5 Amazing Yoga Asanas That Will Treat Groin Pain

Practice these gentle asanas regularly to relieve pain and reduce future injury risks.

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Groin pain is rather embarrassing and rare. Fortunately, you can practice certain yoga asanas that will treat groin pain. First, however, we need to ask ourselves an important question before proceeding.

What Constitutes The Groin Area?

The groin area comprises the group of adductor muscles that are placed on the inner thigh, between the hamstrings on the back and the quadriceps on the front part of the leg. These are the muscles that form a part of the group – the adductor brevis, the adductor magnus, gracilis, adductor longus, and pectineus.

The adductors provide stability to the legs. They hold the inner thigh together. These muscles hold the stability when you need to put one leg in or one leg out. They keep the legs from buckling outward while holding the full weight of the body.

The Most Common Reason For Groin Injuries

Groin injuries usually happen because of sudden changes in direction or quick start and stop motions, especially while playing a sport or running in the field.

How Does Yoga Help To Prevent Or Heal Groin Injuries

The groin is injured when an adductor muscle is stretched beyond its capable limits. When you stretch the groin muscles regularly, flexibility is increased, and you also minimize the risk of injury.

5 Amazing Asanas In Yoga For Groin Pain Relief

Yoga asanas can be an effective treatment for groin pain, offering both physical therapy and mindful exercise. By including stretching exercises and rehabilitation exercises, yoga can improve flexibility and strength in the groin muscles, reducing pain and promoting overall wellness.

1. Raja Kapotasana

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The Rajakapotasana is one of the best yoga groin stretches. With regular practice, it will help you overcome groin pain. This asana enhances blood circulation in the lower body and improves both strength and flexibility. Practicing this asana will not only help with the groin pain but will also benefit your legs.

protip_icon Fun Fact
The Raja Kapotasana has been used in Western advertising as a yogic posture that indicates perfectionism, flexibility, earnestness, and is also a symbol of feminine energy.

To know more about this asana, click here: Raja Kapotasana

2. Vrikshasana

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The tree pose instills energy and improves balance in the legs. It works on all the leg muscles including the adductors. Your groin area is compressed, and all the blocks are released with regular practice.

To know more about this asana, click here: Vrikshasana

3. Ustrasana

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This asana clears congestions and strengthens the lower part of your body. Space is created amidst the adductors and pain is reduced. The Camel Pose is a highly effective asana to treat groin injuries and relieve pain.

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An easier alternative to this pose is the Ardha Ustrasana, where you place your hands on your hips for support.

4. Setu Bandhasana

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The Bridge Pose is another space creating pose that also clears blocks. It enhances the circulation of blood in the groin area. The muscles become more flexible, thereby relieving pain.

To know more about this asana, click here: Setu Bandhasana

5. Supta Baddha Konasana

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This asana is an incredibly relaxing asana. It also opens up the muscles, making the adductors and the inner thighs more flexible. It not only minimizes the risk of a groin injury but also relieves the pain.

In addition, with regular practice, these yoga asanas and meditation may help improve symptoms of groin pain, promote fitness, a sense of relaxation and stress relief, and enhance mindfulness, holistic health, and wellbeing.

Groin injuries are often a result of sudden and quick movements, especially while playing a sport or running. Performing the above-listed poses of yoga for groin pain is highly recommended. They help stretch the groin area, improve blood flow in the lower body, strengthen legs by activating all the muscles, clear blocks, and make inner thighs and adductors more flexible. However, consult your doctor and yoga instructor before going ahead with these poses. Once you get the nod, do them regularly to relieve pain and prevent the risk of such injuries again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is walking good for groin strain?

It is better to take some rest to reduce groin pain. Especially if the pain is intense, avoid walking.

Can massage help groin pain?

No. Although a remedial massage may relax muscle spasms, it may not treat chronic groin pain effectively (1).

How long does it take a groin muscle to heal?

It may take about 3 weeks or more for the groin muscle to heal. However, the healing time can vary from person to person, and it will also depend on the intensity of the injury.

Is deep heat good for groin strain?

Once the inflammation and swelling subside, some people like to apply deep heat. It may relieve stiff muscles and increase the range of motion.

Key Takeaways

  • Performing yoga helps stretch the groin muscles to increase flexibility and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Practising Rajakapotasana may help enhance blood circulation in the lower body and helps with groin pain.
  • Space-creating poses like the bridge pose and camel pose are other effective asanas to heal groin injuries and relieve pain.
  • You can also try relaxing poses like the Supta Baddha Konasana to minimize the risk of a groin injury.


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