Best Skull Tattoo Designs – Our Top 10

Best Skull Tattoo Designs – Our Top 10 April 10, 2018

Tired of those common tattoos? Want to experience something new? Get a skull tattoo inked. These tattoos are very eye-catching and will help you to grab attention of many. Skull tattoos are being made these days not for some symbolic reason but for whimsical fun and for getting something done which is different from the rest.

The Best Skull Tattoo Designs

1. Romantic skull tattoo:

Love and death are no where related to each other but have become very common when it comes to tattoo designs. Skull with a rose is also a very common skull tattoo design. Attractiveness is the main reason for their popularity. These designs are usually not very scary and considered romantic by many.

2. Funny skull tattoos:

Skull tattoos designs with a blend of fun sounds unappealing but is a nice choice if you are looking for a striking skull tattoo. Funny skull tattoos will give you a new look. They are usually colourful and happening.

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3. Picturesque skull tattoo:

Picturesque skull tattoos with flowers are worth watching. These tattoos are very colourful and mesmerising. They are a nice choice if you are looking for skull tattoos.

4. Catchy skull tattoos:

Skull tattoos with some lines or words are very catchy and attractive. They will give you a new look and speak a lot about your personality and level of thinking.

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5. Tribal skull tattoos:

Skull tattoos with a tribal touch will help you get attached with the tribe. It is a complete new concept and not opted by all. It requires a confident personality who has an ability to carry it well.

6. Girlie skull tattoo:

Are you a girl and looking for attractive and different skull tattoos for yourself? Cute girlie skull tattoos are the right choice for girls. Bold skull tattoos do not seem attractive on girls so they should always go for eye soothing designs. There are a number of skull tattoo designs to give you a girlie look.

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7. Demonic skull tattoo:

Demonic skull tattoos will give you a scary look. These tattoos usually give a negative impression but are very famous among tattoo lovers. Along with their creepy look they are very stylish too.

8. Colourful skull tattoo:

Skull tattoos full of colours is a nice choice and one of best designs in skull tattoos. Colours in the tattoo will show your love for colour. These tattoos are very bright and eye-catching. The skull has number of flowery patterns and geometrical shapes inscribed in it to give it a different look.

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9. Flowery skull tattoo:

Skull tattoos with flowers and leaves is a completely new concept. They give a new look to the skull tattoo and are quite captivating. Flowery skull tattoos are attractive without a scary look.

10. Cartoon skull tattoo:

Skull tattoos with a cartoon look is not a bad idea. Usually skull tattoos depicting the skull of Bart Simpson, the famous cartoon character is very eminent and loved by many tattoo lovers. These designs are the perfect choice if you are looking for skull designs without a scary look.

Give your idea ample time to test if you really want it inked, save the spot for a tattoo design that will not be regretted.

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