15 Best Skipping Ropes In India – 2023

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Aiming to burn more calories and have fun at the same time? Skipping ropes are a great option to get your heartbeat up. They offer a full-body workout, strengthening multiple muscles simultaneously. Whether you are a beginner, fitness enthusiast, sportsperson, athlete, or training for a marathon, a skipping rope can keep you fit and in top shape. We have collated a list of the 15 best skipping ropes available in India. Go ahead and check them out!

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15 Best Skipping Ropes In India

1. Aurion Skipping Rope

The skipping rope from Aurion is designed for men, women, and kids. It is made of 100% PVC rubber material and has lightweight handles, allowing you a good grip with less arm fatigue. The skipping rope glides smoothly and quickly, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes training in CrossFit and speed sports activities. This is perfect for including in aerobic exercises, toning the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads, slimming, burning calories, and boosting core strength.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Adjustable length
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Super speed ball bearing
  • Suitable for all age groups


  • The rope gets tangled easily.
Price at the time of publication: ₹149

2 . Vector X Skipping Rope

The Vector X Skipping Rope is made of sturdy nylon, capable of withstanding breakage from tension caused due to quick motions while skipping. The handles of this freestyle skipping rope are made of plastic and feature long, narrow knob-like ends that prevent your sweaty palms from slipping. It offers less wind resistance and is perfectly safe for beginners. The skipping rope folds into a compact shape and is easy to carry around in your bag. 


  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip handles
  • Easy to store
  • Adjustable length
  • Beginner-friendly


  • The rope vibrates a lot.
  • Not durable
Price at the time of publication: ₹78.59

3. Strauss Skipping Rope

The Strauss Skipping Rope is made of plastic and features 3 meters of solid PVC rope. The handles are strong, long, slim, and ergonomic to provide a better grip over the skipping rope. The length of the rope is adjustable, making it ideal for everyone above the age of five years. It is uniquely designed and encourages a holistic approach towards daily exercise for a healthy, focused, and balanced mind and body. This skipping rope is suitable for use at the playground, gym class, and during exercises.


  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip
  • Long-lasting
  • Fits all hand sizes
  • Does not leave whip marks


  • Poor ball bearing system
Price at the time of publication: ₹74.19

4. GoCart Skipping Rope

The GoCart Skipping Rope is perfect for outdoor sporting activities and enables you to exercise and stay fit at any time and place. It is ideal for both children and adults as the rope length can be easily adjusted based on the height. It is made of durable PVC, while the handles are wrapped with foam rubber that gives you a firm grip without hurting your palms.


  • Premium quality
  • Durable
  • Adjustable length
  • Built-in counter


  • Not suitable for advanced skipping.
Price at the time of publication: ₹299

5. AmazonBasics Adjustable Skipping Rope

The skipping rope from AmazonBasics has an adjustable length and measures a maximum of 320 cm. The handles are made of plastic and molded to fit your palms well, enabling you to maintain a firm grip. It is suitable for fitness and speed training. The skipping rope features sealed ball bearings that enable even rope rotation.


  • Adjustable length
  • Good grip
  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Tangles a lot
Price at the time of publication: ₹168.07

6. AmazonBasics Standard Skipping Rope

Amazon Basics Standard Jump Rope Image: Amazon Basics

This is one of the best skipping ropes in India made of polypropylene. The AmazonBasics Standard Skipping Rope can be used during any workout session, whether it is training, muscle building, or cardio exercises. The rope can be adjusted to accommodate different types of users. The handles are lightweight with comfortable foam handles attached with ball bearings.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Adjustable length
  • Tangle-free


  • Not durable
Price at the time of publication: ₹8.16

7. Boldfit Skipping Rope

The innovatively designed Boldfit Skipping Rope ensures a tangle-free exercise experience. It is made of high-quality material, which makes it durable. The foam handles give it a soft and comfortable grip. The rope is braided with steel and coated with PVC, reducing the risk of it wearing out when it comes in contact with the floor. It also comes with its own cloth bag for storage.


  • PVC embedded rope
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable length
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • Overpriced
Price at the time of publication: ₹403

8. Lordz Adjustable Skipping Rope

The Lordz Adjustable Skipping Rope is equipped with ball bearings and rotates freely, ensuring rapid jump speed. The handles are made of plastic and wrapped with soft foam, which is comfortable on your palms and fingers. The design especially makes it perfect for fitness, gym, speed, and endurance training. The durable materials used to make the skipping rope ensure that it does not twist or snap as you work out, enabling a comfortable sports experience.


  • Adjustable length
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-dust ball bearing system
  • Tangle-free


  • The rope is heavy.
Price at the time of publication: ₹199

9. TEMPEST Skipping Rope

This skipping rope from TEMPEST is made of premium quality cable, which is long to enable wider swings and multiple-person jumps. It is specially designed for athletes with different fitness levels and people who are serious about cardio workouts. The skipping rope comes in a personal gym carry bag. It is suitable for use by men, women, young girls, boys, and kids as its length is adjustable.


  • Broader handles
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable length
  • Comes in a carry bag


  • Cheap quality ball bearing
  • Not durable
Price at the time of publication: ₹199

10. Henco Skipping Rope

This exercising product from Henco features a cotton rope that is eco-friendly, enabling you to skip without the whiplash effect. The wooden handles are strong, and the skipping rope is lightweight, adjustable to the desired length, and highly economical. There is a knot at the end of the rope that can be tightened by sliding it through the handle to adjust the rope length.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Strong handles
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable length


  • Uncomfortable handle
  • Not very long.
Price at the time of publication: ₹189

11. Deb Skipping Rope

The skipping rope from Deb is ideal for use by people of all age groups and fitness levels – kids, teenagers, men, and women. It is made of soft and highly durable plastic that enhances flexibility when using it. There is no need for winding or knotting. The product handles are bi-colored in orange, neon, and gray. The innovative design takes off the strain and tension from around your wrists and hands, getting you to move faster and perform at your best.


  • Professional shaft design
  • Durable
  • Tangle-free rope
  • Adjustable length
  • Anti-slip handles


  • Breakable knob

12. Simran Sports Skipping Rope

The user-friendly design and vibrant color of the skipping rope add life to your exercise workouts. It features a cotton rope, while the handles are made of wood and coated with sweat-resistant paint that adds to its durability. The product is lightweight, economically priced, and sturdy enough for regular workout requirements.


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Not enough force for skipping
Price at the time of publication: ₹93

13. Rioff Skipping Rope

The Rioff Skipping Rope is designed for gym training. The length of the rope is adjustable, depending on the height needs of the user. The handles are made of plastic and covered with foam for a soft, anti-slip grip. The PVC rope withstands tension and prevents cracking and breaking. This skipping rope moves smooth and fast due to the premium quality ball bearing system and is perfect for high-intensity training and fitness workouts.


  • Soft handles
  • Good quality ball bearing system
  • Adjustable length
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Strong grip


  • Short spring
Price at the time of publication: ₹225

14. Spike Speed Skipping Rope

This skipping rope is crafted to build speed and stamina in the user and has rotating rods for faster rotation. The adjustable screws featured below the handles allow you to set the length of the rope according to your height. You enjoy a good grip with the comfortable and lightweight handles. The skipping rope is made of a combination of leather and PVC. It features a unique design and enables you to maximize your jumping speed and meet your fitness goals. You can use it in cardio exercise, double under, boxing, MMA training, bodybuilding, and personal training.


  • Smooth handle
  • Faster rotation
  • Lightweight steel cable
  • Adjustable length


  • Screws are unsteady.
Price at the time of publication: ₹499

15. Nictor Skipping Rope

This durable skipping rope is suitable for CrossFit, cardio, speed jumping, gym training, and workouts for both men and women. The special bearing design in the handles helps with fast and smooth rope rotation. The rope is made of PVC, and the handle is covered with soft foam cotton. The cable is resistant to tangles, ensuring smooth operation and a hassle-free experience. It builds strong arms and leg muscles, increases stamina, and burns fat faster. This skipping rope is perfect for all fitness levels, whether you are a beginner, intermediate level, or a professional athlete.


  • Non-slip grip
  • 360-degree swing rotation
  • Durable
  • Premium quality ball bearing


  • Short and heavy
Price at the time of publication: ₹159

kipping is one of the most effective cardio exercises that can be done by people of all ages. A

Skipping rope is all you need to warm-up or do a small cardio session, irrespective of your location. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of a skipping rope.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Skipping Ropes?

A skipping rope has several health benefits as skipping targets all the muscles, enabling a full-body workout. It is an excellent calorie burner and boosts the cardiovascular system.

  • Improve Coordination: Skipping ropes are designed with the view to take your exercise regimes up a notch. Targeting the muscles and joints, skipping helps to promote better coordination and agility.
  • Enhance Heart Health: Using a skipping rope while exercising, whether it is done at home or gym, can help improve heart health. With a full-intensity cardio workout, your heart beats faster and pumps more blood. This makes you less prone to heart diseases, heart attacks, and strokes.
  • Improve Focus: Exercising with a skipping rope in the mornings improves your concentration throughout the day. It calms down your mind and body, regulates hormonal balance, and refreshes the senses.
  • Better Stamina: Dull and mundane workout routines make us feel tired. Skipping can kick the boredom out. Your stamina increases, and you have sufficient energy to get you through the day.
  • Improve Flexibility: Skipping relaxes and tones your muscles, giving them greater flexibility and elasticity. This is the reason skipping ropes are widely used in most athletes’ workout sessions.
  • Improve Mental Health: The boost of blood supply and circulation to the brain and other parts of the body during skipping improves mental health and well-being.
  • Burn Belly Fat: Stubborn belly fat is one of the main obstacles when you are trying to lose weight. Skipping strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles.
  • Strengthen The Bones: Workouts with a skipping rope build bone density and add strength. This lowers the chances of osteoporosis.
  • Make Your Skin Glow: Daily skipping makes you sweat, flushing out harmful toxins from the body. As a result, your skin becomes youthful and glowing.
  • Improve Pulmonary Function: With increased blood supply and oxygen, your lungs can breathe in and expel air to their maximum capacity.

There are several types of skipping ropes available on the market, based on your level of comfort, expertise, and fitness requirement. Read on to find out about the different types of skipping ropes.

What Are The Types Of Skipping Ropes?

There are four different types of skipping ropes:

  • Basic Skipping Ropes: They are ideal for beginners and those learning the fundamentals of the exercise. This type is cost-effective and enables efficient workout and better performance. Basic skipping ropes are thicker than the other types and are generally made of PVC with rubber or foam handles for better grip.
  • Speed Skipping Ropes: This type of skipping rope is made thinner for enhanced speed and flexibility. Speed skipping ropes are lightweight and fast. They feature thin vinyl cords that are perfect for indoor use. They cannot be used on rough outdoor surfaces as they tend to wear, tear, and break while skipping. Due to the high speeds, the workouts are more intense and fast-paced. Speed skipping ropes are ideal for those aiming to improve feet agility and develop high conditioning skills.
  • Weighted Skipping Ropes: If you are looking to give your arms a good workout and tone up the muscles, weighted skipping ropes can help you achieve this. The added weight requires you to put in more energy and exertion, burning fat faster. In this type of skipping rope, the weights range from one to six pounds. These skipping ropes are recommended for experienced players and athletes. However, beginners can use them as well. The speed of the skipping ropes is slower due to the weights and enables you to time your sessions and get into top shape.
  • Beaded Skipping Ropes: They are also widely referred to as segmented jump ropes. They are mainly designed for beginners and allow rhythmic jumping with counts, every time that the beads hit the ground. This type features an inner nylon cord with beads intact, thus giving it its name. The beads add to the weight of the rope, ensuring it stays tangle-free. You can use this skipping rope indoors and outdoors.

Jeremy King, MS, CSCS, says, “Skipping rope is one of the best cardiovascular exercises around. If you’re nervous about starting consider a ropeless jump rope then graduate to one with a rope or even weighted handles.

Are you confused with all these options? Don’t worry! Keep these basic factors in mind before getting yourself a skipping rope for your fitness journey.

How To Choose The Best Skipping Rope

  • Length Of The Skipping Rope

The length is one of the prime factors to look for when choosing a skipping rope. Choose one that is in sync with your height. If you want to check if the skipping rope is of sufficient length, place your feet in the middle of the rope and try pulling it up to shoulder length. The cables should reach your armpits, preventing it from getting caught on your ankles or hitting your toes, leading to injuries.

  • Adjustable Settings

Most skipping ropes feature adjustable settings with which you can set the length of the rope to meet your height. This feature enables the same skipping rope to be used by people of any age group, whether you are a child, teenager, man, or woman. If you find that the rope is lengthy, don’t fret, just shorten or increase the length of the rope with the adjustable feature.

  • Comfortable Handles

Daily workout with a skipping rope can take a toll on your hands and wrists if the handles are not comfortable. Choose a skipping rope that has soft foam or rubber-wrapped handles that do not slip from your hands when you sweat. Ensure that you are able to grip on tightly without rhythmic tensions to the wrist.

  • Thickness

The thickness of the rope is another important factor to consider. Thicker ropes are ideal for beginners as they allow training and workouts at slower paces. Moreover, they are highly durable and do not get worn out easily. On the other hand, the thinner skipping ropes increase speed, allowing high-intensity workouts.

  • Ball Bearing

The ball bearing feature on skipping ropes paves the way for smooth and fast movement of the rope. The swings are able to go on a 360-degree rotation. This enables a tangle-free skipping experience.

A skipping rope is perfect equipment to carry along in your workout bag, no matter what your age group or fitness level may be. So, go ahead and pick any of the skipping ropes listed above to amplify your workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a skipping rope be for an average adult?

The recommended length for a skipping rope for an average adult can be calculated by adding one’s height plus 2.5 to 3 feet. For instance, for an individual with a 5’6” height, their ideal length for a skipping rope would be 8’6” long.

Can skipping rope exercises help in weight loss?

Yes! It helps pump the heart and burn calories for effective weight loss. Anecdotal evidence suggests you can burn up to 200 calories in approximately 10 minutes, making it a better exercise option than brisk walking.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when skipping rope?

Some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a skipping rope are:
1. Choosing the wrong rope length.
2. Having a poor posture.
3. Skipping warm-up.
4. Jumping very high.
5. Having a tight grip on the handles.

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