30 Creative Space Tattoo Ideas For Women To Try

Don’t let the sky be your limit with these amazing, artistic and unique space tattoos.

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The sky is the limit if you want to get creative with your tattoos. Recently, there has been immense demand for creative space tattoo ideas from people who love things millions of light-years away from them.

These tattoos signify unexplored frontiers and can be depicted in numerous ways using constellations, planets, stars, astronauts, rockets, satellites, nebulas, and many more celestial, cosmic bodies. So, are you fascinated by planets and other celestial bodies? If yes, check out these 30 tattoo ideas on space before you get inked. Swipe up!

Best Space Tattoo Ideas For Women

1. Mouth Space Tattoo

Image: Instagram @nem_il

Some cultures believe that the universe resides within a person. What could be a better design to depict it than an open mouth with planets and stars sparkling inside? The shaded rimmed lips and teeth give the tattoo a trendy appeal. You can get this tattoo done on your upper arm.

2. Galaxy Astronaut Sleeve Tattoo

Image: Instagram @cloutiermichael

This hyper-realistic astronaut tattoo in space is a marvelous piece of art. The intensive shade and highlighting make your skin look like a live canvas depicting a true-life space exploration scene. Make sure you get a seasoned artist to do this masterpiece sleeve tattoo for you.

3. Space Owl Tattoo

Image: Instagram @eyecandytattoostudio

Owls are the epitome of knowledge and are believed to symbolize transition between worlds. This galaxy body art with the outline of an owl filled with mystic blue and white highlights, a red human silhouette, and the eye of the owl in the form of an asteroid is unique. The background shows a Chinese cloud spiraling around the owl. You can get sthis tattoo done on the forearm or shoulder.

4. Space Alien Tattoo

Image: Instagram @dariastahp

Aliens and UFOs have been objects of never-ending curiosity for humans. This colorful design of an alien looks stunning. The vibrant color palette and the enchanting design make this tattoo a crowd puller. You can get it done on your leg or forearm.

5. Space Moon Tattoo

Image: Instagram @guseul_tattoo

The most important aspect of a space tattoo is the use of vibrant colors and highlights. Here, the simple crescent moon border is filled with vibrant galaxy colors that make it look almost like a sparkling jewel. You can flaunt this tattoo on your forearm.

6. Shuttle Tattoo

Image: Instagram @_sarabell_

We have all wondered at some point or the other about the mysteries of outer space. If you are a space lover, this black and white take-off shuttle is the perfect tattoo for you. It has a shaded design of a person gazing at the shuttle while standing on a hill in the forest. You can get it done on your upper arm.

7. Saturn Tattoo

Image: Instagram @gokhanisisaglam

Saturn is considered one of the most beautiful planets with its beautiful rings and distinct colors. You can flaunt with this attractive Saturn tattoo on your shoulder. The constellation of this ruling planet over the design makes it look even more attractive.

protip_icon Trivia
Singer Kesha has this tattoo on her left palm that represents her ‘return of Saturn’ period. It is believed that a person reaches full adulthood in the years following Saturn’s first return to its original orbital location.

8. Mars Rover Tattoo

Image: Instagram @clayton_mccann

The Mars rover tattoo depicts your curious nature to explore the unknown. The red and black color palette is in perfect contrast with your skin. It is the ideal tattoo to be flaunted on your upper thighs.

9. Galaxy Illusion Tattoo

Image: Instagram @bendoukakistattoo

Space art gives you the freedom to translate your creativity onto your skin. This beautiful tattoo is made of dots and strokes and is a variation of a traditional dotted tattoo. The spiral pattern and planet designs create a magnificent tattoo that space lovers can flaunt.

10. Astronaut In A Spacecraft Tattoo

Image: Instagram @sith_tattoos

This design of an astronaut on a spacecraft is unique and looks surreal. Make sure you get it done by a seasoned artist to bring out the details. You can get this tattoo on your forearm.

11. Colorful Planet Tattoo

Image: Instagram @dbishoptattoo

This one-of-a-kind space tattoo has nine planets aligned in a line. Each planet has a unique color and an abstract border, which makes this tattoo look quite attractive. You can get it done on your forearm.

12. Space Dream Catcher Tattoo

Image: Instagram @dawn_tattooer

Dreamcatchers depict protection and safety. They are believed to drive away nightmares and catch good dreams. This tattoo is a combination of a crescent moon (filled with galaxy colors) and a dreamcatcher. You can get it done on your upper arm.

13. Tesseract Cube Tattoo

Image: Instagram @vismstudio

If you are a true Marvel fan, this design is perfect for you. The 3D design of the tesseract cube symbolizes limitless energy. The realistic space colors and highlights make it a masterpiece to flaunt on your ankle, wrist, or shoulder.

14. Space Shoulder Tattoo

Space shoulder tattoo
Image: Instagram @guidotattooartist

Let your thoughts wander limitlessly with this quirky planet, moon, and asteroid outline tattoo and the writing that says, “We are made of starstuff.” Flaunt this tattoo in off-shoulder tops and dresses.

15. Milky Way Tattoo

Image: Instagram

The spiral design of the Milky Way can be depicted beautifully through a dotted tattoo. This design shows that you have an entire galaxy within you. It symbolizes that your problems look tiny when compared to the bigger picture. This is the ideal design to ink on your calf and flaunt in shorts.

16. Side Abdomen Space Tattoo

Image: Instagram

The side abdomen is one of the most sensuous places to get inked. Whether it is a simple outline or colorful art, nothing highlights your curves like a tattoo. This tattoo has tiny borders of planets and can be flaunted in your beachwear and crop tops.

17. Blue Space Tattoo

Image: Instagram

Blue is the color of the sky at night. This space tattoo is done creatively on a triangle with Saturn at the bottom of the design. The beautiful shade and white highlights add to the beauty of the tattoo and make it ideal for skin tones ranging from ivory to beige.

18. Space UFO Tattoo

Space UFO tattoo
Image: Instagram @wagingmywars10

UFO tattoos have gained popularity, thanks to Hollywood movies. This tattoo of a colorful disc jutting out jewel lights is the perfect tattoo to fulfill your space fantasy. You can get it done on your arm or leg.

protip_icon Trivia
Actress Annie Ilonzeh, who portrayed the soap opera General Hospital’s Maya Ward, has a tattoo on her right arm of an alien spaceship shooting beams.

19. Space Cat Tattoo

Image: Instagram @dawn_tattooer

Cats unveil the mysteries of the universe and are often shown in movies as the helpers of heroes. If you are a cat lover, this adorable tattoo of a black cat seated on a planet, staring at the galaxy, is what you need. You can get it done on your waist, forearm, or back.

20. Solar System Tattoo

Image: Instagram

This traditional black and white tattoo with the planets encircling the sun in their orbits is one-of-a-kind and speaks volumes about your love for space and the cosmos. Get it done on your bicep. The monochrome art makes it ideal for all skin tones.

21. Geometric Planet Tattoo

Image: Instagram @kieranlowetattoo

This creative solar system tattoo is made using geometric lines making the DNA strands covering the planets. The tattoo originates from the hinge of the elbow and extends until the wrist and is perfect for any space tattoo lover.

22. Space Arm Tattoo

Image: Instagram @revolttattoos

If you want a creative design to cover your arm, this white tattoo with a watercolor background is the ideal choice. It shows an astronaut with the planet and a flying disc on top. The vibrant background and simple light-colored space objects make it perfect for flaunting on your sleeve.

23. Space Music Tattoo

Image: Instagram

Music tattoos do not always have to consist of notes or instruments. Sometimes, brainstorming and mingling unlikely elements can give you amazing design ideas. This tattoo of an astronaut playing drums on planets is sure to get heads turning. You can flaunt it on your bicep or calf.

24. Space Monotone Tattoo

Image: Instagram @blackgermtattoo

This back tattoo with a palm displaying lined Chinese clouds, Saturn, the sun, and the moon is a unique design. Get it done from a reputed artist and flaunt it in backless tops.

25. Space Flower Tattoo

Image: Instagram @don_carlitos_ttt

Flower tattoos depict elegance and femininity. This vibrant sunflower tattoo with the background of a blue galaxy shows the mystical charm of space. If you are a space art fan, this is the ideal design to flaunt on your forearm.

26. Satellite Tattoo

Image: Instagram @soch.keeb.wen

This lined satellite design with a distinct shade of other planets  in the background shows the beauty of space. If you are a fan of machines launched into outer space, get this design done on your forearm.

27. Planet Tattoos On Back

Image: Instagram

This tattoo of the nine planets of the solar system aligned along the spine looks sensuous and quirky. The dark color scheme makes it perfect for all skin tones, ranging from beige to dusky. Watch jaws drop when you flaunt this tattoo in a backless dress.

28. Colorful Space Tattoo

Image: Instagram

This cartoon sketch of a tiny astronaut carrying balloons of planets and a spaceship looks adorable. This cute space tattoo looks good on your forearm. You can flaunt it in sleeveless tees and tops.

29. Space Neck Tattoo

Image: Instagram

This tattoo of the world map with planets above it and a flying paper plane depicts your free wandering soul. The simple lined shaded art makes it the ideal choice if you want to keep your design less intricate and attractive.

30. Simple Satellite Tattoo On The Shoulder

Image: Instagram @angiemyrtille

Space art does not necessarily have to be intricate and detailed to look attractive. This simple satellite design is an example of how simple body art can be a head-turner. The color palette makes it ideal for every skin tone.

Kaeden, a YouTuber, explains why galaxy tattoos are his favorite in one of his vlogs: “These are my hand tattoos, my whole theme is galaxy. I really love the galaxy [motif] because it is something that anyone from anywhere in the world, no matter what language you speak, no matter where you come from, no matter your sexuality, no matter your skin color, no matter anything can look up in the sky and see (i).”

Infographic: Meanings of Popular Space Tattoos

Space tattoos are vibrant and colorful, with dark blue skies studded with stars, planets, and the moon and sun. Although a simple explanation for space tattoos would be the love for the cosmos, they could mean many things – from love and passion to enthusiasm and success. Check the below infographic to learn the meaning of popular space tattoos!

meanings of popular space tattoos (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Space tattoos are for those who love cosmic bodies and are fascinated by the vast universe. These tattoo designs look stunning and are ideal for all skin tones. You can experiment with different designs and colors to make your tattoo design unique. Galaxy, astronaut sleeves, space owl, space alien, and space moon tattoos are the best space tattoos to get inked. However, you should follow proper hygiene and care precautions before and after getting a tattoo. Finally, pick the space tattoo design that resonated with you and get inked!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do galaxy tattoos mean?

Galaxy tattoos have different meanings for different people. The list of meanings symbolizes being a small part of the universe, love for closed one, eternity, commitment, admiration, humanity, and hope.

What is a negative space tattoo?

Reversed body art where the subject is the human skin and the design revolves around it is called a negative space tattoo. It is usually created with black ink around a particular design to offer a photorealistic impression.

What is a celestial tattoo?

A celestial tattoo shows patterns of the stars while symbolizing strength or interconnectedness. It also provides people with reminders of hope, innocence, protection, mystery, and more inner thoughts.

What does a Saturn tattoo mean?

A Saturn tattoo represents labor, authority, and stability in one’s life. It is suitable for someone who wants to take serious responsibility on their shoulders for a better life.

What does a star and moon tattoo mean?

star and moon tattoo represents the love and belief for a healthy family. The star and moon pairing shows a family with children or siblings. You can create a number of stars depending on the number of children or siblings you have.

What does a moon tattoo mean?

A moon tattoo can represent multiple meanings in one’s life. It may include the time passing by, eternity, brightness in the dark, motherhood, and fertility.

What does Neptune tattoo mean?

A Neptune planet tattoo represents creativity, illusion, and imagination. It brings out the inner talents of a person in the most creative way possible.

Which tattoo colors last longest?

Black and gray colors in a tattoo last the longest. These colors do not fade away easily and can last 10 years with proper regular skin care practices.

Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?

It is said that the least painful areas to get a tattoo are the upper thigh and outer shoulder. It mainly depends on the person’s pain resistant power. You can choose a place where your skin is the thickest to have a less painful experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Space tattoos are for those who love cosmic bodies and planets. These are all about translating your imagination to the skin.
  • This art need not be very detailed, and these tattoos are ideal for every skin tone.
  • You can experiment with different color palettes and shapes.

Check out this amazing video for the top 50 fantastic galaxy tattoo design ideas! Get inspired and find the perfect design for you!

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