians get thicker hair?

The cuticle layer in Asians has compact cuticle cells. So, they have thicker hair. In addition, Asians apply nutritious oils like argan, jojoba, coconut, or olive oils to nourish and stimulate hair growth.

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