8 Best Vegan Hiking Boots And Shoes For A Good Outdoor Experience

Level up your hiking experience with the right footwear to stay comfortable and safe.

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The dominance of leather shoes is unchallenged. But with the change in lifestyle and awareness, many people are switching to vegan leather. The best hiking vegan boots are crafted out of plant-based and synthetic materials. They look just like leather material. These boots are suitable for outdoor nature exploration activities like camping, hiking, and trekking. The vegan boots contain no animal by-products. They are comfortable to wear, water-resistant, grippy, and protective. Furthermore, these boots look stylish and are also durable.

However, many brands play a trick by crafting the upper parts of the boots vegan and offering lace, insoles, and interior liners with leather materials. If you are new to the vegan world and want to say no to animal by-products, our list of vegan leather boots will guide you thoroughly. Selecting the right vegan boot can be demanding with numerous brands and different plant materials used in making the boots. In this article, you will find the 8 best vegan hiking boots that last long. You may also refer to the buying guide to learn about the key factors to be considered before picking a vegan boot. Keep reading!

Top Picks
Best Overall:Merrell Women's Hiking Boots
Price on Amazon
Best Waterproof:XPETI Dimo Hiking Outdoor Boots
Price on Amazon
Best Suitable For Flat Feet:Scenery Women's Dimo Hiking Boots
Price on Amazon
Best 100% Synthetic Leather:Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Hiking Boots
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight:Salomon X Ultra 3 Wide Mid GTX Hiking Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Sleek Design:Vivobarefoot Magna Trail II FG
Price on Amazon
Best Breathable:FRACORA Women's Backpacking Trail Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best For All Seasons:Nautica Women'sWomen's Hiking Boot
Price on Amazon

8 Vegan Hiking Boots For Women Who Want To Experience The Great Outdoors

1. Best Overall:Merrell Women’s Hiking Boots

Merrell Women’s Hiking Boots Image: Merrell

These vegan hiking boots for women are lightweight and perfect for any hiking or trekking experience. These animal-friendly hiking boots are made with a highly waterproof GORE-TEX lining membrane, making them convenient during stream crossings or areas with wet grass. As mentioned before, the shoes are lightweight; the women’s version weighs 752g per pair so that you won’t feel tired or like your feet are being weighed down. Also, you don’t have to worry about breaking them in to prevent any blisters or shoe bites because they are incredibly comfortable; you can wear the shoe straight out of the box, and they will pose no hassle. When it comes to protection, each shoe has a contoured insole and offers a personalized fit that molds your feet in the best way. Lastly, these vegan hiking shoes have a rock plate and TPU toe cap that does a great job at protecting your feet from debris or sharp stones. Irrespective of whether you need hiking boots for beginners or hiking boots for experienced hikers, these are ideal for everyone.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent traction
  • Protective toe cap
  • Breathable
  • Made from recycled material


  • May have durability issues
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Merrell is an American high-performance hiking boots manufacturer founded by Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweizer in 1981.
Price at the time of publication: $95

2. Best Waterproof:XPETI Dimo Hiking Outdoor Boots


Suppose you are looking for hiking boots that offer optimal comfort and protection. In that case, this pair will make a great addition to your hiking outfit. The fabric and synthetic leather shoes have a rubber sole that provides amazing support to your feet, so you can walk long distances without feeling any fatigue or pain. They also have a high-top style, where it offers molded TPU ankle support that adds to the support factor. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any moisture touching your feet because the shoes have a waterproof mesh lining that will keep your feet dry throughout the hiking trip. Now, when it comes to protecting the shoes comes with a rubber toe cap and rubber outsoles; these two components ensure you don’t get stabbed by trail debris or sharp objects and that you have a good grip on the ground when on the move. If you are looking for hiking boots for snow or rain, these ones are perfect for you.


  • Rubber toe cap and outsoles
  • Waterproof mesh lining
  • High molded TPU ankle support
  • Lightweight
  • Available in six color combinations
  • Slip-proof


  • You may need to wear socks to prevent friction/blisters
Why It’s Worth Buying: A whopping 2,177 reviews on Amazon make it obvious that users genuinely love this product.
Price at the time of publication: $67.99

3. Best Suitable For Flat Feet:Scenery Women’s Dimo Hiking Boots

Who said that the best vegan hiking boots have to look sporty and not stylish? Well, this pair by Skenary begs to differ! Not only do they look super cute, but they are also of great quality. Each shoe is made from a unique texture rubber sole that provides excellent grip and prevents any accidents, so you can wear it on any surface without the fear of falling. They also have a waterproof membrane mesh on the upper part of the shoes. The lining keeps any moisture at bay while keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout the hike or trekking journey. As mentioned before, the shoes provide excellent traction and do not slip, making them perfect hiking boots for muddy areas or rocky surfaces. If you are looking for shoes that will allow you to climb up/downhill with ease, and have flat feet, then we highly recommend that you invest in these vegan hiking boots for women.


  • Waterproof mesh
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Available in 6 stylish color combinations
  • Excellent traction
  • Suitable for flat feet
  • Molded TPU ankle support
  • Suitable for rocky uphill trails


  • The side seams may come apart after long-term use
Price at the time of publication: $65.99

4. Best 100% Synthetic Leather:Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Hiking Boots

Even if you are not vegan, we highly recommend that you invest in these hiking shoes because they are worth it. Each shoe is 100% synthetic leather and has a rubber sole that feels amazing on your feet and won’t weigh you down. They are also constructed from water-resistant material and have a waterproof membrane lining, so your feet will indeed remain warm, dry, and comfortable. They are perfect for women who love to camp or spend most of their time in the great outdoors because the mesh lining enhances the breathability factor while keeping them fresh. In addition to being water-resistant, the shoes have a cushioned footbed made from molded foam; it supports all the contours of your feet, thereby distributing your weight evenly and preventing any pain, especially at the toe and arch. You can wear these comfy boots when hiking or for everyday errands, as they are pretty sturdy and durable.


  • 100% synthetic leather
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Offers excellent arch support
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stylish


  • The fit may not be true to size; you may have to size up
Price at the time of publication: $44.99

5. Best Lightweight:Salomon X Ultra 3 Wide Mid GTX Hiking Shoes


Hiking through long and uphill trails can take a lot out of you, mentally and physically, and your feet take most of the brunt during any outdoor journey. If you need hiking boots for long hikes, these shoes ensure that your feet stay comfortable, protected, and stress-free during any hiking or trekking journey, no matter how tedious. The shoes are pretty stable and waterproof. In addition, they offer the agility of a trail running shoe because of the rubber outsole and deep multi-directional lugs. The lugs ensure that you get maximum traction on the unstable ground without restricting any movement; this is perfect for any uphill or downhill paths. Additionally, suppose you don’t have the patience to fiddle with laces while walking. In that case, the elastic speed-up laces will be super convenient for you. They are designed with Descent Control Technology, and as mentioned before, the X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX mid-height hiking feature efficiently tackles technical hikes and really shines during tough descents; this is especially useful in wet and cold conditions.


  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for uneven and rugged terrain
  • Maximum traction
  • Elastic speed-up lace
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • The shoes may not have much support at the toe part
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Salomon sportswear company has sponsored and hosted many trail races throughout the world, including the Golden Trail Series. Rihanna and Dev Jynes both own a pair of Salomon’s shoes.

Price at the time of publication: $106.74

6. Best Sleek Design: Vivobarefoot Magna Trail II FG

Vivobarefoot Magna Trail II FG Image: Vivobarefoot

There is no compromise with style or comfort with the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail II FG. These sleek pairs of hiking shoes ensure you walk miles on paved streets or tough terrains comfortably. Their knitted high collar provides sock-like coverage and a snug fit. These shoes are designed with temperature regulation technology to keep you cool in summer and warm in harsh winter. These sustainable hiking boots are made of super flexible material. You can sit and walk casually without having to worry about getting creases on this pair.


  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Thermal insole
  • Adjustable
  • Breathable material
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for wider feet
Price at the time of publication: $193.99

7. Best Breathable:FRACORA Women’s Backpacking Trail Shoes

For women looking for vegan-friendly hiking boots that offer maximum traction on any terrain, this pair comes highly recommended. These affordable hiking boots have a practical rubber outsole that offers major stability and traction, so no matter what surface you walk on, you will have full control of your movement, and you are protected and safe. In addition, the high-tech wear-resistant outsole has an anti-skid pattern and bionic grip, which won’t let you slip when you are on rocky mountain surfaces and keeps you in place whenever you need to stop. The all-terrain boots are breathable and lightweight, too, while the midsole is soft and provides optimal cushioning to your feet.


  • Anti-skid pattern
  • Bionic grip
  • Breathable
  • High-tech wear-resistant sole
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Anti-collision


  • The insole may shift when walking for long periods
Price at the time of publication: $31.99

8. Best For All Seasons:Nautica Women’sWomen’s Hiking Boot

The Nautica Women’s vegan boot looks the part of a hiking boot and steps up to all its claims too. The shoes are well made, durable, and robust so that you can deal with long, tough days on the trail with ease. The fashionable mid-calf boots include a firm rubber sole that ensures your feet stay in place and are comfortable, whenever you are on the move. This ethical fashion footwear piece with a mid-calf design is suitable for any season, especially during the colder months. The thermal insole has a soft cushioning that will keep your feet stress-free and provide balance with every step you take. Additionally, the shoes have a lace-up closure that will make your feet feel secure during lengthy walks. If you experience any foot pain, we recommend that you purchase this adventure gear to experience the perfect fit during any outdoor adventure.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Lace upfront
  • Cushioned insole
  • Provides pain relief
  • Suitable for all seasons


  • The eyelets may get worn out with long term use
Price at the time of publication: $44

Now that you are aware of the top vegan leather hiking boots available online, you will want to know about the main components that make the perfect ones. Keep reading our buying guide to learn more!

How To Choose The Best Vegan Hiking Boots

  • Materials

This is the first, and possibly the most important, the thing you must look out for when choosing any vegan shoe. There are many synthetic and non-leather boots in the market. Still, if you are selecting a pair specifically for hiking, we suggest you go for ones that are 100% synthetic. You can also opt for eco-friendly footwear pairs made of vegan leather.

  • Durability

When you are hiking, you will already be lugging a heavy outfit and a backpack; hence, your shoes should not feel like two rocks weighing you down. Instead, look for shoes that are lightweight and durable. This way, they won’t feel heavy on your feet, and they will last you for years.

  • Traction

Boots with good traction will keep you safe because they offer excellent grip on rugged terrain, thereby saving you safety no matter what surface you walk on. The more aggressive the traction pattern, the better the grip it will provide. Look for shoes that have deep lugs and Vibram soles.

  • Water resistance

Hiking means that you may encounter damp areas or sporadic rainfall; hence you have to be prepared with waterproof boots. Look for synthetic boots that have GORE-TEX lining because they offer resistance against water and make the shoes breathable as well.

The Bottom Line

A vegan lifestyle is beneficial for your health and the environment. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and love to go out on hiking adventures, then it is time for you to invest in the best vegan hiking boots. Vegan hiking boots look like leather but are crafted from plant-based and synthetic materials. Try the Merrell Women’s Hiking Boots for their durability, comfort, and support, the XPETI Dimo Hiking Outdoor Boots for their waterproof mesh and ample ankle support, or the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail II FG for the temperature regulation technology that gives a warm and snug fit. You can wear these shoes for hiking, trekking, camping, or other outdoor activities. They are water-resistant, offer a firm grip, and are comfortable to wear. Consider the material, durability, traction, and water-resistance capacity before choosing your perfect vegan hiking boots.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author, Priyam Gupta, is a fashion enthusiast and loves experimenting with different footwear styles. The latest trend of clean and cruelty-free footwear caught her attention. So, she went through numerous reviews and feedback on multiple forums to curate this list of the best vegan hiking boots crafted from plant-based and synthetic materials. The boots listed in this article are suitable for camping, hiking, trekking, and outdoor exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vegan boots are the most comfortable?

Look for boots that have cushioned insoles because they mold around your feet and offer even weight distribution. Also, look for ones that have water-resistant lining as they will keep your feet cool and dry.

How can we maintain Vegan Hiking Boots for a longer time?

Cleaning them with a soft, damp cloth and removing the insoles after every wear will help your shoes last longer.

What is the difference between Vegan Hiking Boots and Regular Hiking Boots?

Vegan hiking boots are not made from any animal or animal byproduct. In contrast, regular hiking boots are made from leather or glue that is derived from an animal.

Should you buy vegan boots for hiking a size bigger?

Yes. Your feet may swell a bit during hiking, so it is better to buy a bigger size of vegan hiking boots. Choose your hiking shoes a half size larger than your original size.

Can you wear vegan hiking boots without socks?

No. Wearing socks with your hiking boots is a good idea to prevent sweating and reduce the chances of athlete’s foot or toenail fungus. Socks also prevent blisters caused due to friction.

What kind of socks do we wear with vegan hiking boots?

You can opt for vegan hiking socks made of plant-based ingredients (bamboo) or synthetic materials to pair with vegan hiking boots.

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