10 Best Shoes For Peloton Bike For A Killer Cycling Session (2023)

Footwear that can ease your foot pain while performing intense workouts.

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If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, one of the best things you can do is take a gym membership, as it will benefit your health in the long run. However, if you do not like hitting the gym every day, a convenient option would be to try indoor exercise cycling with the best shoes for Peloton bikes. This way, you won’t have to garner extra courage to step outside to go to the gym or for long walks and hikes and reap health benefits from the comfort of your home.

Peloton is a successful American brand ruling the fitness industry with the best gym equipment. Exercising on Peloton cycles will help you to shed extra pounds, improve heart rate, increase muscle endurance, and give your legs a toned look. The best part is that you can do this while listening to your favorite music or even watching a Netflix show! Whether you have your new bike or want to start classes under professional supervision, our curated list of the best shoes for Peloton bikes will help you gear up for the challenge.

Fitness expert Jeremy King says “You won’t be doing any long walks or running in these shoes but it is important that they fit well and don’t rub.”

Read this article to find out our top picks of the best shoes available online!

Top Picks
Best Overall:Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Cushioning:ROYDEAR Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Breathable:SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe
Price on Amazon
Best Quick-Drying:Venzo Women’s Riding Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Micro-Adjustable Buckle:Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Flexible Upper:SWISSWELL Women’s Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Anti-Slip Outsole:KESCOO Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Durable:CyclingDeal Women’s Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight:Kyedoo Women’s Bike Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Grip:PQMN Women’s Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon

What Kind Of Shoes Do I Need For A Peloton Bike?

Each Peloton bike features tread dimensions that the corresponding footwear is supposed to match. You could also ride in your regular sneakers or trainers but you will need toe cages for better rotation and security. Peloton-compatible shoes, on the other hand, should be able to accommodate cleats. These are brackets that connect the pedal to the shoe for easy movement. The sole of the shoes has a screw outline, and 2 holes might not be good enough as you will require 3-hole shoes. While a few of them come pre-installed with cleats, others have you hunting for the right fit.

10 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes For An Unfailing Performance

1. Best Overall:Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes Image: Tommaso

The best Peloton bike shoes are brought to you by Tommaso Pista and are made of a durable synthetic leather exterior. Dual Delta cleats are already installed and they are compatible with whichever pedal system you happen to use. Ventilated ports and mesh inserts all over the shoe combine with the moisture-wicking liner to keep you cool while you work out. The polyamide sole is reinforced with stiff fiberglass for a longer ride time. With a reinforced toe box and a triple velcro strap, you can stay comfortable owing to the snug fit.


  • 3 color options
  • Highly breathable
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Compatible pre-installed cleats
  • Snug velcro straps


  • Might not offer enough arch support

protip_icon Quick tip
Exercise shoes get stinky as they absorb the sweat. Dry them in the sun but not under direct sunlight.

Price at the time of publication: $72.99

2. Best Cushioning:ROYDEAR Cycling Shoes

ROYDEAR’s Peloton-compatible bike shoes feature a wear-resistant nylon outsole and a breathable mesh exterior for maximum comfort. Lightweight with the right amount of stiffness, this sports footwear increases power transfer so you expend less energy. The ergonomically-molded design includes a cushion and a smooth neckline for minimized chafing. You can further customize your fit with the buckle and loop closure.


  • Available in 14 colors
  • Breathable upper
  • Lightweight
  • Well-cushioned
  • Smooth neckline
  • Adjustable buckle


  • Doesn’t come with cleats

protip_icon Pro Tip
This unisex pair of shoes is ideal for all seasons and both bike and cycle rides.

Price at the time of publication: $9.62

3. Best Breathable:SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe

If you’ve been on the hunt for bike shoes compatible with Peloton, SHIMANO’s versatile pair is here for you. The 5-hole outsole fits both 2 and 3-hole cleats and clip-in pedals so you have no hassle fitting it on. With the double strap closure, the shoe remains close to your foot and makes for a simple wearing process. Constructed with synthetic leather overall, the shoes not only look classy but will last you a long time. The heel features a reflective print so you can stay alert in low-light or dark areas with these comfortable shoes for Peloton bikes.


  • Secure double-strap closure
  • Wear-resistant upper
  • Reflective print
  • 5-hole outsole
  • Stiff yet lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Might not be comfortable for wide feet

Price at the time of publication: $64.03

4. Best Quick-Drying:Venzo Women’s Riding Shoes

Venzo is a must-mention brand when we’re talking about bike shoes that work with Peloton owing to their combination of performance and comfort. Delta cleats are already installed, and they work with any type out there in case you change your classes. The outer synthetic features mesh for added breathability while an inner textile lining and removable sockliner aids in freshness. As the construction of these Peloton bike shoes for women is low-cut, you won’t face any chafing while the floating can be adjusted for better resistance power.


  • Available in 8 color options
  • Pre-installed cleats
  • Soft inner lining and removable sockliner
  • Breathability
  • Anti-chafe construction
  • Adjustable floating


  • Might make a rattling sound

protip_icon Caution
Users sometimes face difficulty paddling the cycle as the spikes may get stuck on the pedals.

Price at the time of publication: $79.99

5. Best Micro-Adjustable Buckle:Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoes

Coming to you with the best bike shoes for Peloton, Gavin has a micro-adjustable buckle for a fine-tuned fit. The sole is made of nylon fiberglass complete with airflow vents so there is no messy sweat to deal with. Its rigidity also keeps the transfer of power-efficient for a faster ride with the clip-in shoes for Peloton bikes. For enhanced breathability, mesh is added in strategic places to keep feet cool and dry when you’re on the bike.


  • Micro-adjustable buckles
  • Breathable
  • Stiff sole
  • Compatible with 2 and 3-slot cleats
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • Might offer a narrow fit

Price at the time of publication: $29.95

6. Best Flexible Upper:SWISSWELL Women’s Cycling Shoes

SWISSWELL’s cycling shoes for Peloton bikes have a lightly-padded insole, which is made of ergonomically-shaped memory foam for utmost comfort. Despite using synthetics for the upper, mesh panels are added to keep ventilation constant. The micro-adjustable dial only needs a simple twist to give you the fit you require along with the hook-and-loop closure. You can also enjoy lower chances of injury with the anatomically-designed U-heel cup of these spin shoes for peloton bikes.


  • Available in 11 colors
  • Lightly padded
  • Breathable
  • Hook-and loop and micro-adjustable dial for fit
  • Anatomically-designed
  • Flexible upper


  • Might not have adequate stiffness

7. Best Anti-Slip Outsole:KESCOO Cycling Shoes


KESCOO’s camo-print shoes that fit Peloton bikes are lightweight with mesh inserts to keep you moving comfortably. The nylon outsole has a carbon fiber pattern design which lends the shoe sturdiness, guaranteeing your safety on the bike. Both the buckles and velcro straps work hand-in-hand to give you an anti-slip fit. As the material is also quick-drying, there are no odors trapped in these wide shoes for Peloton bikes.


  • Available in 14 colors
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • Quick-drying
  • Adjustable buckle and velcro straps
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Might not have adequate cushioning

Price at the time of publication: $62.99

8. Best Durable:CyclingDeal Women’s Cycling Shoes

CyclingDeal Women’s Cycling Shoes Image: Cycling Deal

No matter what pedals come your way, CyclingDeal’s clip-in bike shoes for Peloton keep you well-equipped to take them on. The perforated shoe tongue and mesh upper keep the air flowing consistently and the air vents located at the heel and toe area enhance comfort in these shoes for a peloton bike. The 3 secure Velcro straps go around your foot with easy adjustability while the nylon fiberglass outsole extends overall efficiency.


  • Non-slip cleats
  • 3 velcro straps
  • High breathability
  • Durable outsole
  • 2 color options available
  • Stiff heat-isolated sole


  • The screws might be slightly flimsy.

Price at the time of publication: $49.99

9. Best Lightweight:Kyedoo Women’s Bike Cycling Shoes

With Kyedoo’s Peloton bike shoes, women exert less effort while still maintaining a stellar performance. The nylon outsole has a non-slip texture for strong traction so you needn’t worry about slipping or skidding. Made of lightweight material that also dries quickly, this footwear still remains robust even through intense sessions. For easy wear and removal, these bike shoes that fit Peloton come with an in-built rotating buckle and Velcro straps.


  • Available in 7 colors
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Quick-drying
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Easily adjustable


  • Might make a slight rattling noise

10. Best Grip:PQMN Women’s Cycling Shoes

These women’s peloton bike shoes by PQMN are suitable for all kinds of bikes, as they are compatible with all pedal types. To keep your footing light, the construction is sturdy while the materials used are not bulky. Also enhancing breathability, the shoes have a nylon outsole that gives you an unfaltering grip. Both the Velcro and buckle are adjustable so no slippage can be experienced in these spin bike shoes for Peloton.


  • Breathable
  • Adjustable fit
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip grip
  • Available in 15 colors
  • Soft soles


  • Some might find the toe area to be narrow

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best Peloton bike-compatible shoes, let’s learn how you can pick the right pair for your needs.

Things To Look For In Shoes For Peloton Bikes

  • Size

Size is super important in regular footwear, and even more so in Peloton shoes as they are supposed to help you perform better. There are varying sizes made for men and women, with the former having a wider construction. They might also be slightly heavier. Depending on the shape of your foot and a bit of trial and error, you can find sizing you are comfortable with. Equipped with buckles and other adjustments, the shoes must be snug without being constricting and should also not allow your foot to slip and slide around inside.

  • Function

Some people have specific needs in that they might also want their Peloton shoes to serve them for road cycling. A few might want shoes exclusively for spin classes or indoor cycling. Before you bag a pair, it is essential that you check whether the shoes you’re choosing can perform according to your needs.

  • Breathability

A pair of women’s bike shoes for Peloton must allow for superior aeration as you will be working out in them. Upper material made of mesh or perforated panels allows for easy flow of air so that the build-up of sweat and heat is minimized to keep you fresh, cool, and dry. This also helps discard bacteria and odors.

  • Sole

You might be thinking that flexible shoes conform to your feet better, but you must look out for an especially stiff sole for the Peloton bike. This helps transfer power from your feet to the pedals in an efficient manner while also consuming less of your bodily energy. Your workouts are faster and your performance qualitatively better.

  • Accessories

A few shoes come with cleats pre-installed while others don’t. For the latter, you must look for packages that allow you to install your own with the help of tools such as wrenches. An extra pair of cleats thrown in will also not hurt in cases you want to change them due to wear.

The world of indoor cycling brought fitness to our doorsteps, and we have the brand Peloton to thank for that. You need a good pair of shoes for Peloton bikes paired with your favorite biker shorts and a sturdy sports bra to complete your head-to-toe look. Peloton cycles help you control your weight while improving your heart rate and increasing muscle endurance. Exercising on these bikes helps you maintain a toned look. Each Peloton bike requires a different type of footwear owing to the cleat design. For general use, choose shoes that have a moisture-wicking liner to keep you well-ventilated and cool while you work out on your Peloton bike. Many shoes also come with a smooth neckline and adjustable buckle for maximum comfort. For better breathability, avoid shoes that come with a narrow fit.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Priyam Gupta, the author of this article, is a fashion enthusiast. She believes that you can reach your fitness goals without compromising comfort and style. So, she conducted extensive research and went through several user reviews to curate this list of the best shoes for Peloton bikes for her readers. These shoes are breathable, durable, flexible, and affordable, making your daily cycle sessions a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust the strap on Peloton shoes?

You can raise the fastening button found on the opposite side of the buckle and release it with a little pressure. If you hear a creaking sound, this means the strap has been secured into the buckle.

How do you loosen Peloton shoes?

Click the buckle present on the shoe that loosens the secured strap. You can loosen it further if you prefer.

Can you wear regular sneakers on a Peloton bike?

If you find it difficult to obtain or wear cycling shoes for whatever reason, regular sneakers that have toe cages won’t be a problem.

Do you need special shoes for Peloton?

As long as your shoes have toe cages compatible with the pedals, you’re good to use the Peloton bike comfortably.

What type of cleat does peloton use?

Peloton bikes are compatible with delta-compatible cleats. This provides an adept grip on your feet while pedaling and helps you ride smoothly.

Do other bike shoes work with a peloton?

Yes. Other bike shoes with toe cages and good grip work well with peloton bikes.

Are peloton shoes spd compatible?

No. Peloton shoes are usually compatible with 3-hole or delta-style cleats. But you can swap the pedals to make them compatible with SPD.

Should I size up or down for peloton shoes?

Peloton shoes should feel slightly tight and offer ultimate stability. So, if you have narrow feet, size down while buying peloton shoes. However, buy a size bigger than your usual fit if you have wide feet.

How to connect shoes to a peloton bike?

• Wear your peloton shoes.
• Stand with your legs apart on both sides of your bike.
• Hold the handlebars while placing your feet on the pedals.
• Place your toe downwards and insert your shoes in the pedal’s opening.
• Push your heel once you notice the cleat attaching to the pedal.
• When you hear a click sound, know that your shoes are connected to your peloton bike.

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