The 12 Best Weighted Jump Ropes For Home Workouts – 2023

Burn calories with every jump you make using the perfect tool at your home gym.

Reviewed by Eva Rodriguez, Weight Loss Coach & Personal Trainer
Written by Aditi Naskar, Diploma In Health & Wellness
Edited by Medha Deb
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A jump rope is an ideal way to keep your heart healthy by performing various cardiorespiratory exercises. In fact, many celebrities around the world prefer this sort of exercise. With new scopes taking their strong holds in the fitness space, people are choosing the best weighted jump ropes instead of the regular ones as their home gym essentials.

Weighted jump ropes help in burning out a larger number of calories. They are a step up from basic cardio exercises while you keep the form of exercise the same. Jumping weighted ropes help in improving your upper body strength, wrists, and forearms. In this article, you will find the 12 best weighted jump ropes that you can try for yourself. Scroll down and take a look!

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The 12 Best Weighted Jump Ropes For Total Body Workout

1. Pulse Premium CrossFit Jump Rope


This weighted jump rope is recommended for anyone who is 6 feet 6 inches or shorter. The height of the rope is easily adjustable. This is perfect for cardio training, CrossFit, strengthening the calves and thighs, and speed training. It has a high-quality 6 mm thick rope that rotates smoothly and ball bearings in the handles for a smooth jumping experience. The weighted memory foam handles weigh 1.2 lbs and prevent palm sweat and provide a firm grip. The weights in the jump rope handles are removable. Multiple reviewers on Amazon highly recommend this jump rope for its durable and lightweight design that makes a workout feel breezy.

Handle Material: Memory Foam | Material: Alloy Steel | Grip Material: ‎Memory Foam | Item Weight: ‎1.2 Pounds | Color: ‎Black and Red


  • Ball bearing handles for smooth rotation
  • Removable weight
  • Memory foam handles
  • Adjustable rope


  • May tangle.

protip_icon Pro Tip
While using the jump rope, keep your elbows closer to your body to avoid hitting your face or feet and for better control of the rope.

2. Best For Beginners:Crossrope Get Lean – Weighted Jump Rope Set

Weighted Jump Rope Set Image: Crossrope

This product is designed to help achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. The set includes two weighted jump ropes weighing ¼ lb and ½ lb. The ¼ lb rope is mainly for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts and improving endurance training, while the ½ lb rope is for advanced cardio and perfect for beginners. Both have slim handles. The fast-clip connection system lets you switch between the lighter and the heavier rope for your fat-burning workout sessions. This jump rope system helps you on your journey towards fitness and personal transformation.


  • Durable ropes
  • Fast clip system
  • Two weighted ropes for all ages and fitness abilities
  • Soft and nice grip handles
  • Comes with a free workout app with access to a variety of workouts


  • The length is not adjustable.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

A whopping 3,999 reviews on Amazon make it obvious that users genuinely love this product.

3. Best Ropeless Jump Rope:Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope 


This ropeless jump rope has removable weighted handles (total weight 0.68 lbs) with industrial-grade smoothed steel tips. It mimics the movement of a jump rope minus your legs tripping on the rope and any tangles. The balls at the end of the short line help you synchronize your hand movements properly. The handles are made of elastic sponge and are soft and comfortable to hold. This weighted ropeless jump rope is suitable for people of all ages, all fitness levels, and versatile training.

Handle Material: Polypropylene | Material: Alloy Steel | Grip Material: ‎Silicone | Item Weight: ‎0.6 Pounds | Color: ‎Red


  • Tangle-free
  • Smooth ball tips and ball bearing
  • Removable weight
  • Soft grip
  • Convenient for all users
  • Perfect for small spaces and low-ceiling homes


  • Quality issues

4. Golden Stallion Jump Rope

Golden Stallion Jump Rope Image: Golden Stallion

This product is made from high-quality wood and real leather. It has high-quality ball bearings that ensure smooth and even rotation and momentum. It has removable weights that are integrated into both the handles. It helps improve the intensity of your fitness routine. The rope length can be adjusted to accommodate people of any height.

Handle Material: Holz | Material: Leather | Grip Material: ‎Silicone | Item Weight: ‎480 Grams | Color: ‎Natural


  • High-quality ball bearing
  • Transport bag for easy storage
  • Adjustable rope length
  • Genuine leather
  • Wooden handle
  • Easy to use


  • The metal adjustment link is not well designed.

5. N1Fit Weighted Jump Rope


This weighted jump rope is ideal for HIIT workouts, CrossFit training, cross-training, calorie burning, stamina and endurance building, and weight loss. The rope weighs 1.5 lbs and is designed with superior quality materials. The handles of this exercise equipment are ergonomically designed and do not slip easily. The length of the rope can be adjusted as per your need and height. It accommodates anyone between 5’ 1” and 6’6”.

Handle Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) | Material: Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC) | Grip Material: ‎Foam | Item Weight: ‎1.5 Pounds | Color: ‎Red


  • 100% tangle-free rope
  • Adjustable cable length
  • Simple bearing system for fast rotation
  • Memory foam handles
  • Anti-slip handle design


  • The plastic handle may not be durable.

6. WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope

WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope Image: Wod Nation

This jump rope has weighted handles, and each handle holds ½ lb of weight. You can remove the weights from the handles and decide your workout intensity levels. It comes with a set of ropes – one light and thin cable for speed and one thick and heavy cable for training. Many reviews on online forums assert that it can be used by both beginners and those who are already into agility training and core-strengthening exercises.

Handle Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) | Material: Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC) | Grip Material: ‎Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam | Item Weight: ‎1 Pounds | Color: ‎Black


  • Removable weights
  • Two jump ropes for adjusting the intensity
  • Non-slip grip handles
  • Weight stabilizing springs
  • Heavy-duty cable/wire
  • Steel bearings for easy and fast movement


  • May tangle.

protip_icon Pro Tip
Invest in a jump rope mat to ensure the longevity of the product. Avoid using it on concrete floors as it can cause wear and tear.

7. RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

This is a heavy poly dacron jump rope and is available in two lengths – 9 feet and 10 feet. This jump rope weighs ½ pound per foot and is meant for total body strength and conditioning workout. It does not have any handles. Due to its weight, this jump rope helps you burn a significant amount of calories and offers intense plyometric exercise sessions.

Note: Wear gloves while using the rope to avoid blisters.

Grip Material: ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Item Weight: ‎3 Pounds | Color: ‎Black | Material: ‎polydacron


  • Strong and durable
  • Doesn’t tangle
  • Intense calorie burn


  • May not be easy to grip.

8. Best Overall:Pulse Weighted Jump Rope Set

This is a set of two jump ropes – weighing ¼ lb and ½ lbs rope for different intensities of workout. You can easily switch between the two ropes and adjust as per your physical fitness levels. The lighter rope is for speed and is appropriate for beginners, and the heavier rope can be used for strength training. Each rope has an ultra-smooth ball bearing that ensures precision movement and a smooth workout. Multiple reviewers on Amazon stated that this jump rope is made with good quality materials and they are happy with the purchase.

Handle Material: Aluminum | Material: Aluminum | Grip Material: ‎Silicone | Color: ‎Red, Black, Green


  • Non-slip silicone handles
  • Aluminum handles
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to grip
  • Excellent quality


  • May tangle.

9. EliteSRS Heavy Weighted Jump Rope

This is a thick 1.3 lbs jump rope and is meant for adding heavy resistance to your workout routine. The handles of this jump rope have dual-ball bearings that give you a smoother spin. You can use this speed rope for a quick cardio workout that works your forearms and shoulders. The rope has a 12mm diameter and is a hollow PVC rope. This weighted jump rope is available in three lengths (8ft, 9ft, and 10ft).

Handle Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) | Material: Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC)


  • Industrial grade dual-ball bearing handles
  • Sturdy


  • May tangle.

10. TKO Weighted Jump Rope


This is a 9 ft long PVC jump rope and weighs 1 lb. It has a tangle-resistant cord and ensures a smooth and easy rotation with minimal drag. The handles are covered with EVA memory foam, giving you a comfortable and firm grip. It is suitable for both beginners and jump rope pros. The rope can be adjusted/trimmed as per your height.

Handle Material: Memory Foam | Material: Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC) | Grip Material: ‎Foam | Color: ‎Black/Black


  • Metal ball bearings for smooth rotation
  • Non-slip foam handle
  • Smooth tubing
  • Tangle-free design
  • Inner swivel base for constant swinging
  • Durable



11. N/X Weighted Jump Rope

This is a 0.66 lb weighted jumping rope and is 10 feet long (including the handles). The rope has a 9mm diameter and is thick enough to give you an intense workout. It is made with braided knit plait cotton and has a layered design that makes it tough and tangle-resistant. Many reviews on online forums have mentioned that the ball bearings ensure a stable and continuous rotation for a smooth workout. You can easily adjust the rope as per your height.

Grip Material: ‎Foam | Handle Material: ‎Foam | Material: ‎Polyester | Color: ‎Gray-9mm Cotton Rope


  • Anti-winding design
  • Anti-slip handles
  • Memory cushioned foam handle cover
  • 360-degree spin
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Wear-resistant cord
  • Adjustable length



12. Proud Panda Professional Skipping Rope

Proud Panda Professional Skipping Rope is made of PVC material. It features no shaking, adjustable speed, and no rope winding. This skipping rope is firmer than regular skipping ropes and is more durable than a hemp rope. You can adjust the rope to different heights. It is ideal for men, children, women, fitness experts, and professional athletes. The handle comes in a wave texture that is soft, water-resistant and provides good grip. Many reviewers are of the opinion that the weighted skipping rope improves muscle intensity.

Handle Material: Plastic | Material: Silicone | Grip Material: ‎Silicone | Item Weight: ‎0.28 Pounds | Color: ‎Gray


  • Non-slip handles
  • Sweat-proof
  • Good rope length


  • None
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Why Use Weighted Jump Ropes?

There are several benefits of using a weighted jump rope:

  • Improves Your Upper Body Strength And Power: When you spin a heavy rope around you, you have to exert force. This improves your upper body strength. Rotating it faster helps you build power.
  • Develops Your Shoulder Muscles: Jumping weighted ropes contract and stabilize your shoulder muscles while trying to control the movement in your lower arms. This helps you develop and tone your muscles quickly.
  • Burns Fat And Builds Lean Muscle: Compared to regular jumping ropes, weighted jumping ropes help you shed fat and build lean muscle faster as it takes more energy to use them.
  • Improves Muscle Engagement: Be it your hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, triceps, forearms, or lower back, a weighted jump rope engages all the muscles in the body, and you get a full-body workout.
  • Versatile: The best weighted jump rope comes with a set of ropes and handles of varied weights. This helps add variety to your workout.

Eva Rodriguez, a NASM certified personal trainer and a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, mentions, One of my favorite benefits of the weighted jump rope is that the weight provides extra resistance, which makes your muscles work harder and also builds strength in your abs, hips, and legs. Anytime we can combine cardio with resistance training, it’s a win-win.

Before you pick a weighted jump rope, make sure you check the following factors to ensure you pick the best one.

Factors To Consider Before Picking A Weighted Jump Rope

  • Type Of Rope: Go for a thicker jump rope. You can adjust the weight by adding or removing weights from it.
  • Length Of The Rope: The rope should be three times your height. Go for an adjustable one if multiple people are going to use it.
  • Ball Bearing System: Buy one with a good ball bearing system as friction is always an issue with jump ropes. A good ball bearing system helps reduce friction and allows spinning the rope at a higher speed.

However, consult your fitness instructor before purchasing one if you have a chronic health condition.

The Bottom Line

Jumping rope is the best cardiorespiratory workout equipment for fitness enthusiasts. These ropes are mainly used for HIIT workouts. They help burn extra calories. Weighted ropes help improve balance and strengthen the upper body, forearm, calf, and wrist muscles. Choose the Crossrope Get Lean for versatile, interchangeable ropes for varying intensity workouts, while the Golden Stallion Jump Rope has high-quality wooden handles which are extremely durable. If you are looking for non-slip handles with weight stabilizing springs, then try the WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope. These ropes often come with different kinds of removable weights and adjustable lengths. The ropes are made of elastic sponges that are soft and adjustable. Most of the products on our list are durable, easy to use, and tangle-free. However, you can consult your athletic trainer before choosing the perfect rope for your needs.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author, Aditi Naskar, has a diploma in Health & Wellness. She thoroughly checked the reviews and feedback of the health and fitness products before recommending them to the users. This list of weighted jump ropes for home workouts was created keeping in mind the usability, durability, and price range to suit various fitness levels and help burn calories effectively at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a weighted jump rope differ from a speed jump rope?

A speed jump rope improves coordination, condition, and agility by focusing on the speed of the rope, while a weighted jump rope is heavier and focuses on improving strength and aiding weight loss.

How much do weighted jump ropes weigh?

Most weighted jump ropes weigh 1-1.5 pounds. There are some light weighted jump ropes that weigh 0.5 pounds and heavy-weighted jump ropes weigh 5.5 pounds.

What material makes the best weighted jump rope?

Steel cables make the best weighted jump ropes.

Are weighted jump ropes easier to use than regular ones?

Yes, weighted ropes slow down your jumps and make it easier for you to take a rotation.

How long should I jump with a weighted jump rope?

As a beginner, you can try jumping for 15 minutes using a weighted jump rope and then gradually increase by 5 minutes as you get accustomed to using it.

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