10 Best Stream Curling Irons In 2021 For Dreamy Curls

Written by Sneha Manandhar
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If you keep up with trends, you would have already known that straight hair is so not 2021! Beachy, wavy, or tight – now is the time for curls to shine. But, using curling irons and dry heat on your hair is definitely not the best way of getting your dream look. A steam curling iron is a magic wand that can transform your appearance in minutes and also helps to keep your tresses in good health as they do not strip away moisture with dry heat that is used in curling irons.

Curls are a great way to wear your hair down without having to worry too much about humidity ruining your locks. Straight hair is always more high maintenance and prone to getting ruined easily. On the other hand, curly hair gives you a more versatile look and you can choose between different kinds of curls to give you a look fit for your purpose. A steam curling iron is the best solution for regular hair styling as it ensures that you get away without doing much heat damage to your hair. Our review of our favorite 10 steam curling irons are here to help you choose.

What Is A Steam Curling Iron?

A steam curling iron is a curling wand that uses heat and steam to style and curl hair. It is healthier for the hair as compared to regular curling irons that use dry heat and make your hair dry and brittle also leads to breakage and hair loss. However, a steam curling iron uses advanced technology and protects your hair. It is favored over regular curling irons for all kinds of styling purposes. It also offers better shine and curls that are more defined.

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10 Steam Curling Irons For Fabulous Curls Every Day

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium MiraCurl SteamTech Professional Curl Machine

Get fabulous, smooth, and shiny curls with this steam iron curler that uses nanotechnology to give you your dream look easily, without damaging your hair while steam also ensures that your tresses are left shiny and smooth. It comes with 4 time settings that allow you to experiment with different kinds of curls. But that’s not all! This steam curling iron also comes with 4 kinds of heat settings, making it a good choice for all hair types. It has 3 controls to choose the direction of curls – right, left, and alternate and boasts a surround heat system that ensures it heats up and cools down fast. The MaxLife PRO brushless motor and its Smart Tech technology ensures effective energy-efficient styling and protects your hair from damage.


  • 4 temperature settings for all kinds of hair
  • 4 time settings for easier use
  • 3 controls to choose the direction of curls
  • MaxLife PRO brushless motor curls efficiently
  • Smart Tech technology saves energy
  • Uses a nano titanium curl chamber to curl


  • Some might find it difficult to get their hair out of the curling chamber

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2. DORISILK Steam Straightening Curling Iron

This is a no nonsense 2-in-1 steam straightener and curling iron that houses 5 ducts to let out steam that eventually styles your hair the way you want to. The combination of vapor and water adds hydration to your stresses, ensuring that you have healthy and moisturized locks. The steaming curling iron uses ceramic tourmaline plates that heats up quickly and gives a shine to your hair. It comes with an LED panel that displays 6 temperature settings, making it ideal for all hair types. It automatically shuts off after 60 minutes when not in use and comes with a swivel cord that makes it easy to use on damp hair.


  • 2-in-1 steam straightener and curler
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates for shiny curls
  • Shuts off automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity
  • 3 heat settings
  • 6 temperature settings
  • Ideal for loose curls


  • Owing to the compact size, some may find the grip slightly uncomfortable

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3. YITRUST Steam Auto Curler

This is an easy, automatic curling iron that gives you your desired curls in seconds. Simply pass sections of hair through it and see how they leave the barrel curled. The LED display with adjustable settings for temperature and time lets you create different kinds of waves in a jiffy. From loose waves to tighter curls, this steam iron curler lets you amp up your look every day without hassle. It features an auto-off technology and comes with a buzzer that tells you that the job is done and it is time for you to take your hair out. The spray function in it releases moisture into your curls to keep them hydrated, soft, and adds a silky shine.


  • Automatic curling chamber
  • LED display
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Adjustable time settings
  • Armed with auto-off tech
  • Comes with a buzzer
  • Has a spray function to keep locks hydrated
  • Ceramic barrel


  • Some may find it slightly heavy

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4. BeQool Automatic Hair Steam Curling Wand  

If you’re looking for fast curls to get going with your day, this steam hair curler can do that for you. Designed to curl effectively with steam and heat, it uses ceramic plates that heat up quickly to give you your dream curls. Even when these plates heat up to high temperatures, the heat being applied to your hair remains safe and blends with the steam. The automatic technology used in this curler leaves your hair untangled, as it curls hair in minutes. It has 3 settings for time, which beeps to inform you that it’s time to release the hair strands and allows you to create salon-quality results.


  • Uses ceramic plates that heat up fast
  • Uses an automatic technology to keep hair untangled
  • 3 heat levels
  • 3 time settings
  • Has an alarm
  • 3 curl settings


  • May not be suitable to create classic, tight curls

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5. MENQANG Professional Automatic Steam Hair Curler 

Get salon-style curls from the comfort of your home with this steam curling iron that heats up fast but does not adversely affect your hair. It uses ceramic plates that neutralize the hair effectively and 3 temperature settings along with 3 time settings let you play around with the kind of curls you wish to create. The buzzer ensures that you are exposing your hair to the heat for exactly the right amount of time while the spray function ensures that moisture is retained in your hair and not stripped off due to heat.


  • Adjustable LED panel
  • Adjustable swivel cord
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 3 heat settings
  • 3 curl directions
  • Spray function to keep your locks hydrated
  • Ceramic plates that neutralize heat


  • May not be best suited for very coarse hair

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6. Natalie Styx Automatic Curling Iron 

With this professional grade steam curling iron, get curls safely without having to ever worry about frizzy or flyaway hair. Designed with an advanced technology for its ceramic curling chamber, it heats up quickly yet prevents your hair from getting damaged by overheating. You can now forget about static and frizz with this automatic steam curler that is available at the touch of a button. Instantly get shiny, soft curls with this steam curling iron that comes with a buzzer to remind you to remove your hair from the curling barrel. With this curling iron, you can choose between multiple curling styles for your mane.


  • Professional grade curler
  • Tames frizz and flyaways
  • Prevent damage from overheating
  • Choose between multiple curling styles


  • May not be travel-friendly due to its size

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7. Irresistible Me Moonstone Auto Rotating Steam Curler 

Want to look your best at a party without worrying about how long your curls will hold? Get this steam curling iron with a titanium barrel that will keep your curls in place throughout the day. Set yourself free of hassles and tangles as this iron uses a sensor to make sure your hair does not end up in tangles. The steam function is designed to softly heat and vaporize your hair in the curling chamber and avoid heat damage. You also get to choose between 3 temperature settings, 3 time settings, and curl directions to get those curls that you have always dreamt of.


  • Titanium heating chamber for curls that last
  • A sensor to avoid tangles
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 3 time settings
  • Options for curl directions


  • Might be a little bulky to use for some

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8. Rejawece Hair Curling Iron 

Wave goodbye to heat damage from dry heating irons and switch to this steam curler that gives you bouncy curls that ooze style, shine, and softness. The Rejawece hair curler incorporates MCH technology allows quick heating within 3 seconds and the ceramic plates used ensure uniform heating. The automatic crimping cylinder gives you curls without you having to put in any extra effort. It comes with a sensor that ensures you don’t suffer burns while styling your hair or damage your hair due to overheating. It comes armed with a power saver mode that makes it energy efficient.


  • Quick heating
  • Prevents burn and heat damage
  • Power saver mode
  • Anti-tangling sensor
  • Automatic crimping cylinder


  • The curls might not stay for very long

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9. Gallas Pro Hair Straightener And Curler  

Add versatility to your life with this 2-in-1 straightener and curler that uses steam to style your hair. Ideal for use at home, you can achieve salon-grade smooth curls without frizz with the floating ceramic plates. The steam curler ionizes heat, so that it does not dry up your hair. Get hair that looks and feels soft and healthy but is styled the way you like it with this curler that comes in an ergonomic design and a 360° swivel cord for easy use.


  • 2-in-1 straightener and curler
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight


  • Some may find the grip slightly uncomfortable

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10.  Paryoe Steam Hair Straightener And Curler

This 2-in-1 steam curling iron and straightener makes use of 5 conditioning steam vents to style your hair and give it your desired kind of curls. It uses tourmaline plates with ceramic coating that ensures shiny curls without heat damage. It has adjustable temperature settings with an LED display to keep you notified. It is suitable for use worldwide as it is dual voltage and has a swivel cord that rotates freely for ease of use.


  • 6 temperature settings
  • 5 conditioning steam vents
  • Automatically shuts off after 1 hour
  • LED display
  • Tourmaline plates with ceramic coating for shiny curls


  • Might be tedious to use due to its manual settings

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Now that we have looked at our top 10 steam curling irons, here’s a quick guide, which will make it easy for you to pick one for yourself.

How To Buy The Best Steam Curling Iron

  • Ease of use

There are different kinds of curling irons with steam mist available in the market but you should pick one that is easy to use for you. While some function with automatic technologies where you put in sections of your hair and they come out curled, some need to be used manually. Others come equipped with technology that ensures that your hair does not get tangled inside the automatic curling barrels. You should pick one depending on how much time and energy you want to spend on curling your hair.

  • Safety features

These days, most curling irons come with the added benefit of automatically shutting off after 60 minutes of inactivity and some also come with buzzers and alarms that remind the user to switch off the device. It is best to use a steam hair curler that comes equipped with safety features, so that you can style your hair without any worry or hassle and protect your hair from heat damage.

  • Hair type

Thick hair types take more heat and time to get curled while fine hair is easy to curl. In this case, it is best to keep your options open by choosing a steam curling iron that has many features to choose from to ensure maximum benefit. For those with fine hair, the temperature should be set at below 200° F and around 300° F for those with thicker and coarse hair. For frizzy hair, low heat is advisable and ideally, for oily hair, heat should be avoided. Heat always works best on fresh and clean hair. You can simply use some dry shampoo to get rid of oiliness before using your curler.

  • Plate material 

A plate in a steam curling iron is typically made of different materials such as ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. A ceramic plate helps in distributing heat equally along the shaft of your hair and releases negative ions that seal the cuticle of your hair to repel moisture and humidity, which are the main culprits for causing frizziness. As a result, your hair looks shiny and silky. A tourmaline plate emits more negative ions than ceramic plates, which basically means that you get a lot more shiny and smooth hair that makes you look and feel good. A titanium plate ensures that heat is not just distributed equally along the entire length of your hair shaft but that it also makes sure that your hair does not get stuck or caught up in the barrel but gets the job of curling done easily and smoothly. 

  • Plate size

The size of plate or barrel determines the kind or rather the size of curls you wish to achieve. For shorter hair – say for a bob – go for a barrel that ranges between 10 to 19 mm for smaller curls. For medium length hair, you can choose a 25 mm plate for relaxed waves. For longer hair, feel free to go all out with larger barrels, starting from 32 mm and above. It is useful to remember that no matter the size of the curls, they have a tendency of coming undone and eventually ending up loose, so it’s best to start with smaller curls and then run your hand through them to loosen them a bit. For beachy waves, a 24 mm barrel is ideal and for loose, romantic curls, go for anything between 35 mm and above.

How To Use A Steam Curling Iron

  • Step 1: Start by combing your hair, so that it is not messy and free of tangles.
  • Step 2: Use some heat protectant spray for an additional layer of protection.
  • Step 3: Part your hair into narrow sections and start with the one closest to your neck.
  • Step 4: If it’s an automated barrel, hold that section through the barrel of your steam curling iron as the barrel does the job. Release the section of hair when the time set for it is done. If you are using a manual steam curling iron, wind each section of hair around the plates and hold it for a few seconds till you get your desired effect. Repeat till you are done with all your hair.
  • Step 5: Finish off with some setting spray that will make your curls stay longer.

Steam Curling Iron Vs Regular Curling Iron

  • A steam curling iron uses heat and vapor to style your hair as opposed to a regular curling iron that uses only dry heat to curl.
  • Vapor ensures that your hair is soft and shiny with not much heat damage. In case of a regular curling iron, dry heat takes away moisture from your lock and makes them dry and brittle.
  • You will not need to quickly dry your hair after a shower to use a steam curling iron as the vapor takes care of it. Meanwhile, for a regular curling iron, putting wet hair through it will burn your locks and cause intense heat damage.
  • The only negative part is that you will have to refill the water outlet of a steam curling iron as per your use, which is not needed for a regular curler.

But one also has to be cautious about using a steam curling iron. Here are a few things you should pay attention to.

Important Safety Precautions

  • Use a heat protectant spray on your hair before using a steam curling iron to ensure that maximum protection.
  • Buying the right kind of steam curling iron is very important and read the instructions very carefully.
  • Always keep the water outlet filled so that steam can counter the harmful effect of heat on your hair when the curler is in use.
  • Always remember to follow the time specifications to avoid overheating.
  • Keep flammable things away when you’re styling your hair.
  • Wait till the curler cools down completely before you store it away.

The way you wear your hair can often reflect the way the world perceives you and can easily elevate both how you look and feel instantly. Keep up with trendy beachy waves or romantic curls as you follow in the steps of Hollywood divas and models who swear by curls and have made them the “It” hairstyle to flaunt. Make sure to say bye to heat damage and hairfall by picking a steam curling iron as it ensures you have shiny, soft, healthy-looking curls by using both steam and heat to style your tresses. Our review of the top 10 steam curling irons has you covered with reviews and dos and don’ts so that you can pick out one without any hassle and step out looking your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use steam curling iron?

It can be used regularly. However, it is best to keep using a heat protectant spray too.

Can steam curlers be used on all hair types?

Generally, all steam curlers can be used for all hair types. However, it is best to pick one with different temperature and heat settings available, so that you can regulate them as per your need.

Does a steam curling iron damage your hair?

Since a steam curling iron uses both steam and heat to style your hair, this is one of the better ways to style your hair on a regular basis. However, any kind of heat might have adverse effects if used in a prolonged manner, so it always helps to take the necessary precautions as well.

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