Body Piercings: Pros, Cons, & How To Prevent Complications

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Body piercings are considered the most fashionable form of body modification. Ears and nose piercing has been around for centuries, but now you can also see people getting their lips, tongue, cheeks, eyebrows, belly buttons, and nipples pierced. Earlier, body piercings were done as part of religious practice, but it has changed dramatically. Most of the youngsters consider it chic, cool, and appealing. However, body piercing also has its pros and cons. Keep reading to know more!

Body piercings:

Body piercings are an age old trend among men and women of many countries. Ear and nose piercings were a common from how many centuries, it is not known, may be from the time, women have had the sense of beautifying themselves with ornaments and jewellery pieces. Didn’t we all get amazed when we used to see Rajasthani dances on television and the amount of heavy jewellery women used to carry on their body? And we would think that how do they even carry off such weight.

Now-a-days boys and girls have gone crazy that they go to the extent of piercing their chin, lips, tongue, eyebrows and even their belly buttons. They are easy to get and thousands of parlours offer body piercings at a fairly considerable rate.

Take a look at this crazy female body piercings. You’ll be amazed. These crazy piercings are called ‘corset piercing’.

If any of you are planning to get a piercing done, why don’t you check out the health hazards that come along with it.

Cons of Body Piercing :

  • Ear piercings are the most common and doesn’t pose a lot of health hazards, but those done on lips or tongue or belly button may result in fatal infections.
  • The jewellery metal usually used for piercings is nickel and some skin may be allergic to this metal leading to metallic reaction which causes infection.
  • You may face other issues which may include bleeding, tissue trauma, like scarring, skin/tissue tears (for example, a torn earlobe), or bruising. It is estimated that as many as 20 to 25 percent of people who have a body piercing have one of these issues.
  • The extent of infection also depends on the body part being pierced, like if it is on your belly button, the risks of infections are high (even if belly button piercing may look uber cool and sexy); whereas those on your earlobes have a lower risk.
  • When done on tongue, it may break your teeth or infect your gum. It may also result in swelling of your tongue causing it difficult for you to even eat food.
  • However you wouldn’t know if the equipment used to pierce has been sterilized after every use which may even lead to fatal diseases like HIV or Hepatitis.
  • Tetanus can occur from any skin injury, so tetanus vaccination should be up to date before a piercing on body is done.

Before getting a piercing done, ask yourself a thousand times if you’re even ready. These risks are not to be taken under influence of drug or alcohol or a stupid silly bet. It may cost you your health..

How to care for piercings?

  • Piercings on tongue, lip or cheek should be taken special care. Wash your mouth with antibacterial, alcohol-free mouth rinse for at least 30 seconds so that no food particles stick to the jewellery piece.
  • If you have any portion of your skin pierced, take care to wash that part with an anti-bacterial soap at least twice a day. Remove any blood or pus with a cotton swab. Be gentle in what you do.
  • Avoid swimming while your piercing is healing.
  • Don’t keep fiddling with the jewellery unless your skin in the pierced area has healed completely.

Celebs like Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, and almost all models are flaunting piercing these days.

If the question arises as to whether piercings are acceptable or not, check these out:

“Piercing becomes an outlet for those girls who want to grab the attention to make up for the lack of purpose they suffer from.”

“God endowed girls with the gift of femininity and when they pierce their lips or eyebrows they are destroying that.”

Body piercings have become a global trend and are here to stay. If you want to go for it, make sure to follow the required precautions to avoid any harmful side effects and complications that may cause infection and other issues. Taking protective measure before the piercing and a thorough aftercare is an absolute must for proper healing. And do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you come across any rashes, skin infections, and the like. If done the right way, your body piercings will make you stand out from the crowd, and you will surely be the showstopper you have always wanted to be.

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