Top 54 Bold Bald And Beautiful Hairstyles

Whoever said only long hairstyles are glam do not have what it takes to sport a bald look.

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Going bald can be a big step that requires courage and major confidence. If you have shaved off your hair, and now it is growing out, here are some bold, bald, and beautiful hairstyles flaunted by some of our favorite celebrities to give you some inspiration.

Whether you are dealing with hair loss issues or just going bald for style, we are here to help with some hairstyle inspiration. Scroll down to check out which celebs went bald and whom you want to mimic!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Square, diamond, rectangle, and inverted triangle face shapes with a strong chin add balance to a bald head.
  • Going hairless requires commitment, as you must frequently shave your head to maintain it.
  • You will have to upgrade your skincare routine and moisturize your scalp regularly to prevent a dry scalp.
  • A bald hairstyle requires fewer hair products, and experimenting with hair colors becomes effortless with a fresh buzz.

Here are the top 54 bald hairstyles for you to check out:

1. Shaved Sides With A Ponytail

Shaved Sides With A Ponytail
Image: Shutterstock

Keke Palmer made headlines with this hairstyle when she casually showed up on a red carpet event with shaved sides and a wrapped ponytail. The actress decided to go for the big chop as she wanted to let her hair grow naturally, as they were chemically damaged from excessive stylings. The bangs frame her face and make her head look smaller. But the real show stealer was the shaved sides that she flaunted proudly.

2. Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut

Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut
Image: Shutterstock

Singer/Songwriter Jessie J shaved all her hair to raise funds for charity and embraced the new buzz cut trend. She dyed her hair platinum blonde and made this hairstyle entirely her own. The platinum blonde adds to her confidence and makes her look even fiercer than before.

3. Ultimate Bald Hairstyle by Bernie Nolan:

Ultimate bald hairstyle by Bernie Nolan as bold bald
Image: Getty

Let us start with this graceful Irish entertainer, who left us last year at the age of 52. Nolan had to shave off her head as she was fighting breast cancer. But it couldn’t affect her amazing beauty.

4. Almost-Bald Hairstyle by Amber Rose:

Amber Rose's almost-bald hairstyle for bold bald
Image: Getty

This American beauty has made ‘an almost-bald head’ her style statement. In fact, she has risen to fame for keeping her light natural blonde hair super short or going completely bald from time to time.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Amber Rose is naturally brunette, but she has dyed her hair blonde.

5. Buzz Cut Hairstyle by Danai Gurira:

Danai Gurira's buzz cut hairstyle for bold hairstyle
Image: Getty

Danai is one of those celebrities who rocked complete baldness or an almost shaved head. She is a true icon for black women who dare to go bald for looking beautiful.

6. Complete-Bald Hairstyle by Cynthia Nixon:

Cynthia Nixon's complete-bald hairstyle for bold bald style
Image: Getty

The ‘Sex and the City’ fame Cynthia, who mostly had fiery red locks, simply shaved off her head as her character in the film ‘Wit’ needed it. She has a well-shaped head – we must say.

7. Buzz Cut Hairstyle with Splash of Color:

Buzz cut with a splash of color bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Sported by the American Teen actress Willow Smith, this is one of the most exclusive bald cuts that’s sure to grab others’ attention. The touch of gradient pink has made the ash brown hair look stunning.

8. Buzz Cut Hairstyle by Sinead Oconnor:

Sinead O'Connor's buzz cut bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here is Irish singer and songwriter Sinead with her signature bald hair style. She chose to shave off her head in mid-80s, which was a revolutionary step for women at that time.

9. Super Short Shape-Up Hairstyle:

Super short shape-up bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Check out this super short shape-up style hair, which is nothing but a slightly modified version of the bald head hairstyles. It mostly suits women with extreme natural curls.

10. Almost-Bald Hairstyle by Frenchie Davis:

Frenchie Davis' almost bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here is another almost-bald hairstyle sported by the popular American performer Frenchie. She has complemented her nearly shaved head with bold eyes red lips and exclusive earrings.

protip_icon Trivia
Frenchie Davis’ birth name is Franchelle Davis. She is a Fine Arts graduate from Howard University.

11. Fully Bald Hairstyle by Veronika Bozeman:

Veronika Bozeman's fully bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

This multi talented woman has also long been a bald fetish. Bozeman found it totally smart and edgy and so as we. Don’t forget to team it up with the right attire and sophisticated shiny makeup.

12. Completely Bald Hairstyle by Alina Suggeler:

Alina Suggeler's completely bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

The German popstar Alina from the well-known band ‘Frida Gold’ is another bald beauty, who should be included in this list. She first went bald three years ago and has been still rocking the same look.

13. Very Short Butch Cut Hairstyle:

Very short butch bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Butch cut is a variation of the buzz cut in which the hair is made extremely short on the top of the head. Even though it is a bald hairstyle, it looks quite beautiful on women who can pull it off.

14. Nearly Shaved Hairstyle by Aisha Hinds:

Aisha Hinds' nearly shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

If you have Afro-textured hair and you dare to wear bold hairstyles, opt for this nearly shaved look. Here, the hairline is shaped up neatly to give a clean and tidy appearance.

15. Ultimate Bald Hairstyle by Dee Dee Bridgewater:

Dee Dee Bridgewater's ultimate bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

This Grammy-winning jazz sensation has turned complete baldness into a rage. Just take a look at her cleanly shaved head. Yes, bald is still beautiful!

16. Ultimate Bald Hairstyle by Gail Porter:

Gail Porter's ultimate bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Gail, the famous Scottish beauty, is a beauty even without her hair. She had to suffer from acute alopeciai  A medical condition where the immune system starts attacking the hair follicles, causing hair loss or baldness. in childhood, which later inspired her to go bald and make it her very own fashion statement.

17. Cropped and Parted Hair by Janet Jackson:

Janet Jackson's cropped and parted bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

In this picture, Janet has side-parted her super-cropped curly and highly textured hair in a precise manner. Needless to say, it has given her bald hairstyle a whole new dimension.

18. Butch Cut Hairstyle by Carolyn Malachi:

Carolyn Malachi's butch cut bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

This is another butch cut worn by the American singer Carolyn Malachi. Just like her songs, her hairstyle is also ‘smooth, refreshing and stunning’.

19. Almost-Bald Hairstyle by Natalie Portman:

Natalie Portman's almost bald beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Baldness doesn’t hurt our femininity at all, and this picture of nearly shaved head of Natalie is enough to prove it. A strong, confident and beautiful look – what else do you need?

20. Super High Topknot with Shaved Sides:

Super high topknot with shaved sides bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Separate the shaved sides of your head by creating two side parts and turn the rest of your hair into an incredibly high topknot. If you wish, you can also accessorize it to accentuate the height.

21. Soft Mohawk with Back and Partially Shaved Head:

Partially shaved head bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

The list of bald and beautiful hairstyles remains incomplete without the mention of the American pop sensation Miley Cyrus. Check out the soft platinum blonde Mohawk on her partially shaved head. Unique and gorgeous!

22. Rolled Up Puffy Top with Shaved Sides:

Rolled up puffy top bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here, both sides of the head are almost shaved off, and the hair present at the middle segment of the head is rolled up carefully. The highly volumized top is the actual specialty of this bald hairstyle.

23. One Side Shaved Long Bob Hairstyle:

One side shaved long bob bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

This hairstyle features a long bob with a crew cut shave at one side of the head. Create a part between the two sections and carry the entire look off gracefully.

24. Long Wavy Blonde with Partially Shaved Head:

Long wavy blonde one side shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here is another bald hairstyle in which the one side of the head is given a neat crew cut. However, the golden blonde hair at the other side is flowing down the shoulder. Chic yet exclusive!

25. Half-Bald Head with Luscious Curls:

Half bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Not everyone can pull off this brave half-bald look. But if you dare to do it, just shave off the half part of your head completely and let the luscious curls cascade your shoulder at the other side.

26. Highlighted and Twisted Hair with Buzz Cut:

Highlighted and twisted bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Get buzz cut on both sides of your head and highlight the hair at the middle for a touch of elegance. Now, twist the hair up and make sure that the highlighted strands are visible right at the front of your head.

27. Side-Shaved Bob with Intense Texture:

Side-shaved bob bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

This bald bob hairstyle can emphasize your strong character and positive outlook greatly. Create a side part and shave off the hair present in a smaller section. Brush the rest of the hair and add intense texture to it. Licensed Cosmetologist Dawna Jarvis, who has been in the hairstyling industry for over 24 years, says, “This is a great way to elongate her face!”

28. Layered Volumized Hair with Shaved Side:

Layered volumized one side shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Side shaves can make you look youthful and charming too. Brush the super short hair at one side of your head perfectly and create volume at the top to make the layered curls look amazing. Simple and elegant.

29. Soft Pixie Haircut with Shaved Sides:

Soft pixie bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here is a true diamond pixie cut with both sides almost shaved. In order to balance off the stubborn flair of the crew cut, you must keep the end of your pixie hair soft and delicate.

30. Long Slicked Back Hair with Shaved Sides:

Long slick back both sides shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Go bald on both sides of your hair, while keeping the hair in the middle segment intact. Now, slick it back and add a puff to the crown. It looks simply awesome on long layered hair.

31. Long Messy Hair with One Side Shaved:

Long messy hair with sidecut bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Shave any one side of your head completely and layer up the rest of your locks. Let a portion of your hair embrace your face. Finally, give it a messy finish. You are looking just like the bold, bald and beautiful Rihanna.

32. Half-Bald Hairstyle with Long Black Curls:

Long black curls with half shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

First, separate your hair into two sections. Now, cut it off at one side and create outward curls at the other. You can enhance your look even more by opting for bold eyes and nude lips.

33. Partially Bald Hairstyle with Front Fringes and High Bun:

Partially bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

This bold bald hairstyle sported by American superstar Cassie can make anyone the center of attraction at any event. The twisted high bun and the straight front fringes are making that partially shaved head look differently gorgeous.

34. Shaved Head with Hair on Top:

Shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here is Gail Porter once again with a fully shaved head and a small patch of hair on the top. There is no need to style up the hair. Just let it stay as it is, and you are all set to be the real attention-grabber.

35. Almost Shaved Hair with Front Tattoo:

Front tattoo with almost shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Add a twist to your bold bald look by sporting a tattoo on your hairline. In this picture, a shape-up cut with very shortly trimmed hair is beautified by a tattoo of a small curl. Innovative – all we can say!

36. Voluminous Mohawk with Almost Shaved Head:

Voluminous mohawk bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

It is a highly voluminous, reddish brown Mohawk on nearly shaved head with super short ash brown hair. The volume and the contrast have taken this hairstyle to a whole new level.

37. Half Bald with Three Lines Shaved in Head:

Three lines shaved with half bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Well, this half bald hairstyle has got a distinctive look for not only those light golden blonde curls, but also those three magical lines. You will look like a rockstar almost immediately. Just give it a shot.

38. Partially Shaved Head with Long Black Hair:

Partially shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Jazz up your boring black hair with this partially shaved style. Trim down the hair at one side of your head and leave the hair loose at the other side.

39. Curly Textured Purple Hair on Top with Shaved Sides:

Curly textured purple top bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Shave off both sides of your head. You can also go for a simple buzz cut for this purpose. Now, curl up the hair on the top, roll it up a little and texturize it. The glossy shade of purple has made the look totally mesmerizing.

40. Partially Shaved Bob with Long Side-Swept Bang:

Partially shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

If you are still wondering how to look trendy just by going bald, here is your answer. Get a short stacked bob with shaved one side and add a few streaks of dark brown hair to that long black side-swept bang.

41. Sleek High Bun on Almost Shaved Head:

Sleek high bun with sidecuts bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here is another shape-up cut on an Afro-textured hair. Your entire head should be shaved while keeping the hair at the center top intact. Straighten and smoothen it nicely. Then, twist it up into a high bun. A nice example of bald and beautiful hairstyle!

42. Shaved Head with Flat Curly Front Bun:

Shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Create a flat front bun by taking all your coily hair together from the top of your head. The rest of your head should be almost shaved or given a buzz cut.

43. Bald Hairstyle with Bandana:

Bandana bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

A bandana can put your bald head out of sight while giving you an extremely modish look. There is a lot of variety of bandanas available in the market. Pick one that suits your taste the most.

44. High Front Bun and Low Back Bun with Shaved Sides:

High front bun bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

When you have almost shaved two sides and long hair at the middle of your head, this would be one of the best balding hairstyles for you to try out. Just divide the hair into two sections and create two buns – a high voluminous one at the front of your head and a small low one at the nape of your neck. Simple!

45. Highlighted Locks with Shaved One Side:

Highlighted locks with sidecut bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

In this hairstyle, one side of the head is shaved off nicely while the other side features light golden blonde waves with pastel blue and pastel green highlighted streaks. Make sure that you choose right makeup to complement your hairstyle the right way,

46. Textured Wavy Locks with Neatly Shaved One Side:

Textured wavy locks bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Go fully bald on one side of your head and let your textured and wavy locks flow down your shoulders. The jet black shade of the hair has turned the look even bolder.

47. Pink Locks with Blue Highlights and Shaved Side:

PInk locks with blue highlights bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

If you want to look vibrant with your bald hairstyle, here is your ideal choice. Like most previous hairstyles, it also features very shortly trimmed hair on one side. But, color the top wavy portion of hair at the other side pink and curly bottom portion purple. You are ready to rock!

48. Short Bob with Curly Bang and Shaved Side:

Short bob with curly bangs bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

The specialty of this short bob is that it has an almost shaved half while the rest of the head is full of wonderful waves. You can even add a zing to the look by curling up the ends of the side-swept bang in an outward direction.

49. Messy Voluminous Mohawk with Shaved Sides:

Messy voluminous mohawk bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

This a modified version of Mohawk in which the hair at the middle of the head is made straight and textured with an added messy finish. Like a typical Mohawk, two sides and the back of the head are also shaved off here.

50. Super Curly Voluminous Hair with Shaved Side:

Super curly voluminous bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

A bald hairstyle can add to the beauty of your super curly hair significantly. Go bald on one side of your head and volumize those intense curls in order to add height to the top.

51. Purple Braided Updo on Almost Bald Head:

Purple braided updo with sidecuts bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

In this exclusive attractive hairstyle, two sides are shaved in such a manner that an angular section of hair is created at the back of the head. Create upside down braids with it, twist up its loose ends and secure it at your crown with bobby pins. Opt for this pretty purple color to make the style more striking.

52. Hair-Wrapped Ponytail with Puff and Shaved Sides:

Hair wrapped ponytail with sides shaved bold bald and beautiful hairstyle
Image: Getty

Shave both sides of your head cleanly. Now, puff up the hair at the top and turn it into a high curly ponytail. Finally, wrap the base of the pony with a thin section of hair. Stylish, fearless, and lovely at the same time!

53. Spiky Pixie And Undercut

Spiky pixie and undercut
Image: IStock

The spiky pixie is a fun, edgy haircut where the hair is cut short and fashioned into textured spikes. You can go for an undercut by shaving or tightly trimming the sides or back of the head to create a stark contrast with the longer hair on top. They may be customized to fit different face shapes and personal styles, and are excellent for expressing individuality.

54. Messy Platinum Pixie

Messy platinum pixie
Image: IStock

A messy platinum pixie haircut is a bold and stylish look that can really make a statement. The pixie cut itself may be styled in a variety of ways, such as textured, tousled, or even with a little asymmetry for that extra flair.

A blogger shares her ‘made a bold move by going bald’ story. She recounts how her seniors made her participate in her college’s Miss. Fresher contest. But she was going to be styled by them for the content. Now, the blogger had beautiful hair that one of the seniors cut disastrously on the day of the contest. Despite that, the blogger takes control and decides to walk bald on the ramp, surprising everyone. She writes, “Within seconds, I saw people applauding me for my guts. People saw my exposed shiny scalp. I got extreme reactions…Some thought it was really cool, some laughed behind my back; some even thought I lost it. After the first round, to my surprise, I was shortlisted for the finals (i).” The blogger wins Miss Fresher and is crowned Miss Best “Hair-Thinker” for her unique perspective.

Infographic: 10 Ways To Rock A Bald Hairstyle

One of the most beautiful things about going bald is that it can help you redefine what beauty means to you. Without the societal pressures to conform to a certain image, you are free to express yourself in new and courageous ways. Once enough people do it, anything can become a trend. A bald look can be something anybody can pull off with courage and confidence. Check out the infographic below for a round-up of our 10 favorite ways to sport a bald look.

10 ways to rock a bald hairstyle (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

If you are worried that going bald will not suit you, here’s a tip: The best way to flaunt these stunning bald looks is with unshakeable confidence. Going bald is a bold and daring choice. It can also be an audacious statement that challenges societal beauty standards. But if you own it with confidence, you will slay any bold bald and beautiful hairstyle! Take a leaf from Jada Pinkett Smith’s book and embrace the baldness, whether it is to change your look after a breakup or because of hairfall. And remember, going bald does not mean clean shaving your hair off your head. You can experiment with the hair growing out by trying side-shaved hairstyles, patterns, and hair colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is short or long hair better for balding?

If you are balding or have thinning hair and wish to conceal your hairline, short hairstyles will do a better job. You can style them to appear voluminous. Long hair gets weighed down, and the strands stick closer to the scalp, not leaving enough scope for styling.

Is a shaved head unprofessional for women?

No. A shaved head does not look unprofessional and is a matter of preference (irrespective of gender). Besides, having a shaved head or even a buzz or cropped cut accentuates the facial features and contour and looks aesthetically pleasing.

How do you style hair with a balding crown?

You can try hairstyles like shaved sides or buzz cuts to help cover up a balding crown. You can use texturizing cream or spray to build the volume of the existing hair and experiment with a quiff or mohawk to create an illusion of fuller, thicker hair. Hairstyles like a comb-over or slicked-back hair can also help cover a balding crown.

Is going bald a trend?

Yes, going bald was seen as a major concern earlier. Today, people are widely embracing baldness as a part of their identity and confidence with various celebrities sporting bold bald looks.

Should I cut my hair if I’m balding?

Yes, trim split ends to keep your hair healthy. Since longer hair may weigh down the hair and cause further balding, cutting your hair may improve the appearance of thinning hair.

How to look professional while bald?

Getting a stylish pixie or buzz cut along with appropriate, clean, and stylish attire in accordance with your workplace dress code can make you look confident and professional.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when styling bold and beautiful hairstyles?

One of the major mistakes one should avoid is excessive heat styling, which can damage the remaining hair. Use heat protectants and follow a proper hair care routine to protect the hair and prevent further balding.

What are some hair care tips for women with bold, bald, and beautiful hairstyles?

You can follow simple tips like washing your scalp and remaining hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Apply coconut oil to hydrate the scalp and boost hair growth and use a hat or sunscreen to protect your scalp from the sun.

Key Takeaways

  • A bald hairstyle is suitable for face shapes with a strong chin, such as square, diamond, and rectangle faces.
  • There are numerous variations on the bald hairstyle one can try, such as shaved sides with a ponytail, platinum blonde buzz cut, almost bald head, and shaved head with flat curly front bun.
  • Bald hairstyles have recently gained popularity with celebrities such as Amber Rose and Kristen Stewart embracing the look.
Bold Bald and Beautiful Hairstyles

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Express your edgy-side with absolutely stunning low-cuts and bald haircuts. Take a look at this video to pick the one that resonates best with your personality!

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