13 Best Women’s Travel Shoes Of 2022 With A Buying Guide

Written by Priyam Gupta
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If you love to explore the outside world and go on holiday, you must know the importance of wearing the best travel shoes. No matter what kind of weather or trails you come across, your holiday experience is going to be a memorable one if you get your hands on the right pair of shoes. No matter how stylish your shoe looks, if it does not offer you the right support, there is no point in wearing them. It won’t make you feel like a free bird while traveling. Every foot is different, so you should find a nice pair with insoles that can make your travel experience a comfortable one. Whether you have to confront a terrain or walk by crisscrossed alleys and winding roads, you should be able to do it effortlessly.

Keep scrolling to check out the 13 best travel-friendly shoes with sturdy features, and make your best pick now!

Slow Man Platform Loafers
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TOMS Classic Canvas Slip-On Shoes
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VenusCelia Natural Comfort Flat Loafers
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Lamincoa Tennis Walking Shoes
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13 Best Women’s Travel Shoes For Comfort-Filled Adventures

1. Slow Man Platform Loafers

Searching for super-lightweight and stylish travel shoes that keep you comfy for a long time? These slip-on loafers have you covered from front to back. The sole is made from a blend of MD and Air Cushion, both of which extend flexibility and softness to the shoes. They employ high-quality rubber on the outsole that helps keep you steady on your feet, a boxed toe for a secure, blister-free fit, and a perforated arch that balances your body posture while providing breathability. Not only will you be ready for long walks around the city without having to worry about soreness, you’ll also look the part of a trendy tourist in their element.


  •  Breathable mesh fabric
  •  Flexible rubber sole
  •  Air-cushioned insole
  •  Lightweight and flexible
  •  Available in 32 colors


  •  Could use more arch support

2. TOMS Classic Canvas Slip-On Shoes

You can’t list the best pairs of travel shoes without mentioning TOMS at least once — that’s how iconic the brand is. This particular slip-on is extremely popular among travelers owing to the lightweight canvas design that makes it a breeze to pack. The shoes are equipped with a cushioned insole that minimizes the pressure of walking along with an espadrille rope-wrapped sole that lends it the edge of superior quality. As light as they look, the outsole is crafted with some heavy traction that keeps your stride steady and under control. TOMS are also renowned for being comfy right out of the box, so you won’t have to worry about bites and blisters hindering your vacation.


  •  Durable synthetic material
  •  Lightweight upper
  •  Offers an excellent grip
  •  Spacious toe box
  •  Super-comfy walking shoes
  •  Available in multiple colors


  •  Might take some time to break in

3. VenusCelia Natural Comfort Flat Loafers

Reviewers dealing with a host of foot-related issues like bad knees and back pain have labeled this shoe a “lifesaver”. Infinitely more comfortable than they appear, these loafers are made with 100% leather and come with rubber soles, combining the benefits of the finest materials in shoe construction. The lightweight body will especially fulfill its purpose when you’ve been walking for a while and your feet are beginning to drag. Surprisingly snug and durable, the leather upper is easy to clean and has a bit of stretch to accommodate wider feet. Whether you’re on a vacation or working in a profession that requires you to stand for hours, these shoes are ideal for you.


  •  100% leather
  •  High-traction sole
  •  Cushioned insole
  •  Available in 32 colors


  •  The heel might be slightly wide for some.

4. Aleader Quick-Drying Water Shoes

The coolest part about these shoes is not even the completely open mesh that offers unparalleled breathability. It’s the fact that these water shoes are more suited to aquatic environments than anything else you might have worn. The solyte midsole is exceptionally lightweight and bounces back after each use, maintaining the shoe’s durability. Of course, traction is one of its biggest selling points, which comes from the water drain outsole that keeps you safe and stable in water and on land. Since the entire purpose is to get them wet, they come with a ComforDry sockliner that preserves the interiors from moisture and cold air.


  •  Ultra-breathable
  •  Soft and lightweight
  •  Prevents skidding
  •  Padded sockliner
  •  Available in 20 colors


  •  May not be suitable for beach trips

5. Skechers Go Walk Lite Boat Shoes

Blending premium materials with best-in-class comfort technology, these shoes from Skechers are a must-buy for every traveler. They feature Goga MaxⓇ insoles for high-rebound cushioning and are constructed with a heathered jersey knit fabric upper that feels soft against the skin. The synthetic sole is lightweight and offers high levels of breathability, making them an excellent option when you plan to spend the whole day exploring new sights. Though crafted as slip-ons, the stretchable laces allow you to adjust the fit, which is good because your feet might begin to swell after hours of walking. The best part, however, is that the proprietary midsole has memory retention properties that reduce pressure, improve arch support, and absorb shock at the heel.


  •  Easy to put on and take off
  •  Lightly padded collar
  •  Stitched seam moc toe front
  •  Super-comfortable insole
  •  Soft fabric lining
  •  Available in 5 neutral shades


  •  Might run a little small

6. Reebok Club C Sneakers

This neutral classic is a low-top that provides full support to your feet, thanks to the soft garment leather upper. Featuring a terry lining on the tongue top as well as the heel, they are designed to enhance your comfort and boost your endurance against fatigue. Durable and super-lightweight, they have a die-cut EVA midsole that absorbs impact while you walk or run, along with a padded sockliner that responds to your movements by cushioning every stride. The rubber outsole gives you excellent traction against most surfaces as well as a free range of motion, so you can wear them all day long without feeling restricted.


  •  Looks great with any outfit
  •  Durable and lightweight
  •  Shock-absorbing sockliner
  •  Available in multiple styles


  •  Slightly expensive

7. UIN Lightweight Painted Sneakers

What could be more fitting for a sojourn to another part of the world than wearing travel-inspired shoes born in Spain? This brand brings you unique, almost exotic collections of shoes with over 40 creative patterns influenced by the artwork of Antoni Gaudi. In addition to fascinating designs and original artwork, this pair features a bionic insole that creates a snug and comfortable fit. It’s also incredibly lightweight and has a streamlined structure that facilitates quick slip-on and off. It comes with an EVA sole for extra durability and a heel pull tab that makes for even easier wear. The best part is that the shoes are eco-friendly, making them an excellent choice for conscious travelers.


  •  One-of-a-kind design
  •  Easy to slip in and out of
  •  Vegan and eco-friendly
  •  Available in 44 patterns


  •  You might have to size up.

8. Konhill Athletic Walking Shoes

The trend-forward style and comfort technology employed by Konhill make this pair a winner for every explorer who puts support above anything else. With a high-traction rubber sole, a flexible and wear-resistant elastic MD outsole, and an ultra-lightweight upper crafted from premium knit, these shoes are ideal for every step in your itinerary. From camping and driving to leisure walks and even horse-riding, their comfortable, quick-drying, and super breathable construction makes them an all-rounder. They look really sharp and pair well with almost everything, so we would go so far as to say that you can spend your entire trip in this pair alone.


  •  Chic and versatile
  •  Premium-quality knit
  •  Dries quickly
  •  Resistant to wear and tear
  •  Available in 19 colors


  •  Has a slight chemical odor at first

9. Akk Walking Tennis Shoes

Padded and breathable in all the right places, this pair simulates the walking-on-clouds vibe with help from a soft memory foam insole that feels amazing from the very first step. At its heart is an MD sole that resists abrasion and keeps your feet from rubbing. Strategically engineered with a breathable mesh upper that airs you out and a super-smooth fabric that feels gentle against the skin, the pair is ideal for walking miles and miles, without even realizing it. The elasticity makes them a breeze to wear and remove while the fashionable laces contribute to adjustability and a secure fit.


  •  Super-soft memory foam
  •  Breathable mesh fabric
  •  Flexible MD outsole
  •  Available in 17 colors


  •  Might not be suitable for sports

10. Lamincoa Tennis Walking Shoes

From the house of a widely-trusted footwear brand comes this ultra-light pair equipped with the latest support technology. The smooth tongue and integrated collar make them easy to slip into and out of, while the MD outsole and memory foam insole provide superior cushioning. There’s a no-slip sole at the bottom that keeps accidents at bay and allows sturdy, measured gaits at all speeds. The flexibility is incredible, as is the bounce-back rate and shock absorption. Even after traversing a considerable distance, you will feel as though you’re walking barefoot.


  •  Lots of breathability
  •  Soft and lightweight
  •  Memory foam insole
  •  Ideal for all occasions
  •  Available in 8 colors


  •  Arch support might be slightly weak

11. Adidas Duramo 9 Running Shoe

A beautiful blend of textile, synthetic, and rubber materials, this pair from Adidas can take you from a leisurely saunter to a full-fledged sprint in a matter of seconds while feeling equally comfy during both. They come with a cloudfoam midsole that cushions your feet from every angle, and an OrtoLite sockliner that helps you sidestep blisters and deliver consistently high performances throughout every gymming session. The mesh upper enhances breathability and keeps the feet feeling fresh and sweat-free. If you’re concerned about wear and tear from overuse, the Adiwear outsole will take care of that by improving flexibility and expanding shelf life. These shoes are ideal for those who want something versatile that works well for both traveling and multisport training.


  •  Long shelf life
  •  Workout-friendly
  •  Superior cushioning
  •  Available in 6 colors


  •  Might be slightly wide for narrow feet

12. VAMJAM Lightweight Fashion Sneakers

Pristine white sneakers have become a staple in every millennial closet but these are way more sturdy and durable than most. Some of the most comforting features include a unique design at the ankles that makes them easier to wear and remove, a lightweight and breathable fabric that resists fatigue and keeps your feet dry all day long, and an ultra-soft EVA sole that simulates the movement of your legs. Since the sole is non-slip, it enhances external friction and lets you walk freely without worrying about skids. Great for everything from leisure to exercise, this sneaker is available in 4 colors.


  •  Wide range of motion
  •  Comfortable and versatile
  •  High-functioning grip
  •  Reduces fatigue
  •  Available in 4 colors


  •  The heels might rub ever-so-slightly at first.

13. Jenn Ardor Slip-On Sneaker Shoes

It only feels right to wrap this list up with something classic and timeless, which is what this Jenn Ardor slip-on is all about. The pre-distressed look sans any laces has been huge for generations and will not get old anytime soon. There have been some upgrades in the style, though, such as elastic band closures that make adjusting for a secure fit even easier. The non-slip sole provides a fail-proof grip and maintains the stability of every step, while the thick and luxurious cushioning on the insoles lets you spend all day walking around without experiencing fatigue. If you want to do your comfort and design sensibilities a favor, go for this pair.


  •  Seamless to wear
  •  Classic canvas design
  •  Non-slip rubber outsole
  •  Available in 16 colors


  •  Slightly narrow

With the comfiest of travel gear laid out before you, it’s time to pick your favorite(s)! In case you are still unsure as to which of these will serve your needs more efficiently, here’s a mini-guide to lead your way towards the right choice.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Travel Shoes

  •  Cushioning

Honestly, what’s the point of wearing shoes that don’t make you feel like you’re walking on your bed? A cushioned and contoured footbed makes walking more enjoyable, provides arch support that improves posture and corrects misalignment, and adds a spring to every step you take. You are bound to feel less exhausted after a long day of exploration.

  •  Wide and spacious

Try to strike a balance between too snug and too roomy because that’s where the sweet spot is. You’ll want to invest in a pair that doesn’t threaten to come off at the slightest movement but at the same time, there should be enough space in the toe box to accommodate wider feet. This is because when you spend a lot of time walking/running/climbing, there’s the possibility of swollen feet that might make less roomy shoes feel constricting and uncomfortable. Make sure your toes don’t touch the inside of the shoe and you’re good to go.

  •  Durable fabrics

If you want your shoes to last beyond a single trip, opt for fabrics like rubber and leather that are stable and have a certain amount of stretch. Rubber is especially ideal for giving you traction on slippery surfaces, which means fewer chances of injuries due to accidental skids. Shoes with an adequate level of grip at the bottom allow you to control your gait and speed as well — a feature that comes in really handy in dangerous or high-intensity situations.

  •  Versatility

The style and design of your shoes aren’t just aesthetic aspects — they have a direct impact on things like convenience, too. Think about it: if you buy a pair that goes with most of your outfits, you can cut down so much on baggage fees. You’ll be able to travel light without worrying about losing your bags or re-packing everything when it’s time to go home.

Tips For Packing Your Travel Shoes

  •  Clean your shoes thoroughly

For the greatest packing efficiency, your shoes might have to brush up against your clothes. The first step, therefore, is to pick up a special disinfectant for shoes and get to spraying. Once that’s done, you can use a UV shoe sanitizer (depending on the fabric) and smear it over the body for a complete cleanse. A bonus benefit is that your pair of hiking boots or heels will shine like new!

  •  Don’t waste shoe space

There’s so much unused space inside shoes, especially if it’s a pair of boots. Make the most of it by rolling up all your socks and stuffing them inside each shoe. Not only does this save room for other essentials without bulking up your suitcase, but it also helps the shoes retain their shape.

  •  Pack heel to toe

This tip is specific to sneakers and sports shoes. Due to their awkward shape, they can be tough to pack in any sort of semblance. One trick is to place them next to each other with their outsoles facing the opposite directions and the uppers facing inwards, which creates a rectangle and makes organization easier. You can add layers of clothing in between and on top to secure them in position.

Holidaying and exploring new places can be fun and exciting. But we need proper outfits that suit the location that we travel. For any weather, the right outfit and proper travel shoes will help you enjoy a wholesome travel experience. Pair them with the right insole and cushion support to have a hassle-free traveling experience. The travel shoes on our list are made of high-quality rubbers that are breathable, lightweight, and easy to wear. Measure your feet’ size and type of arch before choosing one, as some products may not accommodate wide feet. Then, read the product reviews and buying guide to grab one based on your preference.

Why Trust StyleCraze?

Fashion enthusiast Priyam Gupta loves experimenting with fashion goodies. Traveling, being an essential aspect amongst many, she went on a hunt for the best women’s travel shoes. With extensive research, she curated a list of them for her readers. These listed products are not only comfortable and flexible, but they are also stylish. You can walk on rough terrains and traverse crisscrossed alleys easily with these shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to survive long days on your feet?

The most important thing is to wear the right shoes. They should be slightly elevated at the heel, offer good arch support, and fit you well even if your feet get swollen. Another tip is to stretch as much as you can to make sure your muscles don’t get too stiff. Take plenty of breaks in between and stay hydrated to alleviate fatigue.

How to soothe sore feet on your trip?

You can immerse your feet in a vat of ice for 20 minutes to reduce swelling and inflammation. As cold as that sounds, it will do wonders for your muscles and help your whole body recover from strain and exhaustion. If you don’t have access to a freezer, you could try massaging the feet by rolling them from heel to toe over a ball. This stretches out the muscles and alleviates joint pain.

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