11 Best Podiatrist-Approved Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes – 2024

A good pair of biking shoes are a must-have if you love riding through rough terrain.

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A good pair of women’s bike shoes are perfect for your outdoor cycling rides. Cycling or biking is a fun and effective way to burn calories. But not all of us like to sit on stationary bikes, hit the gym, or take laps around the park. Some of us here love the outdoors and want to combine adventure into our fitness routine. So, whether you are competing in a race or just want to take a ride through the hills around your neighborhood, a pair of well-fitted biking shoes is a must.

We have compiled a list of the 11 best women’s bike shoes from trusted brands. These shoes are designed for flat pedals and last through years of cycling and adventure. So, if you are looking to invest in a pair, we suggest you keep scrolling to find out more with our comprehensive review of each product.

Top Picks
Best Overall:Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Biking Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Rubberized Soles:ZOL Predator MTB Mountain Bike Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Quick-Drying:KESCOO Women’s Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Breathable:SWISSWELL Lightweight Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Low Cut Style:Adidas Five Ten Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Lightweight:Gavin Elite MTB Cycling Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Comfortable:YuanRoad Women’s SPD Mountain Bike Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Water-Resistant:Talya Women’s Biking Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Anti-Slip Sole:Acaine Ladies Mountain Bike Shoes
Price on Amazon
Best Ergonomic Design:MEBIKE Mountain Bike Women’s Shoes
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The 11 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes For Clipless And Flat Pedals

1. Best Overall:Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Biking Shoes

Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Biking Shoes Image: Tommaso

One of the best women’s mountain bike shoes on Amazon, this one is designed with an XD-knit upper made from high-quality nylon that hugs the feet for a snug fit and is incredibly comfortable. Not only does it boast a sturdy rubber sole, it is also equipped with a reinforced heel, toe protection area, and strap for extra comfort and protection. To make things easier for you, it comes with pre-installed SPD cleats but if that’s not your thing, you can order the pair without it too. Reviewers love that the pair also comes with breathable mesh inserts, so your feet never feel sweaty even when cycling for long periods.


  • Stiff sole
  • Triple Velcro strap
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Breathable mesh inserts
  • Knit upper


  • Will not work with a Peloton bike
protip_icon Remember
Twist the ankle away from the bike to unclip your shoe. Avoid pulling your foot up. Doing so prevents the shoe from unclipping, and you risk tripping over.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has more than 3,646 reviews and is a top choice all around the world.

2. Best Rubberized Soles:ZOL Predator MTB Mountain Bike Shoes

ZOL Predator MTB Mountain Bike Shoes Image: Zol Predator

Ideal for mountain biking or indoor cycling on stationary exercise bikes, this pair offers universal compatibility for 2 bolt cleats, regular MTB cleats, and the Shimano SPD. The sole of the shoes comes with a bolt cleat adjustment scale. For extra all-day comfort and a snug fit, the shoes feature 3 Velcro straps on the upper while the soles are rubberized. These stylish women’s MTB shoes are also equipped with a tongue center separation and the anatomic shape of shoes help eliminate hot spots while reducing pressure from the instep. The product has gained several positive reviews for its snug fit and impressive performance.

Outer Material: ‎Nylon | Material: ‎Nylon, Rubber | Color: ‎Black | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎13 x 9 x 5 inches


  • Nylon tips in heels
  • 3 straps on the upper
  • Rubberized soles
  • Universal compatibility
  • Anatomically designed


  • Some may find it slightly narrow

3. Best Quick-Drying:KESCOO Women’s Cycling Shoes


If you thought this pair is only a great choice for cycling, you’re wrong! It’s also suitable for aggressive riding and spin class too! The cleat area is compatible with most cleat types including Look Delta, SPD, and SPD-SL. When you buy the shoes, the package comes with a pair of 9° Float Look Delta cleats and they are compatible with a 3-bolt bike pedal along with a wrench to install the cleats. Made of lightweight and quick-drying materials, the shoe is equipped with an adjustable rotating buckle and loop and clip Velcro straps for a secure fit.

Outer Material: ‎Nylon | Material: ‎Nylon, Rubber | Color: ‎Black | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎13 x 9 x 5 inches


  • Comfortable inner
  • Rotating buckle
  • Mesh upper
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Nylon sole


  • Cleat compatibility with a Peloton bike is doubtful

4. Best Breathable:SWISSWELL Lightweight Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes

SWISSWELL Lightweight Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes Image: Swisswell

Ever wondered what it would feel like to wear shoes that feel tailor-made to perfection, just for you when you’re cycling? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore as this pair comes with a micro-adjusting dial to ensure the fit of your dreams and at the press of a single button, you can take the shoes off. The breathable upper features perforations for superior ventilation while the reinforced outsole helps boost pedalling efficiency. The shoes can be used for various activities such as downhill riding, cross-country riding, enduro riding, and more as it is compatible with 3-bolt and 2-bolt SPD-compatible style cleats.

Outer Material: ‎Nylon | Material: ‎Nylon, Rubber | Color: ‎Black | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎13 x 9 x 5 inches


  • Available in many vibrant colors
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Faux leather sole
  • Single button release
  • Dial closure


  • May not be compatible with Asian-made pedals

5. Best Low Cut Style:Adidas Five Ten Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes


What makes this classy pair from Adidas stand apart is that it doesn’t look like your typical mountain bike shoes but is as functional. With a sturdy rubber sole offers sole durability and helps you avoid slipping, the low-cut style pair enables you to pedal away in style and confidence. With a pedal gripping, classic-dotty outsole, these biking shoes offer excellent pedal control. And if you want to ditch your cycle at home and go for a run, a hike, or even a date, this pair will serve you well for all occasions.


  • Casual fit and wear
  • Available in other colors
  • Rubber sole
  • Low-cut style
  • Classic-dotty rubber outsole


  • Slightly expensive
protip_icon Quick Tip
The first pair of biking shoes were used with only pedals with toe clips. These can be used with almost any type of cleatless biking shoe.

6. Best Lightweight:Gavin Elite MTB Cycling Shoes


Do you know what can make your mountain biking experience all the more smooth and exciting? A spectacular pair of shoes such as this one of course! For a fit that feels like you’re only wearing socks, this trusted pair comes with a micro adjustable buckle. The 2-bolt cleat shoes are compatible with SPD, Crank Brothers, and MTB pedals. For ease of wear and quick-drying, the shoes have removable and perforated insoles. Compatible with indoor bikes as well, the shoes feature ergonomic design. Many reviews indicate that the shoes also come with have quick-drying properties and are equipped with hook and loop straps for a good fit.


  • Manmade soles
  • Hook and loop straps
  • Adjustable buckle with quick release
  • Quick-drying removable insoles
  • Compatible with indoor bikes


  • Cleats and pedals not included

7. Best Comfortable:YuanRoad Women’s SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

Looking for cycling shoes that’s compatible with SPD locks and can also be used as indoor riding shoes? If yes, you can count on these ones! Made of high-quality synthetic material and a lightweight upper, the shoes are super comfortable and offer a great fit. The sole is made of nylon and helps direct the legs into the correct posture for riding. The shoes are also compatible with 2 or 3 bolt cleat and pedal systems, including indoor exercise bikes.


  • Nylon sole
  • Lightweight
  • For male and female
  • Compatible with indoor bikes


  • Some may find it slightly rigid

8. Best Water-Resistant:Talya Women’s Biking Shoes

Want biking shoes that let your feet breathe while offering a snug and comfortable fit. Here’s one you can trust. Designed with a breathable synthetic mesh upper and a water-resistant nylon sole with cleats, it is anti-slip and hugs your feet like a thin pair of socks. It comes with an adjustable buckle and hook and loop straps and takes about 10 seconds to slip into and out of. The pair is compatible with a Peloton SPD and a Look Delta and can be used for indoor exercise bikes and spin class too.


  • Available in other colors
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Water-resistant nylon sole
  • Weighs only 455 grams
  • Synthetic upper


  • May feel slightly narrow for those with wide feet

9. Best Anti-Slip Sole:Acaine Ladies Mountain Bike Shoes

Made with a durable nylon sole, these mountain bike cycling shoes come with SPD cleats and are compatible with indoor bikes, Shimano SPD, and Look X-Track pedals. The upper is made with a lightweight and breathable mesh fabric that promotes shock absorption and reduction of sweat when you are cycling. The 3 adjustable Velcro straps offer a comfortable fit and the straps are outfitted with reflective elements and strips, making the pair a great choice for cycling during the nighttime.


  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Reflective strips
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Padded heel cup
  • Anti-slip sole


  • Some may feel the clips against the balls of their feet when cycling for long hours

10. Best Ergonomic Design:MEBIKE Mountain Bike Women’s Shoes

Looking for comfort like never before while cycling? Choose this stylish pair to help you out. Ergonomically designed to follow the contours of your feet and a good choice for indoor cycling as well, these shoes are crafted with breathable mesh on the upper and with transparent textile lining, the shoes boast a low-cut construction. The shoes also feature Velcro straps and a rotary buckle, so you can find yourself that perfect fit. It also comes with a comfortable molded EVA insole that’s removable.


  • Textile lining
  • Low-cut design
  • Rotary dial and Velcro straps
  • Removable EVA insole
  • Available in other colors


  • The shoes do not come with the cleats.

11. BETOOSEN Mountain Cycling Shoes

Made with a high-quality nano upper and a nylon outsole, these shiny delights are designed with a reel knob lacing system. It comes with gear technology which allows you to tighten your laces in 3 seconds! When paired with the right cleats, it improves your pedal strokes and improves flexibility. The unique bulge design of the shoes repels mud from the sole, so you can enjoy a great ride even in muddy conditions on rainy days.


  • Laces up in 3 seconds
  • Made with grippy soles
  • Improves agility
  • Nano upper
  • Mud-expelling


  • Only compatible with 2-bolt cleats

Ready to get yourself a pair and cycle into the wind like never before or still have a few doubts that you’d like cleared? If it’s the latter, head on down to our quick and helpful buying guide before you make the purchase.

Things To Know Before Buying Mountain Bike Shoes

  • Flat or clipless pedals

Flat pedals are designed with a large platform aimed at providing ankle support and also come with pins to help increase grip. They are typically made of aluminum and you don’t require special shoes. Simply put, flat pedals are regular bike pedals with a flat surface and offer no provisions to ‘clip’ your shoes into. On the other hand clipless pedals function on 2-hole and 3-hole cleat systems. Clipless pedals require specific shoes made for cycling that come with a recess area and can fit a cleat like a puzzle. Make your pick depending on the type of pedal you have.

  • Shoes made for flat pedals

One of the biggest advantages of shoes made for flat pedals is that it’s a basic, simple design and doesn’t require the frills that come with a clipless design. They are made with a flat, rubberized sole, which is slightly sticky. They are generally well-cushioned and adequately stiff, making it a good choice for cycling indoors or going or going to a quick ride around the block, but may not be the best choice for long hours of cycling or mountain biking.

  • Shoes made for clipless pedals

Clipless pedal mountain bike shoes are quite versatile, in that they can be used for XC racing and DH. They are made with a stiffer sole as compared to that of a flat pedal shoe and come with a space to mount to the cleats. Clipless shoes for beginners are usually made of nylon shank while high-end models and those made for professionals use carbon fiber. Oftentimes, clipless shoes won’t even require you to tie the laces as they come with adjustable Velcro straps and rotary dials that will help you lace your shoes up in seconds.

  • Fit

The shoes should hug the contours of your feet and offer a snug fit without feeling chafing or tight. Measure your feet properly or conduct a comprehensive fit assessment before ordering a pair to understand the different arches and curves of your feet first. Are there any pressure points? Are your feet wider in the front than the average feet? Are you flat footed? Having answers to all these questions will help you buy shoes that are comfortable and well-fitted.

  • Weather

If you are going to be cycling in hot and humid climates, you should opt for shoes that have a mesh upper, preferably with perforations, so that even if your feet get sweaty, they can quickly dry off. Flat pedal shoes typically offer lesser ventilation. If you’re cycling in cold weather or wet conditions, keep in mind that a typical XC clipless mountain bike shoe will make your toes rigid, as though they are frozen.

The Bottom Line

If you want to combine adventure with your fitness routine, these shoes will be your ultimate companion. You can wear them to the gym, on the streets, or just about any terrain on your trusted cycle. The shoes reviewed in this article are easy to wear and remove. They are designed with adjustable buckles. Some of these bestselling shoes are compatible with indoor bikes as well. Try the Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Biking Shoes for its sturdy rubber sole and breathable mesh that provide a good balance for your activities. The ZOL Predator MTB Mountain Bike Shoes have excellent grip and stability, making them suitable for various terrains and riding conditions, while the SWISSWELL Lightweight Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes are known for their stylish functionality and strong grip for outdoor activities. Before buying mountain bike shoes, test the fit and consider whether they are made for flat or clipless pedals! Make sure to get the shoes in a color of your choice since they are available in many vibrant colors.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

The author, Priyam Gupta, is a fashion enthusiast who loves to stay on top of her style game no matter what she is doing. She conducted extensive research, pouring over many reviews on various forums to bring you this curated list of the best women’s mountain biker shoes. If you love cycling outdoors, picking the right biker shoes is very important. She selected these shoes based on the material, breathability, support, comfort, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mountain bike shoes make a difference?

If your bike has flat pedals, it’s not a necessity. However, if it’s a clipless pedal, mountain bike shoes can make a mountain of difference. They are designed to give you a greater degree of control for a smooth ride and provide 10% more power output than regular shoes.

Do mountain bike shoes have cleats?

To simply answer the question: no, mountain bike shoes do not have cleats. They are devices that may or may not come with the shoes you buy. Cleats are installed onto the soles of mountain bike shoes.

What is the difference between road and mountain bike shoes?

Road bike shoes as the name suggests are used for cycling in the city and relatively smoother streets and surfaces, including an indoor exercising cycle. On the other hand, mountain bike shoes are designed for rough terrains and offer better grip and control.

What type of shoe is the best for MTB?

For riding flat pedals, it is best to wear flat-soled shoes specially designed for mountain biking. The stiff soles made of rubber enable the metal pins in the pedals to bite in, providing optimum grip on uneven, rough terrain.

Are mountain bike shoes good for walking?

Yes. Mountain bike shoes feature stiff, rugged soles that provide traction on rough terrain. They also feature cleats recessed into the soles, enabling easy and comfortable walkability for trail riding, especially if you have to hike.

Can we use hiking shoes for mountain biking?

Yes. Hiking boots are suitable for mountain biking with flat pedals. They offer additional protection, warmth, and comfort. Opt for waterproof versions for better suitability during extreme weather conditions.

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