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8 Best Workouts To Get A Lean And Fit Body 

8 Best Workouts To Get A Lean And Fit Body  July 11, 2018

Do you dream of a slim and trim body like your favorite Hollywood actor? Do you often gaze at passers-by who look chic in an ensemble you can never carry yourself in? Nobody wants to have an unfit body, irrespective of the gender and age. However, having a well-toned body remains an unfulfilled dream for so many of us!

So, what are the right kind of exercises that can give us that lean body we had always wanted? This post talks about them. Would you like to know what they are? Read on!

Lean Body Workout

1. Cardio And Strength Training

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Resorting to both cardio and strength training can help you attain a lean, and yet a strong body. Cardio helps you shed body fat, ( 1) and if you follow it with the muscle-building exercises, the hands, legs and torso will become properly toned.

2. Pilates

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Pilates helps build up core muscles and tone all the muscles in the human body. Trying Pilates also improves the posture to an extent. It helps you stand and walk straighter ( 2) , which makes you appear leaner. It includes leg pulls, spinal stretches and leg stretches. Pilates also requires breathing control ( 3).

Below listed are a few effective Pilates exercises:

a. Double-Leg Stretch:

  1. It tones the thighs and abdomen.
  2. You need to lie on your back and bring your knees to the chest.
  3. Bend the head and neck upwards from the floor.
  4. Now stretch the arms next to your ears overhead.
  5. Lift the legs at a 45-degree angle. Then bend the knees and put your arms on the sides.

b. Swan Pose:

  1. It tones the thighs, back, and the abdomen.
  2. For doing it, you need to lay down facing the floor.
  3. Keep legs together, and the palms on the floor.
  4. The elbows should be on the sides.
  5. Press your hands on the floor and lift your head as you inhale.
  6. The upper back will get arched, and then you can take a few breaths.
  7. Return to the first posture and repeat a few times.

c. Seated Spine Twist:

  1. You need to sit with feet flexed and legs extended.
  2. The arms should be extended on the sides.
  3. Now, inhale and sit erect.
  4. Then breathe out and draw the abs inside.
  5. Twist the waist towards your right.
  6. While keeping your hips square, rotate the arms, head and the rib cage.
  7. Now, repeat this on the left side.

d. Spine Stretch Forward:

  1. You have to sit with both the legs and arms extended.
  2. Breathe in and sit erect.
  3. Then breathe out and reach the legs.
  4. Curl the head and shoulders in front and reach the navel.
  5. Then inhale and hold for a while.
  6. Exhale slowly and roll up to the seat.

e. Leg Pull Front:

  1. You need to sit with both legs extended and fingers pointing towards the torso.
  2. The hands should be on the ground.
  3. Now, push hips from the floor and bring the body straight.
  4. Lift the left leg without shifting the hips.
  5. Hold it for a while and lower it. Repeat it for the right leg.

f. Leg Pull Back:

  1. Begin by getting into a push-up position and engage abdominals and hands.
  2. Now, lift a leg a few inches above the ground level.
  3. Point the toes and stay in that pose for a while.
  4. Lower the leg and repeat with the other leg.

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3. Plyometric Training Methods

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These exercises aid in developing strength and power:

Box Jump:

For this, you need to use a box made of wood, metal or even hardened plastic. Place it on the floor and jump over it ( 4). Try jumping over the box with just one leg. It can be quite fun actually.

Squat Jump:

It is also a useful and enjoyable exercise. Get into the full squat position first. Now push yourself up using the thigh muscles, and see how far you can go. It can be performed 10 times or so.

Clap Push-Ups:

You need to get into the push-up posture and slowly raise the body upwards with the support of the hands. When the body is in the air, clap the hands together. Then revert to the original posture.

4. Lunges

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Lunges help tone every muscle in the legs (5). It suits for various fitness levels. You can also try variations like jumping lunges and reverse lunges.

5. Forming Circles

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This is actually based on Pilates, and you can try it in your spare time in the bedroom! At first, you will have to lie flat on the bed or floor. Lie on your side and keep the lower leg a little bent for balance. Then slowly lift the other leg upwards. Draw circles with that leg in the air. This can be done a number of times and thereafter you can change the direction.

6. Bridge Pose

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This is really an easy workout for lean body, and you can try it while watching your favorite TV show! You need to lie down first on the floor. Keep the knees bent and put weight on the toes. Then slowly lift the body up and go down. This can be repeated a number of times.

The bridge open-close pose can be tried as a variation. While you are doing the bridge pose, lift the body up. Keep it in that shape for a while. The legs should be closed, and the knees should be close to one another. Keep your feet close and open the knees.This can be repeated a couple of times.

7. Clams

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This is one exercise that will make your hips stronger. At first, you have to lie on the floor on your side, with your legs together and bent at the knees. Keeping the lower leg in place, open your upper leg (make sure both your heels are in contact). Bring the leg back down on the lower leg. Repeat the open-close routine a few times, before trying it out on the other side.

8. Squats With Variations

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For lean legs, what can be better than squats! This exercise tones every muscle in your legs (6). You may try a number of variations. For example, you can:

Keep both arms on the sides and bring them to the front.

Keep the legs a foot apart.

Lower the seat as per your fitness level.

So, are you ready for this workout schedule for lean body? A lean and fit body does not have to remain a dream. With these simple exercises, you too can look and feel lean and fit. These were some of our picks of the best exercises that will keep you in great form. Try this lean body workout and let us know which one worked best for you! Do comment in the box below!

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