10 Best Tampons For Heavy Flow And Clotting – 2021

Written by Sakshi Bahal
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Though periods are a regular, natural process every woman goes through, the pain and discomfort can differ. These days, women are looking for healthier and hygienic sanitary products that can help them feel active and safe during periods.

One such promising product for menstrual hygiene is a tampon. Tampons are soft cotton products that prevent leakage and offer great absorbency. They are available in different sizes to suit light, heavy, or extremely heavy menstrual flow.

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In this post, we have listed the top, high quality tampons available in the marketplace. Scroll down to know more.

How Does A Tampon Work?

A tampon is a female hygiene product meant to absorb the menstrual blood and prevent leakage. It is made of cotton and is inserted into the vagina during menstruation to soak the blood. Most tampons are made using premium grade  cotton or organic cotton (or a cotton-rayon blend) for better absorbency.

Types Of Tampons

Tampons come in different types, based on the rate of absorbency. The junior or light tampons absorb up to 6 grams of blood and are suitable for women with a mild menstrual flow. The regular tampons absorb 6-9 grams of blood and are meant for a normal menstrual flow. Super-absorbent tampons soak 9-12 grams of blood. The super plus tampons can soak 12-15 grams of blood, while the ultra tampons soak 15-18 grams of blood.

What Tampon Type Should I Use?

This depends on the quantity of your blood flow. If you get very little menstrual blood, you can use the junior tampon. Regular periods mean regular tampons, and if you get a heavy flow, you can go for the super plus or ultra tampons. You can also use different tampons for different days as per your menstrual flow.

Let us now take a look at the 10 best tampons for women.

10 Best Tampons For Women

1. O.B. Pro-Comfort Non-Applicator Tampons

This tampon is designed by a female gynecologist. The O.B. Pro-Comfort Non-Applicator Tampons are made of high-quality cotton and are designed for super absorbency. These tampons expand well and create less waste than any other tampon on the market. They do not have a bulky applicator.

The tampons are compact and small, and you can carry them in your tiniest pockets. If you are living an active lifestyle and also go for a swim or a sport while on your periods, these tampons can work great for you.


  • Compact and small
  • Come with a SilkTouch cover for easier insertion and removal
  • Pack of 40 super absorbent high-quality tampons


  • Only offer regular absorbency.

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2. Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons

The Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons are unscented, natural, and highly absorbing. They come in three sizes. They have a leak guard braid that prevents leakage.

Their smooth layer gives you comfort and relaxation on your lighter days, while the smooth rounded tip applicator and the anti-slip grip offer comfortable insertion. Some happy users believe this brand offers great tampons that are easy to insert and remove.


  • Up to 8 hours of comfortable, leak-free protection
  • Gently expands to fit your unique shape
  • Free of perfume and chlorine bleaching
  • Clinically tested to be gentle on skin


  • Is available only in small quantities.

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3. U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons

The U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons offer regular absorbency and are unscented. This pack of 36 tampons will save you from leakages and stains during menstruation.

They capture and absorb fluid for powerful period protection from every direction. They have a smooth tip for quick, easy, and comfortable insertion.


  • Unscented
  • Small and compact to discreetly carry in your purse or pocket
  • Transforms into a full-sized tampon in one easy step
  • Absorbs 6-9 grams of fluid
  • Also available in super and super plus categories


  • Does not leave the applicator properly when inserted.

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4. Cora Organic Cotton Tampons

This set of 36 Cora Organic Cotton Tampons is BPA- and plastic-free. The tampons are made using 100% certified organic cotton. They are healthy, comfortable, highly absorbent, biodegradable, organic, pesticide-free, bleach-free, fragrance-free, toxin-free, rayon-free, and non-GMO.

The octagonal design and width-wide expansion conform to your body for maximum absorption. It also prevents uncomfortable leaks.


  • Comfortable and sleek design
  • Easy insertion with a soft tip
  • Fully recyclable plastic applicator
  • Eight absorbent sections for even absorbency
  • Expands width-wise for comfort and leak protection


  • Not large enough for total absorbency.

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5. Solimo Plastic Applicator Tampons

The Solimo Plastic Applicator Tampons are great for light absorbency and are available in light, regular, and super absorbency categories. These unscented tampons provide up to 8 hours of protection.

Each tampon is wrapped individually, and the smooth applicator tip makes insertion easier. Each box includes 8 light, 20 regular, and 8 super absorbency tampons for covering your light and heavy flow days.


  • Has a discreet wrapper to keep your tampon clean and protected
  • Expands width-wise to provide reliable protection
  • Offers up to 8 hours of protection


  • Doesn’t totally prevent leakage on heavy flow days.

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6. Playtex Sport Tampons

The Playtex Sport Tampons are a great option for women who live a very active life and are involved in sports. These tampons come with flex-fit technology and are unscented. They are made using cotton and offer great protection for bodies in motion.

The tampon neutralizes undesirable odors without affecting fragrance. It comes with a contoured applicator for comfortable and precise placement. The flex-fit interlocking fibers work quickly to trap leaks and offer 360-degree protection.


  • Contoured applicator with slimmed tip
  • No-slip grip for comfortable, precise placement.
  • Interlocking fibers are custom fit to move with you and work quickly to trap leaks.


  • May leak sometimes and become unusable.

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7. NATRACARE Organic Regular Tampons

The NATRACARE Organic Regular Tampons can be used for medium and heavy flow days. They come with an applicator and do not contain rayon. The tampons are also free of dyes, plastics, and other toxic elements. These tampons are made using certified organic cotton and are biodegradable.


  • Made of cotton
  • Free of perfume, chemicals, and chlorine
  • Biodegradable


  • Difficult to insert.

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8. Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons

The Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons come with a compact plant-based applicator. They contain organic cotton, both inside and outside. The compact organic-based applicator is sleek and discreet.

Its comfortable and reliable design offers maximum comfort and better leak protection. The tampons are 100% hypoallergenic. They contain no chemicals, fragrances, or synthetic dyes.


  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Offer complete protection and unsuppressed absorbency
  • Contain no chlorine bleach, latex, parabens, perfumes, SAP, and plastics


  • Doesn’t come with a proper applicator.

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9. Seventh Generation Tampons

The Seventh Generation Tampons come with a comfort applicator and offer regular absorbency. The tampons are made with 100% certified organic cotton.

They feature a comfortable smooth applicator made of 99% plant-based plastic. These tampons do not contain fragrances, dyes, deodorants, rayon, or chlorine bleach.


  • Applicator is made of 99% plant-based plastic
  • Long-lasting
  • High absorbency and dual layer protection
  • Don’t contain unnecessary toxins and chemicals


  • Not so comfortable during insertion.

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10. Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Compact Tampons

If you prefer organic and natural tampons, the Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Compact Tampons are worth giving a try. These tampons are made from GMO-free cotton and are 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and gynecologically-tested.

The pack comes with a BPA-free applicator. All the tampons are toxin-, chloride-, and pesticide-free.  These tampons are made to control regular flow and prevent unexpected leakage.


  • Free of harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Prevents leakage, stains, and discomfort during heavy flow days
  • Reasonably priced


  • The tiny fibres of the tampons may disintegrate while using.

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Hygiene and comfort are crucial for women during menstruation. While sanitary pads do help, tampons offer better comfort, absorption, and leak protection. Since these products are to be inserted, it is important you use one of high quality.

Also, note that you must change your tampons every 4 to 8 hours. Ensure you use the lowest absorbency tampon needed for your flow. This means you can go for a junior or regular tampon on the lightest day of your period. If you use a super absorbency tampon on your lightest days, it increases your risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Hope this list has helped you pick the right tampon for you for better comfort during your regular periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 12-year-old wear a tampon?

There’s no specific age for wearing tampons. Girls who start menstruating can wear the tampons according to their menstrual flow. Girls who start menstruating may begin with pads, but that is an individual decision. Girls with smaller vaginas may find it difficult to insert a tampon. They can wait for their vagina to get stretched before they can use one.

Can pulling out a dry tampon cause damage?

No, pulling out dry tampons doesn’t cause any damage. It may so happen that your periods have subsided but you still have a tampon inserted in your vagina. However, tampons are meant to expand in your vagina. When you remove a tampon that has been in the dry vagina for a short time, it may hurt a little. Allowing the tampon to absorb the last menstrual blood can reduce the discomfort.

Can virgins wear tampons?

Virgins can wear a tampon as long as they do not find it painful. At a very young age, your vagina can be too tight, and tampons may cause some discomfort. Using a tampon might stretch the hymen. If you want to prevent breakage, avoid using tampons until the vagina gets stretchy. You can use sanitary pads instead.

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