20 Ways To Rock Black And White Outfits For Women

Written by Pratima Ati

I wish life wasn’t such a blur and fifty shades of gray. I wish it was black or white. Most things cannot be, but your outfits sure can. Black and white may be a generic combination, but it is also the most versatile. You can play around with these solid colors in every way you can imagine and break down the mundaneness usually associated with them. To give you some style inspiration, we have rounded up 20 cool ways you can style a black and white outfit. Join me on this fun ride!

20 Interesting Ways To Style Your Black And White Outfits

1. T-Shirt Dress

Source: Shein

One part of the world may be taking the high-street highway, but a big chunk continues to choose comfort without compromising on style. This oh-so-comfortable long T-shirt dress is a perfect example of that. Throw on a pair of chunky white shoes with this black and white dress to create a sporty-chic look.

2. Shorts And Blazer

Source: Asos

How about giving your blazer suit a casual twist? Go for a pair of high-waisted mommy-style shorts with a plain white T-shirt, a striped blazer, and some white sneakers. Talk about casual meets formal!

3. Casual Stripe Suit

Source: Asos

While you are at your casual best, here’s another unmissable outfit that can get all heads turning. Bring black and white together to have a blast. A plain white or black T-shirt, a tank top, a crop top, or a silk blouse – you can style this striped suit any way you want!

4. White Formal Suit

We have all sported an all-black suit and even aced it. Let’s turn tables around now — an all-white blazer suit with a black blouse. Pair with some pointed-toe heels. Finish off the look with a leather sling bag and slay it!

5. Black Skinny Pants And White Silk Trousers

Source: Asos

A V-neck white blouse tucked into a well-fitted pair of black trousers and styled with signature black pumps is the definition of formal power dressing. It is a style and color combination that never goes out of fashion. It is also a style that can take you from desk to date because you can quickly slip into a sequin top and get going.

6. Culottes And Striped Shirt

Source: Asos

Culottes are slowly but surely taking over all our closets. This time, though, they are more than just a casual outfit. Wear them to work with a formal shirt, or give them a trendy spin with a striped shirt for Sunday brunch. You can play around with your shoes, glasses, and hairstyle depending on where you are headed.

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7. Checked Formal Dress

Source: Shein

Are you tired of spending all your money on stereotypical formal dresses? I feel you, girl. It’s time you shook things up with a checked dress! Go with subtle smokey eye makeup, ankle strap heels, and a leather bag to do complete justice to this baby.

8. Polka Dots Formals

Polka dots are so passé, right? Wrong! I’m sure you haven’t done polka dots this way. So, jump back on the polka dot bandwagon again and try this look to slay the style game.

9. Vertical Stripes Jumpsuit

Source: Shein

I know what you’re thinking – this jumpsuit is just too in your face. After all, it’s got black and white vertical stripes all over it. But, you can totally sport it if you keep the other details mellow and let the jumpsuit do the talking. Wear your hair in a bun, throw on a crossbody bag, and dab some red lipstick to complete this fierce look.

10. Striped Palazzos

iife_i / Instagram

I cannot wait for summer to arrive and sport this outfit. Striped palazzos for comfort, a bralette for oomph, and a blazer for good measure. Just don’t forget to keep your shoes and sunglasses sporty!

11. Black Trousers And White Shirt

jaynee.me / Instagram

Give your black and white formal outfit an edgy touch. Pair some tapered formal pants with a sheer georgette shirt and finish off the look with a blazer of your choice. The embellished motorbike boots are the cherry on top of this outfit.

12. Winter Outfit

hadas.z / Instagram

Can you wear an all black and white outfit and layer it with black and white pieces? Hell yes! You can do it, and do it with panache. Pair your black woolen leggings with a striped dress or body-hugging top and knee-high boots, and throw on a sophisticated wrap. They were right when they said winter styling is super fun!

13. White And Black Preppy Formals

Give your formal look a preppy touch with ankle-grazing trousers and a black or white blazer. Finish the look with a tan bag and leopard-print shoes to break the monotony!

14. White And Black High-Low Plaid Dress

Source: Shein

Plaid can never look stale or outdated. We are glad that stylists continue to explore this print because we can never get enough of it. A high-low plaid dress with ankle boots, a high bun, a tote bag, and some brown lipstick is a great way to head out for a casual Sunday stroll.

15. Plaid Skirt And Trench Coat Look

dressinheels / Instagram

Ace your winter look with this undeniably hot outfit and redefine the way trench coats are styled. Compose this outfit with a black and white figure-hugging skirt, a turtleneck T-shirt, ankle boots, and a black trench coat. If you want to break the white and black palette a bit, you can go for red ankle strap heels and a handbag.

16. Leather Skirt And Ruffle Top

dressinheels / Instagram

When you look at these pieces separately, it’s a little hard to imagine wearing them together. But once you wear them together, there’s no going back. They create the quintessential “girl boss” outfit. Throw on some ankle-strap heels to finish off this outfit with panache.

17. White Dress And Black Faux Fur Jacket

dressinheels / Instagram

Add a little heat to this warm to this warm, figure-hugging white dress and top it off with a faux fur jacket. The oversized fit of the coat lifts adds tons of oomph to this outfit. Go with black boots either ankle or over-the-knee boots to spruce up this look further.

18. Tweed Skirt And White Blouse

shein_in / Instagram

A frayed checkered skirt with paired with a white shirt, a black blazer, and tan boots is a sexy way to bring all the classic colors together in a chic and fun way. Don’t let go of any opportunity that enables you to sport those timeless tan boots!

19. Snake Print Trousers And Black Blouse

shein_in / Instagram

Add a little character to your outfit with these snake print trousers. Keep the top plain (either black or white) and let the pants do the talking. You can keep up the momentum with a pair of boots, or go with pumps or flats too.

20. Checkered Bodysuit And Baggy Trousers

shein_in / Instagram

A checkered bodysuit is a statement piece that we all need in our wardrobes. Go for baggy trousers, cat-eye sunglasses, and red lipstick to up the sexy factor of this look.

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Colors are a definitive part of our lives, but you can do wonders even without them. I hope people break away from the myth that black and white is boring. Do you have any more styling ideas for black outfits? Let us know by dropping a message in the comments section below.

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