10 Best Women’s Waterproof Running Jackets For A Safe Run

Written by Priyam Gupta
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Fitness cannot be compromised because of seasonal changes. For all you ladies who do not want to be held back by the rain, the market now offers the best waterproof running jackets for women. Be it any season, rain or shine, your health should be a priority, and these jackets are the perfect companions on rainy days.

These waterproof running jackets have gained a lot of popularity, with more and more women banking on them for their runs. They are available in several colors and fits to cater to a large range of users. Not only are these multi-functional, but they are also extremely stylish. Not just in the monsoons, you can use them throughout the year as a light layer while you are on your runs. Here, we have listed the top 10 women’s waterproof running jackets so that you are not held back from reaching your fitness goals this monsoon. Go on and choose your pick to set out fearlessly in the rains.

Best Windproof:Diamond Candy Women’s Rain Jacket – Blue
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Best Lightweight:Avoogue Rain Jacket - Dark Green
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Best Quick-Drying:Hount Women's Lightweight Hooded Raincoat - Light Pink
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Best Sun Protection:Zeagoo Casual Womens Jackets – Orange
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Best Breathable:Spmor Women's Lightweight Waterproof Jacket – White
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Best Comfortable:EZRUN Women's Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket - Navy Blue
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Best Anti-Splash:BALEAF Women's Thermal Jacket – Black
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Best Travel-Friendly:Outdoor Ventures Packable Rain Jacket - Rose Red
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Best For Ventilation:AXEN Women’s Running Jacket - Rose Red
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Best Heavy-Duty:33,000ft Packable Rain Jacket – Blue
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10 Best Women’s Waterproof Running Jackets For Fitness Regime Come What May

1. Best Windproof:Diamond Candy Women’s Rain Jacket – Blue

Beat the rain with this cool women’s waterproof jacket that is lightweight yet keeps you warm. Designed for hikes and trails, the brand has a water repellent technology that does not let rain, mist, and fog bother you at all. It has zipper pockets to keep your hands warm too. The hood comes in handy for heavy rains but can be detached as well. The lining is super soft to ensure that it is comfortable but is functional enough to keep you warm and fuzzy. Plus, this has hooks on the collar and enlarged pockets that make this jacket very functional. The light weight makes this a great choice for long runs as well as hikes.


  • Lightweight
  • Cool blue color
  • Warm lining inside
  • Enlarged pockets
  • Pockets with zips
  • Detachable hood
  • Collar with hooks
  • Water repellant tech
  • Windproof
  • Breathable


  • The zipper is not suitable for hard use.

2. Best Lightweight:Avoogue Rain Jacket – Dark Green

If you are looking for a women’s waterproof rain jacket that keeps you dry as well as lets you go handsfree, this is the right choice for you. Get this no-nonsense jacket that has big pockets for you to shove your phone, mask, and hand sanitizer in as you go for your run. The hood has a drawstring closure that lets you adjust its tightness as you run. It is extremely lightweight and lets your skin breathe with its skin friendly fabric. Take it for a hike or a serious marathon and never let rain get in the way of your fitness again. Brownie points for being light enough to even be a cool summer jacket when you just need something super light to go over your casual top.


  • Drawstring closure on the adjustable hood
  • Large pockets
  • Skin friendly fabric that is breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used as a summer jacket
  • Windproof


  • Not suitable for cold climate as it does not have any lining

3. Best Quick-Drying:Hount Women’s Lightweight Hooded Raincoat – Light Pink

This one is the answer for those looking to combine fashion and functionality in their waterproof running jacket designed for inclement weather. The light pink and grey combination makes a great style statement as you go for a run. It also doubles as a windbreaker for those days of fall when the wind gets too much. But do not think that this is heavy and can get in the way of your run by being bulky as it is quite lightweight. The packing bag makes sure that you can also roll it into a small bundle and carry it with you for your jet setting lifestyle. Its quick dry formula ensures that the rain water slides right off the fabric as you finish your fitness regime.


  • Fashionable pink and grey combination
  • Very light
  • Quick dry fabric
  • Acts as a windbreaker
  • Comes with a packing bag
  • Lightweight running jacket


  • Some might find the sizing to run small.

4. Best Sun Protection:Zeagoo Casual Womens Jackets – Orange

There is nothing like a pop of color on a cloudy, rainy day, right? So grab this women’s waterproof running jacket that lets you look super cool as you finish your 5K morning runs. But do not underestimate this jacket as it comes packed with loads of features. Let us start with the 2 front pockets with zippers and a set of 2 pockets inside as well for your bobs and bobbles. Both the hemline of the jacket and the collar have drawstrings that let you adjust its fit. The fabric used gives you protection from the sun and the rain, plus it dries quickly. It is lightweight and is great for long, sweaty runs or hikes. The stylish color also lets you take it for a spin all year and not just during the rain.


  • Stylish bright color
  • 2 zipped front pockets
  • 2 inside pockets
  • Very light
  • Gives sun protection
  • Uses quick dry fabric
  • Breathable
  • Packable
  • Adjustable drawstrings on hemline and collar


  • Not suitable for machine wash

5. Best Breathable:Spmor Women’s Lightweight Waterproof Jacket – White

If you are one of those who find a hood too bulky, grab this women’s waterproof running jacket that comes with a smart wide collar to keep you protected from the rain. The elasticated cuffs ensure that your cute smartwatch or anything else on your wrists do not get wet. The hemline has drawstrings for you to adjust for a great fit. White is a great color that always stands out on a gloomy, dark day. This water-repellent jacket is easy to pack on your work trips and is light on your body so that you can take it out for those tricky inclines without feeling hindered by the weight of what you are wearing.


  • Smart white color
  • Wide collar with strings
  • Elasticated cuffs
  • Lightweight on body
  • Easy to pack
  • Breathable fabric
  • Quick dry fabric


  • The fabric might be too light for difficult treks.

6. Best Comfortable:EZRUN Women’s Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket – Navy Blue

For all those serious runners who are looking for a functional women’s waterproof jacket, this is for you. In a navy blue color that ensures you do not stick out, you can go finish your run fuss-free and get on top of your fitness. This comes with a pull-on closure with a half zip in front and a hood. Elasticated hand cuffs mean that this jacket makes sure to keep your clothes and torso dry. There are 2 zippered pockets on the side and 1 wide back pocket for you to stow away your belongings and go handsfree. Light and comfortable, you can take this for a run or a hike. The coolest part is that this has a reflective logo at the back that ensures your safety when you are running on the road so that you are easy to spot.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Has a half zip for easy wear
  • 2 zipped pockets
  • 1 wide back pocket
  • Has a reflective logo at the back for safety


  • Some might find the pull-on closure inconvenient.

7. Best Anti-Splash:BALEAF Women’s Thermal Jacket – Black

Trendy, smart, and functional – this women’s waterproof running jacket is everything that you can possibly wish for. The fabric uses anti splashing technology that keeps you protected from the wind, rain and sweat. Cycle in it, run in it, or even go camping in it – this one is your friend for keeps. The jacket is made up of 3 layers and a soft fleece lining to keep you warm and cozy for your runs. The zipper has a flap to keep you protected against drafts. The 2 zipped pockets and 1 wide pocket at the back helps you to not worry about storage. A double layer collar and elastic cuffs keep the rain and the chill out. There are reflective elements on the jacket that keep you safe even when there is low visibility.


  • Anti-splash fabric
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Keeps you cozy and warm
  • 3-layer jacket
  • Zipper with inner flap
  • 2 zipped pockets and 1 wide back pocket
  • Double layer collar for warmth
  • Elastic cuffs keep the rain out
  • Reflective elements on jacket to keep you safe


  • Not suitable for warm weather

8. Best Travel-Friendly:Outdoor Ventures Packable Rain Jacket – Rose Red

Whether it is a light drizzle or a full blown rainstorm, this women’s waterproof rain jacket keeps you dry and comfortable. Made of high density polyester fabric, this jacket is completely water resistant, including the zippers.The fabric is designed to be waterproof for up to 8000mm, which ensures you stay dry even if you are caught in intense rain. Both the collar and the hood are adjustable with drawstrings and so are the cuffs. It is light and very easy to pack too. Plus points for the bright color!


  • Durable and absolutely water resistant
  • Water resistant zippers
  • Adjustable collar and hood
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Easy to pack
  • Great for runs, hikes, and cycling


  • Some might have problems with the sizing.

9. Best For Ventilation:AXEN Women’s Running Jacket – Rose Red

Easy to use and easy to pack, this is a women’s waterproof running jacket for anyone who does not want some rain to play spoilsport. The jacket has a zip closure in front and an adjustable collar for a great fit. The 2 pockets on the side and a wide one at the back take care of storage. The jacket has mesh fabrics at the back that helps in ventilation. The jacket can be rolled up small for packing into your gym bag too. But the best part? The sleeves are detachable so that you can wear the jacket even as a vest!


  • Adjustable collar
  • 2 pockets on the side
  • 1 wide pocket for phones
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Can be rolled up small for packing
  • Detachable sleeves


  • Some find it too fragile for heavy duty treks.

10. Best Heavy-Duty:33,000ft Packable Rain Jacket – Blue

Here is a heavy-duty women’s waterproof running jacket for those serious runners who do not let anything get in the way of their endorphins. The jacket is made of a water resistant ripstop polyester fabric on the outer layer that ensures complete protection from the rain. It has a mesh lining that lets you keep cool. The sleeves have a zipper closure too that allows air circulation. The hem is elastic for a better fit and the cuffs have a horse-hoof closure. Grab this jacket in a smart blue color for your next run and see how you never have to cite rain as an excuse again!


  • Water-resistant ripstop fabric
  • Mesh lining for ventilation
  • Zip closure on sleeves for ventilation
  • Elastic hem
  • Horse hoof closure


  • Not suitable for colder climate

Now that we have looked at our favorite 10 women’s waterproof running jackets, here is making it easier for you to pick one.

How To Choose The Best Waterproof Running Jackets For Women

  • Climate

It is important to keep the climate of the place you live in, in mind before you choose a waterproof running jacket. While there are many jackets that provide only protection from the rain, there are others that also come with warm linings for colder climates. It is always advisable to pick something that is closest to addressing your needs.

  • Kind of run

If you are a serious runner and go for marathons or even treks and hikes regularly, then go for a light waterproof running jacket so that you do not feel bulky and uncomfortable. But if you are simply looking for something for your casual jogs, you can go for the ones that are a little heavier with linings.

  • Features

While most waterproof running jackets do a great job at keeping you dry, there are many that also have other features such as great storage with extra pockets, detachable sleeves, adjustable hemlines and hoods for a good fit and even mesh linings for good ventilation. The one you go for depends on your needs.

If you love working out, trekking, or going for frequent runs, waterproof running jackets are your must-haves. They are best for keeping dry while exercising during the rainy season. Some of these jackets also have zipper pockets which can help you store your essentials and keep them from getting drenched. Lightweight and affordable, these running jackets are sweat-proof and have detachable hoods for convenience. Depending on the quality, some jackets might not be the best for regular usage. Choose waterproof jackets that come with adjustable drawstrings on the hemline and collar, which makes it easier for you to wear them. However, you should steer clear of jackets that are made with low-quality materials and can have issues like faulty zippers or excess tear.

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