8 Best Shellac Nail Polish Kits To Slay The Manicure Game – 2023

Pamper your nails to achieve a salon-like finish without breaking the bank!

Written by Priyam Gupta
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Are you someone who loves to have gorgeous-looking nails all the time? If yes, you should surely try the best shellac nail polishes on the market. While professional manicures and nail art sessions might be comforting, they burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, the best part about these nail kits is that you can use them in the comfort of your own home as they are easy to use and give you a salon-like experience. It is also faster to apply shellac nail paints than the dip powder manicure because gel nail colors are applied like regular nail polish colors and are gentler than acrylic nails.

These comprehensive manicure kits include nail polish, base coat, and topcoats. Some may also have manicure tools and UV LED nail dryers that will help pamper your nails perfectly. These polishes are chip-resistant, and they offer a lighter finish that lasts for up to 3 weeks. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best shellac nail paints that you can try. Keep reading to know more!

Top Picks
Best Non-Toxic:Shelloloh Nail Polish Kit
Price on Amazon
Best For Custom Look:Joytii Nail Polish Kit
Price on Amazon
Best Long-Lasting:Sunbow 25 Pieces Nail Kit
Price on Amazon
Best Travel-Friendly:Vishine Nail Polish Starter Kit
Price on Amazon
Best Eco-Friendly:GAOY Classic Nude And Gray Kit
Price on Amazon
Best Cruelty-Free:Modelones Nail Kit
Price on Amazon
Best For Parties:Vernmol Glow In The Dark Nail Polish Kit
Price on Amazon
Best For Daily Use:ABGEL Shellac Nail Polish Kit
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The 8 Best Shellac Nail Kits For Fabulous, Long-Lasting Nails

1) Best Non-Toxic:Shelloloh Nail Polish Kit

Shelloloh Nail Polish Kit Image: Shelloloh

Look no further for perfectly elegant nail enhancement in classic colors. The Shelloloh kit comes with 20 shades of non-toxic gel polish along with a base and topcoat. Its 48 watts UV light nail dryer sets your nails in 30 to 60 seconds. This fun kit also contains nail decorations like rhinestones and sequins to give your nails a fun spin. The manicure tool kit contains gel polish remover tools, too, so you can remove and change your nail color with ease.

Number of Items: 10 | Color: 10I


  •  Ideal for beginners
  •  Made from natural resin
  •  Fun nail decorations
  •  Easy to remove and change


  •  Some women may find the nail paint chipping sooner depending on their activity

protip_icon StyleCraze Trivia
The use of nail polish dates back to the people of the Ming dynasty in 3000 BC. They created them using ingredients like egg whites, gelatin, beeswax, and vegetable dyes.

2) Best For Custom Look:Joytii Nail Polish Kit

Here’s a compact nail kit with exactly everything you need to get your salon-quality nails done at home. It is effortless to use with just the right amount of tools and a powerful 82 watts UV light nail dryer, so doing your nails will never be overwhelming again. The nail dryer has 3 timer settings and is sensor-operated. The kit contains 8 spring colors along with a no-wipe base and 2 topcoats, so you can pick between a glossy or a matte finish and play around with your style.

Material: Acrylic | Color: Multiple colors


  •  8 fun spring colors
  •  Powerful UV light nail dryer
  •  No-wipe base and top coats
  •  Glossy and matte finish topcoat options


Some women may find the nail paint consistency a little thick

protip_icon StyleCraze Trivia
Ancient Egyptian women wore nail polish as a symbol of social status. Only women on the low social ladder wore lighter shades.

3) Best Long-Lasting:Sunbow 25 Pieces Nail Kit

The Sunbow kit is a 25 piece nail kit that contains 9 pretty pastel macaron colors, 9 bright, rich berry colors, and 4 charming sparkling colors along with a base coat and 2 top coats so you can choose between a high-gloss finish or a matte finish. It takes about 90 to 120 seconds to cure and lasts up to 21 days. This easy-to-use long-lasting nail kit also makes it a sweet gift for your nail art-obsessed best friend.

Number of Items: 25 | Color: Secret Garden


  •  Variety of colors for every occasion
  •  Ideal for beginners and intermediate users
  •  Long-lasting for up to 21 days
  •  Perfect for gifting too


  •  You may need to buy a UV light nail dryer separately

protip_icon Pro Tip
Use the ice water hack if you do not have a UV-light nail dryer. For it, fill up a bowl with ice-cold water. Dip your nails into this bowl for 3 minutes. Then, take your hands and nails out, and let them air dry.

Price at the time of publication: $19.99

4) Best Travel-Friendly:Vishine Nail Polish Starter Kit

The nail paint starter kit from Vishine is a petite, and travel-friendly kit with 6 universally loved colors that you can never be wrong about, complete with the basecoat and a glossy topcoat. The kit also includes tools so you can file and buff your nails and take care of your cuticles while you treat yourself to a fun nail spa day on the go. The UV light nail dryer is ergonomically designed yet can cure all 5 fingernails or toenails at once with two times faster cure than most of the other dryers. It’s time to flaunt your professional-grade nails!

Material: Acrylic | Color: Set 012


  •  Ergonomic dryer lamp design
  •  6 well-selected nude colors
  •  Two times faster curing compared to other dryer lamps
  •  Easy to use for beginners


  •  Some women may find the texture a little sticky depending on the curing process
Why It’s Worth Buying: This product is so liked by shoppers that it has gained over 13,670 great reviews on Amazon.
Price at the time of publication: $37.99

5) Best Eco-Friendly:GAOY Classic Nude And Gray Kit


A classic nail care kit with 12 essential classic colors that give your nails a professional and elegant finish. GAOY promises to use premium quality raw materials to ensure that your product is safe to use while also being eco-friendly. The nail paints are certified by SGS and toxin-free. Along with having the perfect shades for every occasion, you get to play around with glossy and matte finish topcoats.

Number of Items: 15 | Color: Nude Gray


  •  12 elegant colors
  •  Smooth brush for a seamless finish
  •  SGS certified
  •  Eco-friendly


  •  Some women may experience nail polish chipping sooner.
Price at the time of publication: $16.14

6) Best Cruelty-Free:Modelones Nail Kit


An all-in-1 stylish nail polish kit with 7 dainty nude colors, and you can wear them with a glossy or matte finish. Nail primer, the basecoat, and topcoats with a glossy and matte finish are included in the kit. The kit is complete with a powerful UV light nail dryer lamp and an integrated manicure kit with decorations, live rhinestones, rivets, and stickers. So, nothing can stop you from bringing your creative side out and having fun DIY nail spa parties with your girl gang with this easy application kit.

Material: Acrylic | Color: B0 - Nude | Product Dimensions: 8.66 x 5.91 x 4.72 inches | Weight: 0.25 Ounces.


  •  Durable up to 21 days
  •  Cruelty-free
  •  Vegan friendly
  •  Fun nail decorations


  •  It might take slightly longer to cure
Why It’s Worth Buying: With over 20,200 Amazon acclaimed reviews, this product is sure to find a place in everyone’s shopping bag.
Price at the time of publication: $23.86

7) Best For Parties:Vernmol Glow In The Dark Nail Polish Kit

Is there anything more fun than a luminous neon glow in the dark nails? Go all out and play around with Vernmol’s glow-in-the-dark nail polish kit. It is perfect to give your nails a fun and creative look by layering different colors and adding decorative accessories. Your nails are bound to have heads turning in every party with the quirky and cute neon nail paints in this fun DIY nail kit. Spontaneous party? No problem! Vernmol’s nail kit is the perfect quick fix to get a fun eye-catching look.

Color: A-Kit#004


  •  Non-toxic and pungent free
  •  Lasts up to 3 weeks
  •  Sheer consistency
  •  Perfect for parties


  •  Might require additional layering to avoid a sheer look
Price at the time of publication: $12.99

8) Best For Daily Use:ABGEL Shellac Nail Polish Kit

ABGEL’s nail kit has your back if you’re looking for a chic and elegant look for daily office wear or a job interview. The well-thought-out colors are subtle and pretty, and you could still get playful with the cat-eye and sparkly colors. The kit also comes with 2 basecoats, 2 glossy topcoats, and 1 matte finish topcoat, so you will never run out of the base and topcoats. This easy-to-use nail polish kit is perfect for beginners to venture out and explore the world of fun nails.

Color: MACG142


  •  Extra base and topcoat
  •  Gentle on the nail plate
  •  Neutral colors
  •  Ideal for daily use and office wear


  •  It might require a longer time to cure
Price at the time of publication: $26.99

With this list of reviews for the best shellac nail kits, feel free to pick your favorite or try them all to expand your range. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you shop for shellac nail kits.

How To Choose The Perfect Shellac Nail Product

  •  Ingredients

It is important to know what goes into your nail paints so you can have healthy nails and protect them from damage caused by toxic chemicals. Make sure to check the ingredients of your nail paint to ensure they are non-toxic and made from responsibly sourced raw materials

  •  Lightweight

Lightweight nail polish is easier to build with and does not feel heavy on your fingertips and is perfect for creating unique styles by layering different colors. Nail polish with light flowing consistency is ideal as it doesn’t get lumpy and gives you an even finish.

  •  Opacity

Some nail paints may be sheer while others are opaque so you can pick nail polish with the right opacity to suit your creative needs. You can also achieve an opaque finish with sheer nail paints by adding more layers.

  •  Finish

Shellac nail polish kits come with glossy or matte finish top coats so you can pick the topcoat with the finish that you love most.

The Bottom Line

Shellac nail polish kits are convenient, and fun, and provides you with a salon-like experience. While the manicure kits generally include nail polish, base coat, and topcoats, some may also come with UV LED nail dryers! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or someone with years of manicure experience, these kits have been designed in such a way that anybody can give their nails a fun spin! You can easily try on a glossy finish or matte finish when you use some of these products. The Shelloloh Nail Polish Kit is the best as it comes with all the tools needed to have a fun manicure experience, while the Vishine Nail Polish Starter Kit is the best for beginners and can be used to create different nail looks. However, it is better to avoid nail paints prone to drying up in the container or with an exceedingly thick consistency. Steer clear of manicure kits that are time-consuming, or have a UV nail dryer that does not cure five fingernails or toenails at once.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Priyam Gupta, is a makeup enthusiast with a penchant for everything new and trending. Her in-depth knowledge and research about various styles and trends provide users with an unbiased opinion about the best shellac nail polish kits for beautiful nails. She has also gone through several user feedback while preparing this list. The products listed here are chip-resistant and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shellac nail polish kits worth it?

Yes. Shellac nail polish kits are definitely worth it as they are economical and you can get your nails done as desired and on a whim. It saves you time and effort and we all know that time is money!

Can shellac nail polish be used regularly?

Yes, shellac nail polish can be used regularly but it is recommended to give your nails a breather before every change. Shellac nail polish can last up to 3 weeks or longer with proper care.

How to apply shellac nail polish?

There are five simple steps to applying shellac nail polish.

Step 1: Prepare your nails by filing and smoothing rough edges, pushing your cuticles back gently, and cleaning to make sure there is no dust on the nail plate from filing the nails.

Step 2: Apply the base coat slightly past the cuticles and make sure you do not apply the product on the cuticle or the skin surrounding the nail.

Step 3: Apply your favorite shellac nail polish inside the edges of the basecoat leaving a tiny edge of the basecoat out. This is essential to seal the color in. Dry your nails with a UV light nail dryer lamp and apply the second coat of nail polish before drying it in the lamp one more time.

Step 4: Apply the topcoat from the very edge of the basecoat all the way to the tip of your nails locking in the colored nail polish.

Step 5: When you are happy with how your nails look, cure them for a final time in the nail dryer lamp. Use an alcohol wipe for a quick swab over your nails to make sure there is no sticky residue.

How long can shellac nail polish be worn?

Shellac nail polish lasts for 15 to 21 days. It is usually chip-resistant and long-lasting. The nail polish can last longer if it’s well cured and taken care of. Make sure to apply even layers of the base and topcoats for optimum durability

What is the difference between shellac and gel nail polish?

A shellac nail polish is a gel polish mixed with traditional nail paint. They dry out on their own. On the other hand, gel nail polishes are chip-resistant formulas that need LED lamps to dry. Shellac nail polishes are thinner than gel formulas, so they last for a maximum of two weeks, but gel polishes stay for three weeks or more.

Is Shellac better for nails than gel?

Shellac polishes are thinner compared to gel polishes. So, they allow your nails to breathe and maintain the strength of the nail beds. In addition, removing them is easier. On the other hand, gel manicures have a thicker consistency that can turn your nails brittle if you use them consistently without a break.

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