10 Best Under-Desk Ellipticals of 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Written by Sakshi Bahal
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If you are reading this in your office, chances are your sedentary lifestyle is no longer working for you. The modern work environment is all about spending long hours in front of the laptop or computer. This routine can be damaging for your physical health, especially if you don’t have a disciplined workout regimen. That’s where under-desk ellipticals come in.

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These little machines are perfect for giving your legs a spurt of exercise every now and then to keep blood circulation working. You can also use your elliptical for an extended workout to tone your muscles. Invest in an elliptical trainer and keep your body in shape without stressing out your joints. Read on to discover the 10 best under-desk ellipticals, followed by a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Top 10 Under-Desk Ellipticals Of 2021

1. Stamina Inmotion Under-Desk Elliptical

The Stamina Inmotion Under-Desk Elliptical easily fits the bill of the best under-desk elliptical machine offered in the current market. You can choose to work out while you are seated at work or standing at home. The tension knob allows users to adjust the tension of the resistance conveniently and enjoy a smooth and quiet workout.

Other exciting features of this Stamina under-desk exercise device are reverse-motion pedals and an innovative tracking system that you will not find on other elliptical machines. The device lets you keep track of statistics like the number of strides taken per minute, calories burned, and more. The pedals are textured with non-slip end caps for more stability.


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet motor
  • Adjustable tension
  • Can be used while sitting and standing
  • Available in 3 vibrant colors
  • Affordable



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2. DeskCycle Under-Desk Cycle

The DeskCycle Under-Desk Cycle is a bestseller from the reputed brand DeskCycle. It offers premium comfort and flexibility, and you can use it to exercise both the arms and the legs. It is also very discreet, with the innovative patented magnetic resistance system letting you enjoy a silent and smooth workout. You can lose calories without annoying your co-workers – win-win!

The device also features a neat little function display monitor, which you can use to track your workout details, such as distance, calories, and speed. You can also choose from eight calibrated resistance settings for a perfectly customized workout.


  • Portable
  • Works with desks as low as 27 inches
  • 8 calibrated resistance settings
  • Lets you enjoy a quiet workout
  • 5-function LCD
  • Smooth pedal motion
  • Free Optional Online Web App 


  • May not work as well with rolling chairs. 

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3. Cubii Jr. Under-Desk Elliptical

Cubii Jr. Under-Desk Elliptical is yet another well-known name in this category. This under-desk elliptical is both compact and ergonomic. Now you can keep working at your fitness at home as well as at the office. The Cubii Jr is well-suited for the elderly as it has a low impact on the joints.

There are eight levels of resistance, so you can continue reaping more benefits from your workouts. The machine has a smooth gliding motion, making it silent and appropriate for use in the workplace. Assembly is also quick and easy, requiring just four screws to be put in place.


  • Built-in display monitor
  • Handle for easy portability
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Low impact on joints
  • Quiet operation
  • Expensive 


  • May make some noises. 

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4. Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical

Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical has smooth gearing, which makes the design ideal for home and office use. The low-impact workout it provides is easy on your joints, just like the Cubii Jr. As an upgrade to the Cubii Jr, however, the Cubii Pro also syncs with your smartphone, Fitbit, or Apple health kit so you can track your progress or set new goals on the go.

The low-step pattern and space-saving design are intended to keep your home clutter-free. You can use it easily under low desks, and the whisper-quiet feature will keep your workouts discreet, so you don’t end up bothering your colleagues.


  • Bluetooth tracking
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quiet operation
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Low-impact
  • Durable construction 


  • Expensive
  • May start clicking after some time. 

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5. Jfit Under-Desk & Stand-Up Mini Elliptical

The Jfit Under-Desk & Stand-Up Mini Elliptical features adjustable angle pedals, making this device suitable for seated as well as standing exercises. The large wheels make the ride smooth and silent, so you can burn those calories in peace, without flipping off your coworkers. They also improve the durability of the device significantly.

The device also comes with a Series 1050 monitor, which lets you record your speed, time, distance, and calories burnt. The tension dial on this mini elliptical lets you adjust the resistance for a perfectly customized workout, best suited to your requirements. Whether your idea of a good workout involves sweating it out or taking it slow for longer, the Jfit has you covered.


  • Compact design
  • Suitable for seated and standing workouts
  • Top handle for easy portability
  • Front handle for extra support
  • Tension dial to adjust the resistance 


  • Not silent enough for office use.
  • Not durable 

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6. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under-Desk Elliptical

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under-Desk Elliptical lets you track your fitness journey in terms of time, distance, speed, and calories burned with the help of a centrally located digital monitor. It also features a scan function for your convenience, so you can scroll through the variables during your workout.

For a low-maintenance and smooth exercise session, the Sunny elliptical combines a belt drive mechanism with magnetic resistance. Use the tension knob to choose from eight levels of resistance to alter the intensity of your workout. The compact design ensures that this under-desk elliptical device takes up minimum space.


  • Digital display monitor
  • Portable design
  • Floor stabilizer
  • Handle for easy portability
  • 8 levels of resistance 


  • Too heavy to move around.
  • Slides while using 

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7. Sunny Health & Fitness EZ Stride Under-Desk Elliptical

The Sunny Health & Fitness EZ Stride Under-Desk Elliptical is motorized and auto-assisted. It has several user-friendly features, such as large textured anti-slip foot pedals, easy-to-read buttons, automatic mode, and step counter. You can quickly switch functions from auto to manual to forward pedaling to backward pedaling.

The device has an automatic shut-off timer, which is activated when the machine has been idle for more than 30 minutes. It also includes a non-slip floor mat on which you can place the device to avoid unnecessary sliding. The built-in handles make it easy to move or carry around.


  • 3 levels of resistance
  • Handles for easy portability
  • Digital display monitor
  • No assembly required
  • Non-skid mat included with the device 


  • Expensive
  • Pedals may crack easily.
  • Motion is not smooth. 

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8. FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical

The FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical has one of the lowest pedal rotation heights of just 8 inches. You can use this under-desk elliptical with desks as low as 25 inches. There is a balanced high-velocity flywheel that keeps your pedal motions quiet and smooth.

The innovative foot-shifter mechanism lets you adjust the resistance tension without using your hands. The package also includes a desk stand that gives you quick access to a digital meter with a 6-function display. You can easily track your workout progress here. The smooth motion offered by the FitDesk prevents your knees from continually hitting the bottom of the desk and lets you exercise in peace.


  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Desk stand included
  • Digital display monitor
  • Hands-free resistance shifting 


  • Starts squeaking after a while.
  • Screws may come loose with use.
  • The pedal motion may be erratic. 

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9. Ideer life Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer

The Ideer life Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer gives you the flexibility to work out while seated or standing and adds variety to your exercise routine. It can be used at home and the office (as well as anywhere else) with equal ease. Regular sessions on this under-desk elliptical can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, relax your legs, and improve your overall health.

The multiple resistance levels on this device give you the freedom to control and adjust how intense you want your workout to be. The wide base and low profile keep the elliptical trainer from rocking back and forth. You are also safe from repeatedly hitting your knee under the desk. The inbuilt LCD monitor displays five functions, including distance, time, and calories burned so that you can track your progress.


  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Large anti-slip pedals
  • Multi-functional monitor 


  • Not suitable for rolling chairs.
  • Is comparatively heavier.
  • Not easy to assemble. 

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10. Ancheer Under-Desk Elliptical

The Ancheer Under-Desk Elliptical is a quiet and compact option for discreet office workouts. It has a 2-in-1 feature where you can plug it into the power for an assisted exercise or use it manually without power. It is also flexible for use with your hands and feet – use it regularly to tone your arms and legs. This is an excellent under desk elliptical to enjoy a full-body workout at home or in the office.

The Ancheer elliptical has five resistance levels in automatic and manual modes. The pedals allow for forward and backward movement that targets different muscle groups. The inbuilt LCD screen records your fitness statistics in distance, speed, time, and calories burned. The portable device is easy to assemble and easy to store.


  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Built-in LCD display
  • Ergonomic design 


  • Not silent enough for office use
  • Flimsy parts
  • Unstable power cord
  • Unclear instructions 

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If you are wondering why you should invest in an under-desk elliptical trainer, keep reading. These machines have a host of fantastic benefits for your body and health that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Benefits Of Under-Desk Elliptical Trainers

1. Multiple Levels Of Resistance

If you are one of those people who enjoy intense workouts and like to push yourself harder to burn more calories, these machines are just what you want. They offer multiple levels of resistance, which is a remarkable benefit, as you can customize your workout to be as intense as you want it to be.

2. Assembly Is Very Easy

An under-desk elliptical is a miniature version of the full-sized ellipticals we see in gyms. An advantage of using a machine of this size is that it is quite easy to assemble. While bigger machines may take anywhere between 1-3 hours to assemble, the under-desk version can be assembled relatively quickly because all you need to do is attach the pedals to the mainframe.

3. Easy To Use While Standing Or Seated

Several under-desk ellipticals include the flexibility to be used in either a standing or seated position. You can use it while working or watching TV, but with a flexible design, you can just as easily use it in a standing position, especially if you have got the device at home.

4. Easy On The Joints

Under-desk ellipticals do not put as much pressure on your joints as regular, full-sized exercise machines. The smooth and natural pedal motion makes this an easy workout even for the elderly and is gentle on the joints.

5. Strong And Durable

The best under-desk ellipticals are durable and last a long time without any damage. They are durable and stable enough not to move while you are working out, making them a safe and reliable workout machine.

6. Helps To Increase Your Activity Level

For many of us, our daily jobs require long periods of sitting down and working in front of a screen, with little to no movement in between. Under-desk ellipticals are a convenient solution to the lack of activity – you can continue working peacefully, while also getting some exercise in your day.

7. Ideal For Fitness, Toning, And Weight Loss

Under-desk ellipticals are an excellent way to burn calories and excess fat while toning your legs. Your fitness levels will gradually improve without you even noticing it.

8. Suitable For Home And Office

These machines can be used ideally at any time and anywhere you want – whether at home or in the office. They are small enough to fit comfortably under most standard-sized desks and light enough to be carried around if you need to take them somewhere. The operation is also exceptionally quiet, so you don’t end up disturbing your coworkers with your workout.

Here are some factors that you must keep in mind before zeroing in on the best under-desk elliptical for your needs.

How To Choose the Best Under Desk Elliptical – Buying Guide

1. Portability

Portability is among the most important factors to consider when buying an elliptical trainer. Consider where and how frequently you are planning on using your new device. If it is intended for office use and you want to carry it back and forth so that you can use it at home as well, it would make sense to go in for a machine that is compact, lightweight, and convenient to carry around.

2. Durability

As with any exercise equipment, under-desk ellipticals are an investment. You would want yours to last as long as possible. Look at the parts and the material used to make sure that the equipment is durable enough to withstand the kind of activity you are purchasing it for. You don’t want to live through the nightmare of returning it if it breaks down within a few weeks of use.

3. Performance

While most under-desk ellipticals may look the same, the fact is that they vary greatly. Each device gives you a slightly different experience, so ensure to check out a few basic features in your chosen model. Look for an ergonomic design that allows your joints to move correctly while giving you the proper posture. Using the device shouldn’t leave you sitting in an uncomfortable position. Also, gripped pedals keep your feet from sliding around and add stability.

4. Budget

Your budget, of course, should be a crucial factor in deciding which under-desk elliptical you should buy. It is not true that the most expensive option is also the best. Look at the features you are getting and choose a device that best fits your needs and your budget.

5. Noise

The biggest advantage of using an under-desk elliptical is that you can exercise while working at a desk. These machines need to operate quietly, so you don’t bother the people working around you. When buying an under-desk elliptical, choose one that features very silent operation.

6. Height

Make a note of the height of the desk under which you will be using your elliptical trainer, and also be mindful of your height. You don’t want your knees hitting the underside of your desk with each rotation. Check the lowest desk height listed by the manufacturer before placing your order.

7. Add-ons

With the basics out of the way, if you are still undecided, check out any additional features that the under-desk ellipticals on your list may be offering. This can be Bluetooth compatibility, smartphone, or WiFi integration, or any extra function.

You have chosen the best elliptical you could find, placed your order, had it delivered, and can’t wait to get started on it, right? Take a minute to go through these pointers for getting the best workout experience from your device.

Tips For Using Your Under-Desk Elliptical Effectively

  • Make sure that your desk isn’t too low. Else, you will end up bumping your knees on the underside of the table with each pedaling.
  • A device that lets you pedal both backward and forward will give you a more comprehensive workout.
  • Some elliptical trainers are flexible enough to be used by the hands or feet, so you can keep it under the desk to tone your legs or on the desk to tone your arms.

That was our list and buying guide on choosing the best under-desk ellipticals of 2021. Have you picked your favorite yet? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an under-desk elliptical work?

The mechanism is quite similar to gym elliptical trainers. It is meant to simulate stair climbing, so you feel like you are climbing a flight of stairs, but without feeling any added strain on your joints. An under-desk elliptical is basically a piece of non-impact cardiovascular workout equipment with adjustable resistance levels for your preference.

Who should use an under-desk elliptical?

This device is meant primarily for people who lead busy lifestyles and are looking for unique ways to exercise while they work. As it doesn’t put pressure on the joints, an under-desk elliptical is also suitable for people with injuries or mobility issues, or anyone looking to stay active.

How long should I use an under-desk elliptical?

There are no strict rules about this. The idea of using this device is to get as much workout as you like and set your exercise regimen according to your needs.

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