50 Beautiful Blue Rose Tattoo Ideas With Their Meanings

Discover the creative possibilities of adding blue roses as body art.

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A blue rose tattoo is ideal if you are looking for a meaningful body art design. While roses could be common in the world of tattoos, blue roses tend to stand out as they showcase one’s individuality. Blue roses are rare and captivating and symbolize mystery. Whether you want to make bold statements or display your subtle nature, these tattoos will portray your personality. So, if you need some inspiration, you are at the right place. Scroll down and pick from the following 50 blue rose tattoo design ideas.

Blue Rose Tattoo Meaning

While a rose has different meanings depending on the color, the blue rose is no different. The unique hue of this rose does not occur naturally and hence, makes it appear mysterious. It is known for being:

  • Unattainable And Intriguing: Since this rose is a creation of man’s imagination, it makes its non-existence seem mysterious and symbolizes longing.
  • Individual: The unconventional color of the blue rose represents a desire for uniqueness and stands as a symbol of one’s distinctive identity.
  • Whimsical And Creative: The whimsical charm of the blue rose lies in its fantastical existence. It can be appreciated for its sheer beauty and the imaginative touch it adds to your body art.

A blue rose tattoo is a great idea, be it your first or an addition to your existing body art. It not only adds a pop of color, but you can also be creative with the design. Keep scrolling for some iconic blue rose tattoo designs that you can try.

50 Blue Rose Tattoo Designs

Dive into a gallery of expression with the rose tattoo designs below. This list offers a wide range of choices for those seeking a distinct and captivating ink statement.

1. Realistic Blue Rose Tattoo

The precision of a realistic blue rose tattoo makes use of meticulous detailing and shading to bring this rare bloom to life. A testament to artistry, it is a striking fusion of elegance and realism that makes the petals and leaves stand out against the skin. The full bloom of the blue rose petals paired with detailed green leaves is a great first tattoo idea.

2. Blue Rose Hand Tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo on your hand, then nothing is better than this vivid blue rose tattoo that stands out against the back of your hand. The full bloom of the blue rose is captured using beautiful black-and-white shading paired with bold black borders. The placement may prove to be a bit painful and tricky, but will convey your daring nature.

3. Small Blue Rose Tattoo

A fan of minimalist designs? Elevate subtlety with a small blue rose tattoo. The concise design merges delicate linework and vibrant hues, encapsulating the rarity of the blue rose. It is a minimalist yet impactful choice that screams elegance. The small size of the tattoo allows you to add anything to the design, be it a small phrase, script, or another dainty design.

4. Purple And Blue Rose Tattoo

Lover of colorful gradient tattoos? Then this is the one for you. A purple and blue rose gradient tattoo looks delicate with a whimsical charm. With a couple of leaves, the stem extends to feature a name, adding a bit of a personal touch to your blue rose tattoo design. A tattoo like this can be placed anywhere over your body, so give it a try!

5. Dark Blue Rose Tattoo

If a dark color is more your style, then do not miss out on this design. Each petal is intricately shaded, merging dark blue and black ink. The detailed leaves make it appear more real to embody the rare allure of the dark blue rose. Placed at the back of the calf, the design captured the full bloom while making it possible to add details to make it more appealing.

6. Royal Blue Rose Tattoo

You cannot deny the regal nature of a royal blue rose tattoo. The tattoo features an amazing shaded work that brings out the vibrant blue hues against your skin. The precision of this artwork surely brings the royal blue rose to life. While you can play around with different shades of blue, the royal blue color is a lively choice against the common black ink tattoos.

7. Blue Rose Neck Tattoo


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Adorn your neck with a blue rose tattoo in an old-school and traditional tattoo design. This design delicately merges elegance and edginess, with a graphic design capturing the rarity of the blue rose. The petals falling off of the rose add a bit of a realistic touch to make the design stand out, A subtle yet powerful statement, the tattoo graces your neck with a unique blend of beauty and individuality.

8. Blue Rose Thigh Tattoo

The design intricately weaves elegance and allure, utilizing the expansive canvas of the thigh. It features two blue roses with 3 playing cards included in the design- Ace of Hearts, 3 of Spades, and 4 of Diamonds. The playing cards are tucked halfway into the design, seamlessly blending into the design. The design makes a bold and visually striking statement while you get to utilize the area on your thigh.

9. Blue Rose Tattoo With Name


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Personalize elegance with a blue rose tattoo entwined with names. The design integrates the rarity of the vibrant blue rose with precisely inscribed names on a banner, creating a meaningful and visually captivating piece. It also features green leaves on the back to make the design stand out.

10. Black And Blue Rose Tattoo

A perfect combination of elegance and mystery, a black and blue rose tattoo combines deep, inky blacks with dark blue hues. It looks artistic with its shading, giving it a realistic touch that pops out no matter where you place it. This piece is beautiful and requires some serious skill on behalf of the artist to be able to draw this over your skin.

11. Blue Rose Wrist Tattoo

Embrace profound symbolism with a blue rose wrist tattoo, intricately showcasing the stages of growth from bud to full bloom. Each detail symbolizes potential, beauty, and maturity, encapsulating the transformative journey of life. The compact yet detailed design elegantly adorns your wrist, making a bold yet subtle statement.

12. Red And Blue Rose Tattoo

The beauty of a red and blue rose intertwines in an unparalleled combination. This design seamlessly merges the classic symbol of love with the distinct allure of a blue rose, forging a visually striking and profoundly meaningful representation. The contrasting yet harmonious hues symbolize the complexity of emotions, making this tattoo a captivating and timeless embodiment of love’s diverse facets, beautifully etched onto the canvas of one’s skin.

13. Blue Rose And Crescent Moon Tattoo

Want to add a creative flair to your blue rose tattoo? Add some celestial feel to your design. Picture the crescent moon delicately cradled by vibrant blue roses and graceful butterflies, forming a design that encapsulates the essence of mystery, transformation, and the enchanting beauty of the night sky. This unique and symbolic composition not only adds esthetic allure but also infuses your tattoo with a touch of celestial wonder, making it a captivating expression of individuality.

14. Light Blue Rose Tattoo


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While this tattoo predominantly features bold black elements, it cleverly incorporates a subtle touch of light blue shading on the petals, enhancing its visual appeal. The delicate infusion of the color blue adds a captivating dimension to the design, making it especially attractive for those who lean towards bold black tattoos but seek a nuanced burst of color. This light blue rose tattoo strikes a perfect balance between boldness and a touch of vibrancy.

15. Blue Rose And Antique Cross Tattoo

Infuse spiritual depth into your body art with an antique cross and blue rose tattoo, seamlessly merging unique beauty with profound symbolism. The blue rose, representing the unattainable, elegantly intertwines with the cross, crafting a design that harmoniously combines elements of faith and mystery. Opting for intricate detailing, this tattoo not only captures attention but serves as a detailed testament to the intricate interplay of spirituality and its mysteries.

16. Blue Rose Tattoo With Rosary


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The rosary beads emerging from a blooming blue rose make for a very pretty design. This captivating tattoo perfectly portrays the intertwining themes of faith and mystery. What sets it apart is the meticulous shading, giving the rosary a lifelike appearance that enhances the overall realism of the design. The intricate details not only convey deeper meanings but also elevate the aesthetic, making it a uniquely beautiful and spiritually resonant body art choice.

17. Half Butterfly Wing Half Blue Rose Tattoo

Capture the essence of transformation with a half-butterfly wing and a half-blue rose tattoo. This design harmoniously merges the delicate grace of a butterfly wing with the rare allure of a blue rose, encapsulating the profound themes of change and beauty. The seamless integration of these elements creates a visually captivating narrative on your skin, making it an exquisite and meaningful representation of personal evolution and esthetic elegance.

18. Lion With A Blue Rose Tattoo

Let your inner lion roar! Merge the delicate beauty of a blue rose with the regal strength of a lion in a captivating tattoo. This unique fusion captures both the fragility and fierceness, making it an ideal choice for those who seek to embody their personality traits. The captivating design not only showcases the harmony between beauty and strength but also serves as a powerful and personalized statement for those born under the sign of Leo.

19. Small Blue Roses With Leaves Tattoo

If you love miniature designs that look cute and chit but are scattered around a small space, then why not give this one a try? Perfect for those who appreciate cuteness in a scattered, miniature layout, this tattoo embodies natural grace and individuality. Whether delicately placed or scattered across a small space, the design radiates a subtle yet impactful aesthetic. Its versatility ensures it remains a stylish and timeless choice, allowing you to showcase your unique sense of beauty and artistry, no matter the chosen placement.

20. Blue Rose Dreamcatcher Tattoo

A blue rose dreamcatcher tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful design, combining elements of nature, mysticism, and personal symbolism. The inclusion of a sapphire stone at the center not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a symbol of protection, safeguarding against negative intentions in your life. This intricate design not only captures the beauty of nature but also carries profound meaning, making it a beautiful choice for those who wish to integrate art with their beliefs.

21. Watch And A Blue Rose Tattoo

Elegantly combining a blue rose with a watch and a tiger lily flower, this intricate tattoo symbolizes the transient nature of moments. Despite its size and detailed composition, the added intricacies bring a personalized touch to the design, making it uniquely yours. The fusion of these elements not only captures the essence of passing time but also adds depth and individuality.

protip_icon Trivia
Cardi B, a rapper, got a floral-themed tattoo that extends from the top of her back down to the back of her left thigh. It features blue roses which stand out the most on her thigh.

22. Blue Rose Tattoo At The Back Of The Shoulder

Tattoos on the back of your shoulder can give you a boost of confidence. A blue rose tattoo does just that. The vibrant blue seamlessly blends with black, creating a visually captivating contrast. The addition of an infinity design with names integrated on the side enhances the overall impact, making the art a symbol of enduring beauty.

23. Blue Rose Tattoo With Crosses

For an edgy and religiously significant blue rose tattoo, consider placing it behind the ear on the side of the neck. The jagged crosses in vibrant blue create a bold contrast, making the design stand out with unique flair. This placement not only adds an element of intrigue but also allows the edgy details to command attention, resulting in a distinctive tattoo that carries both style and symbolism.

24. Minimalist Blue Rose Tattoo With Greyscale Leaves And Butterfly


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A delicate design that you can get without much fuss. This delicate design, featuring a blue rose with greyscale leaves and a graceful butterfly, embodies simplicity and transformation. Symbolizing nature’s beauty in its purest form, this inked creation offers a subtle yet meaningful expression. The harmonious blend of these elements not only ensures an easygoing esthetic but also signifies the essence of natural grace and metamorphosis, making it a tasteful and uncomplicated choice for body art.

25. Blue Rose Coverup Tattoo On The Ankle


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Revitalize your ankle with a chic blue rose coverup tattoo. The vibrant blue hues artfully conceal any previous ink, symbolizing a fresh start and renewal. The rose, a timeless emblem of beauty, adds a touch of elegance to the design. This ankle tattoo serves as a symbolic statement of embracing new beginnings and the enduring allure of nature’s beauty.

26. Blue Rose Tattoo On The Upper Arm

Playing with different hues of blue in a tattoo is difficult, but not impossible. This rose tattoo skillfully features multiple roses, each adorned with distinct hues that create a visually striking composition. To add a personal touch, consider incorporating meaningful words below the flowers. The nuanced color palette not only makes the design stand out but also allows for individualized expression, resulting in a captivating tattoo.

27. Minimalist Blue Rose Tattoo With Flowers

A flower lover will appreciate this minimalist design! Embrace the beauty of blue roses and a variety of colorful blooms scattered across the expanse of your shoulders, echoing the vibrant essence of a spring bloom. This design not only captivates with its simplicity but also offers a burst of floral elegance, celebrating nature’s palette. It creates a delicate yet visually enchanting representation of a blossoming garden on your skin.

28. Blue Rose Tattoo With Blackwork

Embrace bold contrasts with a blue rose tattoo enhanced by tasteful blackwork. The vivid blue petals take center stage with striking details, while meticulously inked black leaves with subtle blue borders add depth and dimension. This thoughtful fusion of color and texture creates a mesmerizing composition, making the tattoo not just a visual spectacle but a harmonious blend of boldness and subtlety.

29. Blue And Purple Heart Wreath Rose Tattoo

A romantic and elegant design reminiscent of fairies. This unique design radiates charm, employing vibrant hues like blue, purple, and green to breathe life into the tattoo art. The playful yet elegant composition not only captures the whimsy of fairytale esthetics but also showcases a different facet of blue rose symbolism. With its cute appeal and lively colors, this tattoo adds a touch of enchantment to your skin.

protip_icon Trivia
Monica, an American singer and rapper, sports a large tattoo of purple, red, and blue roses on her right thigh with the names of her two sons at the bottom.

30. Blue And Pink Rose Tattoo With Strawberries

Love strawberries and roses? Make them a permanent part of your story. Combining vibrant blue and pink roses with plump red strawberries, this design creates a permanent narrative for nature enthusiasts. The harmonious blend of floral and fruity elements celebrates the beauty of a garden. It also offers a unique and delightful expression of your passion for both strawberries and roses, turning your body into a canvas of natural allure.

31. Sky Blue Rose Vine Collarbone Tattoo

A perfect design to bring attention to your collarbone and upper arm. The vibrant blue roses, meticulously detailed, command attention against your collarbone, creating a visually striking and sophisticated tattoo. The design is connected but gets broken into parts with three roses that go down your upper arm to imitate the effect of a rose shedding its petals and leaves. This thoughtfully placed design not only complements the contours of your upper body but also adds a touch of allure to your overall aesthetic.

32. Blue Roses With A Clam Shell Tattoo

Embrace your inner Ariel with this magical clam shell tattoo with blue roses. This mermaid-inspired design beautifully incorporates mysterious blue roses, symbolizing the enchanting and unexplored depths of the sea. The combination of the mythical clamshell and the captivating blue roses creates an enchanting body art piece, allowing you to carry a touch of oceanic magic with you wherever you go.

33. Snowflakes WIth Blue Rose Tattoo

This design combines the vibrancy of the rose with the enchantment of frost-kissed blossoms, creating a captivating blend of nature’s elegance and the whimsical charm of winter. The delicate dance of snowflakes adds an extra layer of intricacy, making the tattoo a unique and visually stunning representation of the beauty that arises when nature and the frost-kissed season intertwine. If you love winters, then you might want to showcase it with this piece!

34. Blue Rose Tattoo With New Buds

Celebrate the journey of growth and renewal with a blue rose tattoo adorned with delicate new buds. Symbolizing fresh beginnings and the beauty of evolution, this meaningful ink elegantly captures the essence of personal transformation. The forearm placement not only allows for visibility but also enhances the symbolic narrative, making it a visually appealing and profound representation of the continual process of growth and renewal in one’s life journey.

35. Blue Roses And A Sword Tattoo

Be it your love for swords or the symbolism of strength, this tattoo looks way too regal to be hidden away. Beyond expressing a love for swords, this design embodies resilience, courage, and the beauty that emerges from life’s challenges. This powerful and regal tattoo becomes a personal emblem, making a bold statement about overcoming obstacles and embracing the beauty of strength.

36. Blue Rose Tattoo With Butterflies, Sapphires, And Moon

Intricacy meets vibrancy in this ornate tattoo featuring blue roses, a crescent moon, butterflies, and sapphires. Despite the abundance of colorful ink, these elements stand out, symbolizing transformation, wisdom, and the eternal dance of nature’s enchantments. The intricate design not only captivates with its visual richness but also carries profound symbolism, making it a meaningful and visually striking representation of the ever-changing and enchanting life.

37. Blue Rose Upper Arm Tattoo With A Sword

If there is a blue rose tattoo design for men and women alike, then this is the one. Centered around an antique sword surrounded by blue roses, adorning the upper arm, it boldly signifies strength and resilience. The robust sword with the delicate blue roses creates a powerful aesthetic, making this design not just a statement but a symbolic representation of endurance and strength for an individual of any gender. Fans of Dungeons and Dragons, take note.

38. Blue Rose Tattoo With Black Border

Using black ink to trace the rose design before using blue ink to fill in is the best way to ensure that the blue rose tattoo looks striking. The vivid blue petals pop against the dark edges, creating a realistic appearance. Additional black leaves and buds enhance the overall effect, contributing to the tattoo’s depth and visual impact. This meticulous technique not only ensures the vibrancy of the blue rose but also adds an extra layer of intricacy, making the tattoo compelling and dynamic.

39. Large Script With A Blue Rose Tattoo

Make a bold statement with a large script accompanied by a blue rose tattoo. Amplify the impact by using the name of a loved one, loudly proclaiming it through this larger-than-life design. In this case, bigger truly becomes better, as the combination of significant script and the vibrant blue rose creates a visually commanding and emotionally resonant tattoo, making a grand declaration of love and personal connection.

40. Blue Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

If a half-sleeve tattoo is what you want, then this is one timeless piece that will not disappoint. This blue rose design, featuring an intricate clock in the middle, elegantly signifies the passage of time. This captivating combination not only adorns your arm with visual appeal but also conveys a profound narrative about the beauty and significance of time.

41. Small Blue Rose Tattoo With Shaded Stem And Leaves

If you want a subtle and delicate design, why not get this one? The lightly shaded stems and leaves capture the charm of the blue rose, creating a timeless and refined esthetic. This understated yet beautiful design allows the essence of the blue rose to shine, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a subtle and sophisticated expression of the flower’s allure on their skin.

42. Blue Rose Tattoo At The Back Of The Wrist

This traditional yet striking design makes a statement without reservation. If you are unafraid of the bold and colorful, this tattoo promises a confident and impactful presence. The large blue rose stands as a testament to timeless tattoo artistry, making its mark boldly and beautifully on your wrist.

43. Blue Rose Tattoo With Old-School Design

Featuring bold outlines, vibrant shades, and a classic esthetic, this blue rose tattoo brings back the style of the 2000s. While this tattoo style may not suit everyone’s taste, its nostalgic charm sets it apart from modern designs. The boldness of the outlines and the vibrant hues capture the essence of a bygone era, making this blue rose tattoo a distinctive and charming choice for those seeking a touch of vintage flair in their body art.

44. Blue Rose Tattoo With A Black Shaded Backdrop


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Make your blue rose tattoo stand out with a captivating contrast against a black-shaded background on the back of your palm. This traditional tattoo style employs bold black lines and multiple colors, ensuring the design stands out with timeless appeal. The use of a dark background enhances the vibrancy of the blue rose, making it a visually striking and impactful piece of body art, combining tradition with contemporary allure.

45. Blue Rose Bicep Tattoo

Not everyone gets this kind of tattoo on their bicep, but it is time to go against the current. This unconventional choice merges traditional charm with the strength of the bicep, creating an inked masterpiece. Not commonly seen in this location, the blue rose tattoo becomes a statement of individuality and strength. The bold lines and vibrant colors elevate the classic design that blends charm with the strength of the bicep.

46. Fingerprint Leaves, Purple Daisy, And Blue Rose Tattoo

Ever wanted to incorporate the fingerprints of someone special into your tattoo? Now you have an inspiration that goes with it. The design features fingerprint leaves, a purple daisy, and a blue rose, crafting a composition that symbolizes grace, and mystery. This personalized and meaningful tattoo not only captures the essence of each fingerprint but also blends the symbolic beauty of a daisy and the enigmatic allure of a blue rose.

47. Blue Rose Coverup Tattoo Behind The Ear

If you have a tattoo behind your ear that you are not fond of anymore, it is time to cover it up with a vibrant blue rose tattoo. The intense blue hue effectively conceals any previous ink, offering a fresh and confident alternative. This cover-up not only addresses unwanted body art but transforms the space into an alluring showcase of the captivating blue rose. The vibrant color and strategic placement make it a stylish solution, allowing you to confidently flaunt a renewed and visually striking tattoo behind your ear.

48. Simple Blue Rose Shoulder Tattoo

While the shoulder may be a more sensitive area for a tattoo, enduring the potential discomfort is rewarded with the beauty of a fully bloomed rose. The understated design and simplicity of the rose complement the vibrant blue color that demands attention. If you can tolerate the discomfort, this choice results in a stunning and impactful blue rose tattoo adorning your shoulder with timeless beauty and grace.

49. Blue Rose Wreath Dreamcatcher Tattoo

You can always get a mesmerizing blue rose crescent-shaped wreath dreamcatcher tattoo. Delicate roses elegantly intertwine with the dreamcatcher, adorned with intricate chains, gems, and feathers. This design seamlessly blends the notions of beauty, protection, and the mystical allure of dreams. The crescent shape of the vines adds a touch of whimsy, making it a truly enchanting and meaningful body art choice.

50. Blue Rose And Snake Tattoo

Experience the otherworldly duality of a tattoo design where the delicate beauty of the blue rose seamlessly intertwines with the serpentine grace of a snake. This symbolic fusion represents transformation, renewal, and the delicate balance between beauty and danger. The coexistence of the rose and the snake is both enchanting and mysterious as snakes are not the first choice when it comes to tattoo designs.

Blue rose tattoos present a striking convergence of elegance and symbolism. The designs range from dark to light shades, and amplify the timeless allure of the classic rose. Whether a simple flower or a thoughtful design, the blue rose remains an emblem of complex sentiments. Choose from these various designs and don a distinctive tattoo that makes you stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do blue roses mean in a relationship?

In a relationship, blue roses symbolize true love. They also signify profound emotions such as trust and openness, adding layers of meaning to their rarity and uniqueness.

What do blue roses mean in Japan?

In Japanese culture, blue roses symbolize the unattainable or the mysterious, often associated with the idea of achieving the impossible or pursuing something beyond reach, a dream come true.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue rose tattoos symbolize the unattainable, individuality, and a desire for mystery, adding a unique and meaningful touch to body art.
  • Blue roses whimsically embody a longing for the unknown, encouraging exploration and creativity in uncharted territories.
  • A blue rose tattoo serves as a bold declaration of individuality, offering a pop of color and creative expression in body art.

Blue rose tattoos are alluring and thus, they look beautiful on any body part. Watch the following video that showcases various ways in which the blue rose has been combined with other designs to create an enthralling art.

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