10 Best Standing Makeup Mirrors To Elevate Your Makeup Game

Set these mirrors in your vanity to see your face precisely and groom it better.

By Chaitra Krishnan
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No bathroom counter is complete without a standing makeup mirror today. If yours feel incomplete, worry not, as we have got you some of the best standing makeup mirrors for you. Now you can easily stand in front of it, get your makeup done, click some beautiful selfies, and play the ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’ game. While most of us rely on a full-size standing mirror, we often forget to get a standing makeup mirror. The first one can ensure your entire appearance is perfect, whereas the latter makes sure you miss no detail while getting your makeup done. This easy tool ensures you have a perfectly made-up face without missing out even on a single piece of detail.

Standing makeup mirrors are available in many variants. However, the best ones give you a magnified view, a normal view, different adjustable angles, and an inbuilt light helping you to achieve professional, salon-like results right at home. You wouldn’t realize you need this vanity tool until you buy and use one. After using this ergonomic, well-lit mirror, you will never want to go back to the wall-mounted mirror to lean and get close to get a perfect view. For you to get the perfect face, we have listed the 10 best standing makeup mirrors below. Have a look to pick the best one!

Top Picks
Best Overall:Mirrorvana Makeup Mirror
Price on Amazon
Best Rust-Proof:Yeake Adjustable Gooseneck Makeup Mirror
Price on Amazon
Best Ergonomic Design:Vesaur Professional 8.5-Inch Lighted Makeup Mirror
Price on Amazon
Best Travel-Friendly:Conair Reflections Vanity Makeup Mirror
Price on Amazon
Best Long-Lasting Charge:Easehold Rechargeable Makeup Mirror
Price on Amazon
Best Durable:Vesaur Professional Lighted Makeup Mirror
Price on Amazon
Best Cordless Design:Benbilry Lighted Makeup Mirror
Price on Amazon
Best Stylish One:Kdkd Lighted Makeup Mirror
Price on Amazon
Best For Gifting:Gospire Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror
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Best Adjustable Height:Zadro Max Bright Sunlight Vanity Mirror
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Look Gorgeous With The 10 Best Standing Makeup Mirrors In 2022

1) Best Overall:Mirrorvana Makeup Mirror

Take your makeup routine to the next level with this free-standing magnifying mirror that offers up to 10x magnification to make sure you don’t miss a single detail, and your look is always on point. This dual-sided versatile mirror can be easily rotated to switch effortlessly between normal and magnified views. Portable and convenient, you can easily detach the base and pack it along for your travels. And there’s more! The durable design and elegant chrome finish make this the ideal gift for the special woman in your life.


  • Dual-sided mirror
  • 360° swivel rotation
  • Detachable base for better portability
  • Ideal for gifting


  • Some might find the base of this mirror is a bit prone to scratches.

2) Best Rust-Proof:Yeake Adjustable Gooseneck Makeup Mirror

Apply makeup flawlessly and expertly with this portable, countertop folding vanity mirror made of high-quality optical glass, so you don’t miss a single detail! The convenient swivel gooseneck allows you to adjust the mirror to the height and angle you desire, while the lightweight and sturdy design makes it easy to move the mirror at your convenience. A bonus — if you’re sharing your space with a man, this makeup mirror stand also doubles up as a shaving mirror!


  • Adjustable height
  • Rust-proof construction
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Flexible rotating swivel gooseneck


  • Some might find that the base of this mirror is a bit unstable.

3) Best Ergonomic Design:Vesaur Professional 8.5-Inch Lighted Makeup Mirror

Bring Hollywood glamour to your bathroom counter with this gorgeous lighted standing makeup mirror that helps you elevate your makeup regime to the next level and get professional salon-like results. This double-sided mirror provides up to 10x magnification and has a dimmable light, ensuring your look is always on point. So whether you’re using your mirror to apply precise makeup, remove blackheads, tweeze your eyebrows, or admire your pretty face, this modern must-have is sure to help you do the job well!


  • Double-sided mirror with 1-10x magnification
  • Inbuilt light with adjustable brightness
  • Durable and ergonomic design
  • 360° swivel rotation


  • Some might find the light of this standing mirror a bit dull.

4) Best Travel-Friendly
Conair Reflections Vanity Makeup Mirror

Here’s a classic standing makeup mirror with lights to ensure you’re always well-groomed and your makeup is in tip-top shape. This oval dual-sided mirror allows you to switch seamlessly between 1 and 7x magnification. And don’t you think this is all! The energy-saving LED lights provide stunning results without you having to ever worry about changing a bulb again! The stylish chrome finish and battery-operated portable design are reasons enough that this mirror is a hot favorite amongst smart women everywhere.


  • Oval double-sided lighted mirror
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Lifetime energy-saving LED bulbs
  • Adjustable angle for easy viewing


  • Some might find the dimensions of this mirror a bit small.

5) Best Long-Lasting Charge:Easehold Rechargeable Makeup Mirror

Get your hands on this incredible rechargeable makeup mirror with lights, and never struggle with applying makeup again! This vanity mirror comes with 3 light modes options — warm, white, and natural, with adjustable brightness so you can expertly apply makeup and skincare as per your requirements and illuminate yourself like an absolute star. The flexible design allows you to adjust this ergonomically designed mirror to get the best viewing angle so you can prep and prime your pretty face. What’s more, the high-performance battery ensures a single charge lasts over 15 days!


  • Compact and convenient design
  • Detachable base tray
  • 3 light effect modes
  • Pocket-sized 7x magnification mirror
  • Stepless LED dimming


  • Some might find the pocket-sized magnification mirror a bit small.

6) Best Durable:Vesaur Professional Lighted Makeup Mirror

Skip the expensive appointment with the makeup artist and get professional results at home with this great adjustable standing makeup mirror that is the perfect tool to get your face prettied up for the party of the season. Rechargeable LED bulbs provide soft and non-dazzling light, while the double-sided mirror makes it easy to switch between 1 and 5x magnification seamlessly. Additional features like the anti-skid bottom, which prevents scratches on your desk, and the attractive anti-corrosion finish make this vanity mirror every smart young woman’s best friend.


  • Double-sided mirror with 1-5x magnification
  • Ergonomic and durable design
  • LED lights with adjustable brightness
  • Glare-resistant


  • Some might find the light dimmer switch a bit difficult to use.

7) Best Cordless Design:Benbilry Lighted Makeup Mirror

Elevate your makeup routine to the next level and achieve flawless results with this double-sided makeup mirror that promises to be a 1-stop solution for all your grooming needs. The perfect gift for the glamorous diva in your life is that this mirror comes equipped with natural and soft LED lights that allow a shadow-free reflection and a non-slip stand that will let you adjust the viewing angle so that your face and hair are always in perfect view. So what are you waiting for? Try this out, and we promise you’ll never go back to using a regular mirror again.


  • Double-sided mirror with 1-10x magnification
  • Portable and cordless design
  • Adjustable swivel angles
  • Non-slip base


  • Some might find it a bit difficult to replace the batteries in this makeup mirror.

8) Best Stylish One:Kdkd Lighted Makeup Mirror

Now you can admire your flawless beauty in any room of the house! This lightweight cordless mirror ticks all the right boxes for a product that is equal parts functional and stylish. The chrome-finished stainless steel body and double-sided mirror offering superior magnification make this mirror multi-functional and durable. The brightness of the LED lights can be adjusted easily using a convenient finger-touch button so that you’re able to use the mirror for any requirement, be it to tweeze your eyebrows or to precisely apply some liquid eyeliner.


  • Finger-touch on/off button
  • Convenient micro USB charging port
  • 360° swivel rotation
  • Cordless and rechargeable


  • Some might find the brightness of the light a bit dull.

9) Best For Gifting:Gospire Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror

With this stylish, travel-friendly standing makeup mirror, you no longer have to worry about your hotel room not having the right kind of vanity mirror for you to always look your best. Convenient and durable, this mirror can be used for a wide variety of functions, whether it is to get creative with your makeup, shape your eyebrows, wear contact lenses, or squeeze out those unsightly blackheads. Offering 1-10x magnification, this double-sided lighted mirror features circular LED lights, a 360° swivel joint that allows easy movement of the mirror, and wide applicability.


  • Compact, travel-friendly design
  • Double-sided mirror with 7-inch diameter
  • 360° swivel joint
  • Ideal for gifting


  • Some might find the size of this mirror a bit small for professional use.

10) Best Adjustable Height:Zadro Max Bright Sunlight Vanity Mirror

Here’s a standing makeup mirror with a light so bright, it mimics natural sunshine! Now it’s easier than ever to perfect your hair and makeup with this pretty vanity mirror designed to help make your grooming routine easier and more pleasurable. The dual-sided mirror offers 1-10x magnification, while the unique flexible design allows for multiple viewing options whether you’re standing or sitting. So get your hands on this stylish vanity makeup mirror, and never miss a minute detail ever again!


  • Ultra-bright fluorescent lighting
  • Convenient accessory storage tray
  • Adjustable height and viewing angle
  • Built-in cord storage in base


  • Some might find the light bulbs on this mirror a bit difficult to replace.

Now that we’ve had a look at our pick of the 10 best standing mirrors in 2022, let us look at some things to consider when picking the best mirror to perfect your look.

Tips To Choose The Best Standing Makeup Mirror

  • Size

Are you looking for a standing mirror that is the primary mirror on your dresser? If that’s the case, you might want to pick a large standing mirror that allows you to see your entire face and neck easily. If you’re looking for a mirror that makes tweezing your eyebrows and precise makeup application a breeze, a smaller mirror will suffice just fine. Another factor to consider is whether you’re looking to travel with your mirror. A standing mirror with a detachable base is ideal for packing into your carry-on for your overnight trip, while a larger one might not offer similar portability.

  • Magnification

Are you going for a costume party and want to make sure not to miss a single detail with your eye makeup? Or are you the kind who likes to tweeze and style her eyebrows daily to make sure not a single hair is out of place? If you belong to either category, or if you just like being able to scrutinize every pore, blackhead, and pimple on your face, you’d best pick a standing mirror that offers 7X-10X magnification. Many standing mirrors have dual mirrors that you can easily switch between, one with a standard view and the other offering magnification.

  • Lighting

While the quality of an undistorted, clear mirror is something you shouldn’t compromise on, you can easily choose whether you want a simple standing mirror or an inbuilt light, allowing you a better view of your beautiful features. When it comes to lighting, the choices are endless. LED lights are energy-saving and last longer, and as such, they are a better choice if you’re looking for a hassle-free mirror to maintain. Pick between a battery-operated mirror and one with rechargeable lights as per your convenience and intended use.

Once you have sorted your skincare and makeup products, you need to find the right mirror to help you apply them. Whether you are applying a foundation or an eyeliner, the best standing makeup, mirrors will allow you to get your job done precisely. These mirrors ensure that you don’t miss out on any detail. They are available in different variants that offer magnified and normal views at adjustable angles. Most of these mirrors are double-sided and have a lightweight and compact design. With the best standing makeup mirrors, you no longer have to lean against your bathroom counter to look at your face. After getting your hands on these well-lit, ergonomic mirrors, you wouldn’t want to go back to the wall-mounted mirror to lean and get a closer view. Consider the size, magnification, and lighting while choosing the best standing makeup mirror.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author of this article, Chaitra Krishnan, is a makeup enthusiast who is keen on reviewing different beauty products. She has curated a list of best standing makeup mirrors after carefully researching and browsing through user feedback and reviews. This list is perfect for those obsessed with makeup mirrors that don’t let you miss out on any detail! Not only are these makeup mirrors dual-sided, but they can also be adjusted according to your height and have a compact design for you to carry them anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mirror is the best to use in applying makeup?

A magnifying, concave mirror is the best to use for applying makeup. These mirrors allow you to zoom in and out to apply makeup flawlessly.

What is a mirror for makeup called?

Mirrors used for makeup are also known as cosmetic mirrors.

What mirror do makeup artists use?

Makeup artists use concave mirrors with precise magnification features and good inbuilt lighting to do makeup on their clients.

Should you use a magnifying mirror for makeup?

Yes. Use a magnifying mirror to apply makeup without much effort. Using a magnifying mirror reduces the chances of makeup mistakes like unaligned eye liner and helps you achieve your desired look.

How big should a makeup mirror be?

A makeup mirror should be two-thirds of the size of the furniture that it is placed above.

Are lighted mirrors worth it?

Yes. Lighted mirrors offer proper illumination to your face. In addition, it allows you to see your reflection clearly, enabling you to put makeup on correctly.

What magnification is the best for makeup?

A magnification level of 3x to 5x is ideal for makeup application. A higher magnification may cause dizziness.

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