The 13 Best Sleep Masks For A Proper Night’s Rest – 2023

Tuck in peacefully at night, away from any stray sources of light, for a good night's sleep.

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A sleep mask is ideal to avoid distractions caused by unwanted light. If you cannot fall asleep very soon, a sleep mask also helps you get some tranquility and helps you fall asleep faster. The best sleep mask helps you get good quality sleep without any obstructions. It induces relaxation and provides a night of sound sleep. The mask helps you to feel relaxed after a good quality sleep. The masks are made of luxurious, soft, and comfortable material that soothes your skin without creating any sort of irritation.

Out body needs 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to reenergize and feel refreshed the next morning. A sleep mask ensures that you sleep through the night soundly. It also helps to sleep in disruptive environments.

If you are hunting for the perfect sleep mask that offers peaceful sleep, check out our list of the 13 best sleep masks. Scroll down to learn all about the. Pick one for yourself and enhance the quality of your sleep.

Top PicksCheck Price
Best Easy-To-Wash:MZOO 3D Sleep MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Breathable Fabric:Mavogel Cotton Sleep MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Lightweight:LKY Digital Sleep Mask (Pack Of 3)Price on Amazon
Best Hypoallergenic:Alaska Bear Natural Mulberry Silk Sleep MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Adjustable Straps:Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleeping MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Adjustable Eye Cups:Manta Sleep MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Skin-friendly:FRESHME Handmade Cotton Sleep MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Latex-free:Sleep Master Sleep MaskPrice on Amazon
Best Cooling Effect:LEEKEN 3D Sleeping Eye MaskPrice on Amazon
Best For Built-In Earphones:Joseche Wireless Sleep MaskPrice on Amazon

What Does A Sleep Mask Do?

A quality sleep mask helps you sleep better by blocking out any natural or artificial light. By inducing darkness, these masks help in the production of melatonin, which regulates our hormones and stabilizes the sleep cycle. People who have insomnia or are restless before sleeping can benefit from a sleep mask to lower distracting thoughts and stimuli. And when made with soft, durable material, sleep masks reduce creases and fine lines on your face by acting as a barrier against your bedding. Due to the sustained darkness, you’re more likely to stay asleep without frequently waking up in the middle of the night, which can lead to a disrupted sleep pattern. Breathable sleep masks or those filled with cool materials like gel keep your face refreshed throughout the night by absorbing heat. This way, you won’t be waking up in cold sweats.

 Sleep Uninterrupted With The 13 Best Sleep Masks Of 2023


Best Easy-To-Wash:MZOO 3D Sleep Mask


You’ve got to get your hands on MZOO’s eye mask for sleep, as it is designed to conform to the shape of your eyes and nose without applying any pressure. Made with low rebound memory foam that is lightweight and comfortable, the top-quality fiber fabric keeps your bed linens stain-free. The fully adjustable buckle strap fits all head sizes and won’t get caught in your hair to disturb your beauty sleep. With patented light-blocking technology, MZOO’s eye sleep mask feels like a black-out curtain for your eyes so you can fall asleep faster. Check out this video to learn more.


  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable strap fits all head sizes
  • Effectively blocks light
  • Fits shape of eyes and nose without applying pressure
  • Lightweight
  • Travel-friendly


  • Might not be ideal for side sleepers

Best Breathable Fabric:Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask


If you’ve been having trouble falling and staying asleep lately, try Mavogel’s comfortable sleep mask. It is made with a patented built-in bending cartilage and 5 layers of soft lining to give you a truly relaxing experience. The cartilage is made of carbon steel and is flexible, so it fits the contours of your nose better without too much pressure. And if you’ve got sensitive, delicate skin, the soft and breathable fabric will be a delight. With a thicker strap that is also wide and flexible, the blackout sleep mask stays put on your head without being uncomfortable. The next time you’re traveling or facing a bout of insomnia, just slip on Mavogel’s eye sleeping mask for better sleep. Watch this video for more information about the product.


  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Thick, wide, and flexible strap
  • Doesn’t put pressure on the face
  • Fits contours of nose and eyes
  • Blocks light fully
  • Suitable for side sleepers


  • Some people may find the strap to be uncomfortable on the ears

Price at the time of publication: $9.98

With a 3D design, this will be your most comfortable sleep mask yet, as it has a wide space for free eye movement. Oh, and even if you happen to be taking a quick nap in the middle of your workday (hey, we won’t tell!), your eye makeup remains intact. The well-engineered contour entirely blocks light and adjusts to the shape of your nose to avoid any sliver of light peeking through. Without snagging your hair, the adjustable strap allows the contoured sleep mask to stay put even when you toss and turn at night. This pack of 3 is ideal for a family, or you can keep a stash at home, work, and in your car for easy access to a quick nap.


  • 3D design allows for eye movement and keeps makeup intact
  • Adjustable strap
  • Fully blocks light
  • Fits contours of nose
  • Doesn’t snag at hair
  • Lightweight and soft


  • Might not be helpful for those with dry eyes

Price at the time of publication: $12.69


Turn the world off with Alaska Bear’s silk eye mask for sleeping that has a cotton inner lining for breathability. Crafted with 100% skin-friendly mulberry silk, this friction-free material is smooth across your skin and has anti-aging benefits as it doesn’t cause tugging. As silk is also feather-light, it has a cooling effect and won’t let you get too hot while you catch some shut-eye wherever you want. With better airflow, the mask is also hypoallergenic and ideal for those that suffer from dry eyes. A complete light-blocker, Alaska Bear’s cooling sleep mask won’t even require you to turn the lights off, and it prepares you for a blissful sleep. This video helps you know more about the product.


  • Breathable material
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Doesn’t tug at skin
  • Provides anti-aging benefits
  • Adjustable headband


  • Might stain bedding

protip_icon Remember
Clean your sleep mask as often as you can if you have skin that is prone to acne as a sleep mask may leave buildup or residue on your face.

Price at the time of publication: $8.99

Best Adjustable Straps:Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleeping Mask


You owe yourself a good night’s rest, and investing in a quality sleep mask like Jersey Slumber’s 100% Silk Sleeping Mask is the way to go. Made with 100% luxurious mulberry silk, your eyes will be relaxed to help you fall asleep faster. The soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabric allows for better air circulation throughout the night and is helpful for those that have insomnia or dry eyes. With a comfortably fitting adjustable strap, you can doze off anywhere, making this the best sleep mask for travel. No more tight pressure on your face or tugging at your hair as the Jersey Summer luxury sleeping mask stays put gently.

  • Adjustable strap
  • Travel-friendly
  • Doesn’t put pressure on face
  • Breathable and soft material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Doesn’t rub against skin


  • Might not be completely anti-slip


Best Adjustable Eye Cups:Manta Sleep Mask

Manta’s got the best sleeping eye mask with adjustable eye cups that fit the mold of your eyes and completely block light out. No matter what environment you’re in, don’t let it stop you from catching up on some sleep with the deep cups that allow for free eye movement without any pressure. The soft modal eye cups and the breathable cotton strap is soft against the skin while also being snag-free so you can sleep in peace.

  • Adjustable eye cups
  • Snag-free and adjustable strap
  • Provides enough space for the nose
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Made with soft and tapered foam
  • Effectively blocks light


  • Some may find it to be too hot
Why It’s Worth Buying: The overwhelming 9,322 positive reviews on Amazon show how popular this product is with happy users.
Price at the time of publication: $35


Not being able to sleep even when you’re sleepy is a nightmare. At times like this, nothing helps better than a top-rated sleep mask like the one by FRESHME. It features a ‘nose-wing’ design to cancel out any light so you can relax your eyes and drift off into dreamland. Made with 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex, the material allows for ample oxygen flow and is stretchable enough to fit your head. Among the choicest masks for sleeping, this grabs a top spot due to its adjustable strap, and as you can also fold it quickly, it makes for a great traveling companion. Fall asleep and stay asleep until the morning sun with FRESHME’s soft sleep mask.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Skin-friendly
  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Fits the contours of the nose
  • Flexible and foldable
  • Travel-friendly and comes with a pouch


  • The velcro might wear out with time

Price at the time of publication: $24.98


Best Latex-free:Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Sleep Master offers the best sleeping mask owing to its lightweight, breathable, and relaxed nature. The durable and soft material sits easily on your skin without tugging and surrounds your head gently to connect with the adjustable velcro straps. Sleep Master’s satin sleeping mask has an inner cotton lining so you can sleep deeply without any interference from light. As the fabric goes over your ears due to its width, it also muffles sound to an extent for hassle-free sleep wherever you may be. We think this is one of the most effective satin sleep masks out there!

  • Breathable material
  • Soft cotton lining
  • Muffles sound
  • Latex-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to wash


  • The color might bleed when washed

Price at the time of publication: $23.99


Best Cooling Effect:LEEKEN 3D Sleeping Eye Mask


LEEKEN’s 3D Sleeping Eye Mask features a ‘unique nose pad’ design to fit your nose contours and create complete darkness when you choose to sleep. The sports mesh and ice silk sport fabric are breathable and dry quickly when washed. Filled with black bamboo charcoal, the 3D sleep mask remains cool all night and prevents you from getting stuffy. There’s no pressure on the eyes as the molds allow for free eye movement, and the adjustable velcro strap is made to fit all head sizes.

  • Adjustable velcro elastic strap
  • Breathable fabric
  • Cooling effect
  • Easy to wash
  • Quick-drying
  • Doesn’t put pressure on eyes


  • The dye might transfer onto bedding

Price at the time of publication: $12.99

Joseche’s mind-blowing product combines the comfort of a sleep mask with Bluetooth earphones so you can experience relaxation at its finest. Not only can you listen to your favorite tunes or a sleep meditation podcast with high sound quality, but you can also take calls with the built-in microphone! Just charge the mask for about 2 hours for up to 9 hours of playtime. Additionally, the mask is made of a cotton and a polyester layer for extra softness to keep you light and cool through the night. The adjustable velcro strap fits your head comfortably without too much pressure. Joseche’s mask for sleep is truly a revolutionary one.


  • Built-in earphones and microphone
  • Allows up to 9 hours of play
  • 2 layers of fabric for softness
  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Absorbs heat
  • Allows for better flow of oxygen


  • Might not be ideal for side sleepers

protip_icon Quick Tip
A sleep mask that is overly tight might put pressure on your eyes and leave you with blurry vision in the morning, hence, wear a loose one.

Price at the time of publication: $22.97


Best For Improved Blood Flow:ZIMA SILK Sleep Mask

ZIMA SILK Sleep Mask Image: Zima Silk

For all our beauties without sleep, investing in a luxurious silk mask can be a game-changer. ZIMA SILK’s mask for sleeping is made with pure mulberry silk on both sides and filled with it! This means not only skin-friendly benefits, but the fabric keeps you cool throughout the night, so no more waking up in a sweat. The elastic is also covered with silk, so it’s not too tight and won’t pull your hair when you’re tossing and turning at night. Lightweight and soft, you’ll find that ZIMA SILK’s Sleep Mask improves blood circulation and prevents dark circles owing to true beauty sleep.

  • Silk-covered elastic headband doesn’t tangle hair
  • Filled and covered with 100% mulberry silk
  • Breathable fabric
  • Keeps you cool
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Improves blood flow


  • Strap is not adjustable

Price at the time of publication: $22.99


Best Non-toxic:SLIP Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Available in 28 colors and patterns, SLIP sleep masks give you the feeling of being pampered at a luxurious spa. Silk is known to absorb less moisture from your skin to keep it hydrated throughout the night, and as it also doesn’t cause any tugging, your skin’s in for a treat! With reduced friction, the mask easily glides across your pillow and skin, not causing any creases, which can lead to wrinkles as time passes. Made with non-toxic dyes, this anti-wrinkle sleep mask is good for your sleep, beauty, and the earth.

  • Absorbs less moisture from the skin
  • Doesn’t tug at skin
  • Anti-crease
  • Non-toxic
  • Travel-friendly
  • Soft and breathable
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • Might slip off during the night

Price at the time of publication: $34.25

A filling of gel beads in this gel eye mask for sleeping provides a cooling effect that relaxes your eyes and allows for a faster and deeper sleep. Koamask features a stitching ergonomic design that doesn’t put direct pressure on your eyes and nose for a comfortable fit. The breathable cotton material keeps you cool and soothes tiredness and puffiness while also providing relief for migraines and sinus pains. You need this sleep therapy mask as it has 2 pads to effectively block out light for an uninterrupted full night’s sleep.


  • Contains gel for a cooling sensation
  • Soft velcro strap
  • 2 pads for light blocking
  • Fits contours of eyes and nose
  • Breathable
  • Provides pain relief


  • Some may find it uncomfortable to sleep in due to the weight
Price at the time of publication: $14.99

Now that we’ve gone over the best sleep masks for a restful night’s sleep, let’s look at how you can choose the best one from a plethora of options.

How To Choose The Best Sleep Mask

  • Light-blocking ability

As this is the primary purpose of a sleep mask, choose one that covers your eyes fully with a molded design. Check the width before your purchase and ensure that the mask fits the contours of your nose to avoid tiny slivers of light peeking through.

  • Fit

Fit is important because if a sleep mask is too big for you, it keeps sliding off and can be a nuisance pulling it back up in the middle of the night. And if it’s too small, the strap may give you headaches. Look for a mask that has an adjustable velcro strap so that you can customize the fit according to your preference. Eye molds are another feature to keep an eye out for as they allow for easy eye movement during REM sleep without putting pressure on your eyes.

  • Fabric

Sleep masks are made with a variety of fabrics. Silk might be the best option as it is lightweight, soft on the skin, and blocks out light effectively. As it glides smoothly across your skin, you don’t have to worry about wrinkles and fine lines. It also absorbs less moisture from your skin to keep it from getting too dry.

Cotton sleep masks wick moisture and have antibacterial properties. They are also soft and lightweight, but they might absorb moisture or any products from your skin and leave it dry. But as it is easy to wash, it has good durability. It can also soak up sweat and collect dirt.

Polyester masks are affordable, lightweight, and durable. They help you sleep with no pressure on the eyes. However, this material isn’t good at wicking moisture and might make you sweaty at night.

Satin masks that are a blend of silk and cotton are smooth and sleek. They are breathable and lightweight but might not perform as well as silk does.

  • Technology

Bluetooth or wireless masks are also available on the market that comes with built-in earphones and microphones. They are a great pick for people that are used to sleeping while listening to music or white noise but without the hassle of tangled wires. A feature in these masks also allows one to take calls, and even if the battery runs out, there’s no familiar beeping sound to keep you asleep without waking you up.

After you’ve picked your sleep’s best friend, let’s learn how to use it for some good rest.

How To Use A Sleep Mask

  • Step 1- Choose a mask that is comfortable for your sleeping position. If you’re a side sleeper, look for thin bands that won’t hurt your ears. Back sleepers must ensure that the straps don’t bulk up at the back of the head.
  • Step 2 – Place your mask on your face and adjust it around your head so that it’s not so tight that it’ll give you a headache and not so loose that it keeps slipping off.
  • Step 3 – Turn all the lights off, get into bed, and pull your mask over your eyes.
  • Step 4- Breathe deeply and turn on a sleep meditation series to fight off distracting thoughts before bed.
  • Step 5 – Focus on your breathing, and you’ll eventually fall asleep.

If you’ve been looking to invest in a sleep mask but don’t know how it can help you, read below to learn about its benefits.

Benefits Of Sleep Masks

  • Sleep masks are a better alternative to black-out curtains as they are cheaper and easier to travel with. Just throw them in your bag and put them on wherever to catch a quick nap!
  • When you sleep soundly, your mornings are energized and not groggy anymore. The darkness that sleep masks induce helps in the production of melatonin which is our sleep hormone. This enables you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep without interruptions, thereby improving sleep quality.
  • Sleep masks might help those with insomnia as they help you not get as distracted due to the darkness.
  • These masks are also a low-risk and safe alternative to heavy medication or sleeping pills which can cause you to depend on them every time you want to rest. The darkness can trick your brain into thinking that it’s nighttime and lower activity for a sound sleep.
  • If you have dry eyes due to the air quality or from staring at screens all day, a sleep mask can help prevent dust or pet hair from flying into your eyes at night. This can also help people that struggle with nocturnal lagophthalmos, wherein the eyes remain open when one is asleep.
  • Sometimes when you sleep in weird positions at night, you may wake up with lines on your face. Over time, this can lead to wrinkles. To prevent this, sleep masks form a protective barrier between your bedding and your skin.

If you want to avoid distractions caused by unwanted light while you sleep, you need to get your hands on the best sleep masks that will improve your sleep and overall health. The best sleep masks will help you get good quality sleep without causing any disruption. These masks also come in handy when traveling and stuck in a long flight for hours. By inducing darkness, these masks help produce melatonin, which regulates our hormones and stabilizes the sleep cycle. The ones reviewed in this article are made of soft, breathable, and durable material with adjustable straps to fit all head sizes. Consider the fit, fabric, technology, and light-blocking ability while choosing the best sleeping mask. As sleep is essential to our health, pick a soft and lightweight sleep mask that does the trick easily.

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Kirtana Divakar, the author here, is a skin care and beauty enthusiast who loves experimenting with products and finding improvised solutions for common beauty concerns. She is aware of the harm that a lack of proper sleep can cause your skin, eyes, and overall health. So, she has done an in-depth review of several sleep masks to bring you a selection of the best. These sleep masks made of high quality fabric, not only help block out distractions but also help soothe your eyes to help you relax and get that restful sleep anytime.

Is it good to sleep with an eye mask?

For people that have trouble sleeping due to bright lights, sleep masks can be beneficial. They also improve sleep quality and hormonal balance due to the production of melatonin.

Can sleep masks cause wrinkles?

Masks made of silk or satin can be helpful in avoiding wrinkles on the skin. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics as they can cause tugging.

Can I use a sleeping mask every night?

Yes, as sleep masks are a great way to shut out light and they allow you to fall asleep faster. This helps improve the quality of your sleep and can be used to develop a healthy sleeping pattern.

Can sleep masks cause headaches?

If the strap of your sleep mask is too tight or not the right fit for your head size, this can lead to headaches or migraines. This could also put some pressure on your ears. Investing in an adjustable strap or one that fits your head comfortably can solve this issue.

Do sleep masks help with dark circles?

Sleep masks help you sleep better, longer, and more comfortably. When you get a solid 8 hours of rest without waking up frequently in the night, this can lead to a reduction in dark circles.

Should I apply moisturizer before using a sleep mask?

If you’re going to apply any skincare prior to using a sleep mask, ensure that it is fully absorbed into your skin and that your skin is dry. Investing in a silk mask will help your products to stay on your skin and not transfer throughout the night.

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