28 Magnificent Wolf Tattoo Designs

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Out of all animal tattoos, the wolf is the most popular due to its rich symbolic meaning. Typically, a wolf pack is led by the alpha wolf, who is believed to protect the pack from the back while on the move. This characteristic of the wolf makes it a symbol of leadership and protection. It also holds a deep meaning for people who have lost someone in life. Wolves symbolize wildness along with a sense of survival and resilience. Free-spirited people can also sport a wolf tattoo to showcase their freedom. If you want to get a fierce wolf tattooed on your body, check out the top 28 designs trending right now listed below!

28 Gorgeous Wolf Tattoo Designs With Meanings

1. Native American Wolf Tattoo

jayleblanctattoo / Instagram

The Native Americans have always believed wolves to be guiding spirits that help them navigate through the struggles of life. As a symbol of loyalty and determination, the wolf reflects the great powers of their forefathers. This beautiful forearm tattoo is the perfect example of monotone shaded art. The howling wolf and the image of a Native American woman above it give it an ethnic look.

2. Geometric Wolf Tattoo

thunder_john_95 / Instagram

This unique design features a wolf’s head created simply out of triangles. The broad black borders create a stunning contrast on your skin and make the tattoo even more noticeable and trendy.

3. Wrist Wolf Tattoo

wikiax / Instagram

Usually, it is recommended to get a wolf tattoo on a larger part of the body to highlight the intricacies of the design. However, if you are a fan of small wrist tattoos, this wolf head design is sure to attract you. It is a simple tattoo with bold black scattered lines that form a wolf.

4. Wolf Butterfly Tattoo

mastilnicatattoo / Instagram

The placement of a tattoo compliments the design. This artistic masterpiece will fit on your thigh perfectly. The effortless merging of the wolf, the butterfly, and the moon make this tattoo a truly evocative piece.

5. Heart Wolf Tattoo

studio_51tattoos / Instagram

Wolves have been used to portray affection and loyalty in many cultures. If you want your tattoo to pay homage to your love, this twin wolf head design is the perfect option for you. The tattoo is designed to form a heart with the wolf heads. The contrasting colors of the wolves in black and white give it a yin-yang appeal.

6. Tribal Wolf Tattoo

watson_tattoos / Instagram

Tribal wolf designs have been popular for a long time now. The uniqueness of tribal art lies in its monotone palette and contrasting bold and thin lines, and this wolf tattoo is a perfect example of the same. The design can be scaled down to your preference and to fit on any part of your body.

7. Wolf Paw Tattoo

mattchild007 / Instagram

According to Native American tradition, a wolf paw symbolizes being guided along the right path. This beautiful portrait of a wolf done inside a paw print is gorgeous as well as unique. You can consider getting this tattoo on your thigh.

8. Wolf Band Tattoo

lafortunatattoos / Instagram

This traditional Chinese art piece of two wolf heads meeting as a band with an orange circle representing the sun is quite unique. The broad outlines and use of color in the sphere make it even more interesting. It encircles your forearm as a band perfectly, making it easy to flaunt while wearing a half-sleeved shirt.

9. Half Sleeve Wolf Tattoo

jessejameesart / Instagram

If you are a fan of realistic tattoos, this is the perfect design for you. This hyper-realistic wolf head design, with the moon, a forest, and a rose in the background, is quite enchanting. The forest portrays your thirst for adventure, and the moon and the rose represent femininity. It is the most beautiful design to wear on your forearm. Make sure to get it done by a seasoned portrait artist.

10. Moon And Wolf Tattoo

emily_hontattoo / Instagram

A howling wolf with a moon tattoo signifies longing for someone you miss. It speaks of staying connected to your dear ones. The use of light shading for the fur makes this tattoo even more nice to look at.

11. Wolf Tattoo On The Side Abdomen

atomotattoo_ / Instagram

Side abdomen tattoos bring out your feminine side as they accentuate your curves. This beautiful howling wolf design will fit your side wonderfully. You can flaunt it in a crop top and gain all the attention!

12. Wolf Skull Tattoo

malrato_tattoo / Instagram

Skull tattoos represent a rebellious attitude. However, they do not always have to be morbid. They can also represent change. Teaming a skull tattoo with a wolf head tattoo creates a symbol of power and authority. It is the perfect tattoo to portray the brave fighter soul in you.

13. Wolf And Roses Tattoo On The Arm

rafaelvieira.art / Instagram

This beautiful tattoo of a realistic wolf head surrounded by roses is perfect to go on your forearm. The use of monotone hues with intricate shading makes this tattoo even more appealing.

14. Werewolf Tattoo

blvedove / Instagram

Werewolves are mythical creatures that are big symbols of change in people’s lives. This werewolf tattoo of a girl in shorts and a t-shirt represents transformation.

15. Wolf Tattoo On Finger

joshpalmerta2 / Instagram

When it comes to finger tattoos, go for a simple design to avoid the smudging and bleeding of ink. If you want to present your tattoo artist a real challenge, ask them to do this miniature wolf portrait with intricate details.

16. Wolf Tattoo On The Upper Back

anna_appel1 / Instagram

The upper back is an amazing place to flaunt your tattoo. With its realistic appeal and detailed shading, this wolf head tattoo portrays the sheer feminine power in you.

17. Wolf Tattoo On The Forearm

The forearm is usually the first thing a person notices about you right after your face. If you want a tattoo that defines your soul, this forearm wolf tattoo is the ideal option for you. It makes use of negative space to define the edges of the design. The tattoo includes flying doves, a wolf head, and flames. The overall tattoo symbolizes freedom of the soul.

18. Floral Wolf Tattoo

lenoregtattoos / Instagram

Flower tattoos define elegance and beauty. They are the best designs to portray the fragility of feminine nature. However, if you want to show both your strong and feminine sides, this half wolf/half floral tattoo is the perfect design for you.

19. Angry Wolf Tattoo

yoyo_tattoo / Instagram

Wolves are fierce animals that will do anything to protect their pack. An angrily snarling wolf is a symbol of rage and power. This wolf tattoo with a severe expression and growling face paired with a mandala tattoo looks enchanting.

20. Wolf Tattoo On The Thigh

roxy.wrigley / Instagram

If you are a fan of tattoos and want to flaunt one on your thigh, this beautiful wolf design is the perfect tattoo for you. The beautiful shade work and quirky placement of this tattoo make it even more interesting. Keep the tattoo low on your thigh to flaunt it while wearing shorts.

21. Jewel Wolf Tattoo

jaidefr / Instagram

This unique wolf tattoo features a symmetrical divide between the realistic wolf face and the mandala wolf face. The tattoo is further decorated with geometric shapes and a triangular jewel at the bottom. The contrast between the ice blue and black adds a royal appeal to this tattoo.

22. Wolf Soul Tattoo

redfield.tattoo / Instagram

This beautiful design features a woman throwing her arms into the air with red smoke emanating out of her that forms a large wolf head. The tattoo signifies the brave soul of the wolf in a woman. The red ink used for the wolf spirit makes this tattoo even more enchanting.

23. Lone Wolf Tattoo

sinclairtattoos / Instagram

The lone wolf is associated with power and strength. This beautiful design features a wolf with a forest in the background. The alpine trees and the dark shading of the tattoo make it the perfect design for your forearm.

24. Wolf With Feather Tattoo

vinnie_watercolors / Instagram

A feather tattoo symbolizes freedom of the soul. This wolf feather design signifies the beauty and harshness of nature. It was commonly used by Native Americans. The intricate feather and the realistic wolf make this the perfect tattoo to be flaunted on the curve of your waist.

25. Japanese Wolf Tattoo

peche.tattooartist / Instagram

According to Japanese legend, wolves represent Shinto gods. This creative design features a wolf done in the typical Japanese art style. The body of the wolf is filled with the scenery of a sea beach and a rising sun. As Japan is also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, it makes this wolf design even more meaningful.

26. Wolves With Dreamcatchers Tattoo

chinchillazest / Instagram

A wolf is often associated with strength, perseverance, loyalty, achievement, and determination. Most people love incorporating a dreamcatcher with a wolf tattoo to make its meaning even more profound. This elegant thigh tattoo with a wolf head as the frame of the dreamcatcher looks absolutely magical.

27. Wolf Tattoo On The Hand

santinobartoli / Instagram

Getting a tattoo on the back of your hand can be quite painful. Moreover, the outward placement of the tattoo makes it impossible to hide. However, it also looks super bold. A realistic wolf face tattoo can give you an edge to flaunt your audacious side.

28. Hunting Wolf Tattoo

nickmatthewstattoo / Instagram

Wolves are known for being fierce and dangerous predators that hunt in packs. A hunting wolf tattoo is perfect for anyone who does not stop at anything to achieve their aim in life.

These are the best wolf tattoos that you can get done. Make sure to visit a professional artist who specializes in animal tattoos. Let us know which of these wolf tattoos you fell in love with in the comments section below.

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